Capcom Thinks Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Needs a Rebalance, Asks Fans to Discuss Possible Changes

By on July 19, 2013 at 4:56 pm


During the Q&A section of their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom was asked if they had any plans for a new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 patch. While the answer was the same as it’s always been (there’s a lot of trouble involved in reacquiring the license), they did mention that they believe the title could use some rebalancing.

Possibly in an effort to get the ball rolling on license negotiations, they then asked fans to start discussing changes for the title in a similar fashion to the conversations that preceded the announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

So, do you think there’s hope? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to voice your opinion on what you would like to see changed in the game if this extremely hypothetical update were to roll around.

Source: @Chindogg21

  • AnaboliChris

    Nerf Vergil

    • shion16

      nerf zero too

      • Eduardo Marx Buttelli

        buff hsien-ko

      • ragnarok954

        Dooms “Hidden Missle” assist can use some touching too.

        • Gpop

          nerf P.Wright he eliminated Yipes obviously OP kappa

          • Vinh Trieu

            P.Wright is too low tier to be nerfed,

          • Jackal Ysasaga

            Give PW his assist back. It’s bullshit that the only patch in the lifetime of the game nerfed him.

          • Wade Wilson


            Give him back one of the good things he had going for him! Wesker gets buffed, Wright gets nerfed. Bull.

            I hate how they hype up everyone about one of the most wanted characters, and make him useless except for one little mode. His assist would make my life so much easier. I spent days practicing combos, and they never work online. Getting them in would be great.

            Oh, and nerf Vergil and Doom. Have a nice day. <3

          • Rock


        • bizkit01

          Doom missiles go away when doom get’s touched. Don’t forget the bugged unscaled spencer up-grapple damage.

          • Devilsephiroth

            Wrong. They don’t go away. Hence the reason it was mentioned

      • Ricardo Medero

        why nerf Zero? i agree the character is insanely good but he is very punishable, the biggest problem is the assists you have with him
        i play Zero so i know what im talking about

        • onReload

          it’s dumb that he can convert off a projectile from so far away…especially into a combo that will definitely kill a character for 1 bar

        • HatredInfinite

          As I recall, nothing he uses as an approach or ends a string with is minus on block. He’s only punishable if you bait-and-dodge or are playing against a really stupid Zero. Not to mention, L3 Buster makes EVERYTHING safe.

          • Ricardo Medero

            read my list
            and you can grab him out of everything he does

          • drekerr

            Unless you’re playing anchor Zero where he has no assists to cover his approach, he is completely SAFE. He has at least 10 options just for a mixup on incoming, level 3 buster makes everything safe, can do up to 50% chip on most characters with Sougenmu + Hadangeki + fireballs. If you really play this character, you know why he needs a nerf.

            3/10 got me to reply

          • Azarel

            3/10, 3 out of the 10 options you mean?

          • Robert 10stars Brejcak

            oh because throwing a Zero with a character like Dante just gives you so much. You obviously are new to fighters or just don’t understand risk for reward. Low risk (being air thrown) for high reward (Touch of death) is not an equal exchange.

        • Rahavic

          they don’t know why or what makes them broken they just type Nerf Vergil! Nerf Zero! Nerf Morrigan! without any explanation as to why are what to nerf. Just how it is.

        • Jimmy Minh Pham

          I play Zero, yes he is very safe, very slippery, hits like a tank, and can wipe out anybody in the cast by himself with two meters. He obviously needs a nerf as much as I don’t want him to, he does need one.

          Let’s start with what makes him so dumb.

          1. Anytime cancel with his Z-Buster.
          He Obviously didn’t need this at all, and I don’t know why he was given it. He was plenty strong. I mean, Z-Buster alone is such a great hit confirm, and is still very safe, now he gets Lightning Z Shots for more chip and to stop any and all approaches. BS. I get salty when I realize how dumb it is.

          Needs to be removed (Although it was fun…)

          2. Raikousen Loop.

          It’s insanely strong and can get 300k+ damage from one super, Most of the cast only get 150k if they put a super at the end. It also loops into another Raikousen Loop. I mean seriously, Vergil burns a ton of meter doing his and takes almost 4 meters to kill a clean Thor, Zero can do it with 2 with 2 lightning loops and a Day 0 combo, Seriously?

          The change I think needs to be done is Sougenmu changes the hitstun of some of Zero’s moves. Gets rid of Raikousen Loops, but doesn’t hurt Zero too much overall

          3. J.H has crazy priority and is really active.

          This is the least of Zero’s brokeness. IMO this is pretty fair. It’s nowhere near as annoying as V.Joe’s Multi overhead, that gets 3 overheads in a span of less 1 second, as Zero’s needs almost 2 and needs a full height jump. You can shut it down with long range projectiles.

          No changes needed

          4. Sougenmu shenanigans

          I think Sougenmu is fair. Not a lot of players I’ve seen use Sougenmu for anything other than Lightning Loops and a projectile heavy keepaway. even if that happens. Sougenmu is pretty short. If you just lay back and super Jump twice, it’ll be over. Zero can’t shoot up, and if he comes to you, there’s no keepaway.

          Changes Listed ^

          5. X-factor 3 Zero

          It’s really wonky, he’s too fast for his own good. Yeah he still hits hard, but anyone in x factor can, and will. He can control his combos in 1 and 2, but in 3 he’s too fast. Absolutely perfect. Zero Anchor shouldn’t be a plan anyways. He makes good use of the meter, but he’s more of a character that works well in teams with proper assists to crack the enemies.

          No changes

          6. Raikousen
          Zero Lightning is Fair. I might get some hate for this, but it is. The startup of the lightning is really long and noticable if you’ve played Zeros for a while. The Lightning doesn’t appear until Zero finishes moving to the end location and can be punished at any time before. What made it broken is the Z-Buster cancel. Of course, if the Z-Buster cancel never existed, no one would ever use Lightning Up…just saying…

          Raikousen is not a problem Everyone needs an appealing mechanic, and z busters and lightning is Zero’s. Otherwise, it would be a whole cast of remake characters that can or can’t fly.

          I think this covers why Zero is broken and what can be done to “rebalance” him.

          • TSS_BreadNButterz

            You realize by doing that, that there’s no reason to pick him now over Firebrand, and removing the Zbuster cancels fucks up his combos and his mixups.

        • ouroborus

          you playing zero means jack shit. all characters are punishable, zero is one of the least punishable. this is a team game and thats what assists are there are for.

          it seems like you don’t want him nerfed just because you use him.

          zero is overpowered. his TODs not only leave him meter positive, his incoming mixups are second to none, which leads more TODs.

          • Stephenson Oluwadare Bamidele

            did you even read what he said? Youre freakin retarded dude. He stated changes to remove TOD and believes Z-buster canceling should have limitations. These are the two things that are at the crux of Zero being completely broken. Dont make some dumbass comment when you cant even read.

    • Rahavic

      I say make his Helm Breaker as punishable as Te’s and make it so that his df+H can only OTG 1 character. Also maybe the startup of his swords being punishable by projectiles as well as physical, seeing him eat a magnetic blast from full screen as he starts up swords is just…..

      • Robert 10stars Brejcak

        Helm breaker I agree with, however DF+H only OTGing 1 character is illogical, it’s a physical OTG, not a bullet. Startup of swords has a physical vulnerability gap after first rotation of swords, if you watch top level players you’ll see them get snapbacked now and then.

        • Rahavic

          All I’m saying is make everything about the startup exactly like Strider orbs, and I’m ok with it.
          Seeing that poor little ninja get boned out of 3 bars if someone even sneezes at his startup whil Vergil tosses his hair at everything just don’t seem right. That’s all.

          • Robert 10stars Brejcak

            Strider got raped hard, he needs orbs to be a l1 again. That or normalize his health and increase his overall damage. Vergil was viewed as overpowered since pre release of ultimate, as soon as we saw spiral swords with its startup and being one bar everyone knew it was going to be too good. What we didn’t know was that it was going to turn into spiral sword loops, which it never should have since capcom has seen the ability to loop things like that before, too much untech time and an easy to figure out loop shouldn’t have ever even been introduced to the game.

          • reverze

            Don’t forget sword loops
            … or rapid slash loops
            ….or assist loops
            … or his crumple lvl 4

    • Nick Mcnally

      I say keep nerfs as minimal as possible. Buff only the F tier and change x factor to buff the rest of the low tiers, like how strider gains more from it than most, that should be D and C tiers biggest buff. A tiers like Vergil and wesker shouldn’t be as strong in x factor as they are but minimize what they gain from popping it and they’re fine. TACs should stay mostly the same but if you break one, you should be able to punish it. I’d rather see new characters than a rebalance just because, but they need to make HnH more of a viable mode. Give it a player match option or at the least, the ability to invite friends to play it.

      • bartonzok

        I agree with the Heroes and Heralds part. It has all the potential to be good, but almost no support behind it. The only thing questionable is the x-factor buffs. I have nothing against the mechanic but seeing as its purpose is for comebacks and is only one use, it would make the lower tiers even more reliant on x-factor. If low tier characters are to be properly buffed, they need to have solid, stable tactics with accets that complement them. For Instance, a good buff for strider would be making his Oroboros viable for combos. Revert it back to a lvl1 hyper and fix the hit stun so he can extend combos with it (of course not enough so he can loop it over and over like Vergil). With this buff, strider will have just the right amount of damage to complement his rushdown game. The necessary nerf for this would be to decrease the time a bit. Sorry I rambled, I just believe x-factor shouldn’t be the cornerstone of the patch and that the weak characters should be buffed enough to stand a chance against the high tiers. Love the TAC idea by the way.

        • Steven Noxalyz Gale

          I would have to question your logic on Strider’s Oroboros being a lvl1 hyper. If it was a lvl1 then it would be no different than Vergil pulling the safety swords hyper to make himself safe or just because he can. Vergil’s in all honesty shouldn’t even be a 1 bar super because of what he can do with it. Maybe the game’s first lvl 2 super, but not a lvl 1.

    • Guest

      Vergil doesnt need to be nerf when u got bitchs like sentinel.

      • Bryce Riley

        Did you just make a comparison with Sentinel and Vergil? I main Sentinel and he is terrible. When people see me pick him they think I’m just trying to lose. Sentinel has the worst match ups in this game. Almost every character has an instant overhead on him. You, sir, have lost all credibility.

        • TSS_BreadNButterz

          Trolling, dumbass.

          • Bryce Riley

            If you read all of that dude’s posts… you would think he was stupid and not trolling. Learn to read everything.

        • Alucard Violandi

          Lmao wow seriously my dude why are you still dick riding my comments? find a new hobby or someone else to dick ride. and stop being a fag. you see niggas like you obviously dont have a fucking life. so you hide behind your keyboard like a trolling ass pussy, acting like you cant be touch. but thats all good cuz we all know your a bitch.

          • Bryce Riley

            Someone is getting a little mad here. It’s okay buddy, at least your grammar is starting to improve. Well, minus the ‘cuz’ and your typical mistakes. It’s not my fault you’re stupid. Calm down and read a book. You need to improve your brain power.

          • Bryce Riley

            Also, a minor correction to your previous post is can’t be touched. ‘Can’t be touch’ is further evidence of your terrible grammatical skills. I don’t hide behind my keyboard, I’m really just trying to help you sound more intelligent… well, for you, just not as stupid. I’ll stop correcting you though, some people are beyond help.

      • reverze

        Learn to teleport online scrub

    • Alucard Violandi

      Stop hating

      • Wade Wilson

        Keep hating. He needs that nerf bad. He’s way too strong, I’ve seen like 5 combos that all kill Thor online in lobbies. And don’t get me started about how hard it is to get in against him when he has those Spiral Swords, your chances of getting a hit in are VERY bad, particularly when playing Phoenix Wright. He needs that Objection, correct? Trying objecting against a teleporting Vergil that has D. Trigger and Spiral Swords. Have a nice time. This is why Wright also needs his assist back, and maybe even improve his range in Investigation and Trial Mode attacks.

  • wildthing86

    oh capcom still trolling

  • Tekknight

    • gigantor21

      I love how the picture almost looks like a thumbs up, LOL.

  • The Outside Source

    No nerfs at first. Just buff all the low tier. The only good fighting game is one where every character is broken.

    Also take damage boost away from X-Factor and TAC infinites.

    • gigantor21

      You can’t make every character equally broken, though…

      • Redblaze27

        No big deal.

        So long as the balance gap isn’t as wide.

      • Louis Lam

        There’s no such thing as “perfect balance” of course, but you can make everyone pretty damn close.

        • 60hz


          • oBLACKSTARo

            THIS MAN KNOWS


        • Travis Lynn

          A one character Fighting Game is pretty balanced.

      • AquaTeamV3

        Ever play X-Men vs Street Fighter?

        • reverze

          Storm the game?

    • Mark Wins

      I would LOVE to see that… don’t nerf anyone… just buff unviable characters! Fans of the overpowered characters are happy because they’re still overpowered, and fans of underpowered characters are happy because suddenly, they’re viable!

      I legit don’t know why this hasn’t been done yet.

    • Nevflinn

      It’s not just the characters being viable – in reality, nearly all the characters in UMvC3 are viable and can be made to work in a tournament situation. The bigger problem is in ease of use; Iron Man can dominate, but he takes so much skill to simply keep on top of average players, never mind good ones, whereas Zero can get away without caring about spacing or positioning much because of his buster and massive hitcircles, and Vergil’s moves are so big that he can often mash his way through. That’s a big flaw in the game design.

      • Tekknight

        There’s always the point at which ease of use doesn’t matter and it all boils down to skill and tiers. I believe that good patching levels the playing field. Each subsequent patch should be minor or not so minor if they add new characters. Overall though, tiny fixes are usually safe and Marvel really needs some.

    • Redblaze27

      I really want to see more character variety in professional play.

  • Strider_SpartAn


    • shion16

      take my money capcom!!

    • reverze

      *Hyper MVC3

    • Peter Loney (ピーター)

      Friendly Neighborhood MvC3

    • Wade Wilson

      With still no Megaman.

      Instead, you get Nero. More DMC characters. Everyone goes mad.

  • Nuky Nikka

    Buff Chun-Li a little bit more please?

    • Strider_SpartAn

      Some love for the Chinese lady 😀

  • Dynami

    rip zero may cry you had a good run

    • Rahavic

      I think you literally CAN’T nerf Zero, unless you just remove moves from his moveset entirely. As far as the brothers Dante is almost on that level where he’ll be good regardless of what you do and if anything he’ll get more damage since really nothing is broken about him. Vergil though……

      • Rowan Idris Carmichael

        Soguemu, now a level 2 that also slowly drains another meter if you have any.

        • Luis Rincon

          i think it just needs more start up frames to avoid an mvc2 cable hyper viper beam infinite. because thats basically what it is

        • Strider_SpartAn

          Hahahaa woooah that’s just horrible :{

      • tomnook

        You can nerf his buster shot one. You can add more start up time on his lighting attacks so he loses his lighting loops. Trust me bro there’s alot you can do to nerf zero and still make him a good character.

      • HatredInfinite

        Remove Buster-cancel for special moves. Make lightning minus on block. Cut the active frames on j.H. All of a sudden you have a real character.

        • Rahavic

          Even in that form he’d be better than 90% of the cast.

          • HatredInfinite

            True, but Zero players would have to actually put a little more thought into their approach, lest their one-hitter-quitter point character be burst into so many bubbles of energy when his lightning got blocked.

      • bizkit01

        Zero’s priority is broken. He can just spin around in the air negating vajra assist (which should really be anti-zero) and hitting buttons until he gets a hit – zero movie to the end of the game. Anti-air normals should hit him out of nonstop jumping buttons.

  • gigantor21

    Oh, so NOW they’re interested in people’s ideas for rebalancing? Why now, after spending months batting away calls for any kind of patch? :p

    • TSS_BreadNButterz

      Because people like you bitched about Ultimate coming out too soon.

      • Strider_SpartAn

        TSS 1 : Gigantor -271

    • Luis Rincon

      at least we’re getting one now. so instead of saying “oh so now” you could have been saying “another year and no patch” be grateful

  • TJCrimson

    Revamp all of the characters that were nerfed. (She-Hulk, for instance)

  • tb

    Hell yeah give hulk fly and air dash and analyze cube and we’re good

  • shion16

    No more characters, just a rebalance please.

    I dont wanna discover more infinites.


    omg finally. make combos rollable and this game will have tons of potential, no more flubber characters bouncing around like a racquet ball. ROLL ROLL ROLL.

    • John Syers

      In COTA, a tech hit cost you part of your super meter. I could see tech rolls working the same way here.

      • FOHBUS

        tech hit takes skill. rolling should be apart of the game like jumping.

  • Eduardo Marx Buttelli

    ban morrigan

  • Omega X Ninethousand

    disagree leave the game alone!!!

    • Wade Wilson

      Yeah, let Hsien-Ko have no potential! And let Phoenix Wright be bad in all modes except Turnabout, although he has no low hitters!

  • Willie Liriano

    New Character and a complete rebalance of the game,We need Cyclops,we need Venom! Captain Commando,and many more !!

    • Stephen Knox

      Those characters would be awesome! I also think they should bring back Sonson. She would be amazing in that game. Plus her Giant Monkey king super would turn her into a cross between the Hulk and Dormammu!

    • Strider_SpartAn

      I feel that Cap. Comm would fit perfectly in this game….

      But not Venom

  • technical_boom

    meh, i dont care what happens to this game i’ll play it regardless

  • Chibos

    give spiderman the same swing input that taskmaster has

    chun-li needs help as well. Flashy combos that do half health=no bueno

    • tomnook

      Trust me you don’t want that with spidy it’ll just mess up your inputs when your trying to do the more advance spidy combos.

  • shinjojin

    Just re-balance the fuck out of everybody, especially Vergil!

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    PS4 version with new characters and I would die XD

  • Tony Cannon

    If you use your X-Factor when your opponent’s X-Factor is active, it should immediately remove both X-Factors from the game. Then you have the choice of either using your X-Factor to come back when you’re down or save it to prevent your opponent from trying to use it to reverse ocv your team.

    • shion16

      but what happen if my x factor is level 3 and my opponent uses xfactor level 1 to prevent it ?
      Wouldn’t that be kinda unfair ?

      • Derek Kinney

        It’s only unfair because for some reason us marvel players have the mentality that we should be gaining something every time we lose a character.

