Evo’s Tony Cannon Offers Official Response on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Rule Change at Evo 2013

By on July 13, 2013 at 1:55 pm


Early today, the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at Evolution 2013 switched from a best two-of-three format to a best three-of-five after the first set of qualification pools at 8 AM had completed. I asked Evolution tournament organizer Tony Cannon to comment:

Exactly what happened?

“Every major in 2013 uses three out of five for Marvel. Evo is the largest marvel tournament in the world, and we had concerns about taking too long if we ran it at three out of five. We always said that we would try to switch at three out of five at quarterfinals, but after the event started, we determined at 10am that we had time in the schedule to switch immediately.”

What about the 8 AM players? Are you concerned about the inconsistency in the tournament format?

“Three out of five is what the players want. If we could have predicted the future, we would have gone for three out of five out of the gate. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and replay the 8am pools, but those guys each had a fair shake; they were all playing by the same rules. So we’re changing the rules, but we’re changing the rules for the better. We erred on the side of caution, but now we can run three out of five, so we’re doing it. It’s what the players want.”

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have about the switch. Evo 2013 is still in full swing, so check out our coverage hub for all the streams and constantly updated results!

  • Outrager

    Sucks for the early pool players. Had to wake up early and get only 2/3 games.

    • vastreammonster

      It does indeed suck, but it’s for the better of the tournament. Hopefully EVO will plan ahead in these sort of matters.

      • Outrager

        Which makes it so confusing that they didn’t make it 3/5 to start.
        Maybe the UMvC3 tournament went slower last year so their timing was wrong when they were basing the decision off of Evo2012’s UMvC3 tournament run time?

        • Hey_Sim

          Sounds legit.

        • Tony Cannon


  • Greg

    That was shady


    already bored of umvc3 stream. vergil doom dante blah blah, same boring loops.

    • Takane Shijou

      Welcome to Marvel, enjoy your stay.

      • FOHBUS

        umvc3 isnt real marvel, its TVC2 with marvel themed characters.

        • ReddChief78

          And TvC is just a MvC series spinoff so your point

          • FOHBUS

            even if it was a spinoff, it took its own direction by completely using a different combo system which makes it a different game. what is your point?

    • Hey_Sim

      I honestly hope an underdog makes top 8. Too many players following specific trends in the UMVC3 community.

      • bartonzok

        Yea maybe KBR will get top 8. At least then people will stop following the top tier bandwagon and play with a large variety of characters. Hell, even great players like Moons are bringing unfamiliar characters to the spotlight.

    • bartonzok

      Vergil, Doom, I agree with. Dante on the other hand was barely even played.

  • Ron Newcomb

    Fraudulent early-birds rejoice!

  • Eileithyia

    no professional tournament should change rule once the tournament started. As long as we agree evo is not a professional tournament and it’s just a fan run event then it’s all good. Once you change the rule the result already changed. Alot of people cameback from 1-2. So the tournament is already not the same.

    • Fuzzy Bunny

      So what you’re saying is… we’re not eSports?

  • double B

    i think the pools moved faster this year because more people are using XF3 Vergil. not even kidding.

  • eilegz

    the change of rule its something that shouldnt be done in the middle of a tournament what its next lets switch to xbox360 since every single major on the US its on it and it dont lag….

  • Mike Jones

    stream time for other games gone to waste

  • dopeedoo

    Get up early after participating in salty suites *dont fucking kid yourself and say top players didnt do that because its fucking evo and they want to have fun too* to get randomed out in 2/3 pools only to hear those that get to sleep in got 3/5.

    Yea, that is going to leave an extremely fucking nasty taste in a few people’s mouths post evo. Give them all some sort of fucking partial refund or at least some compensation.

    Also there were many matches that could have benefited with the 3/5 sets *that flash metroid match is a prime example of that*. Just an all bad thing all around.

  • Ace

    Would have been fine to keep it 2/3 just to save time, really. No problem with that.

    • dopeedoo

      2/3 would have made some good time for that 3v3 that was cancelled yesterday.

      Amazing planning, guys!

  • BlackMasamune

    Let’s wait to hear complaints from the people who actually went to the tournament and played those matches, instead of trying to appease stream monsters and couch warriors.

    • ReddChief78


    • Eileithyia

      read twitter.

    • dopeedoo

      So then you haven’t read twitter, cause players complained there.

      That high horse of yours is looking more like a donkey, yo.

      • xShonuffx

        Umm drop some twitter links dude. Not everyone is following everyone who is in the tournament. Obviously there is gonna be complainers, the question is who and how many.

