DM.MCZ|Xian’s Goal Now That He’s an Evo Champion? Leveling Up the Singapore Community

By on July 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm

The fine folks over at Hold Back to Block recently uploaded their very first interview from Evo 2013 this past weekend, featuring none other than the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 champion, Xian of Team Desperation Move and Mad Catz. They touch on some great topics here, including how he prepared for the tournament, his early time with fighting games, why he switched from Yun to Gen (“I wanted to be the people’s champion more than being just the champion,”), and more.

One of the more interesting moments in the interview comes when Xian is asked what he plans to do next now that he’s won an Evo tournament. While his sights are obviously set on strengthening his own game for future tournaments, he also plans to carry the victory back to his homeland of Singapore and help the rest of his community level up.

In addition to this interview, Hold Back to Block put together a trio of “Moments” videos over the weekend that quickly showcase the emotions on display from both the players and the crowd when EG|Justin Wong, AGE|NYChrisG, and coL|Filipino Champ qualified for top eight in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Source: Hold Back to Block

  • Andrew Mann

    Regarding the MOMENTS videos, Champ seems aggressive, Chris seems relieved, and Justin just seems happy. I suppose it’s easy to see why the majority of viewers seemed to be pulling for Wong. Am I wrong?

  • Man, Xian. Always thinking about his mates. Respect.

  • TabbyNat

    Arecade cabs laggy? Really? I never knew that…

  • Louis Lam

    What an awesome dude.

  • Sam

    Never heard of this youtube channel before, thanks for posting it up. Xian sounds like comes off as a good dude with some noble goals.

  • Hey_Sim

    Xian is like the real Chun Li of Singapore (I’m not calling him a woman).

  • Remster

    Nothing but respect for Xian. He was my favorite going into Evo and he proved at the end of the day that character dedication and very hard work can end up meaning more then tiers.

    I hope he reaches his goal and can help level up more Singapore players that aren’t as known as he is now. It really didn’t take him that long to put himself on the map after switching to Gen.

    • KubikiriTurkojin

      i dont know why you are acting like tiers dont matter, gen played by xian at this level is pretty much top tier, top 5 character in the game.

      i would like to see how well xians gen does against grapples like gief and hawk, as well as against characters like boxer and sim. most of the cast he wins or pretty much evens (stil slightly in gens favor though).

      • Remster

        That’s very far from what said.

        Tiers always mean a lot in fighting games, but most top players don’t put Gen in top 5. Xian makes Gen look amazing because he put so much work in. That’s what I meant, that Xian was able to win Evo with the best Cammys/Akumas/Ibukis/Sakuras/Vipers/Seths in attendance.

        And Xian used to play Yun, so it says a lot about how he developed as a player since he didn’t make top 8 with that character.

      • XaviIniesta

        Most players don’t consider Gen top 5. High tier yes, but not Top 5.
        He’s not going to knock down characters like Cammy, Fei, Akuma, Adon, Seth, etc from that list because Gen is harder to play than those characters. And Tier lists determine how much work a character needs to do in order to win. Xian is an extremely talented player, and his excecution with just one hand is frankly better than many players using two hands. (Saw him playing one handed Yun online on Cross Counter Asia) There’s a reason we haven’t seen a sea of Gen players emerge in the past year, even though Xian has won several majors all across the world. Because there are other characters that can win with much less effort.
        Xian is the reason why Gen is considered as good as he is in the first place. Much like what Daigo did for Ryu during the first couple of years.

        Here’s Xian’s tier list, btw. He places 10 characters above Gen. And he knows Gen’s matchups better than anyone else.

        • MCHAWKING

          The argument that the character is “harder to play” and therefore lower tier is completely fallacious at the highest level. Pros put in extreme amounts of time and dedication to their character of choice. It doesn’t matter if it takes 500 or 5000 hours to master the character, pro players are expected to put in much more time than that if you expect to go anywhere at major tournaments. The notion that “its okay for this character to be better than another because he is harder to use” is not something that should come into consideration when balancing, unless we are talking about balancing for casual play.

          The fact is that Gen is very hard to use because he has 2 entire sets of normals, 2 supers and 2 ultras all of which need to be swapped between at a moments notice in order to be effective with the character. For a beginner this is a huge impediment to being a good character. For a pro this is a huge boost to the viability of the character because it gives him a very large toolset to deal with most situations and an insane level of variability in his mixup game. All those “hard to use” tools become second nature eventually, just like everything else in the game, it just takes a bit longer than normal.

          • XaviIniesta

            It’s not fallacious because tier lists created by pro players consider only high level play. I didn’t say “It’s ok for Gen to be stronger because he’s harder to play”. (In fact, that’s a reasoning I highly disagree with, for example in Viper’s case. She’s a high execution character, but once in the right hands can be devastating. A bit too devastating in the previous iterations of the game I thought.)

