[UPDATE] Female Vampire Chosen as Tekken Revolution’s First Original Character, Other Update Details Released

By on July 19, 2013 at 3:37 pm

UPDATE – Namco Bandai and those attending their San Diego Comic-Con panel have just chosen the first original character for Tekken Revolution. The female vampire concept, which Harada mentioned has been kicked around their offices for quite some time, will be fleshed out and eventually join the free-to-play game’s cast.

She also came in first in the initial voting round, while the sexy female Tekken Force member placed second and Shin Kamiya rounded out the top three in the last spot. As a bonus, they also created concept art for the fourth place finisher, the zombie bride.

Polygon reports that she should be ready by fall.

All of these detail and images come courtesy of Jon “Chindogg” Chinnery.



General information about future updates to the free-to-play title was also released, which you can check out below.



Last week, Namco Bandai Games created a special poll that would allow Tekken fans to help decide on an original character for the company’s free-to-play Tekken Revolution. The ten-character group features some pretty interesting concepts, ranging from side characters like Shin Kamiya (Jin Kazama’s classmate from Tekken Blood Vengeance) and Tougou (a friend of Lars Alexandersson and fellow Tekken Force member) to off-the-wall brainstorm throwaways that include a salmon, a zombie bride, a praying mantis, and more.

The top three characters from that poll (which has since closed) will be brought to life by the Tekken development team by way of concept sketches and revealed at tomorrow’s Future of Fighting Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con. From there, the winner will be chosen by the audience, with help from Namco’s own Katsuhiro Harada. Discussions with the developers will precede the vote, allowing Tekken fans the chance to fully realize what each character is capable of before making their decision.

We’ve included all ten character concepts below for you to peruse if you haven’t had a chance to already. Who do you hope eventually makes it into Tekken Revolution? Namco Bandai’s panel is scheduled for 3 PM PDT tomorrow afternoon in room 7AB, so make sure to check it out yourself if you’re attending the convention.

Sexy Female Tekken Force Character

A gorgeous and sexy female Tekken Force member, she is loyal to the Mishima Zaibatsu, regardless of who is in charge. As such, she was not a part of the rebellion started by Lars.

The original concept was proposed for Tekken 5, but the clothing was too revealing and the concept was scrapped for fears the rating would increase. The concept surfaced again for Tekken 6 but did not make the final cut.

There were several martial arts mentioned for this character, including Silat, Krav Maga, Savate, Taekkyeon, Systema, and Escrima.

If chosen, the design may need be altered in order to pass the ratings boards.


Originally planned for Tekken 3, punch buttons would cause the Salmon to flop around, and the kick buttons would make it release eggs, which was quite an idea at the time. However, arcades were still popular worldwide, and charging 100 yen (1 USD) per play with such a character was likely to be a problem. That, and the fact that character would be always be the target of Kuma, lead to the concept being scrapped.

If the Tekken 3 arcade board is hacked, you will notice there is placeholder data with the character’s name remaining.

This has been discovered by a few hardcore fans in the past (video is on Youtube) . If, for some unforeseen reason, this character is actually chosen, development may be quite difficult.

Female Vampire (A young girl, long imprisoned by the Rochefort family)

A young female vampire that has been imprisoned in a wing of the Rochefort Estate, where Lili was raised.

She has a dark personality, but her gothic attire and uncanny beauty are mesmerizing. During development of Tekken 6, she was proposed as a character that used an actual martial art, but also with fireballs, like a 2D fighting game character.

However, aside from Harada, a strange phenomena occurred in which many members got married or gave birth to children around the same time. As a result, not many staff were left at work to complete the character, and she was discarded. The concept was salvaged again during Tekken 6 BR, but the same strange phenomena occurred again and Harada locked the concept away in a safe, wanting to keep it secured within the development team since it (she) seems to bring good fortune.

Shin Kamiya

A classmate of Jin Kazama who appeared in the 3DCG movie Tekken Blood Vengeance.

The fact that his implementation would impact the main story line, that he died in the movie, and that he doesn’t know any martial arts, make him a difficult character to be included in the game.

There were ideas to make him appear in the game as he was before he died, and also to have him be reborn as an immortal type of character.


Fellow Tekken Force member and friend of Lars Alexandersson, he joined Lars in the coup against the Mishima Zaibatsu.

