How Do You Beat AGE|NYChrisG in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Richard Nguyen, EMP|Flocker, and EG|PR Balrog Respond

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There’s no doubt about it: Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez of Afterglow Elite is the one to beat in Marvel. No player has been so consistently dominant in Marvel since Justin Wong in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 days, and Chris G’s recent reign of terror is particularly impressive given the fact that no other high-level competitor has managed to perform quite so consistently in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

But he’s not unbeatable.

I spoke to Richard Nguyen, Empire Arcadia’s Job “Flocker” Figueroa, and Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez of Evil Geniuses, each of whom has defeated him in a tournament set in the past, to see what they think the secret is to shutting him down at Evolution 2013.

Step 1: Take Morrigan Out

No surprise here: Gonzalez’ Morrigan is hands-down his most dangerous weapon, and beating him means taking her out early. SoCal player Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) said that his team composition was critical to his win because it had a decent matchup against the Morrigan/Doctor Doom combination:

My team of Zero/Dante/Strider is able to put up a good fight against Morrigan. But I believe it’s not a winning fight for any of my characters. The way I see it, 80% of the cast has a near-zero chance of beating her even somewhat consistently. However, Zero can kill her in one combo — though it’s hard to get the initial hit due to Soul Fist’s projectile durability — Dante can use teleports to mess her fireball and fly inputs — but he does no damage against her 950K health total — and Strider provides an annoying assist for Morrigan to deal with as well as comeback potential with X-Factor and Ouroboros — but it’s hard to come back against three full health characters. So, the key was probably my team composition and some luck that my Strider was able to get started with X-factor. The other opponents that Chris G had to play always had teams where Morrigan just simply beats on a rather consistent basis — Phoenix and Wolverine teams, for example.

Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez concurs. “The key to beating Chris was to be really unpredictable and try to keep him out of the air, since Morrigan’s runaway skills are extremely powerful,” he said. “I think what I had going for myself was that I was really reckless when I was trying to get that first hit on his characters.”

But each player agrees that Gonzalez’ Morrigan is the best out there. “I think he’s easily the best Morrigan/Doom player because he knows how to play Morrigan the most,” Job “Flocker” Figueroa told me. “I personally don’t think his team is optimized at all, combo-wise, but he does have the ‘field experience’ over everyone, because he knows how to rushdown with her, he knows how to keep the fuck away with her, and he knows everything in-between.”

Nguyen identified a significant detail about Gonzalez’ fireball spam. “Chris G does Morrigan fireball spam more consistently than anyone else. He’s one of the few who can land the infamous 16-hit Soul Fist juggle from full screen, which is basically only possible if the fly/unfly timings are near perfect eight times in a row,” he explained. “He also uses the other very powerful aspect of Astral Vision of Morrigan that no one else really uses, which is that it negates pushblocking about half of the time. With this, he is able to set up constant 50/50 mixups with standing L or fly to jumping S for a low or high mixup while Doom’s Hidden Missiles locks his opponents down.”

Perez also mentioned that Chris G’s defensive talent is an essential part of his game. “I believe what makes him better than any other player that tries Morrigan/Doom is his defense; Chris has one of the best if not the best tech throws in the game, and I’m always impressed by his comebacks with Doom.”

Vergil vs. Magneto?

Recently, Chris G swapped Vergil out for Magneto to round out his Morrigan/Doctor Doom shell a bit; I asked each player to weigh in on whether they thought it would be easier to take on Chris G’s new team.

“Vergil as a level two or three X-Factor character is scary for any team,” Nguyen said. “In particular, though, Vergil against Strider is a war of initiation. The first one to put up Spiral Swords or Ouroboros gets the huge advantage. The switch to Vergil definitely made the matchup harder for me.”

“It really depends on what he decides to do because, I don’t know if he’ll pick Magneto against me,” Perez said. “Wolverine deals with Magneto more easily than Morrigan. I don’t think it would be a good idea, but who knows — after all, he is Chris ‘Genius’.”

Figueroa, meanwhile, thinks the Magneto swap is possibly a troll move. “I think him switching to Magneto makes it easier on everyone,” he said. “Vergil is a blatantly overpowered character, and I think he’s either sandbagging with Magneto, or he’s just depending on Morrigan/Doom so much that he doesn’t care who his third character is — like when he picked Firebrand in the past.”