        • FMJaguar

          Losing 2 characters means you lose access to almost all of the game’s mechancs (TAC Combos, DHC, Team Super, assists, alpha counter, etc…). A lone character has access to XF and single supers, and does not have the mixup/reset potential as in MvC2 to fight with. It’s not about ‘gaining something for free’ as much as it is ‘having any mechanic at all left as a single character’

          This would be easier to accept if you had to dominate your opponent to get that lead, but you really dont. With 2+ bars the attacker can ko a character the first character, then perform a series of mixups on the incoming char and use xf1 to easily ko if they hit. I think xf3 is fair in this case, the defender was not as ‘dominated’ as some would make it seem, just unable to defend a series of incoming mixups (mixups that catch everyone at some point).


          TAC infinites would have to be nerfed for this to work, if not then you can still get 2 ko’s pretty easily without building meter first and keep the xf.


          As a bonus feature, this allows players to nullify dark phx’s level 3 if they still have their xf available.

    • SgtKardashian

      That gives the opponent a ton of power. What if I have a character who needs X-Factor to fight a character but their character doesn’t need X-Factor to fight mine?

      • Wil Hart

        You should be playing a better character. Just because Marvel’s a team game and X-factor exists doesn’t mean that you should ever intentionally put yourself into what is essentially a 3/7 (or worse) match-up.

        • Steven Noxalyz Gale

          And this is why they’re taking these suggestions… The mentally of “use a better character” can diminish when more character end up becoming better.

    • mkryu

      That’s already in Heroes and Heralds.

    • Tekknight

      Sorry that doesn’t seem right gameplay wise or theme wise. (not to say that you aren’t very skilled) I say nerf it a significant amount damage wise and it will go a long way.

    • Louis Lam

      Why? Double X-Factors are cool, I don’t get why both people should suddenly be on equal ground when the person who actually does the hitting is normally at the advantage.

    • Wil Hart

      This is a sneaky way of saying “Remove X-factor from the game”, isn’t it?

  • SgtKardashian

    Allow Vergil to cancel Helmbreaker Teleport into Helmbreaker Teleport

  • k.b.a.

    wow you think? leave it be dudes, i almost don’t want to know how this will end, or if TVC dudes will be making an appearance…

    you know what? freaknik it bring on all challenges #KirinArmorGirl #OniMushaAreNotDead #LokiArmy #3FlavasOfVenom #MARVELIlluminati #NewInvaders #TeamSummersBrothers

  • Ryan McGrath

    Make Astral Vision a level three like Ouroboros, but allow her to still meterbuild during it. This will keep her unique playstyle, but make it easier for the opponent to resist.

  • tb

    add apocalypse cuz his moveset would b crazy

  • MasterScrub

    Nerf Shuma-Gorath, he got 3rd place at Evo he’s clearly overpowered. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Dectilon

      “Shuma Gorath: Removed one of his tentacles”

      • Ron Newcomb

        …which makes him faster…

  • Dectilon


  • Orin Quinn

    I don’t care what else happens, just please, for the love of god, give back Phoenix Wright’s invincible Turnabout PtW assist back!

    • Ryan McGrath

      At least make it semi-invincible like Haggar, if not totally invincible.

  • ArmoredBoar

    “Capcom Thinks Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Needs a Rebalance”
    OH. NO SHIT.

  • Dynami

    Let’s get Jenny back in fighting condition. #freeshehulk

  • SgtKardashian

    Nerf Hsien-Ko Kappa

  • tb

    just make hulk high tier its the fucking hulk he needs to be high tier in a fighting game

  • Kloakenstein

    I wouldn’t ask fans I would only ask the tournament players.

    • Tekknight

      Fans are easily 95% of the market though…

      • Louis Lam

        Quality vs Quantity yo

        • Nick Mcnally

          Tournament players are less concerned about what makes a fun game tho. They play for cash.

          • HatredInfinite

            And have a far more serious grasp on what needs tweaked, rather than the kneejerk “I seem to lose everytime I play against this character, nerf that character because it surely isn’t my own lack of skill” nerf requests that come from the online-only crowd.

          • Louis Lam

            I’ve never seen so many wrong things in so few sentences here.

            1. Everyone’s still playing the same game after the patch is out. You could let a single player do whatever he wants to a theoretical next release or MvC3 and he still wouldn’t have an advantage over anyone else.

            2. Tournament players are by far the most knowledgeable people about the game. Do you really want any of the guys on scrub quotes laying a single finger on the game?

            3. The assumption that making money equals a completely disregard for the quality of the game and community is absolute bullshit. Why would someone play video games of anything for money if they weren’t having fun?

          • TSS_BreadNButterz

            For money.

        • Tekknight

          I love watching Marvel, but I’d like to be able to play it sometime too.

      • JasinWalraven

        not in this game, it sold worse than SFxT. UMvC3 is the game that players play casual players ignored for the most part

    • Travis Lynn

      Why not just ask “educated” players? Not all Tournament Players are good and not all Casual players are bad.

      • Kloakenstein

        Point taken, but how do you do that without listening to everyone? Seems very time consuming and overall the same process in the end.

        • Travis Lynn

          Simple. You don’t, but keep an open mind to suggestion. I would assume the developers have a good understanding on how the game works, they most likely already have in mind how they want to balance the game but may not have thought of everything. So suggestions are a way to help step back from being a developer on the title as sometimes developers are too close to it. If you get what I’m saying.

    • Ricardo Medero

      i wouldn’t ask tournament players because they just care about top tiers and i wouldn’t listen to many fans because 80% are just cry babies that want nerfs instead of learning how to play

      • Robert 10stars Brejcak

        And your opinion is pretty much meaningless because you don’t understand why a character is top tier because you’re not at a competitive level, and you fall into the “many fans” section anyway, you’re just one of the “Many fans” that isn’t good enough to compete, but plays online and thinks you’re actually good because you play the best character available to you. Pathetic.

        • Bryce Riley

          I have to agree with 10 Stars. The online community in this game just doesn’t understand what’s broken vs. what’s not. I actually play both, and online Vergil and Zero are probably a little more annoying than offline which is ridiculous. Lag allows for those 2 characters to have even more freedom than they already have. Vergil can already mash through strings, but online, his normals seem to ignore the rule of start up and block strings. People online tend to pick the most broken stuff available and then defend it like no other.

          I’ll be honest, I do dibble with Zero here and there because I played him in Vanilla. I have put no real work into this character, but can lightning loop. I played one of my friends offline and if he ever lost his first character he might as well have neutral sticked it the rest of the game because if my mix up failed, I put him in block stun over and over until he missed a block. The instant you kill the first character, Zero’s flow chart is just like Wolverine’s, basic and overpowered. There’s no way reasonable players can defend against a nerf to the three characters that basically play one player games. More than any other characters, if those 3 manage to land the first hit you generally lose the game. On top of that, Vergil is the best anchor and it is the lamest thing when you beat the hell out of someone and they mash buttons with Vergil and win.

          People know their characters are overpowered, yet they try to defend them. There is a reason why the majority of players disagree with everyone who says leave those three characters alone. They are unfair and this argument of just buffing everyone to be that stupid is dumb. The amount of tools necessary to deal with the tools that Zero and Vergil have would break this game to oblivion. People would literally just quit playing because there would be characters more broken than Zero and Vergil. Even Wolverine needs nerfs. The brain dead aspects of these characters are too strong. Plus, there are some options that certain characters don’t have any options against.

        • Ricardo Medero

          should i ask you because you go to tournaments? lol
          i remember seeing you getting bodied by Marlinpie 3-0 and every round was nearly was a perfect
          i never said i was good 😀 i consider myself average or below average

  • geobraun

    Give Spiderman a teleport!

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      Might as well let him Fly too.


      Give him a WALL CLING like he had in the older games, and like Felicia has in UMvC3.

  • Gpop

    Don’t nerf the high tier characters too much, make more of the bottom characters as strong as them.

    Vergil – nerf spiral swords a bit. I can’t really suggest how since the problem is how easy sword loops are nowadays for very little cost or risk.

    Zero – make lightning techable. It’ll avoid lightning loops and I don’t see the point since it’s easy to confirm with due to it’s quick attack and crossup and can get a full combo due to the untechable knockdown.

    Morrigan – Just nerf the ability to build meter during Astral Vision. Nothing else really. Don’t want to overnerf her where she’s unusable again.

    Doom – nerf hidden missiles that they’ll disappear if Doom gets hit, both while he’s out as the main fighter and as an assist. I would say something about his footdive but eh, it’s fine as it is I guess, except for the apparently ridiculously hitbox, but I dunno too much about that.

    Now about TACs, just make it so when you TAC, it somewhat resets the hitstun so TACs into another TAC are still possible, but don’t make hitstun deterioration non-existant. It still builds up again, just reset when a TAC happens until the opponent hits the ground. That way, swag combos can still exist to an extent, but it gets rid of infinites due to hitstun eventually making the opponent drop out.

    Then buff all of the low tiers/low-mid tiers, and give mid tiers a slight buff a bit. Especially Hsien-Ko. I see more P.Wrights than Hsien-Ko even.

    Just my two cents, but feel free to build on this if you guys want or correct me on some things.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      The loops burn a lot of meter for Vergil, I think it’s fair. When you consider how much resources you burn for Vergil, it makes sense why he’s almost always an X Factor Carry. The loops also hurt roughly 150k, which is the same as a regular super if you threw a DHC or THC. He’s perfectly fine with the belt, the Crown on the other hand is kinda crazy.

      Zero, Lightning is fine, it’s the Lightning loop. As long as Zero Can’t Lightning Loop, he can’t touch of death.

      D.Doom, I agree, cept the hitbox. It’s fine imo.

      TAC inifinite= swag, but no bueno. I agree on TAC stuff.

      Honestly….I would like to see UMVC burn and re-emerge as a completely new game where EVERYTHING is severely changed. It’s like play the game at day one again, but some low tier characters need some serious buffs. Even their normals are bad with some of them -___-

  • willy7867

    – Buff low tiers keep high tiers relatively the same.
    – Keep TAC infinites/swag combos but make it so that if you guess correctly and break a TAC then you can punish it.
    – No New characters.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      well…the reward for guessing correctly shouldn’t be punishing it, your reward is breaking their combo. I mean if someone is going to infinite you and you guessed right, you don’t die. on the other hand, the fact still remains that you got hit and it converted to a combo. most characters can kill off of that anyways, breaking a TAC is a grace enough already

      • randomguy101

        I disagree. They way TAC’s air right now (not only infinities, but extended combos, meter gain/stealing, switching characters), TAC is very advantageous for little risk. It’s hard enough breaking a TAC because it’s so fast, but not getting a good punishment off a successful break seems imbalanced.

        Without TAC, you have HSD, gaining guaranteed meter as you get hit, and they’ll most likely have to use a meter or two to kill. With TAC, they can potentially kill you, gain a good chunk of meter at the same time, you can still lose meter, with very little risk. And this is without using infinites.

        Side note: I’d like to see hard tag combos be evaluated. To me, it seems like a glitch. Being able to hard tag into another character to reset damage and hit stun shouldn’t be possible. I can understand resetting one or the other, but both?

    • Robert 10stars Brejcak

      TAC infinites are completely retarded and should not be in the game.

  • Danny Craig

    The only ‘rebalance’ the game needs is its god awful shit netcode.

  • TheDangerBox

    Patch comes with the new PC version right ? 😀

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      yooooo if this hits Steam, I’ll be all over it!

  • Proximus

    UHAHAHAH Chris G is probably trembling and shaking now, with the iminent nerf on Morrigan. Cry Crhis G, Cry!!

    • mkryu

      It requires high execution to play Morrigan as he does. There are very few elite level Morrigan players at tournaments.

      If Morrigan gets nerfed in Astral, Chis G will just go pick Ammy with meter building assist and use either Phoenix 3rd or Doom 2nd.

      • Antonio Fletcher

        But he won’t have Vergil. I know Chris G is an amazing player, but it was his Vergil added to his team that really positioned him to win so many tourneys.

        Could he still take tourneys? Of course, but it’ll just be a bit harder for him without Vergil on his team, IMO. He could prove me wrong, though.

      • Steven Noxalyz Gale

        Besides, it wouldn’t be the end of his world in fighting games. He is still a top player in Injustice, SSF AE, Divekick and xTekken. and he was already a top player in marvel before Morrigan and Doom so yeah.

      • Proximus

        Yeah, aside from my rant when it comes to Morrigan, that is plausible if i may, what you said probably would happen. But nerfing Morrigan is not the only thing to do. I’ll point some other changes that i would like to see:

        Nerf the duration os Astral Vision, and thus don’t let it build meter anymore. Also nerf the priority of Soul Fist and his chip damage too. Also Shell Kick must enter the pack of nerfs too.

        Nerf Phoenix, She is still a cheap character, but most important, nerf the goddamn X-Factor, This is still yet the most broken part of this game (together with Morrigan and Phoenix eh eh)

  • Sabih Khan

    Please leave the good chars alone, and make the lesser ones better. Don’t want to see unnecessary nerfs to the top tiers because of bitter people.

  • tb

    Now about TACs, just make it so when you TAC, it somewhat resets the hitstun so TACs into another TAC are still possible, but don’t make hitstun deterioration non-existant. It still builds up again, just reset when a TAC happens until the opponent hits the ground. That way, swag combos can still exist to an extent, but it gets rid of infinites due to hitstun eventually making the opponent drop out.

  • badjab326

    Capcom, please don’t play with my emotions like this…

    Gene, Alex, Batsu GET HYPE!!!

  • ClarenceMage

    Don’t nerf the good characters – Fighting games aren’t fun if characters aren’t good. Besides, it’s Marvel, it just wouldn’t be marvel if it didn’t have kusoge power levels.

    Instead, focus on buffing characters that see little to no tournament play at all. Make characters like Ghost Rider, Phoenix Wright, Arthur, and Tron less of a huge joke.

    Let Hsien-Ko airdash earlier for her crazy Vsav high-low, give her back pendulum cancels. Why no pendulum(Senpu bu) cancels?

    Give Iron Man back his Vanilla airdashes. There was no reason to nerf his airdashes. Why does Capcom nerf the average characters?

    I would go in more depth if I knew more about Marvel in depth, but that’s the general direction I’d like to see a new iteration of MVC3 go.

    • Sabih Khan


  • tgm_Zeej

    Make X-Factor do one of the things it does already, and leave it at permanent level 1 stats. So you either get a speed boost, a power boost, or a damage scaling reduction. Also, no cancelling blockstun.

    Oh, and make Zero, Doom, Vergil, Spencer, and Morrigan less dumb. As in, fix obvious oversights in their design rather than nerfing them into oblivion. And TAC Infinites. Oh, and make the bottom tier characters a little more worth it. And make it so assists don’t scale in hitstun again.

    Actually, it would probably be easier to just make MvC4 than to try and balance UMvC3.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      Or let the user be able to pick speed or power for X Factor on the character select screen

  • Rahavic

    Really just revert Iron Man back to his Vanilla movement, give my baby Storm damage and more hit stun on her j. H and give Sent 1mill life again and I’ll be a happy man.

    Oh and of course no more Morrigan building meter during her powerup super, besides that let her rock. I don’t see any reason why she can’t still stay an amazing character besides people not used to her being that way? I don’t know.

  • Bryce Riley

    Honestly, I think that x-factor should be the same boost across the board. Meaning that everything should just be based off of x-factor 1. I do not like the idea of being rewarded for losing characters. Obviously, the infinites will be taken out of the game, but I do think TAC’s should be reactable like Capcom said they would. There shouldn’t be any benefits equated with any direction. Hit stun should also take effect during TAC’s to negate the long combos. It’s just a guessing game and that has to be addressed. I also think that every character should be able to punish, further discouraging the use of this mechanic.

    I do think that 3 characters should be nerfed and that’s Morrigan, Vergil, and Zero. They literally just put players in positions where the opposition has no options but to lose. Zero, Morrigan, and Vergil are a low risk high reward characters and characters should be modeled more like Magneto where there is some risk and reward resulting from said risk. Zero should lose that buster cancel. That seemed like a fair trade for the hard knockdown being removed, but that is part of the problem. He has great normals and ridiculous mix-ups. Vergl’s range should be reduced and that projectile nullification he has should be gone. No more round trip glitch and increase the start up on swords and reduce their durability. I’ve read through most of the posts, but I really think the start up animation for rapid slash should be changed. The start up looks too similar to his projectile and I react to the animation and get hit with his projectile and vice versa. Morigan’s jump s should have more start up and she needs other nerfs, but I’m not sure how to nerf her without making her unplayable. People say that meter gain and projectile durability should be adjusted, and I am inclined to agree with that as well.

    Along with the return of vanilla She-Hulk, I want vanilla Iron Man and Spider-Man. The slide from S. Hulk was not a problem in the last game, so I still cannot figure out why that move was nerfed. Also, her back h should not use her wall bounce and her super should have a guaranteed wall bounce and not have to be manually input. This super should have enough hit stun during the super that the only thing she can do is manually OTG her opponent and they flip out. In this way, she won’t be able to infinitely loop her supers, but she will have more options. As a whole, I think her back H should be taken out of the game. Clearly, that move was put in to nerf her throw game, but I address throws later in this post.

    IRON MAN: The fact that you cannot block during air dash means that vanilla Iron Man would be a fair character. Buff his launch and give him a proper wave dash. His execution is high, but his normals and strings shouldn’t be that awful. He should have normal, linkable chains from most distances like most members of the cast. The fact that it seems like his normal chains are inconsistent at best and appear to be random really take away from him as a whole.

    I hope for more of a nerf to Wolverine. A character of that type should not do that much damage. Either put more start up on beserker slash or make it slower. Wolverine’s flow chart is so basic, yet so overwhelming at the same time. That move is impossible to react to, and that needs to be addressed.

    Overall, just buff the lower tier characters and add scaling to the up grapple on Spencer. Also, make it universal that characters cannot block on command air dashes as well. That should be universal to air dashes and not character specific. I also think the throws should have a more techable window and the command should be changed from f/b h to f/b medium. The option selects that certain characters have are pretty ridiculous at points. I would prefer that there was more intentional throwing opposed to constant option selects where throws are so powerful in the first place.

