Chipp, May, Venom, and Potemkin Announced for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

By on August 5, 2013 at 6:58 pm

The official Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- website was just updated with information on four more characters that will be part of the playable cast. Chipp, May, Venom, and Potemkin, longtime veterans of the Guilty Gear franchise, bring the amount of revealed characters to seven, all of which will be available for playtesting during the title’s first location test in Tokyo, Japan.

Below, you’ll find artwork and movelists for each character, the latter of which are currently being translated. This article will be updated periodically, so be sure to keep checking back for more details.


Special Moves

α Blade – 236 + P (Air OK)
α Plus – During α Blade, HS
β Blade – 623 + S (Air OK)
γ Blade – 41236 + HS
Genrouzan – 63214 + S
Tsuyoshishiki Meisei – 214 + K
Tsuyoshishiki Ten’i – 22 + P or K or S or HS
Resshou – 236 + S
→ Rokusai – During Resshou, 236 + S
Senshuu – During Resshou or Rokusai, 236 + K
 Shuriken – 214 + P in mid-air
Kabe Haritsuki (Wall Cling) – In the corner, 6 or 4
Vertical Movement – During Kabe Haritsuki, 8 or 2
Horizontal Movement – During Kabe Haritsuki, 6 or 3 or 9
Jump Down – During Kabe Haritsuki, 4
Wall α Blade – During Kabe Haritsuki, P
Wall Kunai – During Kabe Haritsuki, K
Wall Genrouzan – During Kabe Haritsuki, S
Wall Genyouzan – During Kabe Haritsuki, HS


Zansei Rouga – 632146 + HS
Ryuuryuu – 214215 + K
Banki Messai – 236236 + K


Special Moves

Mr. Dolphin: Horizontal – [4] (Charge) 6+ S or HS
Mr. Dolphin: Vertical – [2]8 + S or HS
Overhead Kiss – Near the opponent, 63214 + K
Applause for the Victim – 41236 P or K or S or HS
Iruka Toujou (Dolphin Ride) – In mid-air, touch Applause for the Victim Dolphin
Ominogashinaku – 22 + P or K
Ball Jump – In mid-air and near Ominogashinaku Ball, 2 (Any downward direction)
Ensenga – 41236 + HS


Great Yamada Attack – 236236 + S
Ultimate Whiner – 63214 + HS
Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind – 63214 + S
Deluxe Tile Bomber – During Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind, P


Special Moves

Ball Seisei (Air OK) – 214 + P or K or S or HS
Shunkan Idou – 623 + K, or during Ball Seisei, hold the button
Stinger Aim – [4]6 + S or HS
Carcass Ride – [2]8 + S or HS
Double Head Morbid – 623 + S or HS
QV – 41236 + P or K or S or HS (can be held)
Mad Struggle – In mid-air, 236 + S or HS


Dark Angel – 2363214 + S
Red Hail – In mid-air, 236236 + HS
Bishop Runout – 2363214 + HS


Special Moves

Heat Knuckle – 623 + HS
Heat Extend – During Heat Knuckle, 63214 + HS
Mega Fist: Forward – 236 + P
Mega Fist: Backward – 214 + P
Sliding Head – 236 + S
Hammer Fall – [4]6 + HS
Hammer Fall Brake – During Hammer Fall, P
F.D.B. – 63214 + S
Potemkin Buster – Near the opponent, 632146 + P
Trishula – 63214 + K
I.C.P.M. – In mid-air, 41236 + HS


Heavenly Potemkin Buster – 236236 + S
Giganter Kai – 632146 + HS
Gigantic Bullet Kai – During Giganter Kai, 4123641236 + P

Source: Guilty Gear Xrd, translations provided by USD, special thanks to the folks over on NeoGAF for their help procuring the images.

  • gigantor21

    Damn, the site got bodied. 🙁

  • EA575

    Potemkin? Mike Z is slightly pleased.

    • He even has a giant “Z” in the center of his collar!

  • Langdon Herrick

    You’ll always be my favorite Venom, Venom. Symbiote got nothing on pool-ball-based teleportation.

  • ArmoredBoar

    This annoucement is so hype that literally ALL ArcSys websites went down simultaneously.
    RIP Blazblue

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Its honestly like you all believe that the Japanese can play one game but sure i forgot that’s only for the people here on lol main page comments.