Putting Chris on Tilt

Each player agreed that Chris G’s weak spot — if he has one at all — is in his extraordinarily emotional nature. “The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that even when he’s winning he seems to feel the pressure when it was close,” Figueroa said. “You can see him sighing or shaking his head between matches when his opponent has already clicked on rematch, so probably his nerves are his biggest weakness.”

Perez agreed. “Honestly, Chris is an emotional player, so I have to say his emotions are his biggest hole. If you do something risky, or if he drops a combo that makes his character die then he will fall. I believe his biggest weakness is himself, right now.”

But Nguyen doesn’t think it’s that big of a weakness. “He is a very emotional player, however, it strangely does not seem like it affects his gameplay too much. It is still something to look on improving however, as I have a similar problem.” Instead, Nguyen thinks that Gonzalez’ Vergil is his weakest spot. “His Vergil definitely can improve as well. Chris G gets the job done with him, but there is definitely room for improvement, which is kind of scary and silly at the same time.”

Beating Gonzalez Again

Beating Gonzalez once puts you in a fairly exclusive club. Beating him twice, however, is almost unheard of — so I asked each player how confident they were in beating Gonzalez in a runback at Evolution 2013.

Figueroa liked his chances. “I’m very confident I can beat anyone right now — whether it’s Chris G, Justin Wong, FChamp, Daigo — anyone from Japan, or anywhere in the world,” he said.

Perez was similarly confident, if coy, in his reponse. “I have something in store for him specifically.”

Finally, Nguyen was a bit more modest. “I definitely will not beat him consistently or anything,” he said, “but I do have confidence that I can put up a good fight and possibly win a three out of five set with a lot of luck and focus.”

What do you think is key to taking out Chris G in UMvC3 at Evo this year? Tell us in the comments!

(featured image courtesy of Karaface; videos courtesy of Kusa3k, Level|Up Series, Team Spooky)

  • Benteezy

    Very Awesome read!

  • Magnesium-Mg12

    I agree. I suffer from Spontanious Salt Syndrome too. I can be winning and still feel like a loser if I don’t play to the level I have already set for myself in my head. Chris can stand to hold that L better though. He says a lot of negative things in the heat of SSS.

    • juggernaut1981

      It will be fun to hear all the negative things he has to say about this article. Really the only purpose this article has. Nice read, but its just stuff we already knew from the few guys that have a snow balls chance in hell to take Chris down. All of us reading this don’t even have that, not like the article would give it to us.

  • Jamie Andrew

    Poor Chris G. People writing articles on how to beat him and yet I have not seen an article on how to beat people like Infiltration or top KOF, Teken Tag Two or other players. Damn, if this was the NFL, Chris G would have a bounty on his head.


      Infiltration is just a great player playing a powerful, but relatively balanced character. ChrisG is a great player AND has a team that is just difficult to beat for a lot of the cast.

      I think that’s the only difference.

      • xceliency

        wait… are you implying that Akuma isn’t difficult to beat for alot of the cast!?

        • Zonder88

          Its kind of pointless when Infiltration can counter pick characters on the fly. He has like 4-5 alts.

        • CRAYONSEED

          It’s a moot point now, but Akuma has a very strong offense, but if you are very good at reading the opponent and blocking, you have a shot. That’s pretty much how I would describe the character.

          I’m sure you know all this, but MorriDoom will kill you for blocking CORRECTLY because of the chip damage (and to a lesser extent the fireball durability). That same problem also makes it extremely difficult to approach. Even if you were an uncrackable defense god, you would still lose by just standing there. So basically you have a team that tells most of the cast to go fuck themselves.

          Main Hulk? Go fuck yourself.
          Main Nemesis? Go fuck yourself.
          Main Ryu? Go fuck yourself.
          Main Chun? Go fuck yourself.
          Main Haggar? Go fuck yourself.
          Main Ammy? Fuck you and your fireball reflect, my fireballs DP the shit out of you in astral. Oh and go fuck yourself.

          I could go on, but you get the point. If I had to fight that team, I would really go for Zero or Logan or maybe Dorm. I think it’s a whole ‘nother level from Akuma and can easily be described as broken. On top of ALL that, ChrisG is a phenomenal player who is exploiting it to the max.

          So there.

      • juggernaut1981

        Relatively balance, the hell !?!?

        • Mark Imakebeats Ford

          LOL all the lil’ rebutles were great lol

    • ReoAyanami

      How to beat Infiltration? Play Cammy.
      How to be top at KOF? Nobody on SRK knows anything about that game.
      How to beat Perfect Legend? Be Chris G.
      How to be top at Tekken? Be Korean.

