NetherRealm Studios Streaming Injustice: Gods Among Us Zatanna Gameplay on August 12, Cyborg Superman Skin Included with Next Compatibility Pack

By on August 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Similar to their first outing with Martian Manhunter, the official NetherRealm Studios stream will be going live next Monday, August 12, with a special demonstration of Injustice: Gods Among Us’ next downloadable character, Zatanna. Apart from the trailer released earlier this week, their broadcast will be a great opportunity to catch some early gameplay of the magician before her release on August 13. They are scheduled to go live at 5 PM PDT, 8 PM EDT, so be sure to tune in and check it out.

It was also revealed that the compatibility pack accompanying Zatanna next week will include a free Cyborg Superman skin. For those of you keeping track at home, this will be the ninth costume for the Man of Steel to date.


Sources: Injustice (Twitter, Facebook)

  • Brutal2D

    Can’t wait for the GOTY edition.

  • Lennart Falgren

    Skin looks super awesome.. But come on!! show the other characters some love, there are still PLENTY of chars who still only have their standard and unlockable skins..

    • superturbo

      What Lennart_Falgren said. I’m not a fan of Cyborg Superman and i wish Superman had gotten either a; ‘Justice Lords Superman’ skin (and basically; Justice Lords skins for the other JL members in the game), ‘Bizarro’ or was given a ‘Mr Majestic’ skin instead and cleverly add him into the game, as they’ve added that Conan O’Brien Superhero character; The Flaming C’ on Superman.

      But agreed, the other characters need some love shown here too. Like a ‘Clean Gentlemen Suit Grundy’ skin, a Hawkman alternate skin for Hawkwoman (then possibly give them both their DC comics Post-Crisis era “sci-fi tech” costumes as another set of in-game; Skins), Blue Camo Post-Crisis comics suit for Aquaman, a ‘Fernus’ Martian Manhunter skin (also one of MM in his natural Martian state?), or a Connor Hawke skin for Green Arrow etc. And how’s about a “Superman 2” and “Man Of Steel” skin for General Zod by any chance? Seeing as there’s a new bloody Superman film out, so why not also offer up multiple skins for Zod and tie into MOS being out in theaters during the summer or come its DVD/Blu-Ray release even? As well as a Terence Stamp S2 Zod, in relation to giving S2 a nod as well.

      And can’t we please get; “Captain Marvel/Shazam” in his original classic costume without his New52 styled hood NetherRealm by any chance?!

  • PlayDoh003

    Not to get over analytical here, but wouldn’t cybernetic parts just be holding Superman back? Sorry if I don’t closely follow all of the parallel I:GAU universes.

    I also think that the other characters need some more love too. MAJORLY disappointed in WW’s costumes.

    • Kaihedgie

      Cyborg Superman is in the main story continuity. He’s actually a human named Hank Henshaw whom he and his team (wife included) fell victim to radiation. The experience, though delayed, eventually started to cause his body to start rapidly decaying. His consciousness survived and made its way into Lexcorp’s mainframe. He constructed a robot body to reunite with his now-cured wife but the shock of his new form caused her to commit suicide. The guy reverse-engineers the ship that carried Superman as an infant to Earth and starts exploring the cosmos, eventually becoming maddened and convincing himself that Superman was responsible for the death of his wife. He popped up again during the Reign of Supermen (during the time everyone thought Superman was dead) and came back as Cyborg Superman to destroy his reputation; the body he constructed being completely identical to the real Kryptonian in everyway possible. Even if you X-rayed the guy, you’d never tell it was a fake.

  • RomanceHD

    Hey um NRS, yeah I like Cyborg Superman in all but this is Superman’s like 1000th costume while others only have 2. Can we get a Tuxedo Lex please or idk something other than Superman and Batman skins?

    • Martini Whoelse

      Agree completely, it’s pretty dumb that only 2 characters get all the villains and alts.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Well, his hair is nice? I just wish more characters would get some as well. Here’s looking at Hawkgirl, Lex, KF, BA, Sinestro, Ares, etc. And especially the DLC characters now that my Zatanna is coming. That John Stewart alt gives me more hope for a Cassandra Cain alt sometime down the line.

  • Cire_2

    C’mon, Hal has been every lantern color out there, where are those? Hell a Kingdom Come set of skins would be freakin awesome.

  • Ty Arnold

    If only they could’ve gotten Elijah Wood to portray Cyborg Superman. Then this would be amazing.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Superman has more costumes than Teemo…
    Yea, that reference was made… I did it

    It’s that serious

  • CDiggity

    Oh man, REAL superman.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    sweet another superman alt. Now the alts are split 50/50 between supes and the rest of the cast!