Instaburst Eyeing Early 2014 Release for League of Fighters, Project Team Expanded to 63 Members

By on August 9, 2013 at 6:18 pm

After releasing the first trailer for League of Fighters and receiving an okay from Riot Games to continue development, the folks over at Instaburst have been riding a wave of support from both the fighting and League of Legend communities. Earlier today, they posted a quick update about their progress, noting that over 400 applications were submitted just last month. This has allowed their core development team to expand to 63 members, which includes handfuls of animators, artists, voice actors, and more.

With things now calming on their end, Instaburst has set a couple of goals for themselves. First off, they want to have a closed beta ready to go sometime in 2013. After that, they are hoping to make the full release available early next year. They certainly have a ton of work ahead of them, but a combination of passion for the project, community support, and the blessing of Riot Games is sure to carry them through to the end.

If you’re interested in seeing where this project goes from here, make sure check out their official site for more details and links to their various social media platforms, which they will be using to announce new champions throughout development. We’ve included the announcement trailer below for those of you who may have missed it before.

Source: Instaburst