Take a Look at Some of Evo 2013’s Best Moments Courtesy of Richard Li

By on July 20, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Another Evo means another amazing Moments video by Richard Li. Much like his previous projects, his recap of Evo 2013 provides a uniquely emotional look at the tournament and the community that supports it. This collection of footage perfectly captures what it’s like to attend the event in person and chronicles some of the best moments the weekend had to offer.

Do yourself a favor and check it out if you want to relive your time in Las Vegas or missed out and want to experience it vicariously through his camera lens.

  • EagiZ

    Awesome video!

  • J.D SRK

    We were part of Fighting Game History! 🙂

  • Masterpiece. Richard Li = S+ Tier.

  • Andrew Mann

    This is the one we’ve been waiting for! 🙂 ty

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Amazing vid.

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    boring vid, whats so interresting about showing fighting game players? i thought i was gonna see some of the hypest moments in GAMEPLAY, not this bs.

    • Tekknight

      You can watch the ACTUAL matches and see for yourself what was hype TO YOU. You can even see gameplay that’s even more hype at any tourney one lucky day. But you will not see Evo again for another whole year, and the exact moments that happened here will never happen again. Did you see Flocker’s face at the end? He was beaming. Overjoyed at what he’d just accomplished. At that same moment Yipes gives two big thumbs up in the background. If you can’t appreciate that, you don’t really understand or appreciate what Evo is about.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        evo is getting more and more bitchmade every year. giving each other props is cool and all, but after the match hugging each other for half a minute, dropping tears and shit. get a fucking life, these are supposed to be fighting game players, not academy award winners and miss usa peagant chicks.

        the only thing im seeing here is people who dont know how the fuck to behave. first a lot of players had no manners and were arrogangt as shit (old evos), now everybody is each others sister. does everybody at evo suffer from an identity crisis or some shit? the gameplay evolves but the players get more gay, wow.

        a simple bro hug for 2 seconds should suffice, that is if you wanna hug at all. i wonder whats next for evo over a yeasr. will players grab each others asses and start kissing each other on the lips?

        i respect evo for the matches, the trashtalk and the “SHORT” instances of brotherly love/respect. appearantly you like the soap opera aspect of it and like to see guys hug each other all the damn time. seems we have 2 VERY different ways of understanding and appreciating evo. you like the bitch shit about evo, the asskissing etc, probably cause you a little bitch.

        i got a tip for you guys, grow a pair.

        • OFC Salty Santa

          Spoken like a true online warrior

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            is that all whiney little bitches. most people actually behave like humans during their normal lives. all i see is people with an identity crisis hugging cause they dont get enough love. its cause most of you bitches lack humanity, you aint loved in your normal lives so you go to look for love at a fighting game tourney where theres more losers and posers like yourselves. i just didnt know you guys were that bitchmade.

            next year, group hug and all crying together with killian. do it, bitches.

        • Dafuq? There was one hug in that entire video, and that was between a player and the one presenting his award. Most of the video was actually people being hype. No one at evo even hugged for more than a few seconds. You seem to be the only one taking away some “gay” shit from that video, that might tell us something.

        • blackavengre

          I think you have a few issues regarding your sexuality. I’m straight and totally comfortable with peoples life choices, I don’t allow it to bother me. Don’t worry so much bro, just remember; Just because it tingles, it doesn’t mean your gay 🙂

          EDIT: Just watched the video and I was feeling it. Have you no soul?!

        • Hey_Sim

          Calls us bitches, bitches himself for 5 mins.


          Also, you need to learn what it’s like to be a real man if you think embracing emotional aspects of life makes you feminine.

        • Tekknight

          All the complaints you made about the emotions felt at an event you’re apparently not a part of, yet you gave the most over dramatic reply ever. Hate to be rude, but you are certainly on a special kind of stuff.

          • Hey_Sim

            Not really, he’s just mentally blinded by the whole “macho” look, but even grown ass men cry. The Rock’s probably cried, right?

        • Hey_Sim

          Also, if you think that your mindset is okay, then let’s how well you do when you become a father, if any woman loves you, that is.

    • Kelvin Mitchell

      I kind of feel sorry for you, I’m not sure how you cant enjoy that video. You must not watch too many matches.

    • Amer1ka

      There are videos like this every single year without fail. Seeing the community and showing the human side of the event is something many people, including myself, like.

      Next time read the fucking story that was printed rather than mongo’ing straight into the video and then bitching about it not being what you expected later. You look like a whiny idiot, basically.

