P4EVO: The Interview For Las Vegas Arena – Tomo (Shadow Labrys), Exhibition Footage vs. Stunedge (Yukiko)

By on July 6, 2013 at 12:35 pm

In an effort to familiarize the American community with the Persona 4 Arena players from Japan heading to EVO 2013, James Xie recently began a new series of videos called P4EVO: The Interview For Las Vegas Arena. This first installment focuses on Tomo, a strong Shadow Labrys player. Originally a Labrys user, Tomo switched over to her Shadow version after she was released and continued to compete at a high level, eventually qualifying in his region for Tougeki 2012.

The interview features discussion about the game’s balance, why he plays Shadow Labrys, his thoughts on his chances at EVO, and more.

In addition to the interview, Xie uploaded an exhibition played between Tomo and Stunedge, who is also set to attend EVO next week. Does he have what it takes to overcome Yukiko’s strong zoning game? Check out the footage below to find out.

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Source: James Xie