    In this game, above all other things, mobility seems to be the one constant on whether or not a character is viable. I think the movement options for most of the ‘bad’ characters should be addressed, but I advise a word of caution for Dr. Strange because I think he is bad in his current incarnation, but with slight mobility adjustments, he could be broken. For instance, bad characters like Chris or Ryu and could be made infinitely better with a 4 or 8 way air dash. I just don’t know how great they would be with those mobility options. Those options might break them, or they could make them usable.

    My perspective is to keep everyone along the lines of Magneto while adding combo potential and that whole cool factor that we associate with nice and unique combos. Like everyone else, I want to see more character diversity. I think people should be forced to know match ups with all characters opposed to the top 10 or so characters. I know people will naturally sway towards the characters that they think are cool, but it would be nice to just run into various unique teams more often than I do now.

    Lastly, I would like to see the return of defensive assists. Give assists that ‘get off me’ ability where it gives a person space while NOT allowing the player to start a combo. This way, there could be some invincibility on the start up of these assists while keeping them punishable towards the end. For example, though I think a number of people want Dante’s Jam session to be nerfed, I think this could be a potential defensive assist. Make it one hit and give it enough push back for it to be used defensively and not offensively. This is just an example, but I think other assists should function in this manner just to make assists have different yet singular purposes. I really think that would please some Marvel 2 players while adding a different level of meta to the game. I was not big on invincible, defensive assists in Vanilla because you could mash them out and start combos, but if these assists are managed in a way where the initiation of combos is not available, then I would be open to accepting this incarnation of defensive assists. For the most part, assists seem to be for offensive purposes, and expanding them have certain defensive properties would help a lot more. Giving them more recovery on the end like Marvel 2, would account for the invincibility on the front end and if an accidental alpha counter happened, these would also be more than punishable. Again, this has to be managed well, because the push back should not be like a rapid slash, but get a defensive player some breathing room, but not overpower strong rush down teams. This would be an indirect buff to characters like Ghost Rider, and would help them immensely with strong rush down. Maybe these assists could have slightly more cool down than other assists so people could continue their rush down if interrupted by said assist.

    • Bryce Riley

      Also, buff Iron Man’s music. That track is terrible.

      • Dr_Majin

        Black Sabbath Iron Man Theme Please (we can dream, can’t we?).

  • Kevin Kumar

    Buff all the low tier characters for example more super armor to nemesis and Nerf phoenix please. AND FOR MAGNETO PLEASE GIVE DLC COSTUME !!!

  • AriesWarlock

    No more touch of death combos. The other side to the FGC is the comic book fans that are invested in Marvel, and as soon as they go play online they can’t even do anything because you get hit with one attack, and it’s (almost) game over too soon.

  • Langdon Herrick

    Hsien-Ko timidly raises a claw…

  • Hiryu

    Please bring ShadowLady in the picture, I want her [original] hidden missiles so players could use her instead of being stuck with Dr. Doom.

    No NERFING because it would piss a lot of players. Just buff up the other characters.

    More priority on Strider’s ourbs. An infinite would be very much appreciated, or combos easier to be linked even without Xfactor. He is still, for me, nerfed from MVC2 and MVC1.

    Chun Li’s fireball. Why can’t Capcom just make Chun Li’s fireball like Morrigan’s? Duhh…

    Make Ryu faster. He looks like an old man when he walks.

    Bring Vanilla Phoenix back!

    Build meter even if not getting hit or hitting, so Storm can stay up in the air and build meter.

  • Kevin Kumar

    RIVAL SCHOOL characters I want kyosuke or batsu

    • Rahavic


  • ragnarok954

    1)Turn Morrigans “Astral Vision” into a level 3 and don’t let her meter build while in it. In exchange, extend the time in that mode(give like 5 extra seconds or something).
    2)Nerf Virgil
    3)Nerf Dooms “Hidden Missle” assist. When the assist is called out, make the missles dissapere when the opponent hits the assist character. Also make the missles come out slower.
    4)Nerf Virgil
    5) Give Phoenix Wright back his invincibility on his turn bout assist.
    6)Nerf Virgil
    7)Give Zero a cool down time on his lighting attack(like a whole second or 2). This will give your opponent enough time to get out of the loop.
    8)Nerf Virgil
    9)Make Dark Phoenix much more harder to get. Give Phoenix like a 50% chance to become Dark Phoenix when she’s killed. I feel this can create hype in the tournament scenes.
    10)For the love of God, please nerf Virgil.

    • John Syers

      They already did make Dark Phoenix much more harder to get.

    • Remster

      9) Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

      Hey, half of the time my anchor is useless!

      Create hype in the tournament scene? From who? Everyone will just drop her.

  • Trevor Clarke
  • Ron Newcomb

    Make Zero’s Lightning damage-scale so Loops are no longer wildly profitable.

    Make Doom’s air combos harder. “Medium, medium, medium, medium, medium, medium” is a ridiculous combo that everyone shouldn’t be able to do.

    Make Magneto’s powers affect Hidden Missles and Sentinal Drones assists. They’re the strongest assists in the game; Mags should be a counterpick.

    Make Vergil’s Spiral Swords not pop his airborne victims back into the air. This prevents it from juggling forever.

    Replace Magneto’s dashes with gravitation/repulsion. Mags doesn’t run over to you, he pulls you over to him.

    Allow Thor more leeway with command grabs. Just a tiny additional hitbox on the grounded one that catches jumpers? A larger, weaker one on his aerial grab that option-selects itself if the closer, stronger grab misses?

    Replace Thor’s RDP motion with S+attack. (It helps us scrubs.)

    Give Hsien-Ko a jumping dodge like Viewtiful Joe’s, but that maintains her momentum. She is a ghost after all; let her walk through walls.

    • Travis Lynn

      Sentinel is made of Plastic….

    • Sentsuizan

      Hsien-Ko is not a ghost, though.

  • soraXL

    make ryu’s hadoken assist turn into beam assist when you call him in denjin mode

  • Nikkawhat

    This won’t end well. It’s already turned into a shit show. Can’t wait for the flood of “Buff my character, make top tier characters and assists shitty, remove XF and TAC.”

  • nerf Virgil
    nerf Morrigan
    Buff Iron fist


  • Trevor Clarke

    Buff Ghost Rider so he can I don’t know… be played?

    Let him combo off his retarded bike super, GIVE US REASON TO HIT A, B, OR C
    What’s the point of having this type of character if he’s complete shit?

  • Antonio Castro Egnen

    Nerf Zero
    Nerf Vergil
    Nerf Morrigan
    Nerf Magneto
    Nerf Dr Doom

    Or buff everyone else

    • HatredInfinite

      Nerf Magneto? Are you fucking high? You can’t block high-lows or something?

      • Rahavic

        He has no clue why any of them should be nerfed. He’s just typing names.

      • Ricardo Medero

        he is just naming the characters he gets beat by

  • Dr_Majin

    No meter gain during astral vision. Astral vision fireballs do half the damage of a regular one.

    Hidden missiles disappear when Doom assist is hit.

    Drop lighting loops, or at least give them some sorta hit stun decay that limits the amount of reps to something similar to hyper grav loops.

    Adjust Vergil’s hitboxes and tone down XF3 w/ less devil trigger boost.

    Remove XF3 infinites (Ammy, Phoenix, etc.)

    Leave in TAC combos (Doom, Storm, etc.) with no hit stun, but hard cap the TAC combo hits to prevent infinites. I guess it would be something like hit stun decay turns on after X amount of hits. MarlinPie Doom TAC combos are a thing a beauty and shouldn’t be removed, but hitting a repetitive infinite until the opponent is dead should go.

  • Ron Newcomb

    Team Combo Breaker?

  • dbGreens

    Give everyone a helm breaker.

  • Hiryu

    Please bring ShadowLady in the picture, I want her [original] hidden missiles so players could use her instead of being stuck with Dr. Doom.

    No NERFING because it would piss a lot of players. Just buff up the other characters.

    More priority on Strider’s ourbs. An infinite would be very much appreciated, or combos easier to be linked even without Xfactor. He is still, for me, nerfed from MVC2 and MVC1.

    Chun Li’s fireball. Why can’t Capcom just make Chun Li’s fireball like Morrigan’s? Duhh…

    Make Ryu faster. He looks like an old man when he walks.

    Bring Vanilla Phoenix back!

    Build meter even if not getting hit or hitting, so Storm can stay up in the air and build meter.

  • Ron Newcomb

    (Morrigan is fine. Nerf ChrisG.)

  • Marcio Calmon

    A want a new version in this comic con, rebalance and new characters.
    And please;
    Nerfs for Zero and Vergil,
    Buffs for Ghost Rider, Hsien-Ko, Jill and a easy turnabout mode for Phoenix Wright.
    I love Dr Doom, but he needs some nerfs too.

  • gigantor21


    • ragnarok954

      That’s MAHVAL, Baby!

  • Hiram Tobar Razo

    Please add more damage power to Strider

  • Ron Newcomb

    “Iron Fist can parry.”

  • Tekknight

    I know that Capcom likes to add characters and content in order to justify spending money on a patch because they can charge if they include content with the patch. But please don’t add any new characters just yet. Add in special fight mode. A mode where you can use the same character multiple times on your team. A ratio mode where Xfactor like power is decided beforehand (a la CVS2) and other similar modes. Warning, adding a no-Xfactor mode almost guarantees that that will be the new standard.Charge $5 or so so you actually make money off of it (justifiably).

  • DukeMagus

    they THINK it needs a rebalance?

    boy, are they blind/deaf? didn’t they saw ANY of the tournaments of their games since it has been launched?

  • Hotaka Saika

    Zero’s fine. Add Asura.

  • Sabih Khan

    why don’t scrubs realize having top tiers is the nature of fighting games, people who play this game accept it’s crazyness , once you move pass that you can appreciate the game more, and improve.

    • Trevor Clarke

      which is why we hate fuck outta this game

      • Sabih Khan

        if you can’t handle it, don’t fucking play, don’t let other people who enjoy this game suffer because zero perfected you

        • Trevor Clarke

          I don’t lmao I got tired of Morg, Strange, Vergil, Spencer, etc one touch death combos

          My crew plays Injustice now

          • Sabih Khan

            lol@injustass all I can say

          • Steven Noxalyz Gale

            You play Zero don’t you?

          • Dr_Majin

            With all do respect to injustice, that game has its own issues. If you don’t believe me, watch the EVO grand finals again.

          • Ricardo Medero

            dropped marvel to play injustpatch? XD oh man

          • Trevor Clarke

            Yea, I’m not a capcom (or Ark System works) dick rider like you apparently are

            I only played because it was the game at the time. But when a better game came along I jumped ship. Easy as that.

            I played MVC2> SF4 > Tekken 6 > SSF4 > MVC3/UMVC3 > Injustice

  • mkryu

    PLEASE NERF VERGIL. Reduce his health some, fix his hurtboxes, and lower his damage output. Make it so that he can’t teleport behind you if you are in the corner (like Phoenix and Strange)

    ZERO needs to addressed too.

    DR DOOM Hidden Missiles assist…maybe just 3-4 missiles instead of making them completely disappear if he gets hit like many are suggesting

    Get rid of TAC infinites.

    WESKER – get rid of that glasses off shenanigans. He also doesn’t deserve all that health.

    • Bryce Riley

      I agreed with everything except Wesker. If you’re struggling to fight a Wesker then you need to adjust your perspective on the game. Wesker is one of the weakest played characters in this game, and is easily punishable on all of his teleports unless appropriately covered with assists. Just about all characters are safe with assists, so that isn’t a Wesker issue. I don’t play Wesker, but he is not a derpy character in the same sense of a Wolverine. Wesker’s damage is minimal, and in most instances he has to reset or burn x factor to kill. Also, his mixups are pretty linear and have been figured out. He isn’t even that good of an anchor anymore. He may troll you if you play online, but offline he’s a pretty free character if someone is trying to derp you out with him. I think overall, Wesker is one of the more deserving characters of a buff. I have talked to a number of players and none of them believe that vanilla Wesker would be top 8 in this game.

  • Steven C Carefelle

    Make X-Factor only be level 1…. level 3 X-Factor makes it so hard to get comfortable when you outplayed your opponent and got a “Lead”

    They should look at what FChamp and the FGTV House put together though, it’s a great start.

  • Scarleterror

    Take Vergil out of the game. Take Zero out of the game. Take away all of Dooms assists. Make Wolverine unable to move until the round starts. Kappa

    • Guymelef


  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    You don’t need licenses in place to release a patch. You need licenses in place to release a new edition of the game.

    Y’all about to get fucked by Capcom AGAIN lol. Bend over and hold that dick, they gonna take your money for another broken Mahvel.

    • Sabih Khan

      man if this is true, I have no words.

    • ExHaseo

      That’s true for just a rebalance, but they won’t spend months rebalancing for free, and fans won’t pay for just a rebalance. They have to add in some new characters/stages so people don’t feel their being ripped off. Which is where the licensing issue comes in, since they can’t very well just release Capcom characters. It’s also possible that there was a clause in their agreement that said they weren’t allowed to make any changes to the game without consent from Marvel, or having to pay fee, or something.

  • Sabih Khan

    I hope capcom doesn’t fuck this up, at the very least they need to see FGTV’s balance suggestions.

  • Redblaze27

    Make Hsien-ko and the other low tiers good.

  • tomnook

    Ok this is an easy one for me. I personaly believe all Rocket Raccoon needs is:

    1.He should have at least 850 health so that he doesnt die from half a combo.

    2. The ability to cancel out of his special moves into rocket skates! (kinda like spiderman) This will help him get in alot easier without the help of assit using spit fire and cancling into rocket skates. (This will help his rush down and zoning!)

    3. His otg bear trap needs to be buff so it will consistently cause a ground bounce without the strict timing

    4. He needs more hits stun (I think its bullshit that he has the worse hit stun in the game!)

  • Johnathon Otero

    I can haz Captain Commando and Jin plz?

  • Rod Lai

    1) Give Iron Man’s airdash back or ease up on his execution (Chun-li too, while we’re at it!)
    2) Give us some reason to use Tron again, possibly buff up a different assist
    3) Give Sentinel back some health, you went too far now he sucks on point
    4) Buff Hsien-Ko, she’s a lot of fun to play but no reason to use her

    I could live with the rest.

  • Rahavic

    For the love of god, make TAC’s on par with hard tagging as far as how punishable they are. I want to KILL if I make that bullshit guess right!

  • belthegor

    remove aerial exchanges from the game :V

    • tomnook

      Or at least make them so you get a free combo if you break out of it like how they originally plain it to be.

  • CORN Pinkies Up

    LMAO at Capcom patching this piece of trash excuse of a competitive fighting game designed for 09ers. I pray that Marvel doesn’t let Capcom touch this game again. Y’all need to play good games like KOF13, TTT2 and VF5fs, GAMES MADE FOR REAL NIGGAS.

    • Tekknight

      Wow you are on some Level 3 X-factored Trolling type ish man.

  • Mike Jones

    Keep TAC, add Undizzy(no more tac infinites until death you just drop out after stun build up), XF lvl 1,2 and 3 all have the same power/speed bonus and keep the +% on those low as possible also add more meter gain on chip dmg in XF Mode(same +% on all levels here too). Only difference in Lvl would be duration. Balance the characters. Done.

  • MrValdez

    Give Phoenix Wright a chance to switch between investigation mode and trial mode before round starts. That small buff can make him more useful as a point character against most of the cast.

    • Ricardo Medero

      do it in combos it’s easy but you PW players focus way too much on getting evidence than playing the character…..go look at the PW player that eliminated Yipes at EVO

  • Lambofgodfn

    saying to “nerf this, nerf that” isn’t helping be specific. In my opinion Nerf the following:

    -Can only cancel to Devil Trigger. (this is because i’m assuming the fact that he can cancel his helm breaker into something like swords was intentional. so this here while still allowing him to Devil Trigger he can still be punished from the recovery frames of the devil trigger. As well as still allowing him to combo off it with the right assists if it happens to hit.)
    -Slight Damage Reduction.
    -Less meter building during Spiral Swords. (this will force a DHC follow up or quick end of the combo resulting in reasonable damage instead of getting about 50% minimum during the spiral swords. With 1.5 or 2 meter will result in an instant 1M kill. tthis nerf will still allow him to kill low health chars. that range in 800~950K)
    -Increase Hit Stun Deterioration (optional not really necessary. he’s a sparda better play like one)

    -Reduce all grapple follow-ups to 25K. (this will force Spencer to consume more meter like more of the lower tier cast instead of just hitting you once and getting free 3-5 80Ks)
    -Extremely slight damage reduction (optional his current high damage is just his Up grapple)

    -Cannot Cancel after Air Lightning
    -Much higher Recovery frames after lvl 3 buster (Unfair for any character to throw projectiles right in your face and still recover fast enough for his H button to beat anyone’s L button)
    -Increase Hit Stun deterioration (to prevent lightning loops from insta-killing and forcing DHCs instead)
    -Less priority on H hitbox behind him

    -Faster recovery after L grenade
    -Faster M and H grenade throws

    -Lower Health. 850-900K.
    -Change hitbox of S to only be her legs

    -Lvl3 grab to be as good as haggar’s lvl 3 grab. (this will allow for Nemesis to be slightly more useful. The fact that his level 3 is so slow anyone can just hold up in reaction to it making it 99.9% of the time completely useless and a waste of 3 meter.)

    Frank West:
    -Increase recovery on Giant Swing (this will allow for faster character to punish it while still be able to frame trap/rush down slower ones).

    Increase recovery on Bon Voyage. (this will allow for faster character to punish it while still be able to frame trap/rush down slower ones).


    -Slight increase in damage (will allow him to contend with the rest of the cast without having to do an 8 sec. combo only to do ~850K.)

    -Lower overall damage. (this will allow for less fraudulence for people who mash S all the time. It will make them earn their char. kills a lot more. but still do enough damage to be able to dish out ~800k on footdive loops>air plasma beam>air photon Array. forcing a DHC in order to kill characters with 900k+ health. while still killing at least 1.1M chars if ended with lvl 3.)
    -no hitbox behind him on air L.
    -Hitbox of H and S footdives to be his waist and below.

    -A tad bit less hitstun after Gamma Charge follow ups. (this will make Hulks think twice about which characters are fast enough to punish him for mashing that while still allowing the frame trap on slower chars.

    -Slight damage increase. extremely slight.
    -Slight character speed increase.

