SEGA Cup Europe Results and Tournament Footage

By on August 3, 2013 at 3:16 pm


After the success of the SEGA Cup early this year in the US, Europe brought the Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown tournament across the Atlantic in today’s SEGA Cup Europe. Hosted at the Dugdale Centre in London, UK and organized by Unequalled Media and Ludus Magnus, this tournament featured a massive £6000 (~9150 USD) prize pot, paying out through the top 8 competitors.

The tournament not only brought out European Virtua Fighter veterans such as Western Wolves’ Ryan Hart, but several players from Japan as well, included SEGA Cup top 4 players Chofu K.K and Razer’s Itabashi Zangief. Due to an instable internet connection the tournament had a few streaming troubles, but below you can find the results of the tournament as well as some of the top 16 action, including the all of top 8.

Top 16 (to Top 8)

Watch live video from unequalledmedia on TwitchTV

Top 8

Watch live video from unequalledmedia on TwitchTV



Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

1. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun)
2. Ash (Lion)
3. Chofu K.K (T-Arashi)
4. Kingo (Aoi)
5. Ujinozanani (Akira)
5. Chief Gutti (Sarah)
7. Chibitox (Lion)
7. Maki le Sushi (Vanessa)

9. Krye (Lau)
9. WW.MCZ|Prodigal Son (Kage)
9. Seidon
9. G0d3L
13. Joe Musashi (Goh)
13. xX SETTRA Xx
13. Rory
13. Kaleendan

Grand Finals

RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. Ash (Lion) – 4-0

Losers Finals

Chofu K.K (T-Arashi) vs. Ash (Lion) – 1-3

Winners Finals

RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. Ash (Lion) – 3-0

Losers Semi-finals

Chofu K.K (T-Arashi) vs. Kingo (Aoi) – 3-1

Top 8 Winners

Chief Gutti (Sarah) vs. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) – 0-3
Ujinozanani (Akira) vs. Ash (Lion) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

Chibitox (Lion) vs. Chofu K.K (T-Arashi) – 0-3

Maki le Sushi (Vanessa) vs. Kingo (Aoi) – 1-3

Ujinozanani (Akira) vs. Chofu K.K (T-Arashi) – 0-3
Chief Gutti (Sarah) vs. Kingo (Aoi) – 2-3

Top 16 Winners

Chief Gutti vs. Chibitox – 3-1 – off-stream
Ash (Lion) vs. Kingo (Aoi) – 3-2
Ujinozanani vs. Seidon – 3-1- off-stream
RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. Chofu K.K (T-Arashi) – 3-1

Top 16 Losers

xX SETTRA Xx vs. WW.MCZ|Prodigal Son – 1-3
Krye vs. Rory- off-stream
Maki Le Sushi (Vanessa) vs. Joe Musashi (Goh) – 3-1
Kaleedann vs. G0d3L – 1-3 – off-stream

Krye (Lau) vs. Chofu (T-Arashi) – 0-3 – off-stream
Chibitox (Lion) vs. WW.MCZ|Prodigal Son (Kage) – 3-1
Seidon vs. Maki le Sushi – 2-3 – off-stream
Kingo vs. G0d3L – 3-0 – off-stream

Source: SEGA Cup Europe, Unequalled Media