Which characters do you want to see in Tekken x Street Fighter?

By on August 9, 2013 at 3:47 pm

Originally announced at Comic-Con 2010 alongside its mirrored counterpart, Namco Bandai’s Tekken x Street Fighter has had very little public presence after its initial reveal. While many believed the title had been quietly canceled, Katsuhiro Harada recently made it clear in an interview with Siliconera that the game is still very much in development.

Last year, Namco opened an unofficial poll to gauge who the community would like to see included in the Tekken x Street Fighter cast, the results of which can be found here. This got us thinking: has public opinion changed at all in the past year? To that end, we thought it would be fun to pose the question to our readers here on Shoryuken and see what they had to say on the matter.

With the dearth of information about this title, the only confirmed characters at this point are Jin Kazama and Ryu, with the possibility of their alter egos Devil Jin and Evil Ryu also making appearances. Similar to our post about the fifth Ultra Street Fighter IV character, we’re curious which characters you want to see in Tekken x Street Fighter. Whether you have a handful of favorites or a huge laundry list, off the cuff requests or detailed opinions, make sure to visit the comments and have your voice be heard!

To help you get in the mood, we’ve included footage from Namco Bandai’s panel at Gamescom 2010, where they provided a first look at Tekken x Street Fighter and some models that were still in development, and some concept art of Ryu and Chun-Li that Harada released in 2011.


Sources: Gametrailers, Katsuhiro Harada

(Special thanks to Lambda Piscium on NeoGAF for inspiring this post.)

  • Pandamanana

    Hugo, Geki, Q and Urien.

  • FLStyle


    • Gun_Vanguard

      You beat me to it…and by only 3 hours…SO CLOSE

    • Rahavic

      Sagat vs Bruce +___+

    • theSN3S

      Pffft. It’s going to happen regardless lol

  • GO4PRO


    • Norbert Gespenst


      • Karin!

        • DukeMagus


          • Yamazaky Geese


          • teufelherz


          • Norbert Gespenst


          • Claurio Silva Neves


    • samael789

      Anybody but Karin 😐

  • H_Magnus


  • zmangz

    alex (sf3), a perfect fit for this type of game.

  • Brandon Alexander

    Please!! We Want Alex !!!!

    • Milton Martinez

      we! i think it’s only you.

    • AnhVuDo

      Then we can see Alex vs Alex! 😀

      • Brandon Alexander


    • Richard N

      He needs to be in Street Fighter V and every fighting game Capcom is gonna make.

      • Brandon Alexander

        I agree.. Shit he should have been in the USF4 update..

    • Brandon Alexander
      • d3v

        I wonder if people actually realize that adding another character, one with no existing art assets will greatly increase the development costs of the update (ballpark estimates put this at at least half a million US$). This will force Capcom to either raise the price of USFIV (possibly to full retail price and $20 for the update), remove the mysterious 5th character (which will save them less since work has probably already started on that character) or just add Alex at a greater developent cost (money and time, meaning USFIV gets delayed) and possibly risk not making the amount that they’re hoping to make and see the game as a failure.

        • MoogieB

          They could use some of that time they spent copy/pasting old characters and backgrounds.

          • Robert 10stars Brejcak

            That’s the reason why we’re seeing 4 characters put into the game, noob, did you not understand what d3vs point was? Copy and pasting old characters is relatively cheap, and gives people new characters to play, and doesn’t increase what Capcom absolutely needs to see sales wise to make a profit / make the game worth producing.

  • Nick Nobriga

    kappaRyu, kappaSagat, and Dan

    • Steven

      It would be cool if the street fighters had moves from their real fighting styles and their normal and special moves were mixed in. For example, Ryu doing shotokan karate mixed with ansatsuken and Chun Li doing tai chi

  • DCQ

    Skull-o-mania + Pre-Devil Kazuya (aka GOOD KAZUYA!)

  • CGMNaniwaTiger

    Karin, R. Mika, Birdie, and Alex. I want characters that we have not seen in awhile along with the given characters.

  • Gouki Mishima

    Akuma. I’d also want Eddy Gordo and R. Mika.

