Killer Instinct – Maximilian’s Glacius Breakdown and Developer Interview Part 2

By on July 30, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Maximilian’s Killer Instinct coverage continues with the second part of his Glacius breakdown and developer interview. This video covers a few manual Glacius combos, his super armor-based instinct mode, and a short exploration of his maximum combo potential. It also focuses on how knockout value and the new ender level meter work.

Source: Maximilian

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  • Gene Q.

    u KNOW F.champ is gonna main Glacius!

    • OFC Salty Santa

      who cares?

      • Beb0p

        Hey, these fan girls have their role models. Think of it as some Justien Beiber shlt. Sure it’s fun to laugh at them but for the most part not out loud.

        As for the game they are using what sounds like original sound effects. Looks good but not that interesting, I’d rather see other characters.

        • OFC Salty Santa

          I played the game for like 6+ hours at Evo. It’s pretty dope tbh

          • $19298411

            Might be dope to play, but damn it was boring to watch. Seems like KI might be another SFxT, good game not something to really watch on stream.

          • OFC Salty Santa

            I love SFxT but it really isn’t in fun to watch I can admit that. But with KI its real fun to watch when you understand the system. Mostly because the mind games aren’t over when a combo starts. You start anticipating combo breakers and such, its pretty hype

  • tb

    how many chars is ki bout to have

  • Luke Steiger

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential. I just wish they would zoom the camera out a few units. It really bugs me that the characters heads are basically touching their healthbars… a pet peeve, I guess. It also leads me to believe that there isn’t much air game.

  • vastreammonster

    This game looks sick. I don’t care what you haters say. I have a job and I can afford the Xbox One.

    • Jake Klippert

      I’m with ya there, not buying a PS4 to save 100 dollars and end up missing this and Titanfall.

      • pootnannies

        that’s not the real reason people are opting for the ps4 instead. if you want a spy camera on you 24/7 then the xboxone is for you. i hope preorders are low enough that they cancel their bullshit with you having to allow them to check you out every minute. make that shit permanent

      • Amer1ka

        The PC is getting Titanfall and Titanfall will only be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One. But yeah, KI is shaping up to be almost worth getting an Xbox One for if you can dismiss it’s other issues. The game is coming along nicely.

  • Isaac Hudson

    I have 2 aesthetic complaints (and I cbf finding the appropriate place to air them):
    1. The enormous horizonal width of Glacius’ crotch (literally, the bit of flesh that is at the base of your torso is like..6 inches wide). I’ve seen it; I can’t unsee it. It just looks weird.

    2. The ‘squeaky door’ sound of Glacius’ uppercut special. Maybe that’s the sound ice would really make, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound good to me. In fact it’s really turning me off the game.