    -less hitstun on D+H (making it slightly punishable by faster characters while still be able to recover in time vs slower ones)

    -make Mighty Swing punishable by air grab once again. (this will allow for smart players to punish others who mash “insert left/right direction here” + H on wakeup)

    Nova – The Scrubs best friend:
    -Less pushback on his attacks. (this will allow for players to actually punish him and someone mashes the same ol’ flowchart that is “air dash H>cr.M>cr.H>S” without a worry in the world because he pushes himself back so far)
    -Lower Overall normal and special moves damage. in exchange of increase in Hyper moves damage.

    -Make his moves slightly faster in exchange for higher recovery on special Moves. (this will allow him to have slight priority increase and will allow him to contend with the rest of the cast)
    -Slight Hyper moves damage increase.

    • Bryce Riley

      First, I don’t play Nova, but his damage is fine compared to the rest of the cast. He cannot kill off of one hit, and that’s why his damage is acceptable, however, his flow chart stuff is stupid. I think that needs to be addressed. Personally, I think reducing the hit sphere on his J. H should be a good nerf. That move has to be easier to anti-air. It seems like some characters just have to deal with that J. H in a lot of situations and I think that’s stupid.

  • Louis Lam

    Restore Mags, Storm, Sentinel, Strider, Doom, and Iron Man to MvC2 status, give us Cyclops and Cable, and buff everyone else accordingly. MvC2.5 lets go!

    Never gonna happen 🙁

  • b2j135

    moar divekicks…

  • George Anthony Herbers

    Make Arthur OP. Double his life. Double all damage output. give him 4 8-way airdashes. Give him a super that restores X-factor. Oh, and I almost forgot; When he dies, he turns into Dark phoenix.
    Capcom, you know this is the only course of action that makes sense.

    • Guest

      Not a joke post.

  • massi4h

    All I really want is TAC infinites removed and XF becoming last character only with XF1 time and boosts. Heck I wouldn’t mind keeping it as XF0 for the first 2 characters where it could only be used to remove blockstun or cancel a move but get no boosts.

    (Removal of Zero, Vergil and Morrigan could be nice too lol. I fear the current endgame is going to be eventually zero teams and teams attempting to counter zero)

    • Ricardo Medero

      the more you fear a character the more you lose against them

    • windsagio

      Morrigan isn’t really the problem though, it’s not unreasonable once you take missiles out 😛

      • massi4h

        It’s more of the fact that she can shut down most of the cast. I wouldn’t say she’s top 3, but her gameplay does do what I said. Almost nothing can get through fireballs hitting you in the back. Assists like Mystic Ray can clear the front but they’ll always come behind you.

  • David Cox

    I feel this game is much more than nerf/buff characters, their are game breaking concepts that need to be looked at that would likely be a better guideline to fixing characters. So a shameless plug if Capcom reads:

  • Martini Whoelse

    Nerf any character that can OCV a team EASILY: Vergil, Zero
    Nerf certain assists : Jam Session, Hidden Missiles, Vajra
    Buff bad chars.
    Make heroes and heralds playable offline with friends.
    Make silver costumes more accessible than that weekly crap.
    Thanks <3

    • Ricardo Medero

      any character can OCV but some characters can do it better than others
      so the OCV part is kinda dumb

      • Martini Whoelse

        You know what I meant -_-

  • John Goldberg

    Well, realistically, I think we can all agree that only Zero, Morrigan, Vergil, and Doom need some sorts of nerfs. Maybe Magneto too, but that’s debatable… What kinds of nerfs those might be in any case, I’ll leave it to you guys, but it definitely needs to happen. From there, a lot of mid tier and lower characters should really get buffed hard, bring ’em up to the ranks of the higher tiered characters so we can really see some variety come out in what is viable for play.

    Aside from that, I would recommend a few other changes:
    – Move the Attack Data in Training Mode to the left side of the screen
    – Add a slow-mo option to Training Mode
    – There were cinematic trailers present in MvC3 but removed from Ultimate… bring them back!
    – Color code each character’s health bar to correspond to what assist they’re using(MvC2 baybee!)
    – Universally drop the amount of time X factor stays active for all characters
    – Universally drop meter gain slighty in general
    – Improved netcode

    Plus all of the glitches present in the game should be addressed. Let’s do a roundup:
    – Nova’s Human Rocket hyper tag out glitch
    – Dead body glitch
    – TAC infinites
    – P1 only infinites(caused by characters entering blockstun from V.Joe’s shocking pink which refreshes assists during combos)
    – Spencer’s 80k and 20k glitches
    – Inputs getting semi messed up during hyper freezes(pressing forward then qcf two seconds later during a hyper freeze results in a SRK for example)

  • Epicfayle1980

    As a Thor Player there are a host of changes I would love to see to my most beloved character. Overall though remove TAC infinites and keep X-factor at level 1 but scale it’s duration according to how many characters are left.

    For Thor though would like to see:

    X-factor – make him 160/170/180% damage and 110/115/120% speed if you keep X-factor as is. His x-factor level 3 is useless since it overkills everyone in the roster with a magic series, would rather have a speed boost to get the initial hits.

    Air dash Diagonally Down Back – For some reason from Vanilla to ultimate they decided to slow this thing down immensely and Thor is the only air dashing character that cannot immediately cancel his down back air dash into a normal, please revert to vanilla please.

    Jumping H (randy Savage elbow) – Extend hitbox down slightly so that small characters like ammy, rocket and joe can’t just duck it and make it whiff. Also extend the hit box horizontally a bit more so that it covers the entire area under his hurtbox, it’s already able to be wave dash passed and scooped from the opposite side.

    Speed up standing H so that it’s a true combo string with standing or Low L and speed up low H so that it connects off a landed low L on an airborn opponent.

    Mighty Thunder – Make the startup and recovery similar to magnetic shockwave, one of the most useless supers in his arsenal. It has a few uses in combos on my team but not many.

    Maybe give him a diagonally upforward mighty strike in the air with Reverse DP + S

    Flight Mode – Air dash in any downward direction + S or H should keep his air dash momentum with the move rather than stopping it and causing him to float down slowly. Also reduce the time he can act after flight activation and please allow his un-fly to be 1 frame like all other flyers. The fact I can’t un-fly and block a gimlet grinds my gears.

    Also fix assists so that they are not valid targets for command grabs. I have had mighty punish whiff the point character several times because they are overlapping with their assist and thor attempts to grab the assist.

    Slightly increase the startup of jumping M, H and S, 1 or 2 more frames please, the fact I have to be almost at the apex of my jump to tri dash and have M,H and S come out and hit my opponent is a little frustrating.

    Also increase his ground dash distance some, I would settle for haggar level of wave/plink dashing. As is thor’s ground mobility is rather lackluster.

    that’s all I can think of for now, I am sure I would have more when I have more time to reflect on it.

  • Rahavic

    Give Sentinel 0 frame unfly, faster flight speed so you can combo out of midscreen command grab easier and give him 1mill life back.

  • James Farrar

    Here’s the entire rebalance:

    Step 1: Make Sogenmu a level 3
    Step 2: Send patch to production
    Step 3: That’s it. It’s fixed.

    • Michael_Glade

      then level 3 vergil will truly have no peer

      • James Farrar

        Maybe, but I’m of the opinion that the game is fun as it is. Every time you patch a game you run the risk of ruining it. If Capcom listens to the monsters then UMvC3 will end up like SF4. Fuck. That. Noise.

        I say leave it like it is and make a new game, honestly. That’s what I really want.

        • Ricardo Medero

          if they listen to the wrong fans the game will end up like Injustice

          • Or Dead or Alive 5, their update killed it.

    • Ricardo Medero

      sogenmu Lv3? are you insane? that’s the only way Zero can do damage

      • Bryce Riley

        Zero can do 850 with rekkoha. With proper DHC’s it easy to get close to a million with him.

        • Ricardo Medero

          Zero can do 850k with rekkoha but requires an assist like jam session or doom missiles……do it by himself and the most you’ll get is 670k-720k

          • Bryce Riley

            see below.

          • Bryce Riley

            Yeah, but if you aren’t playing Zero with Dante, Doom, or Vergil you’re doing something wrong. How many times do you see him without one of those other characters? Saying Zero isn’t capable of solo damage without assists is crazy because he always as those assists. He even has a level 3 that does 350,000, but the difference between one loop and Gemmu is roughly 50k. That’s a joke; there’s no point of using Gemmu in a combo at this point.

            I know what it’s like for one of your characters get nerfed and to be in a character crisis for a game. Hell, I’ve struggled through this game for the past 2 years as far as not being able to find a team that I like. Three of the characters I played in Vanilla were changed immensely. I played Wesker, Dante, and Akuma. Akuma was the assist character. I miss that team, but I understand why each character needed to be changed. Wesker and Dante were nerfed too much though. Even still, I have endured the last two years hoping that I could find a team. Now I play Magneto and I cannot tell you how much time I’ve put into that character to learn his hypergrav loop. I’m still adjusting the team to get it to a point that I actually like, but I still have fun playing. It’s okay, trust me. You’ll just have to play a more honest team and find a new way to cheese people out.

  • TSS_BreadNButterz

    Wolverine: Nerf Divekick so no ground bounce upon aerial hit , Nerf Berserker slash in general.
    Zero : Normalize damage scaling on specials. Nerf air H. Do NOT remove lightning loop, just make it do less damage.
    Morrigan: Nerf Astral so that no meter gain, and the clone of morrigan can’t shoot fireballs if she is off the screen.Nerf shell kick slightly . Nerf durability of Soul Fists a bit.
    Remove TAC infinites , but keep swag combos.
    Doom: Remove hardknockdown on S . Reduce tracking on Assist Hidden Missiles, Reduce number of missiles to 5, no hitbox on the way up on Hidden Missiles. When plasma beam assist is called , it is correctly called where the point character is , not behind them.
    Dante: Make him and his buttons faster. Make drive and mulitlock more useful.Gets combo off airthrow solo.
    Vergil : Spiral swords come out the same, but vergil is stuck in animation for longer. Helm breaker no longer cancelable into S. Nerf Damage capabilites overall. Nerf XF3 harder than rest of the cast.
    Universal XF3/2 nerf .
    Dormammu : More recovery on purification. Less damage on Chaotic flame. Make air dash slightly faster. Make spell charge slightly faster.
    Magneto: Nerf damage capabilites. Give more landing recovery on magnetic blast. Nerf disrupter damage. Gravity squeeze no longer OTG. Increase start up on Shockwave.
    Make all low tier characters better.
    Firebrand: 1.5% damage increase, remove unblockable. Air H fireball knocksdown up air hit.
    Amaterasu: Buff sword and bead stances.
    Universal change: All S’s are -8 on block.
    Storm : Increase speed on typhoon a lot. Buff damage by 2% . Make Air H Lightning sphere track all the way. Less start up and recovery on lightning sphere. Buff air and ground wavedash. Make Elemental Rage a level 3.
    Wesker: Make all versions of tiger uppercut better. Give a little bit of invincibilty back on Rhino charge.
    Hsien-Ko : Make her much faster. Do more damage. Make her projectiles useful. Give her a high-low game.
    Phoenix Wright : Reduce chance of getting bad evidence by 25%. No longer possible to get 3 pieces of bad evidence in a row. Gets air dash in turnabout. Can do one air projectile per jump. Nerf Maya shield slightly.
    Doctor Strange: More range on normals. Less recovery on teleport. decrease recovery and start up of grace of hoggoth L and M . Grace of hoggoth now how has 5 low durability points. Increase startup and blockstun of spell of vishanti. Increase speed of which the beam comes out on 7 rings of Ragador. Buff tracking on daggers. Cannot cancel into teleport from normals on whiff or block.
    Ghost Rider: Give double jump. Added invincibility on Motor cycle super. Increase damage on whip super. Slightly less vunerable to push blocking. Give full screen over head. Give more combo options.
    Nemesis : More combo and reset options. Make level 3 hit anti air and increase range in general. Make OTG’ing with rocket easier and practical.
    Hulk : Remove ground bounce on Air S outside of combos. Hyper armor starts later on during gamma charge. Less damage on Gamma Crush, More damage on Game Tsunami even in corner. Anti Air Gamma charge follow up M resets wall bounce.
    Spencer : No longer a hitbox on ATK+S. Normalized damage scaling on Wire grapple L.
    Strider : Increase damage across the board by 3%. Give projectiles normal durability. Give legion super hyper durability. More recovery on Vajra assist.


    Super Skrull : Increase DAmage on stomp. Buff D/f +H . Decrease recovery of special moves slightly.

    Universal change: No chaining L on whiff.


    • Ricardo Medero

      Wolverine’s slash is nerfed already

      if you’re in blockstun and you see him doing the slash just stay blocking the way you were before and when he goes starts hitting again change the direction

      • TSS_BreadNButterz

        When he can keep mixing it up with the light one that doesn’t cross up and is 100% safe with plasma beam something needs to change.

        • Ricardo Medero

          your blocking skills maybe? even top players get hit by it but they find a way around it and how to punish him

      • Bryce Riley

        the only reason it doesn’t cross up is during a block string. The good wolverines end a string with l and then use the berderper slash. You have to end the block string for it to cross up. That move isn’t fair. Wolverine just does too much damage for a character of his type.

    • I really like a lot of the things you said, but Dante, Dorm, and Spencer should not be touched at all, or only slightly, they are right where they should be. While you over buffed some characters, I understand these are all just a list of suggestions for each character.

    • Bryce Riley

      I do not agree with the no chaining of l’s, nerfing magneto, or s’s being negative 8 on block. There are very few characters with safe launchers and some of them are already fairly negative with so much push back that they’re hard to punish e.g. Frank West. I like the variation on launchers because in some ways it forces players to know match ups. Magneto shouldn’t be nerfed because 80% of the people who play this game don’t have the execution necessary to do his combos. The buffs for Strange are actually questionable. I and a number of other players believe that character is 2-3 buffs away from being the best character in the game. His normals are pretty ass and having the ability to teleport adds some variation to just relying on the l. mystic sword for safety. He actually has some mix up game with teleporting while doing block strings. I don’t think your suggestions make him broken, but I think that he is one of the few characters that needs to be closely managed. I don’t want a game dominated by Dr. Strange. He’s bad ass and his win picture is classic, but he would be absolutely annoying if he was top tier.

  • nishi999

    que el brazo mecanico de spencer se mantenga o solo en el brazo derecho o solo en el izquierdo, bueno eso no es rebalance pero seria bueno. tambien seria bueno que trish al arrojar esparda esta siga haciendo dan~o aunq la golpeen o sino que eliminen los hidden missiles de doom cuando a el lo golpeen

    • Ricardo Medero

      creo q deberias traducir eso ya q no creo q ellos entiendan otro idioma q no sea ingles o japones

  • RomanceHD

    Well this might seem unpopula.. BUFF IRON FIST DAMMIT! Give that man some armor for some of his moves and make his overhead faster or something please!

  • nishi999

    que eliminen al usuario naoko_chan_21 de los ranking del PS3 por fraude

    • Ricardo Medero

      todo el mundo sabe q el tipo es un fraude pero nadie le presta atencion a eso

  • Ricardo Medero

    i would say increase the recovery frames of Zero’s buster on block (i play Zero but his buster is too safe)

    fix Vergil’s teleport and make it like the rest of the characters SRK motion not QCB

    more recovery frames on his swords

    more recovery frames on his helm breaker

    and nerf the rapid slash


    make his missiles disappear when he gets hit on the first 3 missiles BUT after the third or fourth missile doom becomes invincible

    take away his jS hard knockdown OR make it have less time for him to combo

    and please nerf his foo-footdive loop combo damage so people can work on their damage and not just 4 reps of that combo and killing with a Lv3

    no meter building while on asthral vision and more startup on her shellkick

    make Hsien-Ko faster like she is in DS3

    no more random stuff when doing QCF+attack, you can choose what you want with a different motion or something

    give Iron Fist a projectile,better air options, better launcher
    so he can be a better and usefull character

    damage scale starts at 600k not 500k
    his combos take for ever and just do 750k-780k 1 bar if you don’t have assists like missiles in the back

    every move she had in MvC1 even her hypers and if you can have her turn into Shadow Lady (moveset) with the option you had in MvC1 with Ryu

    can turn into Ken like in MvC1 BUT only when you pick his red outfit
    Denjin Mode increase the time

    Ghost Rider
    better mobility

    bring back her sand splash super

    give him a Lv3
    make his sword master have faster startup but not make it completely broken

    better mobility

    bring back vanilla Tron but not her assist

    more recovery frames on her dive kick when blocked

    air dash

    slight damage buff

    Iron Man
    better air dash and ground dash
    War Machine’s rockets hyper from MvC1

    make his up grapple scale after the first one

    1 80k
    2 60k
    3 50k
    4 30k

    Dark Phoenix
    nerf her damage

    you can be able to be stylish on your TACs like Marlinpie used to do
    but not like today were everybody just goes for TAC infinites

    remove the damage boost and just leave the speed boost and health
    that’s the best balance it can get
    because some people (especially doom,vergil players and dark phoenix) rely) too much on that XF comeback

  • mastalance

    DONT nerf anyone..BUFF characters that need it. (this comes from a person who plays Strider, Ironfist, Ryu) When nerf bats start flying is when shit starts fucking up. If people would just buff the characters that need buffs it would be easier than trying to decide who needs to be nerfed and by how much..”oh well thats too much back it up…oh well its too late now “x” character is shit.” Just Buff the ones that need help. It will make for a much more satisfying game. *If they cant fix a broke character, Break them all….Balanced* 😀

    • Ricardo Medero

      there’s stuff that need a good fixing so the nerf is necessary

      • mastalance

        Fixing, not nerfing. (ex: spencer grapple damage, fix not nerf, it may look like one but it wont change his gameplay just the damage scaling.)

        • Ricardo Medero

          if you fix the damage it is nerfing it

        • Remster

          Anything that makes a character weaker is a nerf.

          Nerfing doesn’t have anything to do with how much of a hit they take.

          Fixing makes it sound like you’re fixing bugs like TAC infinites.

  • Brigham Allen

    ALL of the Nerf Vergil, Wesker, and Morrigan spam!

  • Michael_Glade

    the only nerf needed is morrigan meter gain during astral vision buff the low tier characters

    • bigevilworldwide

      I’m completely for a nerf on both Virgil and maybe Dante…..Granted only people who use them are the ones who suck at the game…..I wouldn’t mind seeing Wesker get a buff….I use him a lot and am actually good with him but something seems off about him

  • windsagio

    Fix hidden missiles and take away at least 1 of Zero’s hard knockdowns (maybe 2 of them). Easy peasy.