  • Renan Santos

    Evil Ryu, Guy, Akuma, Devil Jin, Lars and more…

  • JesusOwnsUrSoul


    • Asaid AieezyOle Falah


      • Guest

        this character really deserves to enter!! They need to put characters from the olders sf titles like him, this new game needs more diversity, specially because they need to differ this new game from SfxTekken right

      • Rahavic

    • sadly he is not a property of capcom, I thinks its actually akira… Would be cool though

    • Henny Henri

      SKULLOMANIA IS AKIRA not capcom! stop request for him !

    • jlb85

      He’s seriously such a cool character. If there is a way to make it happen, they should do it. Skull vs Yoshi would be the battle of the century. So much diving and twirling!

      • Shockdingo

        Skullo and Yoshi, good lord that would be awesome to see them interact!

      • Paul S

        Words… cannot convey…

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      P.sure they don’t have the rights to some of those EX characters anymore.

      • Rahavic

        Arika is willing to work things out lately it seems, since some Rival Schools characters are making it into Capcom games as of late.

        • Thomaz Barros

          I don’t think Rival Schools was made by Arika

        • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

          I thought it was just the EX series and not Rival Schools, but I could be wrong. Even still, I think a slot taken up by Skullomania is going to be a slot taken away from someone else fans really want to see. There’s only so many spaces available. Tekken Tag alone is already at 50 some characters.

    • Guest

      this character really deserves to enter!! They need to put characters from the olders sf titles like him, this new game needs more diversity, specially because they need to differ this new game from SfxTekken right

  • Milton Martinez

    i want POISON in tekken style.

    • Strider_SpartAn


  • Deusxmachina

    How about everyone?

    • Yogsagath

      That would help R. Mika Get in lol.

  • Kyehlar

    Cammy without a doubt.

  • o ChocolateMilk o

    Raindow Mika and Alex

  • Gynoid

    I just want Rose, Poison or Ingrid.

  • Max Trenda

    Makoto, Yang, Yun, Guy and Cody.

  • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

    Hm, will this post ever get to Namco?

    I would like to see Charlie again, but that’s just me. Alex sure fits the game’s atmosphere, a grown and less irritating (damn locks) Karin might get in and team with Lily and perhaps some Shadaloo Dolls.

    The rest is obvious… Seth, Fei, Elf, Claw, Boxer and Butler, Honda, Juri oh yeah, Juri, Dhalsim…

    • Peter Locke


      • bkaSwordz

        prolly means dudley

      • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

        ya, Dudley, some people used to call him that, me included

    • RunningWild1984

      Seth? Seriously?

      • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

        Yeah! why not! thanks to Poongko people has explored a lot of the potential of the character and seen it a lot in high end games, plus it can do good without firebollocks

    • samael789

      Make it Shadow Charlie and you’ve got a deal 🙂

  • AnhVuDo

    Of all the characters, I think I’d like to see how Zangief would look in the game.

  • Ian Kirk

    Karin, Hakan, Gen, Fei Long, Oni, Ken, Violent Ken, Charlie, Oro,
    Dudley, Alex, Hugo, Zangief, Dictator, Claw, Guy, Sodom, Birdie,
    Rolento, Juri, Marshal Law, Paul, King, Kazuya, Heihachi, Lili, Bruce,
    Raven, Yoshimitsu, Asuka, Michelle, Steve, Lee, Baek, Leo, Dragunov,
    Lei, unknown (w/ wolf) and a new ridiculous boss


    • valio-kun

      i don’t know how that would work in tekken

      • Pooh Hardy


  • Matt Lally

    Yun, Genei Jin would be awesome in 3d them wall carrys.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    Alex MUST be in TxSF, and, if possible, gimme some Hokuto :B
    I wonder what Makoto would be like in the Tekken engine haha

  • Justin Revere

    R. Mika , Alex, Juri, Cody

  • RomanceHD

    DAN Hibiki! Oh and Harada should make the final rank “Saikyo Master” I’d also like to see R.Mika, if TxSF has a tag mode i’d love to use her and JC together

    • ThePoopTickler

      Knowing Dan’s luck Saikyo Master would probably be the lowest rank, but until then…

  • Rem Sevreign

    I feel an easy choice would be Makoto. Seems to fit into the engine fairly easily without any need for huge changes, considering she doesn’t have much in the way of fireballs and whatnot.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    Dr. Doom

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

    as long as my fav capcom character Akuma and my fav tekken character Dragunov is in it, ill get it.