  • Evil Hayato

    HELL YES VENOM! I am now officially excited. My main is in!

    • pootnannies

      same here. can’t wait until more footage comes out

  • Doopliss_SWE

    Good, Potemkin was the only thing that could make me get this.

    • Doopliss_SWE

      Wait, what have they done to him!?

      • Josshu

        Yeah he does look vastly different from his old design. But keep in mind that since this GG is 3d, it’s very possible for Potempkin to have an Alternate costume.

        • Yogsagath

          I want a Disco Potemkin.

          • Oniros

            This is the best idea ever.

  • SgtKardashian

    Potemkin reminds of Blitzwing from Transformers Animated.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    guys im pretty sure almost every main character will bve in the game. the redesigns could have been better, but at least the cast is looking more diverse now.

    they really did a number on potemkin,

  • Potemkin looking a lot like Alphonse Elric.

  • Raoni Marques

    Wow, dammit. Potemkin is looking wicked!

  • SgtKardashian

    Wow, eff Capcom. Venom gets into GG but not Marvel? -Kappa

  • Louis Lam


  • Louis Lam

    Wait, dafaq happened to Chipp?

    • Oniros

      He has been hanging out too much with the JoJo’s crew.

      • Klimax


  • Rahavic

    Well at least Panzerfaust made it in 😉

    • Tenmakujinkyaku

      Lmao, wrong game though

  • jinsaotomex4

    Potemkin powered by the Z engine.

  • BalmungX

    Now i’m waiting for slayer

  • ragnarok954

    Chipp looks nice and smooth. May is as cute as always. Venom is cool….and what the fuck is up with Potemkin…?

    • Yogsagath

      Well if you go with Potemkin’s back story he was a slave that was turned into a solider. Who knows maybe he got a promotion.

  • サレム

    Where is my Robo-May

    • twenty-one?

      Robo-Jam pls…

  • Chooch

    Slayer, please.

    Robo-Ky, please.

  • SgtKardashian

    Chipp hit the gym! He must have been shooting up with A-Rod!

    • Hunts Rattata

      His head looks SO TINY.

      • Geoffrey Tasker

        that because of perspective, he’s leaning back

  • Oniros

    Thank you based Daisuke for not letting the awful character designers from BlazBlue near this game. Both Millia and May look lovely, like real women with real proportions. 😀

    • Chooch

      May? Really?

      • Oniros
        • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

          Hey Makoto’s design is Godlike you.

          • Oniros

            It’s good for a furry stripper.

          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            Oh look someone who doesn’t know what a furry is. How rare.

          • Richard N

            Doesn’t change the fact Makoto is fetish fuel on steroids.

          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            and what’s wrong with that?

          • Richard N

            Nothing I suppose if you’re into that. I don’t personally like having boobs and teh sexors shoved into my face. Plus it’s just embarrassing to be seen fighting against her sometimes….

            They could’ve been a bit more subtle, like Noel who’s adorable and is designed very well.

          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            eh, it is how it is. I personally don’t find anything wrong with her design.

          • CujoFoxtar

            What’s so embarassing about fighting a woman who ain’t afraid to show off her gorgeous bod? Are you worried about getting a hard on because of her? Or is it your opinion that women need to be modestly dressed because you feel only men have the right to show off their bulky bods?

            Seems like there’s this mentality in the West that women MUST be modest and/or glamorous, instead of flashy and spunky like Makoto. I mean, what the hell’s wrong with women showing off? I think a little stuff like that might be more empowering to women, not degrading.

          • Richard N

            There’s women showing off and then there’s Makoto showing off. It’s like different ends of a spectrum. I don’t know about the whole West thinking that way instead of just me and some other people who wishes artists would chill on the sex appeal. Tv, movies, car commercials, and just media in general would beg otherwise. And my embarrassment comment was directed at her being a prime example and further solidifying on why people perceive gamers and anime fans to be just giant pervs. Cuz at this point I would have to agree.

            Never said there was something wrong with a woman showing off, don’t put words in my mouth. I do have a problem when they shove it in my face though. I get it, you’re hawt, calm your tits. Literally.

          • CujoFoxtar

            Then don’t focus on that part of her. Try and do what I do – focus on the traits that aren’t fleshy. Like her bushy tail, or her spunky, energetic voice and personality. Or the fact that she’s against racism. Or even that her fists hit with the force of a jackhammer (not damage-wise, but just the feel of every one of her Drive attacks).

