Announcement Trailer Surfaces for King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition

By on August 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm

While rumors have swirled for quite some time that SNK Playmore’s King of Fighters XIII will be making its way to Steam, few official details have been released regarding a PC version. But it appears we finally have some confirmation courtesy of a new trailer that recently found its way to the gaming platform.

The video, which features some gameplay and cutscene footage, ends with the normal King of Fighters XIII logo appended with a brand new Steam Edition signifier.

A number of registry assets for this title have been added to Steam recently, so it’s very likely we could see an official announcement sometime in the near future. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story develops.

Let us know what you think of these developments and whether or not you plan on picking up this release in the comments below.

UPDATE – Tony Cannon has confirmed that this release will not be using GGPO netcode.

Source: Steam via NeoGAF

  • Thiago Ladislau Santos

    Goodbye Social live, my favorite Fighting game is going Steam!

  • Chora

    I can smell the new netcode around, FUCKING YES

    • Rafael Martines

      Or not :

      • Chora

        MK has abetter netcode on his pc port, so, lets just HOPE for offical info , at this point, everything is still speculation, netcode its all that matters.

      • VicViper

        It’s VERY possible that it’s getting new netcode, especially considering the endorsement they’ve given the devs for XDZW in the form of Terry and Benimaru.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if we got some new characters who were surprisingly missing in the console version as well given the time gap we have here.

        • H_Magnus

          If Playmore just happens to go the extra mile and bring the USA Sports team back, I’m buying three 4-Packs.

          That’s 12 copies!

          • VicViper

            oh god, USA Sports Team would be so godlike, but definitely not what I’m thinking would happen.

            I’d expect some of the characters featured in story mode, most notably Heidern and Adelheid, and/or maybe some of the characters put into sprites in KOF -i-, like Geese and Igniz.

        • Nael

          If they were adding characters or improving the netcode, don’t you think they’d be showing it off in this reveal trailer?

          • VicViper

            it’s just the opening for the game except with the “Steam Edition” subtitle.

          • Nael

            My point still stands – don’t you think they’d want to redo the intro to show off new characters if they were going to the effort to add them?

            Like I said, this is a game from a company based in a country where PC gaming is a barely a blip on the radar in term of priorities – raising your hopes they put in additional effort other than porting over the Xbox version and replacing Live with Steamworks is setting yourself up for major disappointment.

          • SaltyRD

            They might not even use Steamworks, it’d be even simpler for them just to use GFWL when porting to the PC. You don’t need steamworks integration if you’re selling through Steam.

          • xanderglz

            isn’t using GFWL to ensure connection detrimental for everything else in the game? I recall a lot of people having one issue after another in SFIVAE because of that

          • SaltyRD

            GFWL basically uses the Live network to authenticate game copies and it adds an extra layer of DRM to the game. It’s prone to fucking up a lot and is almost universally hated, for good reason especially since it’s completely unnecessary for games sold through Steam.

            Unfortunately, developers who already have 360 versions of their games out before they port to PC see it as an easier way to go about things.

          • locazo87

            The official announcement has been made. The only thing we can do is to wait, anything else is just speculation.

  • J.D SRK

    is it possible for them not to fuck up the netcode again?
    Probably the best game of this generation and it has the shitties netcode to ever exist.
    That hurts me deeply, I really wish I could play KOFXIII online at least at SF4’s level, but then again, SNK is a low budget company

    • Skudd Stevens

      Injustice and GGXXAC+ still have worse netcode, but KOFXIII is, sadly, not great.

    • Mash Harder

      I am expecting the worst this time.
      Fool me once, shame on.. shame on you…

      You fool me, I can’t get fooled again.

  • Jahmere Durham


  • Carlos Alvarez Bailleres

    I’m not one for making predictions, but I’m gonna go on a limb here:
    If the netcode is as good Skullgirls or SFxT on console (netcode on PC and Vita sucks), KOF XIII will be played on EVO 2014 AND 2015

  • BlackMasamune


  • Not really the confirmation I was hoping for but definitely exciting news none the less. Definite purchase for me. Waving goodbye to the Xbox360 as we speak.

    • DaRabidDuckie

      Agreed. If when this comes out, between it and Skullgirls on PC, I’ll never need to turn on my 360 again.

  • H_Magnus


    Now, about ’98UM and 2k2UM…

    • Those games were apart of the rumor mill so hopefully it really is true.

      • dejavu2222

        wow, KOF 98 UM is rumored for Steam as well!?!? PLEASE COME TRUE!!!!!

  • wes yoshida

    I’ve been waiting this for a long time, I love SFIV but I need something else to play on PC.

    • Gailim

      skullgirls, MK, Xtekken?

      • wes yoshida

        Skullgirls and MK aren’t really my cup of tea, and I refuse to buy X Tekken, so yeah, no choice.