  • BlackMasamune

    Terry Bogard.

  • Richard N

    Remy, cuz come on, we need more Third Strike characters. And if we’re not gonna get Charlie I sure as hell don’t want Guile again. I am freaking tired of Guile and his inability to admit that if Charlie was still alive he would leave his wife and daughter immediately to Sonic Boom Charlie’s ass forever.

    • Peter Locke


      …are you saying that Guile and Charlie are gay lovers???

      • Richard N

        Nope, I’m saying Guile wish they could be. Without them even finding his body, now he can’t even make love to his rotting corpse.

        • samael789

          That’s just fuckin’ weird.

  • gigantor21

    I’ll tell you once I see actual gameplay footage. Getting nothing more than reassurances it’s not vaporware three years later is pretty lame.

  • Kevin Wark

    This is not news. 🙁
    I would be happy with the combined rosters of Street Fighter 2 and Tekken 2.
    Show some love to Joe, Mike, and Retsu, too.

  • Oniros


  • beastlybubble11

    Leo Kliesen please!

  • Rothion

    Alex and Lee. Both sides.

    Would be an epic showdown. Alex x Alex and Lee x Lee.


  • Hyperion

    i actually ken has the visual movesets to fit the tekken engine. his overhead kick thing looks just like a tekken bound move.

  • jlb85

    When it comes to street fighter: All of the standards (the cast of SF 2) + Cammy + Mika + Eagle + Alex + Elena + Hugo. Let me stop right there by saying that that is a hell of a lot to ask for if they are going to be giving them full, tekken-like movesets. But, hey, a guy can dream. If i can only pick my top 2 it would be Cammy+Ken.

    As far as Tekken goes, and I am way more of a Tekken fan than SF, I am cool with just about anyone. I am a big Asuka and Jun player. But Anna has been my favorite since tag 1. Unfortunately she may be a stretch if they already include nina in the game (even though they barely play like one another at all anymore).

  • RoRoFightThePOWA


  • Chooch

    You can’t have a Tekken X Street Fighter game without Yoshimitsu.

  • Gun_Vanguard

    Rock Howard

  • POS Industries

    If they go by that poll, this is gonna be one hell of a waifu fighter.

  • Shockdingo

    Definitely Alex, (the man needs more love), Q, Cammy, Charlie (trying something different), Adon.

  • CptPokerface

    Makoto would be a great fit. Her Oroshi would make for a great bound move and Fukiage would be a great move to keep people in the air. Hayate would be a great finisher and her Karakusa grab could set up some nasty combos. She’d be right at home in Tekken.

  • antoin


  • antoin


  • Paul S

    Put in Oro and pair him with Dr. Boscovitch. At last we can have extremely old men beat each other senseless.

  • Scott Walker

    Kairi, Skullomania, Rainbow Mika, Alex(SF3), Alex(Tekken), Darun Master, Akuma, Raven, Karin, Sakura, Oro, Bring back Jun Kazama, Lee Chaolan, Anna and Nina Williams, I want to see would win in a match between Jack Mecha Zangief, M Bison ah man I can’t think. Basically everybody that they should’ve had in SF x Tekken. Get rid of useless gimmicks like gems and the Pandora system. And bring in tag in fighting like TTT2.

  • Legion

    It never made much sense to me to Put Ryu as Kazuyas rival in SfxTekken. KAz was the original protagonist but Jin is more suited to be as the game evolved. Kazuya is more fitting rival for Akuma Both are masters of their respective “evil” powers. Where Jin and Ryu wrestler theirs.

  • Gojira Twit

    I still want Q.

    Or Miguel, since they have a lot of the same moves.

    Or Miguel cosplaying Q.

  • RunningWild1984

    Cody & Guy, get Haggar in there too.

  • OFC Salty Santa


  • Louis Lam

    Fei Long vs Law

  • Kelvin Mitchell

    Necro? no love for necro 🙁

  • Kelvin Mitchell

    It’s 2013…why can they not all be in the game?

    • jlb85

      Go look at the skullgirls fund raiser for a breakdown of what it takes to build a fighting game character in terms of development time and pure financial cost. Some tekken characters have movelists that go well above 100 actions. Yeah, there’s a big difference in the size of development teams, but it still gives you an idea of what it really takes.

