Error00001 Shows Off Hugo Proof of Concept in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

By on July 19, 2013 at 8:34 am

Error00001 managed to put a playable version of Rolento into Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 on PC a while ago. The model had a couple of issues, specifically in that it wouldn’t hold on to its baton when facing left, but by all accounts it was totally playable. Now that the character is going to be included in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Error has created a subsequent video to show us how one might add Hugo into the game as well.

Apparently, all Street Fighter x Tekken characters have similar bones files, so it’s easy to swap models between them. Since Error already had Rolento’s converted over to Street Fighter format, he was able to easily take Hugo and place him in as well. Obviously, Error’s Hugo doesn’t have any of Hugo’s moves, instead using a mashup of Rolento’s and Dhalsim’s.

In addition, he’s said that he will never complete a conversion of the character because Capcom announced the official Ultra Street Fighter IV project. This video is just to provide a look at how it’s done, entertainment purposes only so to speak.

Source: Error00001

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  • Gene Q.

    I await the 3 patches that come with the 5 new characters because Capcom loves spending money on their own mistakes.

  • Martini Whoelse

    Reminds me of Victor from DS LOL

  • $17468069

    One dude can do all of this! capcom need to stop the bs and put in some work.
    Capcoms excuse is no money…. nek minute Styder HD which is all right but still… commooooon!!

    • Art Salmons


      • Rahavic

        No clue.

    • aTYpicalTYrant

      Never go Full Retard bro….

    • SolarShift

      I am slightly versed in tard….

      One individual is capable of porting over characters into a game! Capcom, you need to stop the shenanigans and put forth a product that reflects highly upon yourself.

      Capcom’s excuse is no money (? Too tard, does this correlate to why they are releasing an update to the game, or why they are just copy pasting?). They just revealed Strider HD which is regarded with esteem, but regardless


      • b2j135

        ahh much better

  • stephendeo

    Very interesting!

  • Mark Imakebeats Ford

    if hugo played like this i would play him.

  • double B

    Capcom, if you’re listening, can you let Hugo keep Dhalsim’s normals and teleport along with his command grabs? thank you.

  • GeForceFX

    We should just pay error the 15$ and i bet he’d do a better job at implementing the sfxt chars, probably faster too. lol

    • Michael_Glade

      yea i doubt it

      • GeForceFX

        Never doubt the powers of mighty a person who uses 0s and 1s in his name. Also does PC mods. That as well.

    • Hey_Sim


      • GeForceFX

    • CptPokerface

      Yes, and we’d most likely end up with Hugo using Sakura’s voice. Error does great work but simply porting Hugo from one game to another will never come close to having him officially part of the roster through Capcom.

      • GeForceFX

        Hugo with saks voice? Count me in! That kind of feature MUST be implemented D:

        • CptPokerface

          I think I can say that I’d rather have Mr. Andore sound like the hulking giant he’s always been.

          • GeForceFX

            You alone bro, you alone.

  • Meeg Cee

    looks like CACA

  • Louis Lam

    dat yoga teleport

  • 100ctual

    lol Hugo EX Spirit Fingers , stretch arms and Yoga teleport…… I want this Hugo in SF4U. Wonder how they will nerf hugos Air backbreaker for SF4Ultra. Hed shut down so much jump in pressure.