  • DarkDreamT2

    Buff weaker characters (Dante gets slight damage increase, Hsienko gains speed, damage, cancelable senpubu, permanent turnabout if successful, Shehulk gets her slide back, Oroboros a Level 2 hyper instead of 3, etc.)

    Nerf stronger character options (slightly longer charge time for max buster for Zero, Vergil damage nerfed to Dante levels, missiles assist goes away on hit, lower durability on morriballs, etc)

    Xfactor Burst- Allows Xfactor out of hitstun that causes TAC counter knockback, activates level 1 Xfactor.

    Xfactor is always Level 2 with the exception of burst.

    TAC Counter causes unscaled crumple state when sucessful upon countered opponent landing, basically looks like facedown hard knockdown that turns any move into an OTG.

    TAC hitstun stays, damage scales faster, reps in infinites limited to 3, forced to do a different combo or else opponent will pop out, opponent falls slower on successful TAC, allows ground-based characters to land first and initiate jump-loop style TAC infinites.

    X-factor tailored to individual character needs, buffs both weak and strong areas in not just speed and damage, but also health regen rate and defense.

    hitboxes that make sense (divekicks should NOT hit the above-back area behind a dive-kicks head. Makes no damn sense.)


    Ability to have backgrounds frozen as a still image. Helps when people dont like moving stuff distracting em. Like on the helicarrier stage.

    Characters and stages added at company discretion (MEGAMAN PLOX I NEED MOAR “BOOGEY BOOGEY BOO” IN MY LIFE)

    All moves considered OTG on dead body characters so people can do something other than teabag postmatch.

  • Jason Slade

    1. Hidden Missiles disappears when Doom takes damage. (Maybe only for assist version)

    2. No meter gain during astral vision

    3. Have HTSD actually apply to Vergil and Zero

    4. Fix the unscaled damage bug with Spencer’s up-grapple

    5. Allow Hisenko to cancel her Pendulum Mid-swing and make her dash not suck

    6. Remove PW’s ‘dud’ evidence (except possibly the meat)

    7. Fix TAC infinites

    And finally the most important change

    8. Make X-Factor not increase in damage and speed as you lose characters. Only duration increases.

    • Michael_Glade

      x factor is specifically made to be a comeback mechanic, doing that would be stupid. you either have a useless x factor or an extremely overpowered x factor

      • Jason Slade

        Then remove it entirely, I don’t care.

        X-Factor is the #1 Problem with this game. Fraudulent comebacks are not a good game mechanic.

        • Michael_Glade

          you realize that over 90% of people who bought this game dont enter tournaments right? X factor is for them

          • Jason Slade

            Most of them have long since moved on.

            There’s a good game lurking inside Marvel 3 somewhere but we’ll never find it with X-Factor in its current state.

          • Michael_Glade

            most of them since moved on? lolwut evo only had 1200 people enter in umvc3, there are way more than that playing online

          • Bryce Riley

            I don’t play in tournaments. I do play in local casuals with my friends. X Factor is by far the dumbest mechanic. TAC’s are really close, but X factor is so broken. I’m beating the fuck out of you and you pop that x factor and I lose. No Thanks.

          • bigevilworldwide

            I for one still play this game and NEVER have a problem finding a match….It’s usually pretty damn fast on PSN

    • Then everyone would burn X-Factor to kill to first character, and there wouldn’t be much use for it. The comebacks with X-Factor leave a lot of people salty, that is true, but the hype it brings as well has been helping to keep Marvel alive. I also I been messing with Hsien-Ko recently, and she needs more than just a pendulum cancel.

  • Knapstar

    Certain things need to be changed obviously but an overall patching when
    most of the cast isn’t really explored to a reasonable level isn’t very
    smart either. There could be some other broken tech from the other
    characters that no one will ever know about when marvel is patched up.
    People will complain about that when it comes out like we do the
    morridoom tactic. More effort has to be made to see what every character
    can really do before any real thought can be made here.

    A character with a high learning curve like Chun or Jill can’t be
    considered bad just because it requires some work to make it happen Xian
    is a good example of that with his Gen. I am not sure a major
    rebalancing is needed at all personally. Certain things like TAC
    infinites, and certain glitches need to go but that doesn’t require a
    full rebalancing of the game though.

    • windsagio

      That broken tech will probably never be discovered currently, so it honestly doesn’t legitimately matter.

      If you look through these posts, you’ll see a commonality of issues everybody knows are problems, whether they admit them or not, and its surprisingly specific:

      1) Do something about Zero OCV’s (specifics vary)
      2) Clean up Vergil
      3) Make hidden missiles not perfect.

      Those are the overall themes, and they’re right on.

      Buffing low tiers would be nice, but let’s not fool ourselves about making Chun stronger fixing the game.

      • Knapstar

        Agreed and I not saying Chun should be buffed specifically either all I am saying is that having a good view of what everyone can do at a high level should be done first. The 3 things you mentioned should be fixed obviously though along with TAC infinites too to name a few things. I respect what you are saying though.

  • Khryzmon De Guzman Malban

    Brace yourselves, the Megaman fanboys are coming..

  • Emp Remix

    1.Game Overall – Needs a damage nerf. (People die way too fast)
    – Make it more rewarding to do longer combos. (The game is about flash, its not flashy to kill people in 8 hits.)
    -Nerf X-Factor (I understand the concept of make everyone feel like daigo with comebacks but it loses that special feel when almost every match has it.
    -Make it so X-Factor can ONLY BE USED ON YOUR LAST CHARACTER.
    -Take out tac infinites (There were infinites in MvC2 but you spun out. So either keep em in and make the opponents spin out or get rid of them.)

    2.Vergil – Make a proper hitbox on helm breaker. (Hitting from behind is inconsistant cause you never know for sure if it will crossup.)
    -Helmbreaker is too safe unless you chicken guard it. So fix that.
    -Buff his Devil Trigger to make ppl learn how to use vergil.
    -Give his Devil Trigger same properties as Dante. (airdash back and forth)
    -Nerf time on swords (you dont need swords up for 30mins to land a hit.)

    3.Zero – Clone Super time needs to be lowered (Same as vergil swords, he has too many options to not get nerfed he will still be viable just not OP.)

    4.Nova – Nerf Dolphin kick (hitbox is unreal, along with his grab priority for what he gets)

    5.Spencer – Does too much damage.
    – Nerf up grapple damage(80k for each one is too much)

    6.Storm – Make her Lighting Storm cause heavy knockdown so other characters can combo into it giving her more diversity. ( I spoke to Seth Killian about this at a tournament for vanilla MvC3 and he seemed to like the idea.)
    -Make her air light attack come out faster. (Her air to air normals suck make it better so you can have more rewarding hit confirms.)

    5.Sentinel – Wow you guys crapped on sentinel so hard in UMvC3.
    -Make his flight faster (Hes so slow its sad)
    -Make his air normals good. (Nothing has super armor in the air so make the normals better he gets beat out by everything the game has to offer.)
    -Make his air combos better, hes too straight forward to combo with. (In vanilla he had air rocket punch combos. So what did Capcom do in Ultimate? They nerfed his health from 1.3 mil to 870k. But then they decide to introduce Vergil and Nova into the game in which they completely destroy him along with 90% of the cast.

    6.Modok – His runaway is too strong for some characters. (What does haggar do if modok gets a health lead and body attacks to the top of the screen and fly? Nothing he watches.)

    7.Morrigan – She spams fireballs ALL DAY. (Nerf the damage on it or make it so she doesnt get meter while shes in her clone super.)
    -If you dont wanna nerf the fireball or clone super nerf her flight.)

    8.Doctor Doom – Remove hidden Missile assist (Its broken and promotes lazy play by taking more risks while its out.
    -Nerf his damage. (He can do 900k by himself using 1 meter)

    9.Wesker – Give him his instant counter super back. (Taskmaster has it and is way safer then wesker.)
    -Let him get his gunshot teleport (on air opponent) into combo back.

  • Yan Zhao

    Make Thor’s Air S cause ground bounce like Haggar Pipe or Sentinel’s air S.

  • OmNiExiZt

    What does licensing have to do with balances and patching. I get it if they need to work some licensing issues to add new characters or content from the Marvel side of the house. All it seems like to me though is changing some code to make things work better. Could some one explain this to me?

    • James Farrar

      I don’t think they have to get a new license, but Marvel has a lot of creative control over the title. It may extend as far as character balance :/

  • Dubsys

    Last year: “There will be no more patches”

    • With all the 180s this year, it doesn’t surprise me.

    • Rahavic

      Said no one.

  • Brainee

    Please give storm a higher damage output same goes to trish, they could really use it, I play storm and rely too much on Tac’s and THC, to get a kill,

    • Bryce Riley

      I am of the belief that Trish is a character that needs to be carefully managed. If she does a lot of damage with that type of keep away, that could be game breaking. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trish, but I think she’s a few buffs away from being one of the best, if not the best character in the game.

  • xero18

    Biggest thing they could do is actually talk to the character specialist. They the ones who discover the biggest strengths and weaknesses of said characters.

  • Hsien-Ko needs a faster Ground Dash and Air Dash. Also, her forward.H (if it hits after he crouch.H) shouldn’t hit them away as far as it does, to make her ground strings easier to pull off. Maybe even reduce the height the forward.H sends them too.

  • Duck Strong

    Capcom should hire me as a consultant, I’ll make them a good game.

  • Sentsuizan

    No nerfs, just make lower-tier characters more viable. And please give Iron Man another hyper combo.

  • Brainee

    Give storm another hyper please, give her an amazing lvl 3 XD that would be so awesome

  • OmegaNITRO

    LOL, don’t bother trying to make the game balanced. It’s Marvel, it’s never going to be a fair game. If they are going to patch it, just increase everyone’s life by 150-200k, make higher levels of X-Factor only increase effect or duration, not both, and buff the weaker characters. Unnerf and buff Sentinel and Phoenix Wright.


  • Bijyu

    I don’t think any character is too over the top right now. Even Zero is fine because you don’t even need optimal combos to kill him in a single hit. However any character that requires their infinite to be viable should be massively buffed because the biggest thing I would want out of this “rebalance” is going to be the removal of TAC infinites.

  • Duck Strong

    Doubt Capcom will listen to me but…

    -Remove X-factor completely

    -Remove TAC’s completely

    -re-evaluate everyone’s min scaling

    -make throws 2 buttons and significantly reduce their range (or fix weird hurtboxes)

    -Nerf the fuck out of all teleports and any move that is a canned unreactable mixup (berserker slash)

    -Nerf the fuck out of the dumber sword hitboxes

    -improve hitboxes and startup on some of the more gimped normals

    -make it so your character absolutely cannot turn around mid chain. You misjudge a chain, you should fucking die, not be rewarded for having no spacing.

    -reduce initial hitstun slightly, but make the hitstun timer run slower that way you can still do longer combos. This will make hitconfirming a little less stupid

    -Remove the hard knockdown on footdive

    -Leave missiles as they are, you guys are morons if you seriously think they’re too strong

    -Nerf Vajra somehow

    -no meter build during Astral vision, reduce the damage on soul fists from 90k to 70k.

    -reduce the damage on supers (make it so fully mashed is the same damage as from Vanilla)

    -boost everyone’s life by at least 30%

    -Timer also 30% longer (may need to change back to 2 out of 3 for tournies, but hopefully other changes would make it so this is ok)

    -cannot call assists while rolling or teching out of the air.

    -remove Vergil and Zero from the game

    • windsagio

      Lets argue some about missiles some, it’ll be fun. 😀

      Imagine if you will, an assist that’s delayed, targeted, and independent.

      So it’s an excellent immediate defensive assist, and excellent combo-breaker assist, and an excellent combo-extension assist.

      Feel free to pick up one of those roles for it to not have, and it’d still be one of the best assists in the game (or one of the above properties mentioned).


      As a bonus I see you want to nerf Astral and soul fist 😀 I think it’s funny how little you seem to get the team, but will mainly note that one of the elements is only really excellent in that one combination and the other fits on just about any team you can construct and is absolutely effective there.

      • Duck Strong

        It being delayed is a con with some interesting applications for combos. At net value that is not a good thing.

        It’s a pretty terrible immediate defensive assist. Dunno how you could think otherwise.

        It’s useful as a combo breaker, but hardly foolproof. It forces you to do something else if it’s about to come down on you. Call me crazy, but I think that makes it interesting.

        It’s out there forever and next to impossible to protect if you’re not playing Morrigan. Seems like a pretty big con to me.

        If you must nerf them make it so it homes in on a fixed spot chosen when you call the assist and put bigass target reticules on the ground it you need to.

        Making the missiles disappear if Doom is hit would make the assist useless. Drones is borderline useless in some matches because of this and they reach their target way faster than missiles.

        Morridoom works more because of Morrigan, not the other way around. If that were the cause, Morrigan + vajra or Morrigan + Jam wouldn’t even compare, but they’re super strong shells in and of themselves.

        • windsagio

          its both immediate and delayed, that’s the advantage :p

          It’s not a corridor style GTFO, but it’s still pretty effective as ‘get away from right above me combo… it does quite a good job of controllinging the vertical imo.

          As mentioned below, it encourages lazy play and unreasonable risktaking.

          If it’s so impossible to defend why do so many teams use it? It’s gotta be the most common assist in the game right now.

          Snark aside, taking out the targeting is a reasonable option for fixing them. I’m more prone to taking away their independence, especially since that’s the way they went with similar assists (you mention drones). At least it would be consistent then 😛 … although honestly I’d make it so drones WERE independent, Sent needs it.


          The funny thing with the case of missiles is that Doom has 1 (maybe 2, honestly I don’t know about rocks) other really excellent assists, it’s just that for most teams you see missiles instead because they’re just too handy.

          • Duck Strong

            If you really follow Marvel there’s actually a trend getting AWAY from missiles since it’s so hard to protect.

            And it’s a really shitty defensive assist dude, you’re not fooling anyone.

            It might have seemed like a lazy assist early on, but it’s very telegraphed, not only in the sense of being punishble, but also because it keeps you from DHC’ing to safety if something bad happens.

            You’re looking at it very simplistically.

            It having a long windup has a lot of implications.

            If you want an example, you can basically never use it against Dormammu if he has a safe DHC.

            Even you don’t kill Doom, you can always get a few licks in there to dissuade the guy from calling him again after.

          • windsagio

            Eeh, I don’t follow the game super closely these days so I can’t really tell if you’re right or not, although there was plenty of it at Evo. Still I’ll take your word for it that people are edging away.

            Nevertheless, I’m still gonna argue it’s a more-than-acceptable nerf for it to lose either its independence or targeting (either really), just like it’s a totally acceptable nerf to take away some of Zero’s hard Knockdowns.

            It’s great that people are learning to deal with it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have issues that, by fixing them, could greatly improve the game.

  • AdioCapone

    buff taskmaster dante and hawkeye

    yeah buddy

    • Ricardo Medero

      i play Taskmaster and he doesn’t need a buff

    • bigevilworldwide

      And Virgil…..But then again Dante and Virgil are so cheap the only people who really use him are the ones who suck at the game

  • John Syers

    Please change Shuma-gorath’s Mystic Smash so that he cannot be thrown out of it. Someone else also mentioned the idea of Hsien-ko being able to combo into Senpu Bu. Sounds legit. Making her faster would also be nice.

  • Espada Facade

    Nerf Morrigan’s Astral Vision where she can’t gain meter other than Soul Drains and then she’s legit.
    Buff Storm. Bring her back to her MVC2 state.
    Nerf Vergil. Enough said.
    Buff Sentinel. 1.2 million health
    Buff Trish. Give her 5-10% damage boost. Then she’ll be the female arch-type of Magneto; Fairest of them all. ;o
    Add 6-10 new characters. I think it’s ridiculous that a 1on1 fighting game like SSF4 has more characters than a VS game.
    Take out X-factor (or change the mechanics)
    Take out TACs completely (This ruined the game IMO)

  • Tim Barnes

    Remove the TAC system entirely. Remove or nerf X-Factor dramatically.
    All known glitches be fixed.
    Give dante his damage or meter gain back, make Hammer invincible again.
    don’t let Zero charge buster more than once in a combo and/or don’t let the Shadow produce lightning.
    Normalize all super modes (Devil Trigger, Berserker charge, etc..) where they ALL get meter while being hit but not while hitting the opponent, as well as normalize the time they all stay in the mode.
    Reduce Morrigan Soul Fist durability, chip and hit stun.
    Make Doom missiles go away if Doom gets hit OR make all projectile assists and moves stay if the character gets hit. (Energy Javelin, Drones, MODOK Bomb).
    Vergil d.H, Round Trip and Spiral Swords hitstun.
    All dumb FootDive and Helm Breaker hitboxes.

    Did i mention the TAC system? REMOVE IT. It’s entire idea is dumb. Giving the opposer a free 33.33% guess that leads to nothing but positive things, some of those things being absolute death to the other team, while the defender gets NOTHING out of it is retarded.
    TAC should COST meter to do and they get NOTHING other than their next character coming in easier. And breaking it should net the defender SOMETHING, a free combo, stealing that meter it cost. Not the other way around.
    I prefer just remove that shit.

    • Jake Klippert

      Good start, but they really need to help some of the characters besides Dante…. you want to buff Dante and leave Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Hsienko, ect….. the same? That’s ridiculous to want to buff him before much of the rest unvaible of the cast.

      • Tim Barnes

        Oh dude i didn’t even get started on my full list of things. Just the stuff that ran to the front of my brain.
        Dante is the only character on the character select screen for me and the entire reason im on this game, so i name him before anyone else.

      • FOHBUS

        dante aint shit i seen his grey hair ass appear like twice in evo.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      I think TAC is fine, just not infinites. I mean, you still got hit with a combo, breaking out of it isn’t a mix up, it’s you basically forcing them to drop their combo so you don’t die. (And a neglible 50k damage or something to the opponent…pshhh) The damage and tech people have now is so advanced, you could die from anything, even if TAC wasn’t used. Surviving after a clean combo is plenty a reward

      • Tim Barnes

        Or not. The combo and the straight damage it does is the only reward that should be allowed. The TAC “mix up” inside of it shouldn’t even exist, unless it didn’t lead to anything significant. Such as only getting their character in with no follow up, or they don’t gain meter in the following combo. The attacker doesn’t deserve EVERYTHING because they got the hit, they deserve the combo and that is it.
        I don’t care if that combo can kill or not, that’s the combo style of this game. The TAC shouldn’t even be a factor, remove that crud.