        • SaltyRD

          Well, you always have games on GGPO like 3S, JJBA, KoF98, etc.

    • locazo87

      Yatagarasu, melty blood, big bang beat. Just saying.

      • where exactly can you purchase melty blood been trying to figure that out.

        • locazo87

          Me too, but I wrote in their twitter, asking for a steam version of MBACCC and they said is better going for a MB HD version instead of that.

    • Pooh Hardy

      Heck even mugen
      geez not every PC game has to be on steam you know

      • locazo87

        Theres good mugen games, Im playing Super Street Fighter nes version. Pretty funny.

  • TheDangerBox

    all we need now is mahvel and xbox is gone

  • samirerre

    its going to be a blast on the pc becouse the games on pc always have better netcode

    • Nael

      No, that’s because there’s a greater amount of players on PC with wired connections. You seriously think these late PC ports from Japanese companies (where the PC is treated like an afterthought) are actually getting those sorts of improvements?

      • TwilightInZero

        Wireless really doesn’t hurt connection quality nearly as much as everyone thinks it does. The impact really is minimal. Most people are bottlenecked by their ISP.

      • locazo87

        I thing the target of this version is not JAPAN but overseas.

      • Petran79

        Also Windows games make better use of network bandwidth. I guess it also has to do with PC using newer and better network adapters and drivers. After all PS3 and Xbox360 was the first major step in console online gaming. Next gen will probably fare better

  • Marvin Choi

    On the one hand, I’m SUPER excited for this release, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

    On the other hand, I am sad the netcode hasn’t really been fixed.

    • locazo87

      It does not come with GGPO but that doesnt mean they didnt fixed the netcode. We have to wait.

  • ClarenceMage

    Welp, there goes all of my uni time.

  • ExHaseo

    That’s neat and all, but with no improvement to the netcode, there’s no real point to it. It’s not like it’ll look any better on PC, and it’s impossible to play online, so… Yeah…

  • Damn good news, my PC will be happy

  • Unemployment Master


    Sorry for the caps. Too much SaltyBets.

  • JohnGrimm

    Shoutouts to SRK for calling the fucking opening of the game showing off some “gameplay and cutscene footage”.

    • dejavu2222

      I guess we should be glad SRK even covers SNK games!!

  • BrothersBogard

    this time with good netcode SNKP please.
    the only thing missing in KOF.
    Get Hype

  • SaltyRD


    I have been waiting for this forever!

  • Kevin Wark

    The arcade version has been playable on PC for ages already, so this had better have good netcode.

    • sibarraz

      that’s vainilla, which sucks a lot

  • VMK1991

    I do hope this version has all DLC included and has improved netcode. If it is so, then it’s a day one buy for me.

  • Henry Zurawski

    Shout out to the star trek font at the end.


    if this is online, im sold

  • Joel Anderson

    C’mon, you eesholes…do a vita port. You’re putting it on LITERALLY everything else, dammit!

  • Yan Zhao

    Alright modders! Time to mod us a super netcode if this one is ass again 😀

  • dejavu2222

    Excellent news, looking forward to this.

    Capcom vs SNK 3 or SNK vs Capcom 2 please.

  • pablofsi Ask them to use Xhuando ZhiWan’s netcode (a rollbacks netcode that rivals GGPO) on KOF XIII (or future releases). They already have an agreement with Tencent (third biggest telecom company in the whole world) which owns it.

  • Ndebe

    I really doubt they will improve the netcode to a playble state. They would have had to invest a significant amount of money in order to improve the netcode, and I really doubt they would do that for a PC release. Definitely gonna wait a couple of weeks before I make the purchase.

  • Yamazaky Geese

    we need kof02um

  • Los Illuminados

    very much looking forward to KOF 13 Steam Edition. 2002 UM and ’98 UM as well. while it may not have GGPO netcode it’s not the end of the world. other fighting games don’t have GGPO netcode and have decent netcode online play. moving forward SNKP is taking online more serious as seen here.

    will that start with KOF 13 Steam Edition? that i dunno, but their partnership with Tencent Games helps them alot. beside the leaked KOF 13 Steam Edition video in steam, there was a message from SNKP regarding KOFXIII Steam Edition version. they post it in their SNKP website in japan, but was taken down, however here’s the one from steam. as seen here.

    also here’s BALA’s new sick combo video. enjoy.

    lastly for those hoping for Crapcom vs. SNK 3. that’s not going to happen. never again. thank God for that. the CvS series is trash and SNKP didn’t make any money off that cross over. no reason to have a crossover with them again. every time i see comments like those it makes me laugh. heh…what fools.

  • Los Illuminados

    by the way the winner for Tencent Games character poll vote will be the insane one Iori Yagami. would have liked it be
    Orochi Iori but o well. it’s all good.