[UPDATE] Finalized EVO 2013 Pool Assignments Now Available

By on July 2, 2013 at 3:51 pm


UPDATE – As per Tony Cannon himself, all pool assignments are now finalized barring any extreme circumstances.

Excited for EVO 2013 in just a couple of weeks? Prepare to have that hype multiplied, as the organizers have just released pool assignments for all of the official games in its lineup.

Evolution 2013 Tournament Brackets – Public Review

Please be aware that these are not final, so feel free to use the “Send Feedback” button at the bottom of the preview page to provide details about any issues you may find, including:

  • Players who have registered for EVO but are not in the bracket.
  • Missing or incorrect seeding information
  • Missing or grossly incorrect regional seeding

EVO 2013 is scheduled for July 12 – 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


    To save people time:

    Infiltration pool A1
    Daigo pool A13

    Assuming they both win out, they would meet up at winners side of top 32 (First match of G1)

    A20 has Jayce the Ace, Eita and Kazunoko in it (Eita and Kaz on same side of pool, Jayce on opposite side).
    C1 has Chris G, Aquasilk (same side) and online tony (opposite)
    D2 has Humanbomb and Poongko
    D14 has Dakou (ranked player from China) and Dogura
    E3 has nuckledu and Sako
    E16 has Mike Ross vs. Chocoblanka first round

    • Marcelino Pranoto

      Wait… why Daigo Umehara is also in C8 pool ?????

      also on D2 Humanbomb is meeting poongko early

      Chocoblanka meets Mike Ross for first match in E16 lol

      • bavobbr

        That’s a blanka mirror I would watch

    • Eileithyia

      A20, C1, and D2 are just wrong. Even if it’s random, it doesn’t hurt to look at all the pool by human eyes, it takes less than 15mins. You don’t put 2 or 3 very good players in the same pool.
      I know tournament result is determine by mostly luck and skill.

      Poongko, Eita may not make it out of pool switch Kazunoko to infiltration pool, the entire tournament changed. Eita may make top 8 and infiltration may not make top 8.

      • RenegadeVA

        I’m in that pool… Jayce first round. Might as well drink and party Thursday night!


      More info:

      -Top 8 seeds in order are

      1. Infiltration
      2. Xian
      3. Xiao Hai
      4. Tokido
      5. Momochi
      6. GamerBee
      7. HumanBomb
      8. Pr Rog

      -According to http://evo.shoryuken.com/seeds/, 47 players earned evo points for SF. It appears only 1 through 8 are ranked and the rest just have a *, otherwise there are some very odd choices as to the positioning of players based on the results posted. For example vgm_rex is placed in what would be the 14th seed earning a 2nd place at Bolivian Battleground, where Alex Valle is in the 35th ranked spot despite winning UFGT. Other odd choices include JWong and Ricky not ranked in top 16.

      -All of the top 8 players except Momochi and Humanbomb won at least 1 road to evo event. Momochi came 2nd and 4th in two of the American events, Humanbomb placed 3rd at SEAM (behind GamerBee and Xian). The 9th ranked player (at least by position) appears to be Xrgr.pain.ludo who won the Brazil tournament Revox

      -Daigo did not earn any road to evo points, yet his ranked demarcation and placement in A13 suggests he would be the 48th ranked player. Unclear whether any other players who did not earn evo points have a ranked demarcation. Assuming higher ranked players + Daigo always win out, this would mean starting at top 128 Daigo would face ranked players Jpnw kira yagami (Note: Laugh is unranked in same pool as yagami) -> Problem X -> Infiltration -> PR Balrog -> Top 8

      -On the other hand Daigo is also listed as being in pool C8 (as pointed out by Pranoto above), in an unranked placement. In this case Daigo would start playing ranked players at top 256 and again assuming higher ranks + Daigo win out, would go: CJ Truth -> Popi -> Vgm_matharazo_lr -> Momochi -> Tokido -> Top 8 (Infiltration in winners semis)

      -Marq Teddy is potentially the first ranked player to play infiltration, in winners side of top 64. I recall Marcus being quite eager to play infiltration after SCR and the close match Infil had with Luminaire.