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      how to beat Tekken tag players? You don’t, you cry because Nin and Knee are going to be at EVO, and you’re lucky that JDCR, and others aren’t coming too.

    • Amer1ka

      Somebody would have had to steal his phone to see if he had notes on how to beat himself in order to write an article.

      Or after last night just talk to PR Balrog 🙂

    • Art Sanz

      Marvel is pretty much the only fighting game series where americans have a snowballs chance in hell of dominating; every time they go to japan they get their asses handed down to them in complete blowouts; so they cling to Marvel just like they cling to american football.

  • drocat510

    So he complains about lag, wins nearly every tournament this season, and now people feel sorry for him because people are trying to beat him?

    • GO4PRO

      when your main (only?) source of income is fightin’ game money I’d get pretty mad about lag too

      • Ricardo Medero

        lag is only an excuse to not look bad, because others lose and they don’t say it was lag or win the tournament and forget everything about lag because they won

        • ReddChief78

          You said a mouth full bro only a few top players complain about lag they get bodied or BARELY win here comes good ole lag to blame to make themselves look better instead of excepting the fact you lose or almost got random out

  • Hey_Sim

    Kill him. It’s the only way!

    • Jack Auffersen

      Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3: Blood Money

  • Deusxmachina

    How do you beat Chris G.? You ask F.Champ to do it for you.

    • 100ctual

      haha nice joke BUT Fchamp would have to make it outa pools/semi-finals in the first place and how often has he done that lately.

      • Michael_Glade

        when have you even went to a tournament, let alone made it out of pools?

    • RenaTurnip

      You forgot your Kappa.

    • ReddChief78

      Nah Flocker knows i rather ask him

  • Kelohmello

    Damn dude. Only Chris G gets an article on how to beat him, huh? Funny thing is it’s not like it matters; none of the dudes reading this article could beat him in the first place and this won’t change much.

    That being said I bet you if he’s seen this article he’s mad as hell about it, just like how he said he wasn’t going to EVO because people wanted him to lose.

  • BXFenns

    How to Beat Chris G:
    Play the same way WhiteBlack did.

    • bartonzok

      I guess point Vergil is the new thing now…

  • H_Magnus

    Lag is the only answer.

    • Mark Imakebeats Ford

      well said. here here

  • BlackMasamune

    So I guess there will be upcoming articles called “how do you beat Infiltration, MadKOF, and Perfect Legend” right” Because SRK couldn’t be that blatantly biased to just one game and against just one player?

    • ReddChief78

      Well Infiltration isn’t over winning all the tournaments and nobody cares about the other games Chris G is the player winning in most of the games not ONE game like the other guys

      • BlackMasamune

        Yet, they only care about one game that he has been winning in. People have been beaten him in all the other games he’s good at too.

    • ReoAyanami

      That’s why Chris G doesn’t even wants to go to Evo.

  • Ricardo Medero

    beat Doom and when you’re about to kill him do a snapback to kill Vergil then leave Morrigan by herself

    what really saves Morrigan is hidden missiles and what really make Chris G comeback in a bad game is Lv3XF Vergil so kill Doom then Vergil then Morrigan

  • Michael Jean Francois

    Morgans natural counter is doctor strange. he can telaport 3 times in 3 diffrent positions . it would fuck up his inputs so bad specially with and extra meater for his energy super

    • Ricardo Medero


  • mike

    You kids are hilarious, crying about the best fighting game player in the WORLD, ya I said WORLD getting an article on how to beat him. The man can win any event at evo that he enters, which is more than kof, infiltration or any other superior gamer can say. He has had the greatest year of any gamer ever, combined with the biggest tourneys and with a bulls-eye on his back. You think he cares about a weekly he randomly loses or that people feel the need to write an article about “potentially” beating him. He enters legit tourneys to win, and not one single gamer has done it better than him. He is so good some of you simply want to watch him fail, when you are actually missing the best gamer at the peak of his powers. NOOBS

    • ReoAyanami

      I’d like to see him win Tekken or KOF or any game with a high barrier of entry.

      • JELIFISH19

        He’s come in top 8 of KOF, SFxT, SF4, Injustice, MK, Skullgirls, and 3S multiple times. Overall, he’s the best fighting game player right now.