He appears in Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6. His fighting style is similar to Lars’, but he also uses the sword on his waist for certain attacks.

He could also call in air strikes via his radio. Since he died in the game, he was never implemented as a playable character.

Zombie Bride

A zombie bride to be in a wedding dress.

The idea first came up around Tekken 3 as the first fighting zombie in a game. The idea resurfaced again for Tekken 6, as the sister of Miguel, who was called in an air strike and came back to life.

Since the fighting style for a zombie would be quite difficult to create, the idea was scrapped.

Female Paul

For some inexplicable reason, Paul is transformed into a girl, but the appearance is of a very cute girl. The concept was thrown out in 2 seconds, as it was too off-the-wall.

Giant Praying Matis

During development of Tekken 3, a bug caused the joints of a character to move backwards, and the character model was deformed. It looked like it would be a strong fighter, so there was an idea to actually implement it, but the idea was discarded for lack of development time. Like with Syake/Salmon, the Insect blank data can be found when the Tekken 3 arcade board is hacked. This was also found by some very hardcore fans, and video can be found on Youtube.

Average, run-of-the-mill Old Man

You average old man, like the one you find in almost any neighborhood. He is not a martial artist, so he is pretty weak.

It was an idea mentioned early in the series, and thrown out the instant it was mentioned.


A teenage female Sumo wrestler who idolizes Ganryu.

The original idea was proposed for Tag 2, but was discarded 5 seconds later in order to focus on increasing the popularity of Ganryu.

A character sketch was completed several years ago, and the result was of a cute character, like you would find in Idol Master.

Sources: @Chindogg21Tekken Revolution, Katsuhiro Harada (12)

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    Looks like the vampire comes with a love bug.

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    Please let it be Salmon! It needs to be done!

    Not only would it be damn amazing but can you imagine if something like this (and Tekken Revolution) were to be in Evolution 2014? Oh god, the humor!

    Grand Finals: Salmon vs Salmon! FLOP TO THE DEATH!

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        Salmon theme song confirmed

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    I’m up for the vampire chick or Shin.

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    Why couldn’t they have used this opportunity to create a gon counterpart?

    • samael789

      I could see them borrowing Agumon (a Bandai property) to fill the void.

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    they made a big deal in skullgirls with stanley, they love aquaman
    and now this

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      No I particularly like Salmon because it’s high in Omega-3s and has a very delightful, buttery taste with all of that fat in it. Very delectable. That is to say, I mainly like to eat it as sashimi.

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    I love the movie “Corpse Bride” so i would be interested in Zombie Bride.

  • Mr_Kensou

    I’ll be serious with this one:

    The Vampire chick sounds really good.

    A female Paul with original moves would be even more hilarious, seeing as how Paul and Law are two of the most hilarious characters of all-time in a fighting game next to Bang Shishigami. Hilarious, yet off-the-wall GOOD!

    The rest are pretty “meh” to me.

    So it’s either one of the two here for me.

  • Quan Chi

    Zombies, vampires, mantis’s, dinosaurs, and female versions of characters. This is pretty sad. Everything HAS to have comedy in it. Not to mention the Namco anime 3D movie that was pretty much crap. I’m done with tekken. The music’s never gonna be good again and neither will the sense. The game is not even fun to play. Never purchasing another tekken again…

    • samirerre

      while i agree on the comedy section,the gameplay is rather ok.
      and the characters are better then ever

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      I agree with everything you mentioned apart from the gameplay.

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      Boo. Fucking. Hoo.

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      You purchased Tekken Revolution?

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        i purchased other tekkens and always ended up taking them back to the store. Bloody Roar, SF, Killer Instinct (old and new), Naruto, Soul Calibur, etc, etc. all have better gameplay than Tekken. Free or not, stuff like this is ruining the brand.

        • James Farrar

          You getting bodied by experienced players =/= bad gameplay. Even the haters admit it’s well made.

          • Quan Chi

            Nice to know that you have the power to read minds. I’ve had nobody tell me that I sucked at the game. Poor gameplay is poor.

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            “i purchased other tekkens and always ended up taking them back to the store.” 8th time is the charm I always say

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        Well, it’s not impossible. PSN games rated age 16+ can’t be free in Germany, so Namco was required to charge for it in that case (they included some Premium Coins make up for it).