  • Poppy_Bros

    I have made a list of the most relevant KOF players:
    H45 – Cafeid madkof (Korea)
    H47 – Tatsuya Haitani (Japan)
    H48 – Keykakko (Kantoku) (Japan)
    H51 – Will2pac (France), Sange Tencho (Japan)
    H53 – Xiaohai (China), Xian (Singapore), Oogosho (Japan)
    H54 – Frionel (France), Haregoro (Japan), Poongko (Korea)
    I46 – Kyabetsu (Japan), El Rosa (Mexico)
    I47 – Tokido (Japan), Zeroblack (Chile), Kula (Mexico)
    I48 – Eita (Japan), Kane9999 (Mexico)
    I49 – Khanibalito (Mexico)
    I50 – Romance (Mexico)
    I51 – Koukou (Japan)
    I52 – Juicebox, Age Mario (Mexico)
    I53 – DJ Huoshen
    I54 – Luis Cha (Mexico), Woo (Japan)
    J46 – Cafeid Kensouzzang (Korea)
    J47 – KaneBlueRiver (Chile)
    J48 – Arcadeshock Reynald, Dakou (China)
    J49 – Luffy (France), Mago (Japan)
    J50 – The Answer
    J51 – Hellpockets (CLARKANATORRR)
    J52 – Yan Yao Ren (Taiwan), MOV (Japan) , Cafeid Verna (Korea)
    J53 – ET (Taiwan), Dante Kaiba (Peru)
    J54 – ChrisKOF (Mexico)

    Wait, where is Kaoru!? カオルさんどこですか?!!!!

    • bavobbr

      wow, even for KoF the pools are stacked already

    • Poppy_Bros

      The pools have been changed!

  • J.D SRK

    Not adjusted for byes, player count.

    1- SF4: 1632
    2- UMVC3: 1344
    3- SSBM: 736
    4- Injustice: 624
    5- SFXTK: 592
    6- KOF: 480
    7- Persona: 432
    8- TTT2: 368
    9- MK: 240

    • Toysoldier82

      For comparison, last year’s numbers:
      1. SF4: 1520
      2. UMVC3: 1248
      3. KOF13: 1072 (inflated due to Free T-Shirt)
      4. SFxT: 784 Teams
      5. SCV: 416
      6. MK9: 304

      • Yan Zhao

        SFxT got better with the patch, and lost half its entries. How ironic heh.

    • Jano Torres

      Yo Melee!

  • Andrew Espinoza

    Shit. Gotta face Tokido in my first match of SFxT.

    • mathan81

      Dead God :’|

    • WeESportsNow

      RIP IN PEACE Bro

    • Others may tell you to kiss your ass goodbye.

      I will not.

      He is your opponent.

      Annihilate him.

      • This mindset right here.

  • Louis Lam

    Player count (with byes adjusted):

    1. SSF4 AE v2012 – 1,601 players
    2. UMvC3 – 1,297 players
    3. Melee – 696 players
    4. Injustice – 582 players
    5. SFxT – 545 players
    6. KoF13 – 433 players
    7. P4A – 400 players
    8. TTT2 – 355 players
    9. MK9 – 233 players

  • Streye

    I think the pool generator hates me because this is the 4th year in a row it’s put me in the earliest SF pools. What’s even more sad is that it seems to be the only game I do well in….

  • Hardc0re

    I’m not finding the “Send feedback” button… I’m in 2 pools that will run on the same time at saturday… H25 for SFxTK and H46 for KoF XIII

    • It’s located at the bottom right of your pool page.

  • Guest

    yeah i also don’t see the “Send Feedback” button

  • Guest

    So this is everyone? No Yipes, Clockwork, or Dieminion?

  • starheroz2

    Online tony vs Aquasilk Pool c1!

  • MrLuckyWaffles

    EDIT: Searchable dump of brackets is now on pastebin:

    • Louis Lam

      File is down/overdownloaded.

      • Guest

        I’ll have a better one up in a few

      • MrLuckyWaffles

        New one is up

  • bavobbr

    Country representation in SF4:

    United States 1283
    Canada 90
    Japan 51
    Mexico 38
    Brazil 17
    unknown 11
    France 11
    Britain 10
    Chile 9
    pe 8
    Singapore 7
    China 7
    england 6
    Australia 6
    Korea 5
    Germany 4
    Taiwan 3
    nl 3
    gu 3
    za 2
    India 2
    se 2
    at 1
    ml 1
    be 1
    sa 1
    ma 1
    dk 1
    fi 1
    aw 1
    pa 1
    pk 1
    sv 1
    Hong Kong 1
    uk 1
    bo 1
    Arabian Emirates 1
    gf 1
    Russia 1
    hn 1
    im 1

    I’m working on a complete overview, might take a day or two

    • Toysoldier82

      England, UK and Britain are basically the same thing.

  • Gamer D-Wreck

    Okay, I love how all the west coast Tekken players got high seeds even though most of them haven’t traveled for shit. Rip #1 seed, how? Lil Majin placed the highest at FR than any American player and won CEO and he’s behind Rip and KOR, two players he can beat easy. Whatever, frauds will be exposed.

  • Deusxmachina

    Where is GamerBee?

  • Jacob Simmons

    Could we please have official stats posted by the administrators? I truly appreciate folks providing the information about total registrants, countries represented, etc, but it shouldn’t have to be done that way. Seems like it would be something much of the community would be interested in.