  • GCBill

    ☒ Nerf
    ☒ Buff
    ☒ Adapt
    ☑ Patch

  • Steven Noxalyz Gale

    I’d love you all forever if you made Hsien-Ko playable. Longer range on the Hishoki, faster execution of her projectiles (seriously. She was made to be a zoning character, but almost anyone with a range attack does it better). Make her faster or at least make her teleporting faster (and walking on air). I need to plink dash just to barely get any type of speed out of her sadly. And a little more combo ability, like maybe an OTG or if not then allowing senpu bu to be used in combos. Thank you for taking in these suggestions! Made me happy.

    P.S: Nerf Vergil, Spencer and Von Doom. Helm breaker should not be safe and his swords super should NOT be a level 1 or create infinites. Spencer’s 80k on up grapples should have never existed. Doom’s foot dive shouldn’t leave me on the ground flailing like a fish for 5 seconds, allowing him to convert off of anything. Missiles should also vanish when he is hit much like sentinel drones. And infinites with all characters should be patched. Oh, and Nova has like 20 glitches built into him. It makes my soul cry.

  • Alley_Cat

    nerf hawkeye.
    add sagat.
    remix “Take me for a ride.”

  • Orin Quinn

    NerdJosh had a good suggestion for Morrigan — remove one durability point from Soul Fists. It doesn’t change her overall playstyle, and it’s still fairly dangerous, but having one less durability point allows for more ways to traverse the wall of plasma.

    Other than that (and Phoenix Wright’s invincible PtW assist in Turnabout), I feel like the biggest thing to do is change how the game registers actions during hitstop — the TAC style combos will stay, but it should theoretically prevent hitstop-dependent exploits like TAC infinites and Vergil’s Round Trip glitch.

  • Antonio Fletcher

    For crying out loud, I want X 23 to have an instant overhead.

  • Jeptha Hines

    Please normalize the heath a little bit.

    Like all the characters who have lower than 800,000 health should have a bump up to 800,000. Except Phoenix.

    Characters who have a weird amount like 830,000 should just be bumped up to 850,000 or bumped down to 800,000.

    Characters who have 880,000 health should be bumped up to 900,000 health. Felicia and X-23 should have 900,000.

    and you could even give Phoenix a bump to 400,000.

    I would say that characters who have 1,050,000 health should be lowered to 1,000,000 health.

    Also, characters with 1,150,000 could be changed to either 1,100,000 or 1,200,000. Like She-Hulk could be bumped down to 1,100,000 while Nemesis could be bumped up to 1,200,000.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      Damage output is so high already, I kinda don’t see the point 😛
      Besides being clean…

  • matowai

    Extend life overall, it should take are least three or more highest powered combo’s to kill a normal life character.

    X-factor wouldn’t be as OP anymore, and would actually make sense.

    If you go back and play marvel vs. capcom 2, you will see that the matchs last sometime, allowing for comebacks and longer term strategy’s. It gives the game more depths and calculating in the long term level.

    There was also time overs alot in MVC2. So, extend the clock, why does every fighting game have to be 90 seconds. The only reason that archaic rule is around is because of the arcade scene from long ago when arcades are trying to make money and kick people off the machine asap. I think one Marvel vs. Capcom match should last as long as a 2 out of 3 match on SF4. I think that feels like a good length,
    just my personal pref.

  • Gabriel Lourenço

    I think the game needs a combo breaker system, where you burn 1 meter to get the hell out of long combos

  • Go2hell66

    suggestion: don’t touch zero
    remove astral vision meter gain
    nerf soul fist damage
    nerf soul fist hit stun
    dante needs some serious buffs again
    and fix all the glitches, thats all this game needs

    • Robert 10stars Brejcak

      Zero needs to be nerfed. Just because you play him doesn’t mean it isn’t true. He needs landing recovery on lightning, even if it’s only a few frames to stop the loop.

      • Jimmy Minh Pham

        Could just make Sougenmu apply lightning hit stun. other than that, the only thing left is the mentality of “When in doubt, let out the Z-Buster” and cancel all moves

        • Ricardo Medero

          it is a hyper combos so you can not add hit stun to it

      • Ricardo Medero

        i play Zero and all he needs is a frame disadvantage on the buster on block

        nerf his sogenmu? that’s all he has for damage
        take out his lightning loops and he will be garbage because you will be forced to DHC and your DHC might not kill the other character

        • Robert 10stars Brejcak

          oh, make it so he cant 100% you by himself? Like 90% of the rest of the cast? I get that you’re new to fighters (And please don’t argue that you arent, because then the conversation belittles down to you don’t understand anything about competitive gaming) but there’s obvious reasons behind why Zero is the best character in the game. He doesn’t need a lightning loop to 100% with proper DHCs, that’s why teams are built for DHCs and Assists, instead of building a team 100% solely around a character to just have assists. Zero teams build around Zero, because he’s slightly overpowered. Other teams need a true pressure assist, a get off me assist, combined with that proper DHC characters for damage. Zero is the only one who neglects (purposely) everything that other characters have to worry about. He should not have a TOD off of any random poke, be completely safe, 100% of the time, AND have the mixup options he has.

          • Ricardo Medero

            im new to fighting games lol please just shut up and go practice your X-23
            you are talking about DHC and im talking about Sogenmu not everybody plays the character with those top tier assists

    • mkryu

      Sounds like you might possible have Zero and Dante on your team.

  • Rothion

    Nerf this game’s lifespan.

    Let it die.

    • Ricardo Medero

      cry more

  • migrations

    This is crazy. Imagine like if MVC2 came out and after a bunch of tourneys was like “Nerf Sentinel”. I love that these games are constantly evolving. And I think it’s really good for the community too.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Except Sentinel needed to be nerfed in MvC2….Everyone used him because next to cable he was the cheapest character in the game…..I’ll never understand why people consider themselves skilled because they constantly spam moves

  • Smashbro29

    Buff everyone to top tier level. No nerfs, look at Vergil/Zero/ and bring everyone up to that level while retaining the individuality.

  • FlyinJew

    give everyone hyper armor

  • Robert 10stars Brejcak

    Give players the ability to hold left or right respectively after they lose a character, and that determine which side of the screen the character comes in on. I understand following the old trend of lost a character, deal with a mixup, but those days need to be over to remove the randomness of marvel. Certain characters ascended to god status from having the ability to deal an insane mixup into a touch of death from that specific issue, and some characters fall victim to HAVING to deal with that incoming mixup (X23, taskmaster, any character with no air mobility)

  • N.m. Ash

    Iron Man:

    Flying knee drop form older games. Is special/dash cancel-able.

    Buff Iron Man’s ground and air dashes to be just under Magneto speed or just remove the massive delay on start up.

    More hit stun to his air M normals,

    Extend and widen air D+H’s hitbox to better protect him from below.

    Replace standing M with his old uppercut medium punch or a new move entirely,

    Change smart bomb motion to Attack+Special.

    Very minor but can he have his original music back?


    Buff health to 1.2 million

    Rocket punch should be a soft knockdown to allow diversity in combos.

    Give him the spinning saw blade from Children of the Atom as down+h to force action from turtlers and to have better protection from the bottom.

    Another drone formation to stop aggressive characters when used properly.


    Higher damage on normals and more hitstun in air combos to make her more versatile.

    A new H attack or adjust the hitbox and speed of the old one to hit grounded opponents better.

    The first lightning attack in a combo is a soft knock down and is dash cancel-able, , allowing new combos. All subsequent lightning attacks inflict hit stun decay.

    Minor but COTA music?

    • Bryce Riley

      I really really like these changes.

    • Jimmy Minh Pham

      I like the Iron man Changes especially the Smart bomb being Attack + Special

      • Ricardo Medero

        why don’t you play on simple mode?

    • Chao Thao

      Ironman lv 1 super in air? Otg?

  • Mefisto Quintanar

    more characters please

  • Blaine Peterson

    so i will try to make a sensible argument for the changes i want to see not just its op nerf the fuck out of it,
    1. ZERO: reduce damage to combos before lightning loops. One of the most mobile and mix up heavy characters in the game should have the same damage output, scaling of the other mixup/mobility/fast characters in the game, there is no reason for him to do 700k plus with 2 assists without meter, keep lightning loops, but change lightning so it will only soft knockdown from normal jump height, not from super jump height.
    VERGIL: Reduce damage output increase during devil trigger. Already has one of the highest gains of damage from x factor in the cast so why add another 10% to that plus larger hitboxes recoverable red health and safer attacks that come with devil trigger.
    Morrigan: add from 4-8 frames to flight startup.Keep her the same just give more opportunities to punish her with supers/ it will also nerf her rush down slightly. Depending on how much the nerf is on her flight start up change the meter build on astral vision so the clone does not build meter but morrigan will.
    Doom: reduce hard knock down on foot dive by 8ish frames or so that if you trade with it doom doesn’t get a combo. Make plasma beam assist appear at your character not behind him. Hidden missle assist, make so that if doom is hit they disappear however if doom is hit after all the missiles have left the ground they will not disappear, decrease start up on rocks assist to give more variety and to make up for the nerfs to his other assists
    Wolverine: remove fatal claw loop he already does enough damage so atleast make so the wolverine player will have to dhc then tag back in wolvie so he has less time to set up a mix up, and system wide change of dwn forward H and Dwn Back H to do not count to tech an airthrow because some characters should not have that option select when others do not ie skrull….
    let me know if you think any of these will ruin the characters? because my goal is to not nerf the character to oblivion but to balance them and keep their play style the same

  • Brad Chanley

    Buff everyone and make the game more stupid crazy

  • Guest

    Morrigan should get should not get meter front hits or soul drain when shes doubled. Fix Zeros lightning loops, Verigils swords should go into daggers first, spiral swords should cost a second meter.Fix Dr. Strange’s faltine loops Fix all infinates.

  • Garland Steele

    Morrigan should get should not get meter from hits or soul drain when shes doubled. Fix Zeros lightning loops, Verigils swords should go into daggers first, spiral swords should cost a second meter.Fix Dr. Strange’s faltine loops Fix all infinite’s.

    • Jason Knapich

      you know that is one of the smartest changes for swords I have ever heard. That would DEF change up Vergils playstyle almost completely. Not sure what you mean about fixing Strange’s faltine loops thou? I think they are fine. They are part of the reason he’s more viable to play as now and they require at least some execution.

    • Ricardo Medero

      that’s the point of soul drain to take meter away from the opponent

      • Garland Steele

        right but when she’s doubled thats overkill

  • Garland Steele

    Also, add Black heart 🙂

  • JasinWalraven

    a bit longer hitstun on Arthurs throws so a firebottle can hit afterwards, jump cancel added to arthurs foward H

  • salindy13

    Remove Morrigan’s meter building in Astral Vision. Give her damage buff.

    • Bryce Riley

      Damage Buff? No. Since you didn’t explain it, I’m assuming that her soul fists would either do the same or less damage The main thing that people forget about Morrigan is that astral vision is super good as it is. Just nerfing the missiles to where they go way when doom gets it probably won’t be a good enough way to effectively nerf Morrigan. Most Morrigans have excellent match up knowledge and it is very rare that doom gets hit in the first place. That coupled with the fact that her soul fists will hit you from behind with astral vision activated will still knock players out of beam supers. There’s also that whole soul steal shit where even if she has astral vision, she would still be able to gain meter. that move was designed to give her meter, and I do not foresee move being nerfed during astral vision. A character of that type should do Trish damage and have Trish health. If it’s impossible to get near that character, than players should be rewarded immensely for getting a hit.

  • Andrew369

    Buff Hsienko’s speed and attack

  • El Rodrigo

    – TAC glitches patched out


    – Hitbox on moves such as Helm Breaker shortened so that it’s no longer behind Vergil
    – Can’t activate Spiral Swords a second time in the middle of a combo
    – Range on Standing A decreased


    – Can no longer hit a grounded, dead opponent if death is caused by ‘Nova Force’ on chip.


    – Opponent will jump out of combo if MP –>Air Dash is done too many times

    Dr. Doom:

    – After 1 relaunch, opponent will auto- jump out of combo


    – Can’t activate Sougenmu a second time in the middle of a combo
    – Projectiles spammed using Sougenmu do less damage on chip
    – Can’t perform attacks if Buster cancelling in mid-air, can only drop or use dashes


    + Increase lifebar by 300,000


    + Air FP no longer knocks opponent away full screen
    + FP, Air+S do slightly more damage on hit
    + Increased hitbox for Standing MP

  • Guest

    noobs need to stop hating on Vergil. his Heatlh isnt that high and his damage isnt that high either. ppl need to stop bitching and just play the damn game. he isn’t unbeatable unless you suck. screw all the neft crap we need new characters like jon talbain.venom,asura,maybe jean from gid hand.ect…

    • robin1613

      Stopped reading when I saw “damage isn’t that high either” blasphemy.

  • Jason Knapich

    couple low-mid tier changes I’d like to see…

    Arthur: when his armor breaks it should just break and maybe do a soft knockdown so that he instantly gets up. The current hard knockdown makes super armor almost not worth it.

    Nemesis: Make his armored moves work like Hulks and Sentinals where the armor is almost instant rather than the delay his currently has.
    Also give some invincibility frames on his level 3 grab.

  • Guest

    Noobs need to stop hating on Vergil. his Heatlh isnt that high, so whats ever is so called wrong with him makes up for his heath being low cuz i know he can be taken out with with one good air comb. ppl need to stop bitching and just play the damn game. he isn’t unbeatable unless you suck. And all the neft crap needs to stop. we need NEW characters like Jon Talbain.Venom,Asura,maybe Jean from godhand.ect…

    • bigevilworldwide

      SO YOU either felt the need to copy someone elses post and paste it as your own OR you felt the need to make a guest post with the same….Wow someone has no life

  • JnKzm

    For all that is great Capcom could you FINALLY, FINALLY MAKE RYU COMPETITIVE? I mean, my goodness, the last time he was remotely competitive was X-Men vs Street Fighter…the very 1st VS game. His last decent showing was in MSHvsSF, and after that has been nothing more but a poster child.

    Give him something so that he can be more competitive, for at this point there is no point into using him due to his inability to do anything other then seeing players like RayRay however w/ No consistent Major Top Placings I don’t think I’m asking a lot.

  • Epicfayle1980

    Would love to see some Ghost Rider changes as well, he is such a unique playstyle it’s a shame he is just unplayable versus a portion of the cast.

    Either fix stand H to hit all characters while crouching or speed up low H so it’s an actual high/low mixup threat when not playing online (lag helps GR so much)

    DP + L (Chain of Rebuttal) hitbox should be increased below it so when you hit and confirm off a standing H>H the DP + L does not whiff certain crouching characters (these characters that this happens on aren’t even considered “small” either), having to use Low H into Chain of Rebuttal puts GR in a really punishable situation on whiffing these characters.

    Judgement Strike DP + H should reach full screen with the fireballs.

    Make jumping H deal some chip damage and add a second hit onto it if you hit H again similar to standing H>H and make the second H either pull the character to the ground or pull them into a short hard knockdown on hit. Ghost Rider can literally be Super jump Up backed to death. Once someone gains the life lead or you lose a character and ghost rider is not point on your team you can just stay in the upper corners of the screen and ghost rider can’t do a thing about it. This makes ghost rider literally unplayable in any position except point.

    If not the jumping H change give him an air to ground hyper that’s a command grab that rips them out of the air.

    Increase startup and lessen recovery of all Hellfires, would like to have a move to use at mid screen area for keep away, heartless spire is great but would love H hellfire to be sped up a bit to cover the area that heartless spire does not for normal jumps over the spire.

    For all his throws allow GR to hit H again to chose to maybe pull the target back in closer to him for OTG hyper. Being at distance is great for GR but sometimes you want the opponent close to you so you can super them.

    Please for the love of Jeff make Hellfire maelstrom an ADVANTAGE when you land it, especially in the corner. If you neutral get up out of this move in the corner, ghost rider is literally almost still in recovery frames. Please make it a little more plus frames on hit so he can get 1 or 2 backdashes in (and we all know how good GR’s back dashes are :p).

    Increase startup of Spirit of Vengeance or give it hyper armor all the way from startup to finish (while we are at it do the same thing for nemesis’s Biohazard Rush).

    Increase hyper damage slightly (aside from penance stare, that thing is one of his most amazing hypers).

  • Alucard Violandi

    Noobs need to stop hating on Vergil. his Heatlh isnt that high, so whats
    ever is so called wrong with him makes up for his heath being low cuz i
    know he can be taken out with with one good air comb. ppl need to stop
    bitching and just play the damn game. he isn’t unbeatable unless you
    suck. And all the neft crap needs to stop. we need NEW characters like
    Jon Talbain.Venom,Asura,maybe Jean from godhand.ect…

    • Ricardo Medero

      Akuma has less health than him and takes 10 times more skills to play than scrubgil

      • Bryce Riley

        Eric, you’ve posted this 3 times thus far. Shame on you. No reasonable player thinks Vergil is fair or that he does low damage. That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard anyone say about this game.

  • Jookey

    So… “While the answer was the same as it’s always been (there’s a lot of
    trouble involved in reacquiring the license) ……
    Possibly in an effort to get the ball rolling on license
    negotiations, they then asked fans to start discussing changes for the

    If they need to get the license back to just patch it, they could use the time they have the license to make a new version WITH NEW CHARACTERS, yeah? YEAH?

    • Bryce Riley

      I actually think that’s what they’re going for. Capcom has changed their model and they’re aiming to move from disc based content to more dlc based content (I’ve read this in a few articles regarding their recent struggles and staff realignment). With that said, Capcom is clearly in the business of making money. Simply rebalacing the game wouldn’t be profitable. It would actually be very expensive to develop and implement free of charge. Don’t get the wrong idea here, Capcom will charge us for this rebalance and will throw in new characters with a probable plan to introduce more characters in the form of dlc later.

      • Jookey

        That’s exactly what I hope it is. Thanks for the input

  • Hire MikeZ.

  • Jack Auffersen

    Make Hsien-Ko playable. I don’t want anything else. =_=

  • Voldom

    Capcom Thinks Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can juice more money from the players a…. Rebalance, Asks Fans how they want to be robbed again, Discuss Possible Changes

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    My fellow brethren, has this day finally come?!?!