            It’s how I can appreciate characters like Makoto, but not Rachel. Appearance wise, I hate Rachel, and her personality is also a big turn-off.

            Also, anime fans aren’t giant pervs. Name me notable, famous perverts in the West who did what they did because of anime (and they have to have made headline news for it to count). You can’t really blame anime for producing perverts when there are few, if any, examples to prove your case. Your words make you out to be like Jack Thompson/Wayne LaPierre with how you judge others.

            Besides, you want an example of something far more showy than Makoto? I’ll give you one – Mu-12. That’s a bigass example. Oh, and Guilty Gear’s Dizzy. But apparently Dizzy’s okay, because GG>BB.

          • Richard N

            Whoa whoa, you’re comparing me to Jack Thompson!? Ouch dude, that really hurts. That’s like saying I’m the devil. Jeez, I’m not making a giant civil campaign to blindly demand for everyone to agree with my opinion and end risque design everywhere.

            And hey, no doubt Makoto is a fun and whacky character and she’s great when she has some screen time. So don’t get me wrong, I like Makoto she’s cool. But when she’s designed specifically with the male gaze in mind then most people will probably instead focus on her assets. Which makes me sad, because like we both said we like her for other asspects, but because of the way the artists designed her most people won’t get anything from her beyond face value.

            Come on man, you really don’t believe the anime community has a pretty good amount of pervs? If you really do man, you gotta introduce me to these people because most conventions I’ve been to or message boards I’ve come across has folks clamoring about waifus, fan service, and crazy ass H Games. Also being perverted doesn’t mean one is also a criminal at the same time who sexually assaults someone. I was simply referring to the typical viewing audience and their acceptance and preference for fan service-ness and all it’s glory.

            But thanks for bringing up Mu-12 which is a far better example than Makoto. Because Noel, seriously, what the hell are you wearing? Why does your shoulders have so much armor when you are more likely to get hit on your actual body. Also, I agree with Dizzy, never said I didn’t. We were just talking about Makoto so I wanted to stick with that. We could talk about A.B.A as well if you want.

            But yes, you are absolutely correct; GG>BB.
            No arguments here.

          • Richard N

            Also, I think you guys believe I’m comparing the designs of GG to BB, which I’m actually not. I was just talking about Makoto’s design as a whole. I fully believe GG is as guilty(heh) as BB to an extent.

          • Dandy J

            nice troll

          • VMK1991

            I can see your point. I like Makoto, I really do, but not because of her clothing. I like her because she is extravertive, energetic, friendly squirrel girl, that cares about her friends and is one of the few characters that fight bare-handed (tonfas don’t count, because she uses them only for deffence).
            While we are on the topic, same thing with Bullet. I wouldn’t say that I like her for her looks (well, I like them, but they could be(and should be) a lot less revealing), but rather because of her mannerisms (tough big sis, knuckles cracking, etc.) and that she is a fast grappler.

            Overall, I like them, but I wouldn’t mind having less revealing alternative costumes for them.

        • Slade

          Finally someone I can agree about Makoto. That shirt makes as much sense as that little towel around her thong.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Just lol

    • Robert 10stars Brejcak

      Why is everyone even responding to the obvious pedophile who thinks that May looks like a real woman with real proportions and that she’s lovely? Really???!?!?

      • Oniros

        Lolwut? By real proportions I mean that not all girls in fighting games have to have huge tits or off the charts curves (Mai, Makoto, Poison, and many others). Gameplay and smart design should be the most important thing to keep in mind when designing a character, regardless of gender.

        May looks like a she has grown up a little but not in a fanservicey way, which is awesome. I would’ve hated a situation like Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon, where the character went from a cool gal to a whored-out version of a superheroine. Here’s an article about it:

        So nope, you cached the wrong drift. Next time direct your accusations to Platinum mains.

  • Deusxmachina

    Great, now show me Bridget and Aba.

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Liking the new Potemkin, looks like he’s ready to lead an army

  • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

    Here’s to Guilty Gear showing other 2d fighters how it’s done for another 15 years.

  • d3v

    Pot looks a bit too German. They should replace the pickelhaube with something more Russian/Soviet looking.