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    Hey as long as it’s not fucking Shin, I’m down with whoever.

    Although, I personally would love to see that sexy female tekken force member make it in!

    • Nettacki

      Tekken has a massive surplus of sexy chicks in the game. We don’t really need yet another one.

  • MasterScrub

    I want the vampire chick solely because I want to see how they handle fireballs in Tekken that aren’t like Jinpachi’s ‘HEY I’M ABOUT TO FIRE SOMETHING YOU BETTER WATCH OUT OKAY HERE IT COMES *sidestep*’ fireball.

    But if she doesn’t get in I will be perfectly content with Salmon.

    • James Farrar

      Fireballs unlike that don’t belong in Tekken. If you want that shit, play SF.

      • jlb85

        Well, with Tekken X SF supposedly still in development, I have to agree with Johnathen. It would be nice to get an early peak at how they could make fireballs useful but still balanced.

        • James Farrar

          I don’t think that game will be much like a traditional Tekken. But the team is very good at coming up with creative ideas, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you want to see a good projectile in Tekken, you don’t have to look very far. Kazuya and DJ’s eye lasers are extremely useful.

          • James Farrar

            The grounded ones, I mean.

  • samirerre

    you might aswell just add a banana to the list
    and it will make as much sense if not more.

    • yomachaser

      Oh shit now I want to play Banana!

  • jlb85

    Looks like mostly horny 13 year olds voted on the poll. I’m still very much in touch with my inner-horny-13-year-old, so the final 3 do not upset me.

  • Jerrod Branson

    The scrapped vampire chick explains some of Lili’s custom costume choices in Tekken 6. She would be fun, the female Paul, and MAYBE the zombie. The Tekken Force characters use other characters’ moves, so no need for them, and Shin would work only if Heihachi gets a special throw against him.

  • o ChocolateMilk o

    i hope these new characters will be in future Tekken games

  • shinjojin

    YES, the sexy tekken force member is in, along with that vampire girl as well!

    However, I’m not thrilled about Shin making it in though (seriously, fuck that guy).

  • Ted Belmont


    Why, oh why god didn’t they pick the mantis!??

  • Hammer

    “The original idea was proposed for Tag 2, but was discarded 5 seconds
    later in order to focus on increasing the popularity of Ganryu. ”

    If anything I would think having a female sumo wrestler should shed MORE light on Ganryu as well, considering they could be partners.

  • Hammer

    Also whats up with all of the “sexy” girls. Tekken needs a girl that is mediocre. I was really hoping for a female Mishima like Kazuya that was all scarred up. Maybe like a Yakuza female all tattooed up looking evil as fuck.

  • k.b.a.

    Finally Tekken is truly embracing the weird along with the wacky.

    My body just got ready for the next battle

  • Timothy Ian McMillan

    Taekkyon, fuck yes.

  • jlb85

    But, seriously, I am so happy to see continued support of Tekken Revolution. I love the simplified fighting system: with easier throw breaks (but throws that actually do real damage when they go through), the special moves, the simplified juggle system (it’s especially refreshing after TTT2, a game that I still very much like). Not in love with the leveling up system, but it doesn’t bother me too much either. Love that its free to play, because there seems to be so many new players. I hope this is the direction Tekken continues to move into the future.

  • Quan Chi

    -_- vampire lili…
    So long Tekken. You will not be missed.

    • Tenmakujinkyaku

      Screw that, i voted for her.

      • jlb85

        I doubt they will make another lili clone. If they were gonna do that, they could just include Sebastian.

        • jlb85

          Plus, I think the little description said she was being held captive by lili’s family. I don’t think the family would teach her how to fight. But, then again, I have no idea whats going on with Tekken’s storyline. Stopped paying attention to it between 4 and 5.

    • Pooh Hardy

      do tell us what fighting games you play that has a roster far superior than tekken……

  • Doug Gargar

    WTF!!.. y does everybody complaint? … if u can see there are not much female characters in the series and u want freakin’ Salmon or an old bitch .. ohh come on!

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      Alisa, Jun, Asuka, Lili, Xiaoyu, Miharu, Kunimitsu, Jaycee (Julia), Michelle, Zafina, Leo, Christie, Anna, Nina, and Angel. Seems like quite a bit of Female characters to me. But compared to the males then yeah.