    1)Buff Chun/Jill.
    3)No Meter Building during Astral Vision.
    4)Give Hsien-Ko something to work with.
    5)Add Sagat, Sakura, and Roll (or Lady) and Rogue, Ms. Marvel and Psylocke.

    • Ricardo Medero

      all Hsien-Ko needs is speed

      • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

        And her pendulum cancels. A self otg wouldn’t hurt either. :/

        • Ricardo Medero

          yes she needs an OTG the combos i would do :O

  • Monster637

    x23 i need a life boost pleeze, really bad

  • Little_Goten

    Fix the engine before you fix anything else.

  • Jahmere Durham


  • SnowParrots

    Pendulum cancels for Hsien-Ko so she can resemble the character in more than just visuals.

  • Tommy Mcginnis


  • windsagio

    Let’s get dramatic here!

    Change hard knockdowns so they work like wall and floor bounces: You get 1 per combo. That would solve a number of the more egregious combos.

  • KoldBlooded

    New Characters at least, Please! (at least some returning cast members with move sets already: Thanos, Iceman, Jin Saotome, Capt Commando!)

    I’m not pro enough to really speak on Nerfs and Buffs, but if we’re talking about BALANCE, we should look at who “can” and “can’t” (ex: 1 frame throws, losing objects/projs on hit, meter gain, etc. etc.). But off the top of my head:

    Virgil: too strong/overpowering (especially in X-Factor)

    Phoenix: is too strong/cheap and gets killed too fast (also nerf Dark Phoenix),

    Doom: assist
    Morrigan: meter gain
    Zero: Loop
    Taskmaster: too strong
    Amaterasu: nerf strength a little, increase health
    Thor: too strong and too slow
    Captain America: Bread and Butter way too strong
    Iron Man: Too Slow = Predicatable

    Heroes and Heralds needs a TRUE Versus Mode ONLINE and OFFLINE, After playing a few hundred matches, collecting the cards, and testing them out on random people, the mode becomes useless if i cant share my experience with my friends.

  • Chao Thao

    Basic, vergil,morrigan, and doom nerfs. Storm better hit confirms, hsien ko dash faster, give her something new, give strider more health and enable satelite shot in air and ouroborous back at lv 1super with less time if not let him gain meter in outobouros, vipers optic blast cancel out of her combos, arthur armor super add super armor when atking, ghost rider command grab for close combat, ryus explosion hadoken motion is faster and otgs, i feel a nova nerf, rocket raccoon better hit confirm, more damage for felicia, dante faster with 8 way dash during devil trigger, devil trigger same for vergil.

    • James Farrar

      Strider is one of the best anchors in the game. He does NOT need any buffs. Ourobouros a lvl 1? Vergil FASTER in DT? Put the pipe down, son.

  • David Loya

    pc port

  • Chao Thao

    And obviously more characters plz *cough cough* gambit, bison, and psylock

  • SpiderDan

    It makes no sense to me that the only real infinite-protection mechanic in the game is hit stun deterioration, yet characters have wide arrays of moves that can be comboed into and out of that essentially ignore HSD (usually: soft knockdown).

    lightning, LV3 buster, zipline, judgment cut, round trip, impact palm, flames of the faltine, etc.

    Vergil c.H and df+H are the most glaringly stupid entries in this list.

  • Kaihedgie

    300+ comments and…

    I’m still not entirely sure how any company is suppose to make sense out of asking for suggestions from players/fans on what should be altered because so many people are so fickle about what should be done about this or that. “Nerf them because they’re too broken, I can’t beat them” or “Buff them because I want to win with them, I can’t make them work like this”. Or in the farfetched request of “remove this game mechanic entirely”. I’m personally indifferent about this because once the changes get applied, people are going to lose their marbles. I still don’t know how they’re going to handle Ultra SFIV as it is

    It’s pointless because a large number of people will be angry, no matter what happens. Everyone has their own opinions of what would be a good fix to this game and I’m not seeing a lot of them consistent with one another. This will inevitably lead to some disparaging comments with varying levels of stupidity from feeling ignored, to Capcom apparently hating certain characters or franchises or we should all go back to MVC2 again.

    I personally have nothing to suggest changing despite owning the game since its year of release. I’m just saying this won’t end well.

    • Luis Rincon

      well because capcom ,while they made the game, dont know everything of what could happen in the game. like the dhc glitch or tac infinites. they may not discover it themselves (which obviously they didnt) but they know that the people that play it can and will (and did) discover many things in the game that were not intentional. they saw evo 2013 and were disappointed at something i dont know what but they said it wasnt suppose to be played like that. could be the infinites they were referring to because of the hit stun system that was supposed to prevent it. so they ask the fans. the ones they made the game for and the ones that play their game to help see what the game needs. thats why they ask their fans. obviously theyre not going to put EVERYTHING they say it “needs” but im sure theyll take everything into consideration and get this game to as perfect as it could possible get. i just hope they see how big this game really is and get marvel to help promote this game to make it even bigger until a fourth game (if ever) is made.

    • windsagio

      As the OP said, it’s probably a negotiation tactic. Capcom probably knows the balance problems way better than any of us do, but wants to generate discussion and show interest in the game both internally (to show CP corporate that it’s worth releasing new content) and externally (for negotiations with Disney/Marvel).

      People showing interest and discussing how to rebalance the game is a good way to achieve htat.

  • Jake Loredo

    Vergil doesn’t need a nerf.

    Morrigan should NOT gain meter during Astral Vision.

    Doom missiles should go away if he gets hit as an assist.

    Change all of Zero’s soft knockdowns to strikes, this will still allow lightning loops to be done in the corner, he just won’t be able to convert off of random lightnings at max height full screen…make him less safe too. Remove special cancels and reduce advantage on level 3 buster. Fix his double air dash glitch.

    Ram the nerf train as far up Nova’s asshole as it will go, then push a little harder…reduce the amount of time Nova has to convert off air throws. Address scaling on Super Nova as well as its inability to be pushblocked (same goes for Skrull’s Inferno). Change properties on Nova Slam so the ground bounce isn’t high enough for a solo relaunch, but extensions are still possible with some assists.

    General changes need to be addressed in hit stun overall. It’s not fair for Doom to be able to do 6 or 7 reps solo while other characters struggle to get more than a HS after one relaunch (if you’re wanting reference, Deadpool).

    General change #2: Everyone should have some sort of OTG move. Whether it allows for a solo relaunch or assist extension, doesn’t matter, just some kind of non-super option for everyone.

    General change to flight so all characters have flight combo options, not just off a TAC.

    Adjust damage for some characters, like Spencer and Taskmaster (especially unscaled up-grapple, and down arrows).

    Give Sentinel -some- health back…he’s a giant robot for crying out loud! At least put him at 1,000,000, maybe 1.1 or 1.05. Maybe let Iron Fist launch non-grounded opponents?

    Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. Vergil is fine, Strange is fine, TAC infinites aren’t really unfair even though some of them are stupid easy. Uhh…maybe a couple new characters? Juggernaut, Venom, Gene from Godhand, just to name a few, but that might just ruin the balance again anyway…

    • windsagio

      Give Iron Fist a DiveKick that works like Wolverines, and make him able to do his Hard rekkas naked. Those 2 things together would help sooo much.

      • Jake Loredo

        Are you talking about Wall of K’un-Lun and Rising Fang? Yeah, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do those whenever.

    • Jake Loredo

      Oh yeah, change knockdown time for S foot dive.

      Change properties on A2A Haggar pipe. It should not give a hard knockdown the second time, or take away the ground bounce and make it a hard knockdown only.

  • Streye

    – no more normals that eat projectiles
    – no longer able to cancel S with H(Everyone else is committed, why does he get an out?)
    – helm breaker at minus
    – maybe more gucci belt start-up?
    – maybe high time picking up only one person?
    With the first 3 changes, he’ll be less dumb, but plays pretty much the same and will be somewhat more fairly matched for other characters. The other two, might be a bat to knee, but he kind of deserves it….

    – limit number of raikousens in a combo(everyone else obeys that special move rule and has to use assists sneak in a few more)
    – no more charging buster before round starts ( I don’t know why they saw it fit to give him this anyway)
    – give charged buster a set durability instead of 3×3 which makes it into a god damn beam.
    With this Zero will still play the same, but it’s not a one player game when lightning strikes and he’ll have to work some sort of trickery to reset mid-combos.

    – limit the number of button inputs during triangle dashes. Triangle dash LLLL should not be a legitimate mix-up simply because the neither player knows which will be highs or lows.

    – -4 on launcher
    He’s too not much of a problem anymore, but on principle I believe he should be taken down another notch. No one should have a -1 launcher.

    – He needs some sort of damage buff and increased hitstun on excalibur.
    – Some sort of buff to Gram.
    You really can’t touch much without making Dark Strider incredibly OP. But with this it may give folks a chance to work out better combos and make honest Strider not have to get 2-3 mix-ups to kill people.

    – Crawler Assault should not pass under people if it’s already hitting.
    – Hitting someone with webzip should not be counted as a special move. Spider-man’s hit stun deterioration is bad enough as it is.
    Just somethings that bothers me.

    • Ricardo Medero

      all you want is nerfs not fixing

      • windsagio

        Which is a false dichotomy of course.

    • Sabih Khan

      garbage suggestions, I hope they don’t read this. You wont make the game better by nerfing everything. They need to think of ways to make other chars better instead.

      • Streye

        4 characters equal everything to you? I think there’s something seriously wrong with your assessment if you don’t realize how stupid it is for them to ignore rules of the game that other characters very painfully follow and have things that others don’t(safe launchers, moves, and/or properties). Why don’t you come up with something or if you care to discuss why my suggestions would hurt the overall game. I don’t believe Vergil, Wesker, Magneto, or Zero’s play would change drastically with my suggestions, it only makes them play smarter and work harder like well, every other character that isn’t them.

    • Eduardo Marx Buttelli

      lol, if you have a problem with Vergil cancelling S on H (wich he can only do 3 times in a row) the joke’s on you.

  • Jared Bernardi

    Add Ken to the roster please.

  • Batman

    Add Black Bolt, Blade, Loki, Daredevil, Kang the Conqueror, Annihlus, Black Panther, Fantomex, Black Cat (just so there can be a Spider-Man/Black Cat/Daredevil team) and Mysterio. Also how many souls are required for Capcom to release a Marvel vs. DC game?

    • Kaihedgie

      Capcom can’t choose what Marvel characters will be in the game.

      • Gynoid

        Capcom can choose depending on how expensive is the license of said character. Less know characters’ licences are cheaper (Maybe one of the reasons why Venom isn’t in the game and we have characters like Super-Skrull). Yet again Marvel(Disney) decides if they grant those licenses.

        • Kaihedgie

          Marvel themselves explicitly stated that they did not want Venom in the game. It had nothing to do with licensing or affording the character, they just denied them the option

          • Gynoid

            I checked it up, you’re right.

          • FOHBUS

            more proof that this game should have never existed.

      • Batman

        Then Jack Kriby should be a playable character.

  • Stephen Knox

    Return She-Hulk’s Slide distance and return her low kick hit confirm. Plus give her some armor on that slow *ss Lamp post. She was almost perfectly balanced before they ruined her, now she’s almost unplayable.

  • DoomtrainVR

    I don’t know why people want Vergil nerfed to oblivion like that. He only needs a small amount of adjusting just like Morrigan and Zero but still retain effectiveness.


    Hitbox on Helm Breaker toned down and more punishable.
    Spiral Swords should be more punishable and a little less time active.
    Lv.3 XF + DT toned down.


    No meter gain in AV.
    I feel like her fireball should maybe have slightly less durability.


    Damage toned down overall.
    Footdive hitbox toned down.
    Missiles disappear on hit or changed to Photon Array (Assist)

    • windsagio

      I have a clever solution for Vergil too. Make it so basic swords is the one that nobody ever does, so you have to take 2 levels to get the belt ><

  • shaowebb

    Iron Fist no longer requires 2 rekkas to use Rising Dragon or Wall of K’un Lun, gains a roll maneuver similar to frank’s.
    Arthur no longer suffers a knockdown at the end of Gold Armor
    Doom’s divekick returned to Marvel 3 vanilla status and hidden missiles disappear when he is hit as an assist or otherwise
    Chun Li receives a damage increase
    Morrigan no longer builds meter during Astral Vision
    Vergil Spiral Swords now causes a spinning knockdown after so many hits are landed from it to prevent sword loops
    Vergil receives a damage nerf
    Zero returned to vanilla Marvel status as his buster cancel was A STUPID ASS IDEA THAT LEADS TO 100% KILL LOOPS
    Rocket Raccoon projectiles now pull opponents toward you on hit similar to shang tsung fireballs allowing for easier combos without loop reliance
    Frank West receives damage nerf
    Phoenix Wright receives damage nerf during turnabout. Bad evidence removed. Cell phone nerfed on recovery to prevent lvl 3 x factor chip deaths

    She Hulk Lamp Post gains armor
    Wesker takes a damage nerf and has his xfactor nerfed
    Shuma gets a damage buff and a recovery buff
    Spidey swing input changed from a DP to forward H like taskmasters
    Thor gets a speed increase to several specials on startup
    Sentinel gets his health back
    Hawkeye has his xfactor nerfed
    Hsien Ko receives major speed boost to make her more accurate to Darkstalkers original
    Haggar gets a wavedash

  • Adeveis

    General-All characters should not ignore the hitstun deterioration rule and the ones that do should have that taken away from them. No character should have an infinite. TAC can return hitstun scaling to 0 but it shouldn’t stay there.
    Vergil-Without moves that ignore hitstun Vergil loses infinities including his xfactor ones. Helm breaker and his S looped to H are kinda stupid but they are his only safe attacks without meter since he can’t special cancel on whiff. Giving him special cancel like every character will take away the need for helm breaker and S-H to be safe so they can be made minus.
    Zero- Also ignores hitstun so take that away which takes with it lightning loops. Maybe no buster cancel while clone is active so he can’t mix you up 100 times on incoming nor keep you in infinite blockstun with projectiles. Also no teleport buster cancel since he has other strong mixups and this one is a little op.
    Strider- Either decrease damage scaling so he does more damage or decrease hitstun scaling so he does longer combos. Legion should not be random and should be faster so to be able to combo off of an air combo finisher easier. Excaliber M should have some combo usage maybe make it double jump cancelable. When Wall cling is active you can climb up and down the wall but that has little to no purpose so maybe when he leaps towards a wall you can change his height before he touches the wall, or maybe that’s dumb. Ame-no amakura has no purpose because gram is better for combos, neutral,and less punishable, but maybe if it could be used for mixup like making it an overhead it would have utility. Really want ouroboros to be a lvl1 that lasts 3-6seconds but maybe that’s too op because of xfactor.
    Morrigan- No meter gain during Astral Vision
    Doom- Foot dive needs to be effected by hitstun scaling and have a smaller hitbox so not to hit at his head. hidden missiles should go away when he is hit like sentinel drones or change the assist to photon shot.
    Nova- Less grab range
    Wolverine- Decrease damage on Fatal Claw hyper to around 200k instead of its 300k. Why does divekick have a stagger on counter hit? Maybe it’s just me but I think that’s stupid. Maybe do something with berserker slash. I’m thinking L never crosses up, M can cross up if you are literally breathing on your opponent, H if in range to hit will always cross up. Don’t think it’s a bad idea since H is the slowest and he can be hit out of start up.
    -Wanna nerf the damage big bodies do or anyone that does like 700k with one meter ,but what with the health being low for some and high for others not sure what to do about that. Those are the ones I feel are major so everything else was either solved by general or wasn’t broken enough if at all.

  • Isaiah DeLaGhetto

    LETS GOOOOOO!!! I’m just hype to see something new!!!

  • Isaiah DeLaGhetto

    And it would be nice to see ken!!

  • James Farrar

    Jesus. If Capcom listens to all of you Marvel is going to play like World Warrior. Why does the new blood always just want to nerf everything, instead of actually adapting?

    • Sabih Khan

      because they have been conditioned by the pc gaming industry to expect regular changes to the games they play. Except they don’t realize that achieving true balance especially in a fighting game IS NOT POSSIBLE.

      And by nerfing the good chars, they will be hurting the metagame that has been developing (the game will not get better)

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    spider-man’s 5B / standing M needs a hitbox buff. it currently whiffs against crouchers, which is a joke. also, his 2B / crouching M needs more horizontal range. tyvm.

  • BlackMasamune

    Smart move to give the incessant fans some hope and keep them quiet a while. So Capcom can work on other stuff in peace, and if they are able do an update, they can just use FGC’s suggestions that built up over time.

  • shinjojin

    One more thing:

    Put either some more damage scaling in there or some more combo breaking options in there because most of the combos I have seen are able to kill off characters instantly and that’s not cool. -_-

  • Alucard Violandi

    people need to STFU and stop bitching about Vergil,Zero,Morrigan, and Doom. you all sound like crying ass babies. man up and enjoy the game. its people who bitch alot who ruin characters and games. all because you cry babies dont know how to play. i swear this is the Era of Pussies.

    • Bryce Riley

      It’s clear that you play one of those characters, and if I had to guess, it would be Vergil. You probably get a number of wins off of him and lose occasionally, thus him being beatable. You also seem to think that game designers are perfect and get things right the first or second time. Just about every multiplayer game released these days goes through multiple post-release patches and re-balances. This ranges from first person shooters to real time strategies, so why should fighting games be any different? Really, it’s probably because you don’t want to work harder to earn your wins.

      Calling everyone “pussies” for wanting a change just shows your ignorance which is obviously not just limited to video games. You don’t seem to understand the difference between your an you’re. No, you did not misuse that contraction in this post, but I’ve seen you trolling this discussion since it started–and your history shows that you don’t know the difference. I recognize that change is needed for the growth of the most popular game in the FGC. I have seen streams all but die the instant soul fist soul fist soul fist started happening. I’ve read people’s comments after they saw Vergil and Zero dominate a game. I’ve seen this game reduced to basically 12-15 characters IN A GAME WITH 50 CHARACTERS. The reason is because the lesser characters are outclassed by the Zeroes and Vergils of the game. Even when you see a lesser character, they almost always have a top tier character to protect them if the game goes awry. These are things that drive people away from games, and that’s part of the main reason that this game needs to be adjusted. To me, ‘just quit,’ isn’t an acceptable response as we all want to see the community grow and thrive. Fix the things that don’t belong in this game. A lot of people are even arguing for the removal of Zero and Vergil, which is funny. I wouldn’t go that far, but obviously things need to be adjusted. Would you just prefer that everyone quit playing? Probably not. Get over it. It’s going to happen.

