Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Be Mysterious Fifth Character’s Fighting Game Debut

By on July 17, 2013 at 5:27 pm


During a quick interview with Craig Hunter of The Jace Hall Show, Capcom’s senior product manager Matt Dahlgren discussed some of the reasoning behind their decision to rebalance the Street Fighter IV series with the upcoming Ultra update. He mentioned that their biggest and most obvious goal is to make it so that unpopular characters can stand on equal ground in the competitive arena without nerfing the stronger ones, driving home the point that they are focusing on minor adjustments instead of huge, game-altering changes.

Feedback from the community has also been a huge part of crafting this update, with over 18,000 responses coming from the United States and Europe combined and Japanese fans sending in more than 12,000 themselves.

When asked about the unannounced fifth character, Dahlgren was obviously very light on details, but did provide one more hint concerning their origin. While we already know that this mystery fighter will be making their first appearance in a Street Fighter title, this will also mark his/her first fighting game debut altogether. Apologies to fans clamoring for Haggar, Rival Schools characters, or any of the similar crossover possibilities out there…doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

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Source: The Jace Hall Show via NeoGAF