Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Website Updated with System and Character Details, Millia Confirmed Playable

By on August 2, 2013 at 1:25 am

Arc System Works recently updated the official Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- website with a slew of new information for fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming fighter. Included now are sections that detail the title’s system mechanics and individual pages for each character that has been revealed so far. It also confirms that Millia Rage, who made an appearance in the first trailer but wasn’t featured in any gameplay footage, will be joining the cast alongside Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.

The System of Guilty Gear Xrd

The overall system for GGXrd seems similar to that of the original GGXX, with a few new additions and expansions. The classic button layout (Punch, Kick, Slash, H Slash, Dust) and movement system of dashes, air dashes, double jumps and high jumps of the Guilty Gear series are preserved.

Regarding the general game system, sweeps, Gatling Combinations, throws, Dust Attacks, air recovery, Faultless Defense, Psych Bursts and Roman Cancels all make their return in the GGXrd . Systems added in Accent Core however, including throw breaks, Instant Guard, Slashbacks and Force Break attacks, are not mentioned. False Roman Cancels are also seemingly missing.

As for new additions, Dust attacks now allow for two follow-ups. The Clash system has also been expanded, with different results based on the strength of the attacks that cause the clash.

All of these mechanics will be present in the location tests, and have the possibility of being changed and adjusted as development continues.



1. Vitality Gauge – This is the character’s vitality.
2. Burst Gauge – Consumed when a Psych Burst is used, and increases over time and when receiving attacks from the opponent. An X is shown when it cannot be used.
3. Tension Gauge – An important gauge used for Overdrives and Roman Cancels. Increases when engaging in “positive actions” like attacks and dashes.
4. Round Win Icon – An icon indicated the number of round wins.
5. Time Display – The remaining time in the current round is displayed. If the time reaches 0, the side with the most remaining vitality is the winner.
6. R.I.S.C. Level – Increases when guarding the opponent’s attacks and decreases when receiving attacks. If increased to a certain level, attacks received from the opponent will become counter-hit, with no conditions.
7. Negative Penalty – If you continue to take negative actions, the Tension Gauge will drop to 0. Be careful when the “Danger” warning message appears.

General System

Sweep – ↓ + D
An attack that cannot be blocked standing. You can sweep and down the opponent.

Gatling Combination – In a certain order, press the Attack buttons with timing
By just pressing the attack buttons in order, you can land a combo with ease.

Throw, Air Throw – Near the opponent, press ← or → + HS
A throw attack that cannot be blocked. When both sides are in the air, becomes an air throw.

Special Move – Refer to the Character Command List
Activates powerful special moves.

Overdrive – Refer to the Character Command List
Activates techniques even more powerful than special moves.


Dust Attack – While standing, D
Performs a unique attack that can not be blocked crouching. After the hit, follow-up attacks are possible.


Press ↑ – Chase after the opponent knocked into the air.
Press → – Chase after the opponent knocked forward. Powerful follow-ups are possible in the corner.

Recovery – Press an attack button (excluding the D button) at the right time while hitstunned in the air
Rights yourself in mid-air, allowing you to escape from the opponent’s pursuit.

Faultless Defense – While guarding, hold two attack buttons (excluding the D button) *Gradually depletes the Tension Guage
Performs a stronger guard than a normal guard.

Dead Angle Attack – While guarding, press → + 2 Attack buttons (excluding the D button) *Consumes 50% of the Tension Gauge
Unleashes a counterattack during a guard.

Psych Burst – Press D + 1 Attack button at the same time *Consumes the entire Burst Gauge
An action that knocks back the opponent. Can be activated while taking damage and while guarding. The Burst Gauge automatically builds during battle.
If you land a Psych Burst from a normal state, the Tension Gauge will suddenly build to 100%.


Roman Cancel – Press 3 Attack buttons (excluding the D Button) *Consumes 50% of the Tension Gauge
You can interrupt movement, actions and the recovery of actions.


Furthermore, Roman Cancels have the effect of slowing time of everything but yourself. Roman Cancel the projectile you release and execute a simultaneous attack!


When the released attacks from both sides collide, a clash occurs. Clashes have the following three patterns.

Normal Clash – When attacks of close attack strength collide, both sides can immediately take another action.


Repel – When there’s a difference in strength of the colliding attacks, the weaker side is repelled, leaving themselves open.

Danger Time – When both sides collide with powerful attacks, after a special cinematic both enter Danger Time. During Danger Time, landing an attack first causes a Super Counter, a chance to score a highly damaging combo.