    • CujoFoxtar

      I dunno, Pot looks like he’d be a good subvillain in the Megaman X games. Which is good, because I like those games.

  • Yorai Dragon

    I hope Jam is lookin’ sweet :3

  • Luna Kazemaru

    need slayer….

  • Klimax

    Chipp totally got that jojo’s mojo

  • Cire_2

    C’mon just waiting on Faust and A.B.A. now!

  • TJ

    Where is my Axl, He’s been in the series too long to be gone now. I will accept him becoming (spoiler) Raven. as long as his play-style is somewhat intact

  • Go2hell66

    Dafuq they do to potemkim?

  • Unemployment Master

    Venom! Yes!
    Now show me Slayer, Testament, Anji and Johnny and I am sold (I was sold way before that, though).

  • Richard N

    Hm, well with May looking like the same age I’m guessing this is between Midnight Carnival and Overture?

    • CujoFoxtar

      It takes place after Overture, actually. Meaning that May’s growth is only slight, from the looks of things.

      • Richard N

        If that’s true, puberty was not kind to her.

        • CujoFoxtar

          Technically, one could say the same about Dizzy. Especially since time was all but frozen for her in Overture (listen to what Paradigm says about her condition during the bit where Ky reveals the big bombshell affair they had).

          And that’s factoring in that Dizzy’s effectively a toddler in a buxom babe’s body. Which effectively makes Ky a pedophile Catholic priest, to some degree.

  • Jason DonkeyKong Budzi

    What console is this gonna be again?

  • 6 years later, May… regressed in age?

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      nah Japanese women are just that small in GG’s universe

      • Peter Loney (ピーター)

        *just that small irl

        • CujoFoxtar

          Peter, your racism is showing. Please stop.

          • Peter Loney (ピーター)


    • Oniros

      Her face looks like she’s older IMO.

    • jlb85

      You think she’d look a bit more like a woman by now…

  • VMK1991

    Wait! Remember how at the end of one of the storylines in XX AC+ Potemkin got hit by a missile? Maybe devs went with this one as canon and we’ll have CYBER POTEMKIN? Neat. Although I wish for original looks as an alt.

  • d3v

    So with Nazi Potemkin, in place of Real Soviet Damage, we will get “DAMAGE ZAT VILL LAST FOR EIN THOUZAND YEARS!”

  • Player1

    Where is my Baiken??

  • Антон Пятаков

    Yo, Potemkin even has letter Z on his neck lol.

    • Novril

      It says “Zepp” inside the Z.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    Some Baiken and Jam, OH PLEASE JAM!
    So far so good, but there’s something about the new artwork ._. at least the girls look good tho 🙂

    • ZenTzen

      thats not the artwork, those are the 3D models, only characters with artwork right now are only Sol and Ky

  • Riot

    Chipp got muscles that don’t even exist.

  • Lorance Carroll

    Chipp’s wall dive is an actual move with a branch of options now?! Definitely interested to see this! IF they keep in air FDC’s I could see his corner game being SUPER stupid! 😀

  • Kyehlar

    Won’t be happy until they add Bouken

  • heatEXTEND

    I can’t believe they fucking butchered pot ffs

  • Tom Crook

    really hyped for this. artwork looks awesome

  • I haven’t quite gotten into this as much as I want to so I was wondering does any one see any new move sets for the characters.

  • May’s footsteps better squeak!

  • Chris Lambear

    how the hell do you pronounce xrd?!

    • LuciferD666

      In the trailer. The voice says “Ex-Ard”

    • Go2hell66

      like turd

      except “ksurd”

  • Kaihedgie

    I’m gonna come out and say this now and think: Potemkin looks like he just came out of Skullgirls

    • ABEzilla116

      you shouldn’t have been downvoted, he looks like panzerfaust.

  • ReddChief78

    What’s up with the characters looking parrot toed

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    For the record Potemkin has a “Z” on his neck because he is a member of the Zepp Army not because of Mike Z, thats a coincidence. the design on the other hand idk.

    • Guest

      I highly doubt the design was taken from Panzerfaust or w/e like many other SG heads are thinking. Great they love their game, but something fanboy logic is just baffling.

  • Potemkin is wearing his nation’s military uniform for the people wondering why.

  • Cael

    Why does it look like May is flat-chested now?

  • twenty-one?

    No Jam?! T____T