Double Helix Games Teases Chief Thunder in Glacius’ Killer Instinct Trailer

By on July 14, 2013 at 5:27 pm

During the Killer Instinct showcase at Evo 2013, Double Helix Games’ Rich “Filthierich” Bantegui revealed a brand new trailer for the game’s third official character, Glacius. The video was similar to past combo exhibitions in that it showed off a few of Glacius’ moves, but it also included a quick teaser at the end. While it didn’t explicitly show Chief Thunder (whose incarnation from previous games is pictured above), there’s no doubt that the footage of his tomahawk sinking into a tree was a teaser for the series veteran.


The video has yet to make its way online, but we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as it does.

Killer Instinct is set to release with the Xbox One in November.

  • The Killer Instinct Video Is Right Here!

  • RomanceHD

    I would love to see TJ Combo in this game, but my goodness what’s with the constant combo-breakers? I mean I understand it’s in the early stages of development and there’s still much to be worked on but I didn’t think this showing was all that great. IDK, it kinda seemed dry

    • Deusxmachina

      I agree about the constant combo breakers. After a while i muted the video because i couldn’t stand it and turned on the Killer Instinct OST.

    • Corey

      yeah i have to agree. the game looks fantastic but that was just getting too repetitive. i dont really know how it works in the game but they need to limit it somehow.

    • Shortbread

      I think they’re like TACs in UMVC3. When you’re doing a combo you can go for max damage or mix up with a weaker button and the other player has to guess which one they’ll do and press the correct button to combo breaker, similar to a TAC counter. If you press the wrong button you get locked out and you can’t go for another combo breaker for a short period of time.

      I’m guessing the players aren’t that good at the game yet so they’d always go for the same thing and get countered easily. It could probably still use some tweaking, but so far it’s still better than previous KI games where you had to go for short unbreakable combos or be combo breakered every single time.

      You can also go for a counterbreaker if you predict when they’ll go for a combo breaker, which I think is what a lot of the dropped combos were. Could be some crazy guessing metagames going on once people start figuring the game out.

      Max has a really good video explaining combo breakers.

  • AriesWarlock

    What I want to know is, are there going to be finishers? Is Orchid going to unzip her suit?

  • Corey

    kinda irritated. i was looking forward to a character reveal like they said. not a teaser. this is exactly what injustice did when they had shown the character martian manhunter but it was the version from the stage

  • ragnarok954

    I took a shot everytime time there was a combo breaker…

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    I…..don’t care about him. Wtf DH, where is Orchid? That is the only thing stopping me from keeping an eye on this game.

  • ouroborus

    chief thunder is the most badass injun every created in a fighting game

  • ReddChief78

    This game is turning more into a mess with every showing nice way to kill a franchise DH

  • Inan

    E3 showing of KI3, I was skeptical for many reasons. Then I was hype as all hell after seeing CrossCounter’s first look ( and E3’s KI tournament ( That being said, I was unpleasantly surprised at the poor showing of KI at EVO. I really wish that KI demo went better, but props and all the support and love to the people pushing out and creating the game. Keep working on a game that we all will embrace.

  • Unemployment Master

    I don’t get the people complaining about the constant combo breakers in KI3…

    The game was always like this ever since KI1. You literally couldn’t do bigger combos because you’d get combo broken, hence, getting no damage in the proccess.

    That was the game being played at high level.

    But, can’t say the combo locked to whomever misses their breaker didn’t appeal to me, another layer in the meta-game.

    I still think they should add much more reward to making your combos longer besides damage, though.

    Anyways, Glacius REALLY impressed me! Despite the visual character design not appealing to me at first, seeing his great gameplay archetypal design made the context of his new skin much better!

    After completely dismissing this game in the last months, I am looking forward to it now.

    Won’t buy a Xbone.

    • wigsplitter

      HASJ I’m like you with the Glacius comment. His design is pure ass, but after looking at his gameplay, I can see why they went with that type of design. it still does not change the fact his look is shitty. He was my main in all KI’s and when I pick up a XB1 this will be my first game. Just wish they would have at lease put it on 360 too. Looking at the exhibition, it seems as if they where playing on an 360 from the looks of the sticks.

      • Jason Slade

        They were almost certainly playing on a development copy on a PC.

        • wigsplitter

          damn you are most likely right Jason. lol

  • Bob Obb

    Where are the women

  • DarkRiosIII

    I went to the KI panel they had at EVO this year and I went in not really excited for KI, but I wanted more info on the game. They are doing a damn good job making this game, and once you understand what they are doing with the combo system with the bluffs, combo breakers and such, yeah many KI doubters will change their tune like I did.

  • WhyMe

    Im beginning to want this more and more and more. But Im not paying 499 on a system I do not want just for a game Ive been waiting years for.

    I know there is close to no way in heck they will port it to other systems BUT, What does everyone think about making this an exclusive fighter. Should it not be on multiple platforms?

  • Jason Slade

    One thing really bugs me about the presentation of this game.

    People have complained about the excessive hitsparks before, but it goes beyond that.

    Every single hit, even a simple light punch, have huge amounts of Camera Shake, Loud Hit-sounds, long hit-pauses and yes, hitsparks meant to emphasize the impact of the hit. These things are important to have, they’re in every good fighting game but when they’re applied in excess to every little tap it becomes a sensory overload. It really feels like they’re trying too hard to make the combos look and feel impressive. The amount of visual and audio noise this game outputs when doing combos feels excessive.

    In a genre of games where reactions, visual cues and split second timing are so important, excessive flashiness can actually get in the way of playing the game.

  • windsagio

    Wow the FGC crowd can be intensely assholeish sometimes. Yes, we know you guys hate MS, we get it.

    • allytronic

      EVERYBODY hates Microsoft, and for a reason.

      • windsagio

        Still, think of the guys presenting, is it their fault that people have a stick up their ass?

        Imagine yourself, trying to make and present the best goddamn game you can, and a whole bunch of assholes are shrieking their hate at you because they’re mad at your publisher over an issue they don’t even properly understand.