            I meant I think he’s genuinely not as efficient as the top 5 characters because they are at the very least just as strong and need less effort to play. And by effort I’m mainly referring to their options. Gen for example doesn’t have an FADC’able DP, which is one thing most of the top characters have in common. However, execution also comes into into play, as while tier lists assume you have the competence to use the character efficiently, it doesn’t assume that players will never drop any combos, so they also assess the amount of risks they have to take compared to other characters. A character who needs to do that many more 1 frame links in order to punish properly gives the player that many more chances to drop the combo in a match. And everyone drops combos. Even Sakonoko. The tougher the combo is, the higher the risk becomes. If we make an identical copy character of Yun, but change one single thing, that his MP gives one frame less advantage on hit, then the original Yun will be higher tier because players risk less doing combos with him. Even though both are capable of doing the same combos.

            Another reason Gen is difficult to play, besides the things you listed, is that he often needs to do difficult combos in order to punish properly, which include pianoing in combination with multiple one frame links.
            I can almost guarantee you that we’ll never see anyone else do the combo Xian did with Gen during Red Fight District, being on pixel health, against a Honda player, where he chose to do an excessively difficult never-before-seen combo that used up all his meter and ended in an Ultra, that wow’d the audience and baffled the commentators, instead of just going into the Super right away and killing him right away. Why did he do it? Because he wanted to build 25% of one single EX bar going into the next round. That’s a huge risk that Xian was confident in taking, but I doubt we’ll see anyone else attempt that in a top 8 match.

            The Tier lists assume all the possible matchup knowledge the top players know and the execution necessary to use the character efficiently. However, some players are simply able to get more out of characters than most other players, including top players. Not every top player can handle every characters at the same efficiency. There are things Sakonoko does that no one else does, let alone attempts in a high stakes match.
            Justin Wong is a very strong player, but he says his biggest weak point is that he doesn’t have the execution of other top players. He’s been playing fighting games competitively for over a decade, and puts more time into training that most people, but this never changed. So Gen would probably not be as effective in his hands as they are in Xian’s. Likewise, Fuudo just has better reactions than a lot of other top players. So while tier lists consider high level play, they don’t assume perfection, and have to consider the risk involved.

            Though the bottom line is that Xian himself put Gen below 10 other characters. While tier lists can always be argued, I don’t think anyone in the world knows Gen’s matchups as well as Xian does, so it’s doubtful that he is that much off on his own character.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        hey guys im talking about the characters being played at the highest level possible. nobody was playing gen at the highest level to begin with, now there are like 3 grnad master level gen players, his shit is hard to deal with for most of the cast, comboing his far reaching strong into hands, that far reaching roundhouse, the mix ups, the huge damage each combo does. a lot of characters can not really deal that well with gen, especially when a player like xian, amiyu and sako play him at a level where you actually see gen played like he should be played.

        so remster, agreed to a certain extend only, xavielniesta, not agreed, mchawking, agreed.

  • Johnnyboi11

    Gen pretty much has more potential than any character in the game – even Akuma.

    I don’t understand why people are sleeping on this character.

    Something to note: Xian did not win a single tournament when he mained “broken” Yun in AE, yet in AE2012 he has won around 8 tournaments. I think that has a lot more to do with the character being criminally underrated (low tier lolz) than lack of match-up exp.

    • XaviIniesta

      I think if he had more potential than Akuma, Xian would have discovered it by now. He ranks Gen below 10 other characters in this game on his Tier list.
      He’s certainly not low tier though. People need to remember that Xian is an exceptionally talented player, even among top players. He placed 5th in KOF at EVO as well. As for why Xian didn’t win anything with Yun, well he has come a long way since then and gotten a lot more matchup and player experience. Perhaps the booing of the crowd got to him as well. He seems to enjoy entertaining the crowd and gets motivation from people cheering for him.

  • JnKzm

    Man, at the end of the day, all of these guys are friends. It’s cool to see the hugs that occur afterwards because their is tremendous, Tremendous Respect between all of these players.

    Xian’s interview was incredible, I liked the guy when he first showed up with Gen and his execution has always, Always been Amazing. The greatest of Respect to him winning the tournament with Gen and I’m hoping that next year we will see some new faces from Singapore with what he plans to do.

    Evolution 2014 will most definitely see even more International players and all for the better.

    I’ve always been a fan of Justin Wongs playstyle (rather similar to my own, more passive/aggressive style instead of just pure aggression) but now to finally see him get cheered on is simply amazing. I’m just happy to see people turning a face to him and finally acknowledging how great he is at all of these games. Only Justin can make Storm and Akuma look Top-Tier in UMvC3.

    Mad Respect, The Greatest Evolution Tournament Yet.

  • Nullspace

    “I didn’t like it when people booed me.”

    Trust us Xian, nobody’s booing you now. Much respect.