      • Sabih Khan


        Instead think of ways to improve the lower tiers , why don’t more people share this viewpoint, it boggles my mind.

        • Adeveis

          There called top tier because of how they dominate over every other character which usually indicates there is something broken about them. IMO the low tiers in this game aren’t bad and may need a few slight tweaks but if the top tiers stay the way they are, then the low tiers still wouldn’t do well unless you change their entire character design. Vergil and Zero need to be nerfed more than anyone. I believe that because I play them and think to myself “This is too easy”. I play point strider with Hseinko and think “This is doable but a good vergil or zero have so many ways to take me down and I have little to no way to effectively shut down their neutral”. If it was like a team that gave me trouble then i would understand, but when it is a character that can just destroy me then there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

          • Alucard Violandi

            Obviously top tier characters are their for a reason. in every fighting game your gonna have characters who are better then others. i really dont see any problems with vergil and zero. at all they dont have Op defense and health all it would taake is a one good comb to wipe them out. look at phoenix she has a shit low health. but her attack power is OP. no ones bitching about her. people just need to learn how to play.i have no problem beating vergil and zero and neither does anyone i know.

          • Adeveis

            But their offense can shut down any characters neutral. Vergil has range and swords, zero has mobility and buster. They are too good in the neutral department and I’m not saying nerf them to hell but they should at least lose there infinities. Why do I have to reset them to get a kill when their offense shuts down mine and can kill off one hit? Also I would like to say Skullgirls is the one game that got it right. No character in that game completely overpowers another. There isn’t even a tier list. Not saying UMvC3 can be perfect or vergil and zero need ultra changes or hseinko and strider need huge buffs, just saying the game could be better than it is now with a couple of tweaks to the system and characters.

        • Bryce Riley

          You obviously play one of the broken characters and defend it. Street Fighter is a fighting game of real balance at this point It’s a different game, but each characters have tools, options, favorable, and unfavorable match ups. In Marvel, the balance is possible, but Zero’s only bad match up is Morrigan if she can get away from the initial mix-up. Morrigan’s and Vergil’s bad match ups are? Bad match ups should not be a counter pick of the three best characters in the game. Saying that you cannot effectively balance a game is completely untrue. Did you see the character diversity in Street Fighter this year in Evo top 8? Winner’s side of Marvel was just Zero and Wolverine. You turn on streams and see Zero May Cry all over the place. I play online occasionally when I can’t play my friends or make it to locals… don’t even get me started on Zero and Vergil. That’s all you see. It’s okay that there are top tiers, but the gap between the top three and everyone else shouldn’t be as wide. For the most part, Vergil will still be great with most people’s suggested changes, and Zero is being hurt the most. A hurt box so small with hit spheres, mix ups, and damage that are so good just aren’t fair. I think you should get it through your thick skull that this patch is coming and the nerfs will happen. Just accept it. The majority of players who play this game agree with Vergil, Zero, and Morrigan should get nerfed. Capcom has definitely started listening to the majority as far as re-balances go. YAY!!! Sucks that you play a broken character.

  • Knapstar

    The game only needs to be tweaked some in certain areas slightly but to say it needs a complete rebalancing doesn’t sound realistic. Minor tweaks to the system will take away the dominance the top tiers have easily as long as people explore every option every other character has optimizing them to their fullest. Tiers will always be in any game that won’t change but people have to make better adjustments on their end. Asking for too much will only make people lazier in general some work has to be done on the part of every character to make them worthwhile too. All out nerfing or buffing characters to oblivion will not make the situation any better for anyone. We need to understand that before we make requests like these.

    • windsagio

      Nobody’s saying ‘lets annihilate tiers entirely’ though,

      There are some serious, and well-known balance issues in Marvel, to the point that it actively inhibits “explor(ing) every option every other character has optimizing them to their fullest.”

      Beyond balance, a lot of the things that people complain about the most hurt gameplay in other ways. OCV lightning loops for instance degrade the play experience/enjoyment for the victim substantially.

      These things cost the game players, and to absolutely no gain.

      • Knapstar

        I know and I agree with you here that is why the game has to be tweaked to encourage people to want to “explore every option every other character has optimizing them to their fullest.”

        Potentially broken mechanics need to be adjusted or tweaked accordingly and when they are, people will want to see what whole cast can do not just the top 12 to 15 characters in the game. Improving the lower tiers characters will be nice too. I would like to see that too as long as Capcom don’t go overboard with it.

  • Madgame

    I’m one of “those people” that would enjoy a 2 vs. 2 mode. It would be very easy to implement, and add a new dynamic to the game.

  • Bryan Espinoza

    Nerf Morrigan “ASTRAL VISION (Clone Special)” ,the temporary state generates special bar, when it should not generate
    Annoyed much more than the “ouroboros” (Strider Hiryu) .

    Thank you!

  • Sabih Khan

    capcom is going to ruin this game listening to all the god damn scrubs. I hope they leave the good chars alone and make the others better.

  • Vision_Collector

    Nerfs and buffs and the mandatory removal of TAC infinites are obvious so I won’t be comentating them. Here are my overall suggestions:

    Metagame changes:

    – Make breakaway not chainable into another throw: give it more space between the players and longer animation.
    – Give a little freedom on an incoming character after a KO of his mate, unblockable setups are really annoying here: either give him the ability to appear from the opposite side of the screen or hyper armor for 2 seconds at the cost of 1 bar.
    – Give more crossover counters invincibility, this tech should be used more often in matches.

    New characters:

    – +1 “Resident Evil” character (Leon or Ada)
    – +1 “Devil may cry” character (Nero being the obvious choice)
    – +1 or 2 “Street Fighter” characters

    – I would really like to see Loki in this game (although I realise his licence may be quite impossible to get)
    – +1 or 2 “X-men” characters
    – +1 “Spider-man” villain
    – +1 “Iron Man” character

    • varsas

      Doc Ock or Green Goblin or Electro to tie into new film.

  • Jaminis

    Fix Haggar losing life when he does “double lariat” & add in BlackHeart… ?

  • Evan Tatum

    I’m really into alter character changes at the moment . Jill should get better mobility with a double jump and air dash, it help her better without the use if level 3 or trying to make to much out of her down down S with assist , I was in the lab with her with the heroes and heralds ability cards activated and it strengthens her game. Ghost rider could also benefit better with double jump . Dr strange needs better mobility too; I’m not saying air dash or anything because he already has a teleport, but than again look at Dormammu, slow too but with teleports and tri dash. Vergil swords and morrigan twins should both be level 2 to use. And spidey should get some of his damage back. Anyway that’s just my thoughts. Hope they could be considered .

  • Nomad

    There is a difference between OP and just plain good, and whenever any of us asks for a nerf we need to keep that in mind, before everyone starts busting out their Nerf bats. Personally aside from a few things with Morrigan, and Dooms Hidden Missiles assist I
    think buffs should be the name of the game. Let’s make the other characters good too, not nerf the good ones to nothing. Zero may need some balancing, but the idea is to make him, and anyone else fair, not garbage.

  • Suspinded

    Buffing underrepresented characters is key. If they’re going through the trouble of reacquiring the license for this : PC Version, for gods sake. Seriously the only game I still have a console for anymore. 😐

  • Ken Masters

    For the love of God, add the Break away mechanic from Tatsunoko vs capcom, but without the health drain. That would prevent some of the infinites in the game (that zero loop) in a way. And buff Hsien-Ko and Ghost Rider

  • Cylith

    Honestly, besides the obvious of “adjustments”, Morrigan gaining meter during AV and Weskers lv 4 X-Factor(just dumb)for example, I would love it if they made command grabs have priority over normal grabs. I use Thor a lot(character loyalty) and that would be a welcome change. It would help other characters with them as well.

    • Alucard Violandi

      Thor needs a serious speed boost cuz hes is slow as hell in dashinhg and in combs

  • Alucard Violandi

    Top Tier characters are there for a reason. in every fighting game you’re
    gonna have characters who are better then others. i really don’t see any
    problems with Vergil and Zero at all. they don’t have Op defense and
    health. all it would takes is a one good comb to wipe them out. look at
    Phoenix she has a shit low health. but her attack power is OP. no ones
    bitching about her. people just need to learn how to play.i have no
    problem beating Vergil and Zero and neither does anyone i know. capcom needs to stop listing haters and do what they feel is right.

    • windsagio

      It’s capcom so you don’t have to worry about them actually listening :p

      • Obanye

        Thank god Capcom doesn’t listen to you two retards.

        • windsagio


          • Obanye


          • windsagio

            Joking aside, I really dont’ agree with the guy above at all, I think the anti-nerf cult that gamers have is silly at the very very least.

    • Bryce Riley

      Eric, your grammar is about as terrible as the character balance in UMvC3. You need to learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. Since I’m nice, I’ll give you a quick lesson on that right now. There – generally used to indicate a direction or location; e.g. those apartments over there have roaches. Their – indicates possession or ownership; e.g. I love the Smith daughters for their beauty. They’re – IS A CONTRACTION. No, that isn’t just what happens when women are about to have a baby. In the grammatical sense, a contraction is a compound word that is joined together by an apostrophe. Generally, the compound includes the entirety of the first word while an apostrophe replaces the vowel in the second word. They’re is a contraction of the two words they and are. They’re means they are, so you would use this contraction whenever they are is appropriate. An example would be: they’re about to go to the grocery store. Aside from they’re, other examples of contractions include: it’s, you’re, we’re, and haven’t. Though I don’t agree with your opinions, using proper grammar will allow you to gain credibility with those of us who have IQ’s higher than 70. Also, let me know if you need to know the difference between your and you’re. Since I’ve given you a lesson, you should be able to figure it out. The rules are essentially the same as their and they’re.

      • Alucard Violandi

        Seriously dude can you hop off my dick already. i stated my opinion on this game and if you don’t like it fuck off. plain and simple. and don’t act like your a fucking genius. take a look at yourself before judging others. now do me a favor don’t comment me back and go on with whatever so called life you have.

        • Bryce Riley

          This is basically a discussion forum and it’s a free country, so I’ll respond to whatever posts I want to. Regardless, you don’t seem to get the rules for your vs. you’re either, so I’ll explain it. Again, since I’m such a nice person, I will dumb this down for you so you can comprehend it! Your – is a possessive pronoun. Since you don’t know any rules of grammar, I won’t delve into that too much. Basically, it’s a word that denotes ownership! Got it? You’re is another contraction. If you look at my earlier post, I explain what a contraction is. You’re is a contraction of the words you and are. So when you said your in your previous post, you should have used the contraction you’re. Trust me, I am not on your dick in the slightest. I’m trying to help you out because your grammar is deplorable (look it up or use context clues). Your ignorance is clearly not limited to Marvel, it also affects your understanding of the English language. Maybe you should take a break from video games and try reading a book.

          Four usage examples of the aforementioned contraction and possessive pronoun:
          1. If you want me to quit responding to your posts, say something intelligent.
          2. Eric, your intelligence is nonexistent.
          3. You’re going to have to drop Vergil because the nerf is imminent.
          4. You’re literally as dumb as a rock.

          P.S. I noticed you went back and edited your initial post. I’m glad you’re listening and learning =D.

          P.P.S. “Eric Perez • 2 months ago – OMFG they need to make Doomdays supernova Blockable it’s fucking ridiculous.”

          For someone who says people who ask for nerfs give gamers a bad name, you sure have done it. You’re like the pot calling the kettle black.

        • FOHBUS

          u mad eric? let it all out bro

        • Bryce Riley

          I know you’re raging. It’s because you view my help and tips as insults. Improve your grammar and step your game up.

  • spades111

    No more push back on Dantes attacks… keeps his damage nerfed for all i care, I just don’t wanna leave it to luck each time I land an anti-air that can confirm will an S

    Also I want Trishes Hop Scotch and Peekaboo to be more practical for combos. If other traps and hook grapples are effective after a 4 hit combo why not trish. Or at least make her round trip cancelable with speed change the instant it’s launched… otherwise speed change is only good when opponent is full screen away.

    For some reason I think sentinal needs atleast 1 mil health… is it just be or does it feel wrong to have such a big character with such average health. Like why’s his HP less than Dooms.

    The only nerf I specifically wanna see is on hidden missiles. It can double OTG and doesn’t go away once doom is hit… I want them to disappear if Doom is hit.

    I want TACs from pre vanilla

    I’m not sure but after a cross counter can you follow up on moves that have a follow up? Like can I get the second part of web sting with spiderman if i use the counter? If not I want that in. Would give people more unique setups and defense options.

    Any other nerfs and buffs is up to you guys.

    System changes…

    I’d like the option to go between vanilla and UMvC3’s hud and the option to display damage being done like in pre-vanilla

  • hydezra

    just fix the characters brokenness, especially the most noticeable one, the game mechanics including xf is just fine. thats what makes marvel, mahvel

  • Dr. Claw

    Not even really interested in a rebalance. Not that I play the game that much, but the only thing that would get me hype @ this point would be more characters. Particularly on the Capcom side, sans the trolling that was done throughout the endings of this game.

    At this point, if that’s not going to happen, why even rebalance it?

  • j95lee

    There’s really no incentive to choose the majority of the cast when a select few has all the tools to succeed. The “medium” characters of the game (Cap, Iron Fist, etc) don’t have gimmicks or setups that turn the momentum in the blink of an eye. They have to commit more bars and really choose their assists and spots to inflict damage.

    Magneto has a guaranteed combo off an air throw, but Cap or Ryu has to burn meter, xfactor or call the right assist after theirs. Huh?

    I hear UMVC3 didn’t sell that well, which isn’t a surprise. The game is an exercise in frustration more often than not. Get touched once, and you’re most likely dead, and the incoming character (barring some safe options) is at the MERCY of the incoming mixups and such. Guess wrong, and he’s dead. Like clockwork. Even when you’re the one inflicting the pain, performing extended combo videos isn’t all that fun.

    They have to balance the cast. How could they not?

  • Julius Enarusai

    Doom’s Missles go away when Doom’s hit, Sentinel should have about as much health as She-Hulk. Hsien-Ko’s dash needs to be MUCH faster and maybe allow her to naturally combo from her command throw. Return She-Hulk to what she was in vanilla. Thor’s command throws should stay active for a frame or two longer.That and either speed up the activation for flight. The only general thing I would do is change the amount of meter characters like Zero and Vergil build in their long combos.

  • poopjones

    Give Hsien-Ko the proper translation into a Versus game from her original Darkstalkers version, so that its not a completely different character. Meaning; give her her actual speed, make her dash and air dash not incredibly slow, make Tenrai Ha not suck, increase the speed of Chireitou, make her Sepuu Bu cancelable as it used to be, and make her super inputs like they used to be in Darkstalkers for the trollz. 😛


    add sakura and dark sakura

  • Vinh Trieu

    i think when it comes to updates, we only think about making best characters even better and worst characters extremely ignored
    like for example arthur, completely useless and never really found
    online. chun-li, shes really slow if she could execute her moves alot
    faster, she’d be better than Zero. and we need characters based on Fan
    Feedback like we want megaman, gambit ect. and personally i’d like to
    see Asura and Cable(DP game design). i’d like to also fan designed stages too. also Costumes should’t really be paid for because they’re overpriced and some design are disapointing like Nova’s alt. im just gonna leave it there but i got plently of ideas for ya

  • KylePayton

    lower dante’s cr.l from 8frames to 5frames

  • Gary Nault

    The game has become an anchor game with a stay calm, let my team die, X-Factor level 3 attitude. Characters like Vergil, Strider, Phoenix, Wesker, and Skrull are dominating the anchor position and it’s kind of dumb not to run them on anchor… I don’t run them on anchor… ><


    While X-Factor is in the game as a come back factor for less experienced players I think that it needs some work. I like the idea of a come back factor but the different levels of this mechanic leaves the game with a bad, bitter, salty taste. I suggest still having X-Factor usable at any time but instead of three levels that there only be one regardless of how many characters are left. Perhaps something just short of or near level 2. You can still kill characters easily with easy bread and butter combos that newer players should be capable of performing instead of magic series six hit death.

    If not, then I would say adjust the duration. While in X-Factor level three I can eliminate all three opponents, that isn't a come-back factor, it's a win factor. The times for levels 1, 2, and 3 are currently 10-15-20 seconds. Perhaps something like 8-12-15 would be more appropriate. If the point is to come back then you should only be allowed enough time to get the advantage over your opponent, not win the game entirely.


    These are the three options I see for Team Arial Combos. Bring back the original TAC counter back. If this were to happen it would now be much more riskier to try to do an infinite combo because now you may be put into one yourself.
    Link for original TAC Counter:

    Fix what ever problem there is with hit stun so infinite combos are not possible.

    Remove them entirely. As much as I wouldn't want to see this because I think it's a cool element of the game they need to be fixed. If they aren't then I think they should just be removed.

    While assists are getting hit the game slows down to almost a crippling halt. If my assist were to come out and get hit and I do a disruptor it seems like it takes 40 frames for it to come out and he's doing it with a strobe light on.

    —–Character Specific—–


    Everything she does is safe. Just no. I would say just add frames to her unfly so she's more punishable while Soul Fisting her opponents in the as…sist. Please, just something, anything!

    He's not as bad as people make him out to be when you know how to punish him. I honestly think just adding a few frames to one special would make him not so hated or feared. Add enough frames to rapid slash so he can get thrown a "bit" more easier but not so many that he's not able to link swords still. I honestly think if we see an X-Factor change he won't be a problem any longer anyways.

  • Nickoli Greg

    Sentinel is a bit over powered, Zero is too weak on defense, also make Nemesis a little faster.

  • Batman

    They need to add Daredevil so we can finally have an all lawyer team. Also fix all the shit they did to ruin She-Hulk, and make her “Taking out the Trash” hyper catch falling characters so you can like DHC into it. Like if you fuck somebody up in the air with “Super Nova” dhc into She-Hulk and like catch em as they’re falling. I don’t know I was using her today and I thought that might be kinda cool.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Best buff ever, optimize the damn game for PS3 already. I mean really how the fuck does a Japanese company develop a better game for an American console?