      • Kelvin Mitchell

        Thanks for that, seriously I had no idea.

  • BubbaChiefJohnson

    Kuma, Blanka, R.Mika, Oro, Elena, Sean, Honda, Sodom, Anna, Ogre and True Ogre, Bison, Sagat and Marduk

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    I don’t see any Tekken characters being left out tbh, it just wouldn’t be like Harada. So with that, I would like to see pretty much the SFxT cast along with

    SF: Dan, Makoto, Karin (yeah, yeah I know whatever), R. Mika, Gen could be sick in this engine, Sodom,Charlie perhaps, Rose, Honda, Alex, Ingrid and Fei.

    Tekken: Leo, Anna, Miguel, Lee, Panda, Ganryu, Michelle, Kunimitsu, Angel, Wang, Feng Wei, Dragunov and Baek.

    and perhaps a Jinpachi/Oro rivalry? (Sorry, im not sure who in the Tekken universe would equal Oro’s power)

    • Pooh Hardy

      the tekken side is quite OP when you think about it

      • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

        I’m sure but I guess I’ve never really been sure where they stand in terms of power besides the big 3. Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin. Everybody else just seems here or there to me.

        • Thomas Manson

          What about Paul motherfucking Phoenix?

        • Pooh Hardy

          well think about this
          bryan is bullet proof and can pick up and throw giant metal beams
          feng can destroy mountains and meteors
          hwoarang is jins equal and rival
          lee, paul are kazuya’s rivals
          lars beat all three mishima in tekken 6
          jack 6 destroyed a meteor
          ogre…is ogre
          jinpachi can shoot fireballs from his belly
          angel beat devil kazuya TWICE
          bruce destroyed a car with a single punch
          when you think about it in those terms and not gameplay wise you know how badass these characters are

          • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

            Lol now I have a better idea. Thing is I knew quite a bit of these things. I just never put 2 and 2 together. XD I didn’t know that Lars is stronger than the Mishimas? And I knew that Paul and Lee are strong (especially Paul) but I never knew strong enough to be considered Kaz’s rival. Bryan goes without saying.

            I figure the girls are on their own chart? Besides Nina/Anna/Jun/Asuka? Although I know Xiao can hold her own.

  • Beb0p

    Well for the chick characters it would have to be and in order:

    R. Mika
    Chun Li

    As for guy characters in order it would have to be:

    Fei Long

  • Barlton Canks

    Karin would be an easy fit in a Tekken system.

  • Model_M

    Charlie, Karin, and Mika.

  • Steven

    I hope they have good counter part matchups like Sakura vs. Xiaoyu and Fei Long vs. Marshall Law

  • Thomas Manson


  • Yogsagath

    Well, I don’t know… ummmmmmm Alex cause you can’t help him.

  • Jacoby Sevenfold Allison


  • Jacoby Sevenfold Allison


  • FlyinJew


  • Robin Smith


  • Robin Smith

    sodom vs yoshimitsu would be cool

  • Robin Smith


  • Robin Smith

    Karin , Juli, Juni

  • Robin Smith

    Eagle…… really any character that better suits the style of tekken. getting close, down and dirty.

  • $17468069

    all of them.

  • Strider_SpartAn

    I wonder how the hell Vega would play.

    Would he still be glitching off random walls? I don’t see that happening in a Namco game… Oh well, it’s bound to be interesting, to say the least…!

  • $16830266


  • Strider_SpartAn

    I sure hope Ken will be there…
    For people who like Ken over Ryu, we face this dilemma every new fighting game. Coz Ryu is always a given… Ken, not sooo much.

  • O. G. King Haggard

    I think the obvious answer is, everyone we haven’t seen in Tekken 6/TT2/SFXT/SSFIV. We want “fresh” blood.

  • samirerre

    sodom vs yoshimitsu!
    make it happen

  • Trey Roach

    guy, sagat, chun, guile, rose, cammy, gief, vega, yang, viper, makoto, sakura are all fine with me

  • martin rush

    all of them. seriously.

    to be specific i think evil ryu and devil jin be cools.

    • Rahavic

      I dont know about ALL of them, but this is Tekken so the roster being HUGE is a given. It’ll be an even split most likely but I’d say probably something like 24 and 24 sounds pretty reasonable.

      • martin rush

        ehheeh i know. but alot of people be buttt hurt if their character don’t make the cut. for either side.

