Evo’s Tony Cannon Offers Official Response on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Rule Change at Evo 2013

By on July 13, 2013 at 1:55 pm


Early today, the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at Evolution 2013 switched from a best two-of-three format to a best three-of-five after the first set of qualification pools at 8 AM had completed. I asked Evolution tournament organizer Tony Cannon to comment:

Exactly what happened?

“Every major in 2013 uses three out of five for Marvel. Evo is the largest marvel tournament in the world, and we had concerns about taking too long if we ran it at three out of five. We always said that we would try to switch at three out of five at quarterfinals, but after the event started, we determined at 10am that we had time in the schedule to switch immediately.”

What about the 8 AM players? Are you concerned about the inconsistency in the tournament format?

“Three out of five is what the players want. If we could have predicted the future, we would have gone for three out of five out of the gate. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and replay the 8am pools, but those guys each had a fair shake; they were all playing by the same rules. So we’re changing the rules, but we’re changing the rules for the better. We erred on the side of caution, but now we can run three out of five, so we’re doing it. It’s what the players want.”

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have about the switch. Evo 2013 is still in full swing, so check out our coverage hub for all the streams and constantly updated results!