Curleh Mustache West Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Invitational and Exhibition Results

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Today will see VxG.EMP|IFC Yipes bring his popular Curleh Mustache tournament series back to the west coast for a second round of insane Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 action. Curleh Mustache West is set to feature a number of notable players from California, Washington, Canada, and more, all vying for the coveted title of champion. Being an invitational, it’s sure to provide some of the most exciting matches we’ve seen to date, so don’t miss out!

Curleh Mustache West is set to go down at the University of California Irvine’s Zot Zone. If you want to attend in person, they will be charging a venue fee of $10. Those of you planning on watching from home will be able to catch all the action courtesy of Team Spooky and iPlayWinner below.

The event will also feature a special marquee exhibition between coL|Filipino Champ and 1ATK.LXG|Infrit, the respective first and second place finishers at EVO 2012. Champ will also be looking to defend his title from the series’ last west coast outing, Curleh Mustache Volume 4.

A near-final list of players invited to participate in the tournament proper can be found after the stream and a full online bracket is available through Challonge.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Curleh Mustache West Invitational

1. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel)
2. Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil, Zero/Vergil/Strider)
3. Angelic (Firebrand/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath, Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath)
4. Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar)
5. AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma)
5. Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider)
7. BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider, Doctor Doom/Amaterasu/Strider)
7. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom)

9. MC|KBeast (C. Viper/Magneto/Dante)
9. MRN|Marn (Zero/Vergil/Strider)
9. Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto)
9. Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider)
13. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye)
13. Neo (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Phoenix)
13. 1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer)
13. Ponce (C. Viper/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull)

17. Stabbotsford
17. Miniboss
17. Paradigm
17. Zero491
17. Freedom
17. DM.MCZ|Xian (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom)
17. Jeopardy (Zero/Nova/Iron Man)
17. Quasidomo

25. SenorTaxi (Chris/Spencer/Dante)
25. WhiteBlack
25. Genesis
25. IGT
25. Zakca
25. BT|Viscant (Zero/Doctor Doom/Phoenix)
25. SWE|BubBlanAB7 (Zero/Trish/Vergil)
25. AGE|Fanatiq (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom, Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel)

Grand Finals

Killer Kai (Zero/Vergil/Strider, Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel) – 4-3 Killer Kai resets
Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel) – 3-4

Losers Finals

Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) – 3-0

Winners Finals

Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) vs. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel) – 1-3

Top 8 Winners

Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel) – 2-3
AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) vs. Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) – 0-3

Top 8 Losers

Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom, Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 3-2
Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) vs. BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider) – 3-0

Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) vs. Killer Kai (Vergil/Zero/Strider) – 1-3
AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) vs. Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) – 2-3

Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) – 3-0

Top 16 Winners

MC|KBeast (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Dante, C. Viper/Magneto/Dante) vs. Denial|Dios X (Doctor Doom/Storm/Sentinel) – 0-3
Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) vs. Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) – 3-0
Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) – 3-1
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) – 0-3

Top 16 Losers

Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider) vs. Ponce (C. Viper/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull) – 3-1
1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) vs. Wentinel – offstream
Neo (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Phoenix) vs. MRN|Marn – offstream
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider) – offstream

Kane Blueriver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) vs. Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider) – 3-1
Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) vs. Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto) – 3-1
MRN|Marn (Zero/Vergil/Strider) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom) – 2-3
MC|KBeast (C. Viper/Magneto/Dante) vs. BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Amaterasu/Strider) – 1-3

Top 32 Winners

Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider) vs. Angelic (Wolverine/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) – 0-3
Killer Kai (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil) vs. Miniboss (Doctor Strange/Spencer/Doctor Doom) – 3-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom) vs. BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider) – 3-1
Kane Blueriver (Haggar/Hulk/Sentinel) vs. Quasidomo – offstream
DM.MCZ|Xian (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom) vs. Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) – offstream
Denial|Dios X vs. Jeopardy (Zero/Nova/Iron Man) – offstream
Zero491 vs. MC|KBeast – offstream
Paradigm vs. AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) – offstream

Top 32 Losers

AGE|Fanatiq (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom, Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 1-3
MRN|Marn vs. SWE|BubBlanAB7 (Zero/Trish/Vergil) – offstream
Wentinel vs. BT|Viscant (Zero/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – offstream
Zakca vs. 1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – offstream
IGT vs. Ponce – offstream
Neo (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Phoenix) vs. Genesis – offstream
WhiteBlack vs. Freedom – offstream
SenorTaxi (Chris/Spencer/Dante) vs. Stabbotsford – offstream

MRN|Marn (Zero/Vergil/Strider) vs. Jeopardy (Zero/Nova/Iron Man) – 3-0
Quasidomo vs. Wentinel – offstream
DM.MCZ|Xian (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom) vs. Ponce – offstream
Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider) vs. Freedom – offstream
Zero491 vs. Neo (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Phoenix) – offstream
Paradigm vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – offstream
Miniboss vs. 1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) – offstream
BT|Clockwork (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider) vs. Stabbotsford – offstream

Early Winners Bracket Match Log

Kane Blueriver (Haggar/Hulk/Sentinel) vs. AGE|Fanatiq (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel) – 3-1
1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) vs. Jeopardy (Zero/Nova/Iron Man) – 0-3
Richard Nguyen (Zero/Dante/Strider) vs. LLND (Chris/Hsien-Ko/Amaterasu) – 3-0
AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) vs. Dr. Snaketits (Magneto/Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom) – 3-0
Angelic (Firebrand/Dormammu/Shuma-Gorath) vs. CJ Showstopper (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 3-0
Drew Grimey (C. Viper/Vergil/Strider) vs. SWE|BubBlanAB7 (Zero/Trish/Vergil) – 3-0
Miniboss (Doctor Strange/Spencer/Doctor Doom) vs. SenorTaxi (Chris/Spencer/Dante) – 3-2
DM.MCZ|Xian (Morrigan/Magneto/Doctor Doom) vs. Neo (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 3-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. MC|GCYoshi13 (Chris/Spencer/Sentinel) – 3-1
BT|Viscant (Zero/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. AGE|Knives (Spencer/Sentinel/Akuma) – 0-3

Early Losers Bracket Match Log

Neo (Doctor Doom/Magneto/Phoenix) vs. GC|ApologyMan (Super-Skrull/Frank West/Doctor Doom) – 3-1

coL|Filipino Champ vs. 1ATK.LXG|Infrit First-to-Ten Exhibition

coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. ●1ATK.LXG|Infrit (Nova/Doctor Strange/Spencer) 10-2 ○○○○○○●○●○○○

Other Exhibitions

○CJ Showstopper (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Wesker/Magneto/Vergil) vs. ●Paradigm (Dormammu/Haggar/Doctor Doom) – 1-5 ●○●●●●

○CJ Showstopper (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. ●Miniboss (Doctor Strange/Spencer/Doctor Doom) 3-5 ○●○●●●○●


Source: BROKENTIER, Team Spooky