Killer Instinct Music Teaser Suite Released On Killer Instinct Central

By on August 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm


One of the things that Killer Instinct has been known for is its excellent soundtrack. The original soundtrack for the SNES and arcade version of KI by Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate is arguably one of the most memorable soundtracks for any video game ever released, as anyone who has the Killer Cuts CD will attest to.

As such, Mick Gordon who is handling the music for the reboot on the XBox One has tough shoes to fill. To reassure fans, he’s released a “Music Teaser Suite” for the new game on Killer Instinct Central (via Sound Cloud). The teaser contains Micks’ take on the KI character select theme as well as Jago’s theme.

The teaser suite is available to listen to exclusively on Killer Instinct Central.

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  • Scheissgeist


  • Kyehlar

    It took over a week to post this on SRK? This was known since KI Friday at Super Arcade last week.

  • vastreammonster

    Jago’s theme sounds more tailored for Kim Wu.

    • gigantor21

      Exactly what I thought.

      • vastreammonster

        It sounded really good though.

        • gigantor21

          Oh yeah, the new music is godlike. If they put out a new Killer Cuts I’m buying that shit on day one.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Where ever you are,
    Where ever you’re from,
    I know what you’re going through,
    But don’t be afraid, dont give in to fear,
    This is all you need to heaaaaar..
    90’s music… <3

  • Laquane Anderson

    My god this music is good

  • Quan Chi

    Workin’ in the Cah wash, eminems and JAY GO…..