Markman Previews the Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 Xbox One Arcade Stick

By on June 28, 2013 at 1:06 pm

The fine folks over at Mad Catz recently uploaded a video they put together at E3 2013 that provides a preview of their newly-announced Tournament Edition 2 arcade stick. Mark “Markman” Julio and Zhi take a look at the Xbox One prototype and detail the customization options, a few of the early specifications, differences from the first Tournament Edition stick, and more.

As the stick is still in development, there isn’t a ton of concrete information here, but Markman does mention that they are doing all they can to have it ready for the launch of the Xbox One in November. More news should be available come EVO 2013 next month, so stay tuned!

Source: Mad Catz

  • YuriGotBack

    how about the PS4 version? nobody wants to buy the piece of shit Xbone…

    • sepharih

      I’m pretty open to the idea of going xbone now that they’ve backpeddled all their drm crap now.

      • Noir

        Just remember to remain skeptical. Remember when Sony removed the Linux feature from PS3 because in the TOS they could remove features whenever they wanted? It’s possible all that DRM stuff could make a return once they have an install base.

        • sepharih

          Being part of a class action lawsuit sounds fun to me.

          • Noir

            Haha yeah maybe you’d get enough money to buy a PS4

          • SohoX
          • Michael_Glade

            except for the part where you agreed to not sue and they told you that they can change things any time they wanted without reason

          • 100ctual

            contracts hold no power when federal law trumps them and in many cases makes them null and void. Read about it you would be surprised the # of corporations that have had people sign contracts/disclosures and still were sued and lost.

          • Mark Imakebeats Ford

            cant argue with 100% factual

    • kenja0

      Well, people ultimately want lagless input, little-to-no gameplay slowdown, and then lagless online. That will determine which console players choose.

      More players/vendors chose 360 over PS3 because of that reason, even though they would have to relearn their tech for EVO because it’s PS3 only. And the only reason EVO is PS3 only is because they had more of that console.

      Hopefully the FGC will choose universally and/or someone make a dual console/modded stick to make it work otherwise.

  • Justin747

    So i wonder how the Xbox One will work in tourneys? The DRM reversal is nice but Kinect is still mandatory. Will there be a pile of Kinects laying in the middle of the all the tables?

    • Banzboy

      Who else is going to track them salty shots?

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    madcatz sucks, only faggots buy mc products.

    good day faggots.

  • 100ctual

    So i work at gamestop and just a heads up the ps4 is outselling/outpreordering the Xbox about 7-1 and 10-1 in some locations so yeah….wheres the new ps4 arcade stick.

    • ImperialAgent

      fairly irrelevant when the ps4 doesn’t even have any fighting games announced yet

  • Ivan Maximilian Perez

    Anyone hear Orchids theme in the background playing from Classic Killer Instinct? xD

  • Azrael VG

    How does it not have a removable/concealable stick shaft. The protruding shaft has to be the most annoying feature on sticks. Facpalm.
    The necessary improvements to stick are easy to find if you look at the FGC and what mods are selling. The obvious changes are easier customization of art , LED, easier mod-ability like solder-less connectors and a way to hide the stick so it would stop poking at my ribcage in the messenger bag.

    I hope I am incorrect here and it does have a way to hide the shaft and its just not mentioned.

  • Steven Chops

    Major fighting tournament Evo are only going to have xbox set ups from now on so getting an “xbone” stick isn’t such a bad thing if your thinking of going to Evo in the future.