        • Michael_Glade

          yet people still think he wins in marvel because of his morrigan

        • ReoAyanami

          He doesn’t play at top level of KOF and 3S which are far harder than all the other games. I don’t really see him in top 8 for both those games anymore either. It’s easy list a bunch of games but the quality of the games does matter.

          • Michael_Glade

            yea he was in top 8 in multiple games at UFGT9, Won injustice, and was top 4 at the most recent major. And LOL at its easy to list a bunch of games, you arent even a top 32 contender in 1 game let alone 4+

          • ReoAyanami

            Why do you have to go straight for personal attacks?

          • Michael_Glade

            why are you trying to discredit someone who puts in work. You act like its easy to get into top 8 in any game chris g competitively plays at including marvel.

          • ReoAyanami

            I never said it was easy to achieve what Chris G did. It’s hard but it’s not the hardest and it doesn’t make him the best fighting game player in the WORLD.

            The only thing I said is easy is listing a bunch of games which is true because one can question those choices. Who did he top 8 against? Will he even got to top 16 at all these games in Evo this year? What kind of skills do those games require?

            Remember, I’m not comparing him to a scrub, I’m comparing him to other candidates for best fighting game player in the world. Getting into top 8 is a given.

          • martin rush

            because he is the leader. total bliztkrieg on yo ass.

        • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

          So? you forgot to mention he doesn’t play 3D fighters, He dropped Persona 4 Arena after getting his ass handed to him by LordKnight, and I bet you he doesn’t play Blazblue or Guilty Gear at all. It doesn’t make him the best FG player when we aren’t getting all the competition. Street Fighter, KoF, those are dominated by the Japanese (and Korea for KoF, remember EVO last year?) Yeah he may do good against other american’s but how well does he do against people who live in the arcade scene and play these games every day?

          • SpiderDan

            So who is this other player that wins/places in 7 different games? I mean, we’re comparing Chris G to a person that actually exists, right?

  • Shadow Yagyu

    Richard Nguyen lost that set so how exactly did he beat Chris G again? We all know Chris went to Super Arcade and won The Runback that night. PR Rog is a godlike AE player but a total nut in Marvel and Nutty doesnt work against Chris G. Flocker is a real threat and could beat Chris any given match. Flocker, Apologyman, maybe Nemo, and of course J Wong they are all threats. F Champ needs to realize everybody knows how to beat Magneto.


    PR Rog got it right. Chris G has the best defense. Most players have front loaded teams and look how bad it turns out for them if their first character gets killed in the first 2 seconds. Chris G is the most consistent at not getting hit in the first 2 seconds of the match. Let’s be honest here, the first scramble is the usually most important factor in a match and Chris G almost always wins it. Chris G may not have the most optimized Doom and Vergil but he’ll hit most players before they hit him.

    • TwitchyGuy

      Exactly. Chris G’s neutral game and defense are so good that he can afford to drop combos now and then or do unoptimized stuff and still win. It’s scary to think how much more dominant he would be if his Vergil was at the same level of his Morrigan or Doom.

  • Michael Lambo Ortega

    If I’d have to say, there is a few ways to approach Chris’ team that’s not being applied enough. My choice would be a consistent rush down to the point where Morrigan can’t breath. This could either lead to him waiting it out, throwing out a shadow blade into flight etc, you getting a happy birthday, you getting opened up, a raw tag, or you actually land a hit. Obviously landing a hit is not an easy task while playing against Morrigan/Doom so this is when mix-ups and set ups come into the picture. Though always keep into consideration you’re practically playing Touhou against Chris. If somehow you get that hit, you better make damn sure you kill or either snap in doom. From what I’m told, if you killed “the” assist in marvel 2, you practically almost won in some case. If you take away morrigan’s missiles, air mobility is something you can actually use now. Plus there’s always the incoming mix up when she comes out. Once those characters are gone most likely, you be dealing with the oh so famous prince of darkness. Vergil. His normals are really not that safe if he doesn’t have meter but people just get scared or complain “It’s vergil”. If he whiffs a H, Stinger, or S, that guy is extremely open. This is usually when “You’re going down” is being played. If you keep vergil at bay or try to whiff punish, that’s usually what most vergil players do. If you’re not in block stun, there’s a few ways to deal with this. Characters such as spencer or captain america can hyper in reaction and either pop xfc or dhc to kill. If you aren’t close enough for the swords to actually touch you, during the start up, dorm and akuma for instance can beat it out because how fast their level one hypers come out. If you’re close enough and don’t have any hyper that’ll help, a snapback is probably the best thing to throw out. Most snap backs are either 1 or 2 frames. A majority of the time you’ll trade with vergil but he won’t be wearing his gucci belt so that’s less pressure you have to put up with. Vergil only has like 850k. Pretty basic combos into one dhc should kill that guy free. And if Magz is on his team, well it’s magz. Everyone should have dealt with him one way or another by now.