  • doubleO7

    I like the vampire girl, although I have to admit I’m a bit dissapointed the salmon wasn’t chosen. Thats who I voted for.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Looks like a Soul Calibur character IMO.

  • Darrell Seven

    The Vampire chick and Zombie bride is really just kicking open the door for any supernatural thing to become a character. I preferred that Tekken stayed somehwhat more realistic, no counting boss characters of course, but as long as they fit in with the other characters well I can’t complain much.
    But screw Salmon, like seriously. And the praying mantis.

    • Pooh Hardy

      like ogre, roger jr, alex, jinpachi mishima, devil, devil jin, angel, unknown, mokujin, jack 1-6, nancy mi8-47j, alisa, yoshimitsu, kuma, panda, p jack, azazel, combot, etc
      they don’t count?

      • Darrell Seven

        …Point taken. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like VC and ZB are “farther out there” than some robots and fighting animals. Now as far as our demons go yeah, the cast has already made that leap so I can’t argue there. I just don’t want the cast to become overrun with monster types.

        • Pooh Hardy

          Well as you can see, she doesnt look like your typical blood sucking vampire that turns into bats etc
          heck i dont think she even has the teeth

          be honest though, if harada didnt say that she was a vampire, what would you think she would be?

  • samirerre

    wheres the third place?

    • Rafael Martines

      Shin Kamiya


    This is so terribly bad I don’t even need to troll this. They couldn’t save this trash for Soul Calibur?
    I knew after working with Ono that Harada would catch the “batshit-crazy producer” virus. If anyone had hopes of Tekken getting back to the A-list that it used to be on in the T5-and-before days, then I think they just died with this announcement. It definitely will never be as edgy as T3 and T4 were when (despite how broke T4 was competitive-wise) the series was the most bad-ass and took itself fairly seriously. Don’t take my word for it, go play them, especially T4’s story modes.

    And it’s good to see how warmly this character idea was accepted, as well as the other drab “sexy female” character ideas no doubt marketed towards single boys (or men that still live like boys). Just what we needed: a reminder that most fighting gamers still play games just for half-naked chicks and think that everything that makes the game look stupid is oh-so-hilarious.
    Imagine the piles of yen Japan is gonna make when they start creating doujins showing what freaky French shit goes down when Lili’s oil-rich family is keeping a little vampire girl dressed in lingerie locked away in a cellar somewhere. Because that’s what people in the oil business do nowadays.

    Lastly, I’m starting to realize that the phrase “martial arts” is being used loosely to describe fighting styles that are too dumb to be taken seriously in the realm of unarmed combat.

    • James Farrar

      I’ve played Tekken seriously since T3, and I think TTT2 is the best Tekken ever. The reason Tekken will never be an A-list FG again is because there are no invincible moves, no mashable reversals, no easy mode two button dashes, etc, etc. It’s too hard for people who just want to blindly mash buttons and not think much about what they’re doing. SF4 revived the scene, but it also changed it forever. The average gamer no longer has the patience, or the skill, to appreciate the game.

  • chrisredfield31

    See this is why I stopped playing Tekken in the first place. It just go so ridiculous with it’s characters and a lot of the new ones don’t even have fighting styles anymore. I picked up Tekken Revolution to experience the first F2P fighting game, but it wasn’t properly done. I always envisioned it to be like League of Legends where I can buy my favorite character, their costumes, etc but it’s not. Instead they made it like an arcade game where the whole point is to buy more tokens to play. It’s not necessarily encouraging me to come back and play if I don’t have my character and the pool of random unlocks is getting bigger and my chance for getting who I want gets smaller.

    DOA5 Core Fighters seem to have it exactly right. They didn’t introduce any ridiculous concepts like invincibility frames (where it hadn’t existed before) and RPG mechanics. You can buy your favorites straight away and any costumes from 5 you can go straight to purchase. I’ve always liked Tekken as the more technical fighter but in this case, the business plan for DOA is more suited to me, thus, that’s where I’ll be playing.

  • Jintsuriki

    I find it weird how they said they’d have to redesign the Tekken Force chick because she was too “skimpy” when Ivy has worn a hell of a lot less than that and made it into SC just fine.

  • Robert J King

    Miguel’s sister should be revived and used for evil.