Kidrobot x Street Fighter Series 2 Minifigures Available August 29

By on August 7, 2013 at 5:55 pm

Earlier this year, we reported that Kidrobot was planning to release a second series of their popular Street Fighter minifigures in an effort to once again drive a wedge between fans of the classic fighting game series and their wallets. While the new figures, which include alternates for the eight original world warriors as well as six entirely new characters, were on display at Toy Fair 2013, little was divulged regarding a release date until late last month.

Kidrobot announced that this upcoming series of figures will go on sale starting August 29, and provided a few images depicting the line’s new packaging and their new designs for Zangief, Blanka, Ryu, Dhalsim, and E. Honda. Series two will also feature minifigures for Gouken, Gen, Charlie, Cammy, Fei Long, and Sakura.

Below, you’ll find a gallery that includes the old images taken at Toy Fair 2013 and the newer images released through the Capcom-Unity and Kidrobot blogs.


Kidrobot x Street Fighter Series 2 will be available on the Kidrobot online shop and select retailers worldwide starting August 29. Each blind box will set you back $9.99, £7.90, or €9.20, depending on where you live.

Source: Kidrobot via Capcom-Unity, additional images via Action Figure Insider and TomoPop