San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Street Fighter Panel Reveals Ultra SFIV Trailer with New Announcer Voice Effects

By on July 21, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Capcom checked in with fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 earlier today, and showed off a slightly new version of their Ultra SFIV trailer, which features an announcer with vocal effects different from previous SFIV releases.   The SDCC panel also revealed new and upcoming Street Fighter accessories, details of their Capcom Cup Tournament and the green light of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist.   The full panel is available above courtesy of Gamespot.

(Source Gamespot)

  • Kanye West

    17:15 for trailer.

  • Zonnex


  • Guilt Gear

    Tastumaki Senpukiaku! mauhauhauhauhuahuha

  • Mabans

    Geee, Chun-li and Ryu, how original. Rolento and Yang win by default..

  • Smashbro29

    They really need to just get the guy from Vanilla SF4 to record a few more lines. I don’t like fake MK guy.

  • Dectilon

    Why is colonel sanders there?

    • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

      Because USF4 now contains 11 secret herbs and spices.

      • There’s actually a 12th herb yet to be announced that has never been in a food before.

  • b2j135

    where the fuck is dark sakura?

    • Patrick M

      She started wearing Coppertone so she doesn’t get sunburns anymore

  • Thomas

    Man, that panel sucked

  • Amer1ka

    I like the current announcer for SF4. I’m not sure why they felt the need to change it but I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly and it’s not a big deal. I wonder when the next big gaming related date is so that we can see a release of the 5th character. By making people wait this long I hope they don’t shoot themselves in the foot by releasing something “bleh”.

  • Ron Newcomb

    I like the new annoucer. Has a bit more bass to his voice.

  • onReload

    I guess they’ll change the announcer for the new characters, as they might not have had the old guy record their names…though this new voice could just be for this trailer.

    Either way, I *really* hope Elena/Hugo don’t play the same way they do in SFxT. They feel so…sluggish in that game

  • Barlton Canks

    Somebody was really happy about Rolento

  • k.b.a.

    i just want it all. vanilla announcer, super and ultra. if it keeps the option to revert to previous versions technically were getting alot of options rolled into one. playing ultra as opposed to super is as easy as hitting the options. change the bars if you want announcer whatever you can to keep it fresh aesthetically, but new ultras/supers/ex only would really shake things up. admittedly maybe better saved for a new alpha but still after survival mode and time attack were removed for like no reason though, i wonder what else they can take out

  • Kal El Cool J

    Why change from supers announcer? Took me two years to get used to it, now there’s anther?cum on, step it up, Capcom. Also I want Necro in ultra.

  • The new announcer sound wack. Dude trying too hard.

  • ObbiObbi

    Vanilla SF4 still my favorite. Well, other than Alpha 3, obviously.

  • Scott Walker

    Ms.Street Fighter 2013 asked a very good question at the end of the panel. Even with all the PR hype that panel was still alright. I wish they’d be more specific with the released date for Ultra Street Fighter IV though. I liked the Balrog cosplayer too,