  • Dectilon

    I hope Gen gets in.

  • Petran79

    SF grapplers and close-combat characters would surely transition more smoothly to the Tekken engine without altering their fighting style that much.

    Problem is with characters like Ryu, Ken, Blanka, M. Bison, Vega, Guile, Ibuki, Dhalsim that rely on zoning, projectiles and air control. They’d need to have their style altered.

    Dee Jay, Balrog and E.Honda would be closer to their true fighting style in Tekken. And Sagat would play like a true Muai Thai fighter.

    Karin should be definitely in. She’s a character that should have appeared in Rival Schools instead of SF anyway.

    • SpecDotSign

      I would bet on an F1+2 input for projectiles and said projectiles will probably resemble Sakura’s fireballs from CvS2 – only effective up close. The Dhalsim problem can be remedied with a simple side-step by everyone. As for the shoto hurricane kicks, make them in the style of the EX series.

  • Kelvin Mitchell

    I’m sure she will make it, but I’d like to see sakura

  • valio-kun

    I don’t care for anyone else just give me MAKOTOOO 🙂 thank you very much
    Juri would be nice too

  • yamayamayaamaa


  • I can tell you who I don’t wanna see: Lars.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    People voting for Sawada hahahahaha

  • Pooh Hardy

    its not about who you want in TxSF its how they will play
    think about it in tekken games
    the roster is huge and so are the movesets
    so the question should be
    who do you want in it and how should they play?

    • Pooh Hardy

      and how will they manage to put in characters with the same martial arts while not making them clone characters
      think about it, in SfxT they put in law and not feilong
      and sagat but not bruce

  • Terry Barcelona

    Rose, Birdie, Q, and Guy.

  • Noelemahc

    Q. There has to be more non-twitchy, non-shotoclone characters in them fightening games, I says! (Also, because it would be nice to have more SFIII characters getting the 3D treatment, and if SFIV won’t have him… well… any port in a storm?).

  • Jacob Hurdle

    El Fuerte as a tekken character would be awesome and I would like to see E Honda and Elena but that’s because there two of my favorite street fighter characters.

    • Rahavic

      Yeah I think El Fuerte would naturally be buffed in a 3D engine. I think he’d be so gooooooooooooood!! +___+

  • Rahavic

    Just plz god make this game 1v1 and no tag horseshit.

    Besides that from SF: Alex, Remy, Q, Eagle, Fuerte in this game might actually make him good, Sodom and Oro.
    From Arika which rights would have to be worked out so these are just to throw out there: Skullomania (given), Batsu, Edge, Kyosuke, C.Jack and D. Dark.

  • samael789

    I’d like to see some characters that haven’t shown up in either series in a while. Some super obscure ones. And like… one of the earlier Jacks for S&G (Jack numero uno or Jack 2).

  • Frank Burdine


  • fly666monkey .

    Alex, Gill, Ingrid, Karin, Charlie, R.Mika… We need to bring back the old characters we loved/loved to hate.

  • Joe’SoopaMan’Walker


  • hcaep

    I just have to have karin and lili on at team against sakura, and asuka. I’d also like rainbow mika, and King vs jaycee (not julia) vs Zangief.

  • CorpseMoney

    Just make sure Akuma is in Tekken X SF and I’ll be golden.

  • bushin

    I’d love to see guy in TK x SF I would invest an unhealthy amount of time in the game cos of him

  • Kevin Giguere

    Retsu and Geki!

  • Raiden365

    Hagger, Cody, and Guy

  • cyanide_skittle

    So I’m gonna say it… Dr. B??

  • Guest

    Dr. B. Do it!!

  • vastreammonster


  • OP8


  • Hiya_tiger

    Crimson fucking Viper.. and Urien.

  • Ian Stanton

    makoto and leo =]


    Ibuki vs Kunimitsu would be amazing

  • Brent Taylor

    I really only care about Rose and Guy now, but I don’t see how the former could work very well in a Tekken game…would love to see what they can do with her though.

  • Snufkin

    dan and q

  • Matt Crane

    I’d love to see Dan. It would also be an awesome surprise to see an obscure SF EX char like skullomania.

  • Rob

    The entire cast of SF3: 3rd strike… Its about time those weirdos to make an reappearance!!