  • ReddChief78

    Lol @ people complaining about a tournament there not in or even at lol it’s the players decision and they have decided stick to stream monstering and just enjoy the show any players got eliminated that early never had a chance anyways

    • dopeedoo

      “players got eliminated that early never had a chance anyways”

      Wow, really? Really? What about the rest in later pools that came back after 1-2 and 0-2 deficits?

      Also, learn how to use a period, breh.

  • Zonder88

    This was really poor planning. It wasn’t fair for the early pool players. Hope they get more organized for this next year.

  • Shabadenaya

    They made the switch in hopes of a player downloading chris g and winning. Sucks they cant just say that and justify it in some other bs way.

    • xShonuffx

      Thats what YOU want it to be to justify any possiblility of there being a conspiracy to put away ChrisG in Marvel. As he said, its what the players want, im sure Chris G is included in the “Players.” And Marvel is the type of game you need a 3 out of 5 because of how quick it is to get bodied. IT takes about two games to figure someone out, if you ain’t got it in 2 matches, you deserve to lose. In one match, thats asking for a lot.

      • Shabadenaya

        3/5 should have been done from the start, if it’s what the players wanted they should have found a way about it like starting pools earlier, shortening d/q time etc there were ways about it. Now you can figure out your opponents game-plan after 1 game the harder bit is actually finding legitimate ways to stop it.

    • randomguy101

      Everybody’s seen Chris G play. What makes having to win 3/.5 games and “downloading” him so different from adjusting to any other player? I can argue it’s a conspiracy to HELP Chris G, not take him out. It’ll give him more opportunity to download his opponents and not get randomed out.

      You’re making a stupid fan boy argument. Chris G doesn’t rely on simple gimmicks to win, so longer sets should actually be in his favor, not hurt him. But specifically helping Chris G isn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be the reason why they decided to switch formats.

      • Shabadenaya

        There are lots of things that actually point to my comment somewhat being reasonable but you haven’t been listening to streams or reading the other articles.

        Now now this is just a comment I don’t intend to have an argument defending or attacking a person I will never and don’t plan to meet.

        Now take care.

        • randomguy101

          You’re the one who made the claim. You need to be the one to back it up. If you have articles, you can easily link them instead of making a statement without proof.

  • Magnus8

    marvel 3 killed the vs series. That game is fart and smelly brown greenish turds. So oh well

  • Christopher Wrightson

    And this is why I don’t support EVO. The entire year nothing but slimeball moves and comments

    1st Mr. Wizard stating in the EVO announcement podcast (WSRK) that it’s “our” fault why we are forced to use ps3 for games that aren’t meant for it. Like “we” bought them ourselves.. Like it’s “our” job to notify YOU the person with the check and the money… Like being the “businessman” you are couldn’t hire someone for $50 to test out the games of the time and make an educated decision on which is TRULY the better system to buy for our hobby… yeah

    Then the donation drive filled with unfinished games, games that JUST came out and oldies trying to push through. You make everyone fight to the death for a coveted LAST place spot (emphasis on LAST possible slot as that was what was told it would have to be for “time: reasons). Then completely flipping their script (most likely due to money being involved) and (*poof*) time has just magically appeared enough to add Injustice as a Main game ( as well as a game that was IN THE LINEUP AND LOST) despite the inability to include other games years prior that came out in a similar time frame yet were told no… real consistent there.

    You think it’s all over. You’ve made it past the worst but ohhhhh no you haven’t. Not if you have an early pool. Why? Cuz if you’ve been eliminated or put in losers you now have to watch as everyone after you gets second chances to comeback while you don’t.. Too bad your flight came in delayed and you didn’t get anytime to practice the day/night before. Too bad you didn’t have time to eat because you had to rush to your pools. Too bad you sneezed on that last combo costing you everything. Got eliminated by your best friend because he was put in the same bracket? Damn that sucks. Too bad you already paid hundreds to thousands to get there only to be dead weight after the first two hours. Yup.

    “… But it’s what the players wanted…”

    I don’t argue with that. But I bet ALL the players including the ones who DIDN’T get too experience it wanted it sure. Too bad they got fucked.


    If you really think about it… it’s actually quite ironic. People entering the most random fighting game this century only to be randomed out by the tourney itself…


    EVO you will NEVER get a dime from me. Not until management has a COMPLETE overhaul. Not with other tournies that imo are not only run better but planned for fun from start to finish like VXG or more prestigious like Curleh Mustache. Stay slimey.