  • Tony Selby

    About the only thing missing from the video was the “One more year” chants at the end of the smash top 8

  • Martini Whoelse

    I think the SRK title is misleading, it should be hype or EVO moments, this was GLADLY not a boring courtesy showcase.

  • Titus Ares

    it’s crazy how much bigger EVO gets year after year…and yet the prize money for being best in the world amongst an ever-growing sea of competitors gets smaller and smaller.

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      really, they putting more and more money in their own pockets? they even get sponsored nowadays, so there should potentially be even bigger pay outs. how much did these guys make?

      • Hey_Sim

        I could understand if the event organizers were putting money into their own pockets. They’re an extremely important asset to the fighting game community and don’t earn jack-shit for what they do all the time.

        • Titus Ares

          hey, dont get me wrong, I love what mrwizard and the canons have built with the help of the community. all I’m wondering is, with the exponential growth of the event, why the prize money has been cut close to half, if not more? how did daigo make more back in 2009 when EVO barely had 20,000 stream viewers and less entrants, than xian this year when we have sponsors, 150,000+ viewers and 1600+ entrants?

          • Hey_Sim

            I get you now. But as I said, if it were the event organizers taking some of the money, I would completely understand the thought process behind that. But maybe that’s not what’s even going on. Maybe the event organizers are struggling with money because they’ve been having to organize EVO and majors leading up to that year after year. I read an article a few weeks ago showin g us that a major is really expensive to set, so with them spending all their money on multiple majors, with the Fighting Game community not getting enough exposure to maybe hep them financially, it must be really hard to keep the 1st place prizes the exact amount every year.

          • Titus Ares

            for sure. I’m sure there are growing pains that come with the fast expansion that EVO and the FGC have done, and part of that is a higher cost of maintaining and paying for things like bigger venues, paying for commentary, streaming services and such…but Xian made less than $6000 this year, which is closer to a little more than half of what all the previous EVO champions took home.

            with esports knocking at the door, rival events like vxg, and capcom being more open to MLG-types using their games, how long before our top players scatter to the various events and water down the overall ccompetition? right now they all congregate at EVO, but with prize money seemingly getting smaller and smaller, how long will that last? yes, EVO is THE event, but how long before prestige loses out to $30,000 pots and prizes?

            is EVO about to go the way of SBO?

          • Hey_Sim

            Absolutely! Let’s see the majority of sponsored players reveal their true agenda. Is it to make money, support the FGC, or just plainly for the competition? I’ll be interested to see how many of them will stick around despite the community’s financial issues.

          • Titus Ares

            the player’s agenda isn’t why I brought it up. it’s more about why compensation for the biggest, and growing, tournament decreases. what changed in the payout system? is it top 8 getting paid instead of top 3? has it ever only been top 3 or always top 8?

            my intent isn’t to focus on agenda by either party, but more about how so little was gained after so much growth by a tournament that has paid more out in prior years.

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            if its not worth the money, fuck evo is what i would say. but hey,im not a tourney player. if i was and i weas good enough to make top dollar, evo would be a last priority for me. things like sbo (even though its pay out is less, the competition is miles higher) and money bringers like topanga and those official capcom tourneys etc would be what i would be aiming for to win. topanga is so far by far the best and fairest tourney, and nothing but the higest quality caliber players there, the best of the best.

            only thing evo has is scale, its the biggest tourney. making it the tourney where the most people with the least skill come. but also where a lot of pros gather.

            what sucks the most about evo are those bs set ups they use at evo, what i personally find the biggest weakness of evo. console is not the worst part about, its not being able to play heads up but sitting next to each other, fucking amatuer way of handling a tourney, and pretty much unacceptable for a tourney of this scale imo.

          • Titus Ares

            SBO is dead. it doesn’t happen any more. their last one was held outdoors and was a disaster.

  • jlb85

    Is this the same Richard Li who was a reviewer at 1up? If so, he did the best reviews of fighting games I’ve ever read from a mainstream gaming publication. Glad to see he is still doing good work. It’s a cool look at Evo. I’ve never been, and I didn’t realize just how many people attend this thing. Awesome video.

  • Andre Livsey

    Did this remind anyone else of Friday Night Lights?

    Just me?

    I’ll go back to my corner now…

  • Cat Astrophy

    MewTwoKing’s salty bitch face was priceless when he found out he didn’t get another round