Seven characters (including Sol, Ky, and Millia) will be playable in the game’s first location test, which will run next week from August 9-12. The remaining four will be revealed beforehand on August 6.

Sol Badguy


Are you prepared?

Sullen and unrefined; only speaks to others when absolutely necessary. This is reflected in everything he does, and his fighting moves, while rough and unpolished, are executed with absolute precision. Not a friendly man, but not an inherently evil one.


Height: 184 cm
Blood type: Unknown
Weight: 74 kg
Origin: America
Birthday: Unknown
Hobbies: Listening to Queen
Likes: The Queen album, “Sheer Heart Attack”
Dislikes: Great effort, “Doing your best.”

Command List


Special Moves

Gun Flame – 236 + P
Gun Flame (Feint) – 214 + P
Volcanic Viper – 634 + S or HS  (air OK)
Tataki Otoshi – 214 + K during ①
Bandit Revolver – 236 + K (air OK)
Bandit Bringer – 236 + K hold
 Kudakero – 213 + in midair
Bukkirabō ni Nageru – 623 + K near opponent
Riot Stamp – 214 + K
Grand Viper – 214 +S
Fafnir – 41236 + HS
P.B.B. – 623 + K in midair, while in Dragon Install state


Tyrant Rave ver. β – 632146 + HS
Dragon Install – 214214 + S (air OK)


Ky Kiske


Allow me to teach you the way of the thunderclap!

Deadly serious, honest in work, truthful with others and devout in his morals. A firm believer in justice, eternally trying to help those weaker than himself. At the same time, he possesses a fragile mind that quickly erupts when he encounters anyone who breaks his rules or disrupts his order. In other words, he has a hard time dealing with freedom, a fact he has yet to realize.


Height: 178 cm
Blood type: AB
Weight: 58 kg
Origin: France
Birthday: November 20
Hobbies: Collecting teacups
Likes: Everyone’s smiling faces
Dislikes: Sol
Eye color: Blue-green
Occupation: First King of the United Kingdom of Illyria

Command List


Special Moves

Stun Edge – 236 + S
Stun Edge: Charge Attack – 236 + HS
Air Stun Edge – 236 + S or HS in midair
Stun Dipper – 236 + K
Greed Sever – 214 + K
Vapor Thrust – 623 + S or HS (air OK)
Split Ciel – 236 + D
Grinder Seisei – Standing D or Jump D or perform Split Ciel
Durandal Call – Launch Grinder with any Stun Edge variant or Sacred Edge


Ride the Lightning – 632146 + HS (air OK)
Sacred Edge – 236236 + P


Millia Rage


No time to blink!

A cold, reticent woman, nothing ever appears to interest her. Indifferent towards her feminine side, perhaps because of her assassin upbringing. Sees everything in terms of black or white, and rarely makes a wrong decision. Although her mind is like a machine, there is still a little human left in her, and she is tormented inside by the recluse she has become.


Height: 169 cm
Blood type: B
Weight: 48 kg
Origin: Russia
Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)
Hobby: Playing with cats
Likes: Virtue
Dislikes: Zato, losing hair

Command List


Special Moves

Bad Moon – 236 + P in midair
Kousoku Rakka – 236 + K in midair
Tandem Top – 236 + S or HS
Lust Shaker – 214 + S or S repeatedly
Iron Sabre – 214 + P
Zenten – 214 + K
Sai Zenten – K during Zenten
Lust Shaker (Hasei) – S during Zenten
Digitalis – HS during Zenten
Silent Force – 214+ S in midair
Secret Garden – 214 + HS , then aim with joystick + HS


Emerald Rain – 236236 + S
Winger – 2141236 + HS
Chroming Rose – 214214 + S


Source: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, system mechanics translations and other major contributions by USD, character info translations by Suzaku

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      Roman Cancels are performed with “any 3 attack buttons (Dust excluded)”. The interesting part about RCs is it says they “slow the flow of time down for your opponent,” presumably represented by the darkened stage background in the image of Sol doing the air S while gunflame hits at the same time.

      • Moses

        Also, there’s a section at the bottom on how clashes work. Clashes between moves that are “near the same strength” leave both players able to act immediately afterwards (presumably neutral), stronger moves will beat weaker moves in a clash and create some kind of opening for the winner, and clashes between two high-powered moves will lead to “Danger Time,” wherein the first player to land a hit gets a SUPER COUNTERHIT, leading to big damage.

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