Xian Constructs Pre-EVO Tier List for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012; Fei Long, Cammy, Akuma Top Chart

By on July 3, 2013 at 10:55 am

While preparing for EVO 2013, Xian of Desperation Move and Mad Catz put together a tier list for the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 cast. This list charts the entire roster of characters, so check it out below to see his thoughts on how they shake out.


Obvious characters like Fei Long, Cammy, and Akuma sit atop the list, but he also ranks relatively uncommon fighters like Sakura and Yun fairly high, the latter of which dominated when he was introduced in Arcade Edition but fell from grace after the ver. 2012 update. Also interesting is his placement of Sagat, which is no doubt influenced by Leslie’s strong representation of the character in Singapore.

Feel free to provide your own opinions in the comments.

Source: Xian via Filipino Champ

  • drekerr

    god damn, honda.
    get your shit together.

  • Guilherme Holz

    Sagat is higher than Seth?!? What have you been drinking Xian?

    • Michael_Glade

      well he is a top player and you havent even been top 32 in a major so i think he would be more accurate

      • Guilherme Holz

        Yeah, he is a top player, also Sanford Kelly, Bonchan, Ryan Hart, Heavy Weapons… Ask them about their opinion on the subject, he is a top player not a God.

      • fire lion

        stop dick ridin

    • d3v

      He plays with Leslie, arguably the best Sagat in the world.

  • RomanceHD

    If you look closely, you can see the tier-list made an S.. which stands for Saikyo which lets you know this isn’t accurate. The list may have Dan as last, but that’s only to get the player comfortable. Once comfortable you will see that Dan is secretly the best in the game. If you disagree with me, you have already become of Victim of Dan.

    • Jason Brunson

      Dan is a beast, THE best mid to close range character on the game.

  • FLStyle

    What does Dhalsim’s position mean? Was he put in late? Or is he bottom of mid-tier?

    • Andre Felix

      this looks like the list he made together with fchamp on fgtvlive. champ was debating whether to put dhalsim above fei or at the very bottom. xian said near balrog.

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    Interesting position for Makoto, higher than Ryu and Guile. Never seen a Tournament level Makoto though

    • Futtock

      It’s only really Haitani that springs to mind – 9th at EVO last year, 2nd in the Topanga League at the start of this year. He’s coming to EVO this year as well so definitely worth keeping an eye out for him.

      • Rafael Liberalquino

        He dropped Makoto… enough said.

        • Toysoldier82

          I don’t know. Haitani has been playing Rufus since Vanilla. Rufus is basically his go-to character when he’s not playing as seriously. I’m sure we’ll see him using Mak again at EVO this year.

          • Rafael Liberalquino

            I am a Mak player and I try to see as much Haitani as I can. Last 3 months or more the only time I saw his Makoto was against a Viper in a Mix Up Night event and it seemed very rusty. Also, BlackVegeta said 1 week ago that since he restarted playing Rufus, his BP’s with Makoto are the same…

          • Toysoldier82

            I refuse to believe Haitani would fly half-way across the world to enter a tournament with that mediocre Rufus. One week is more than enough to shake the rust off his Makoto. And he could be practicing on PS3 to prep so Black Vegeta wouldn’t know about it. #Believe

            Remember there are Gat like players like MOV that no-one ever sees playing SF4 outside major tournaments.

          • Rafael Liberalquino

            By that same argument maybe Haitani’s Rufus is good now.

          • Toysoldier82

            What did I tell you! Makoto! 🙂

          • Rafael Liberalquino

            Gladly I was wrong. He did awesome – except against PR Rog, he seemed to have little prepared for that matchup. But I can’t blame him. That’s the matchup that give Mak players a lot of trouble. I “counterpick” Boxer with T Hawk and since yesterday I restarted playing Hakan.

      • Edu Alonso Carrasco

        Missed Top 16 AE last year haha alright gotta keep an eye on him. I wished next update will restore Makoto to her former 3S glory u.u

  • Es.Trainer

    duddley classy goes down

  • Gene Q.

    So El Fuerte is the worst of the worst?

    • jaybonaut

      There’s video of El Fuerte players beating Daigo (playing Ryu, naturally.) …so yeah I don’t get it.

    • Rock

      El Fuerte player here.
      That sounds about right.

      • SpiderDan

        But it’s OK though, he has one gimmick combo and no good setup for it. Maybe in AE 2013 Capcom will add more damage to close.s.HP! That’s the ticket!

        • Gene Q.

          or giving back his ultra damage that FINALLY made him scary!
          A decent wake up attack would do wonders.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Poor Chun, Bottom 10 status. 🙁

    A couple things confuse me:
    – I find it hard to believe that E. Ryu is stronger than normal Ryu.
    – Yang is pretty high for how people always complain about him being ass and bottom 5 (Thumbs up Kyoku)
    – And I thought Cody would be a lot higher. People always talk about him being potential top 10, or just outside of it.

    • WAZEER

      Did you watch Topanga league? Sako won with Ibuki and E. Ryu!

      • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

        Believe me, I am aware a Sako and what he’s capable of, I’m a huge fan of his Ibuki, and his Cammy. I love watching his E. Ryu too, but I wasn’t but Ryu always just seemed like a more well-rounded character.

        E. Ryu seemed more risky, which of course led to huge reward with his insta-death combos.

        • RazingPhoenix

          Maybe it’s all of E. Ryu’s unblockable setups.

    • Francis N.

      You need to watch Sako’s E.Ryu and see the character’s potential.

  • Chad Yamamoto

    I started playing this game again because yun was put in,and then they stripped him of his power, which I think they did a little to much stripping….I quit the game, now the fact that he is up there again does it mean he got some of his power back? What’s different?

  • Brit Mckay

    Oni better than Balrog and Abel? Rose equal with Bison and Ryu? Sagat better than Seth? Hakan better than Zangief? I love and respect Xian as a player, but I don’t know if this is ENTIRELY accurate.

  • Dubsys

    Literally exactly my opinion on tiers in AE2012

  • Omar

    What’s wrong with the good old matchup table? Can’t we get the data?

  • Streye

    I’m guessing his list is based upon offensive output because there’s no way Makoto should be above at least 5 of those other characters otherwise. Horrible Focus, bad wake-up options, retarded walk-speed, a command throw with almost non-existent range that also loses to everything doesn’t quite get offset by the insane burst damage.

  • Justin Archer

    in what world is yang better than zangief?

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    most of the list seems pretty right, but he seriously dropped the ball on dj. dj is at least on par with juri and the others on that tier.

  • Nawo

    Considering he just won Evo, I’m gonna say it’s pretty accurate.

  • mrkareemruiz

    Sakura IS top 10 easy to understand