SRK Presents: MCZ|Tokido – Evo Player Profile

By on July 26, 2013 at 12:35 pm

At this year’s Evo, Tokido of Team Mad Catz had an incredible run. He broke into the top eight with a series of very convincing plays and came back from the brink of elimination time and time again. He bested his fiercest rival at the largest fighting game tournament in the world, and got up on stage to show us that incredible live Shun Goku Satsu once more.

This is our first in a series of exclusive interviews with players at Evo 2013 detailing their incredible moments over the emotionally charged three-day weekend. Here, Tokido talks about the competition, his match against Daigo, and of course that Raging Demon.

Zaid Tabani has been contributing a steady stream of artistic content into the community ever since the resurgence of the fighting game boom. He's been responsible for many well known projects, including(but not limited to) the EVO 2K10 Intro Videos, The EVO 2K11 Theme Song(along with multiple other community members), the documentary series Run It Back and the upcoming film RANBAT. He was even featured in Capcom's "SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV 3D EDITION" commercial, due to his prior work with EVO. He also likes to dress up as a bat occasionally and fight a psychotic crusade against crime. That last part was a joke. Kinda.