    • ReoAyanami

      Theory fighting. Try to do it for real.

    • Jake Klippert

      As long as Vergil has meter he is pretty much always safe and if you attempt to punish a wiff you get spiral swords in the face. Even if ya try to teleport to mess up his input for the swords 1/2 the time they end up safe w/ devil trigger.

  • Razberryclownsac

    Slash all his tires, and make sure he has no alternate transportation to get there

  • Louis Lam


  • Rubio604

    No player has been so consistently dominant in Marvel since Justin Wong in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 days,…

    How many evos has ChrisG won. Didnt Justin win 3-5 MVC2 Evo tourneys in a row?

    • Shabadenaya

      Winning evo =/= consistency rofl

  • Shabadenaya

    The last minute attempt to get players to find anti morrigan tech so they can beat chris g.
    Also there is an easier way to beat chris snap in doom morrigan spam isn’t as effective is doom is dead and have dormammu second on your team since he can just advance guard and chaotic flame morrigan and also spell charges still connect even when hit.

    • Michael_Glade

      yea people try that and guess what …….chris g’s doom is good as well.

      • Shabadenaya

        I know his doom is good but if you were to play on match ups not vs his best or worst character and follow a gameplan the best bet is it to snap in doom. Killing morrigan in 1 combo after you get the hit doesn’t give you momentum like snapping doom in, morrigan is also garbage when she is comming in unless you wanna level 3. Anyway it’s just my two cents I play a team simmilar to chris g’s and the people i consistently play with snap in doom and I find it difficult.

    • JELIFISH19

      Why not just kill Morrigan if you land the hit. You’re not guaranteed to kill Doom and Chris G isn’t free to incoming mixups. The most difficult part of beating Chris is landing a hit. It’s not easy whether it’s Morrigan, Doom, or Vergil.

      • Shabadenaya

        Chris G has a game plan from the way he sets up his team, snapping in doom makes it go out of sync, morrigan spam is easy to avoid if there are no missiles to track you and your char has flight, also morrigan isn’t capable of 3 vs 1 comebacks, i could go on even more how snapping in doom would hinder him but meh.

        Vergil isn’t his best char and I am sure everyone has had decent amount of vergil experience to not even bother snapping him in and just fight him xf2 or xf3.

        Doom players have him second or anchor for a reason, he has lots of bad match ups, is better for his assist, he can barely approach and is easy to keep out.

        But anyway I play Dorm Morrigan Doom and I can tell you when people snap in my doom and are using a character like hawkeye, spencer, zero magneto etc it doesn’t feel great knowing you have to get a hit then either kill the character or trying to air exchange to get your team back in order.

        PS if you play chess do you go straight for the king?

  • Michael_Glade

    People dont seem to realize that chris G is good with his ENTIRE team. People must only think his morrigan is good because usually he wins and still has all three characters, but killing his morrigan just means you will still loose just less bullet hell

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    hes good at sf and kof, but hes only great with mvc3. the top 16/32 players in sf and kof beat him. and thats with just the talent these asians send to evo, he would lose to a whole lot more people if there were more asian players.

    he is pretty much the best from the US right now, wong is probably the only one as strong as him in sf atm in the us.

  • WeESportsNow

    Just pray to the PS3 and monitor lag gods that Chris G doesn’t make it out of pools.

  • sick

    I’ve seen a lot of people go all out to beat his Morrigan only to get straight up mollywopped by Vergil. Good luck and best wishes to anyone taking that approach. Chris G is like some anime character where he only goes half-way at first but then once his back is to wall watch because he’s not only going to have the god team, he’s going to start busting out infinites on you as much as possible.

  • H_Magnus

    Seems like the answer was Online Tony. C:

  • Terel Denton

    This guy is so good at UMvC3 they need to make a strategy guide to beat him. Lawl. Chris G is putting fear into people’s eyes.

  • TSS_BreadNButterz

    It is kind of fucked up to do post this article the day before the finals.

  • Theresa Jenkins

    Gratz to EMP Flocker on winning Evo