[UPDATE] Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Dormammu Combo Exhibition by lush

By on July 9, 2013 at 12:17 am

UPDATE – It has recently come to our attention that this video was originally uploaded to Nico Video by lush. We apologize sincerely for this mixup, and have replaced the offending Youtube video with lush’s original upload. If you haven’t seen this already, check it out below and give lush some love for this fantastic Dormammu exhibition.

Source: lush

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When was the last time you saw a combo video where every combo was absolutely amazing? Even if you have, this Dormammu combo video will leave you blown away.

With all the powers that he summoned and the numerous free trips to the dark dimension, one would think that Dormammu has a grudge against Vergil, Hulk, Thor, Rocket Raccoon and the other characters used as dummies here. The combos in this video are flawlessly constructed and definitely stylish, especially the one at the very end. After seeing this video, you’ll definitely want to have Dormammu on your team. Check it out.

  • Michael Scofield

    holy god that was amazing

  • That Guy

    Damn talk about animal cruelty.

  • RenaTurnip

    Holy crap >_o There are no words for what I’ve just seen.

  • Leandro Moreira Duarte


  • Deusxmachina

    The combos combined with the music are pure epicness.

  • Andre Livsey

    What in unholy FUCK did I just witness?!

  • Matt Eng

    That was so fucking amazing.

  • Carl Bernroth

    And I was proud of my 1.6M combo on Amy with Dorm… I am not worthy.

  • HC

    this is combo vid made by lush from Japan, not star-KOF

  • double B

    they need to put that last combo into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie exactly as-is

  • Casey Wade

    Sweet fancy crap, that was AWESOME! I’ve been thinking of adding Dorm to my Nova/Frank team, and this just sealed the deal.

  • Jamie Andrew

    =*( and this is how i, imagine my Dorm to be and sadly he is like a slow beat up car…I wish i could get my spells and moves out like that. My god….This video was amazing. The one with the stalking flare’s and Dorm teleported and knocked Thor in them. Wow. I didn’t know he could do that. Let me rephrase that my hands will not allow me to do those sort of epic things. Just wow, damn…WOW. If someone used Dorm like that against a live player, my god the rage quit would be so epic.

  • SpiderDan

    I’mma let you finish, but that was one of the best combo videos OF ALL TIME!

  • Dave Passmore JR

    Oh my god.

  • Alley Cat

    make ’em say uhhhh, na nah na naaah

  • Gerard Mainardi

    My… mind… is… blown.

    So much style!…

  • Juggernaut

    i got so salty while watching this awesome video, i rage quit after the last combo lol

  • Wedge

    Man I had to watch that Hulk combo four times to notice he cancelled meteor rain into chaotic flame to get it to end in hard knock down.

  • KuchikiSentou

    3.4 million damage!!! On Ammy!!