Skullgirls PC Beta Now Available for Indiegogo Supporters

By on July 4, 2013 at 3:44 pm


Have you been itching to get your hands on the Skullgirls PC beta and its new character Squigly? Well, today your dreams have come true, as it is now available for those who donated at least $36 during the Indiegogo campaign, which saw a ridiculous amount of money raised to see content continue to be added to this fantastic indie fighter.

The key to activate your copy on Steam should now be available on your Humble Bundle page. If you haven’t visited that page yet or forgot to bookmark it, follow this link to gain access.

Didn’t donate to their fundraising campaign? You can still support the team by visiting the Lab Zero Games store and donating in amounts of $5, $10, $36, and $81, the last two of which will net you a key for the aforementioned beta release.

As with any early release, Lab Zero is looking for feedback on any bugs you may find during your time with the game, so be sure to send a detailed description of any issues you may encounter along with a rundown of your system specifications to They will be pushing out frequent updates with the help of user input.

If you’ve already jumped into this early version of Skullgirls on PC, feel free to provide your early impressions in the comment section below.

Sources: Indiegogo, Lab Zero Games, tip via Nicholas P.

  • Glen Li Bratke

    Time to go a testing!

  • PlayDoh003

    It froze on me during the opening plugs, just as I hit Shift+Tab when the Steam pop up window appeared. Started up fine after I killed the process.

    • Cat Astrophy

      You can disable those Steam popups

  • Coinbox Tees

    if i pay the 36 will i get access now?

    • GHNeko

      Yes you will.

  • Jason Slade

    Its really really buggy but after waiting so long for this port its amazing.

    Squigly is quickly becoming my favorite character.

    • d3v

      Well it’s a Beta, what did you expect.

    • Michael Zaimont

      That’s the point of a beta, but make sure you report ’em so we can fix ’em!
      bugreport (at)

      • Jason Slade

        Well I was just expecting most of the bugs to be less… frequent? I ran into 3 or 4 in my first 10 mins of playing the beta.

        This is still infinitely better then having to wait another 2 weeks though. Keep up the good work Mike.

        • windsagio

          It’s kind of the problem with using betas as demos and/or rewards.

          It gets a huge number of eyes on the game and all kinds of extra testing (although of a limited sort), but players often don’t know what to expect from it, so it can be shocking.

          Everyone still does it of course :p

          • Cat Astrophy

            Well usually only alphas have this many bugs which is why I totally understand Jason’s response. This feels a bit more than a few weeks off.

          • windsagio

            depends on their testing structure I guess. They’re paying for outsourcing QA, but that might be entirely focused on the new content work instead of on the port.

            Also very (maybe more) likely: They’re feeling time/deadline pressure and wanted to get it out quickly to give their backers something. It’s probably too late for chargebacks now, but fans can be edgy.

          • Petran79

            I hate to say it, but MK Komplete Edition has more bugs than the Skullgirls beta

  • GHNeko




  • Milton O’Bannon

    Works perfectly for me. Though my laptop can handle most of the current gen games.

  • fallen

    Shit shit shit! That means it’s time to get Squigly! Wooooo~~~~

  • Shingo

    I love the way Squigly moves! Even the still not colored moves look fantastic and fun!
    Controlling the screen with her is gonna be weird though but right now she seems so powerful.
    Also, did anybody notice that they also changed the Hard Kick on the Ms. Fortune that still has the head? That move is still also in concept art.

  • VinceOmega

    Going to hop on this ASAP.

  • Petran79

    wait! 36 $? I donated 30 $ in indiegogo and received this in the email:

    Contribution Amount: $30

    Perk: Backer (Everything above, plus: A Steam code for
    the PC release, An exclusive Leviathan Team Fortress 2 hat, Exclusive PC
    beta access, DLC forum access, A “Backer” title in the Contributors

    when did they change that?

    • Michael Zaimont

      We got a certain number of giveaways (I think 5000?) for free; after that, each one costs us money, so we had to add the $6. If you paid $30 you were one of the first group.

      • Petran79

        ok I received it. thanks!

      • windsagio

        it makes me curious about the rules for ‘early access’ (and you’d likely know).

        I see PA is allowing players to buy into the demo (for $89.99, lol) directly from the steam store. I don’t know much about the interior workings of Steam, did you guys decide not to do that, or is there some limitation?

        (ref link)

        • Petran79

          I am imagining the game will have extra DLC or expansions and they’ll be equivalent to that price. Steam though shouldnt do that sort of thing. Buyers should get the game from kickstarter or the developers site, with various price tier options.

          Skullgirls is in beta stage and is not so online dependent as PA.

          • windsagio

            PA is still officially in alpha, afaik. Still point taken.

        • Ben Brocka

          The standard thing is you don’t price Early Access cheaper than what Backers paid, so you don’t “betray” your backers. That’s why some Early Access stuff is priced like $90 for a game that’s much cheaper at release (SG will be $15) because that’s how much the backers had to pay to get access.

          Of course if you don’t have backers who will complain they could have gotten the game cheaper, you can make your early access cheaper or whatever I would assume; Minecraft did that (not on Steam though)

  • Rowan Idris Carmichael

    Wonderful! Squiggly might not be quite Naoto levels of designed for me, but stance based charging is close enough!

  • Vilmos Magyar

    Really great job on the PC efforts. We got keyboards, we got controllers, we got sticks, bring on the fighters.

    • Jebril

      PC is the future of gaming, consoles are becoming less and less relevant. (Thank god)

      • ReddChief78

        Lmao facepalm

        • locazo87

          LOL, have you seen this guy is always checking PC related news? This is a frustrated PC gamer. Reddchief you are lame. PC4EVER.

      • Creepy Chris

        Maybe I’d play on my PC more often if it meant not playing with the most elitist twats on the planet. But alas…

        • Trekiros

          A fighting game on a PC ? You can’t get much more elitist than that.

        • FOHBUS

          still better than COD kiddies..

      • Wishful thinking.

      • OrehRatiug

        Except that isn’t true at all 🙂

  • GHNeko

    The PC version is so good that someone on managed to get their Wii Classic Controller Pro working with Skullgirls.

    • locazo87

      Every controller is usable with PC with the right tools.

    • TwilightInZero

      The biggest advantage of PC gaming: any controller you throw at it has the potential to work. And better still once the Linux version hits: every controller just works period. Don’t even have to fiddle with drivers.

  • locazo87

    Have you noticed theres just one downvote in every post? Its reddchief. LOL.

  • MizukiTHPS

    I just wish I could play with friends…

    • Cellsai

      Hang in there – there’ll be regular fixes and updates including new features like lobbies and whatnot as time goes on!

  • Cloak

    what are the PC requirements?

  • Kuukuu Omoi

    sooo does anyone have this working on a mac? because i am at a loss. lol

    i really wanna play, but don’t understand what to do. ;___;