IMPORTANT: Players Expecting to Be Seeded at EVO 2013 Need to Verify Information Before July 1

By on June 28, 2013 at 3:27 pm


The EVO organizers recently sent over a list they compiled of all the players who placed well enough at the various Road to EVO 2013 events to earn seeding points for their respective brackets at the tournament next month. As with any huge collection of information, there’s a possibility for a mistake or two to slip through the cracks, so players and/or team managers need to follow the link below to check out the list for themselves and make sure all details are correct.

EVO 2013 Seed Players Master List

The instructions on how to report errors are included on that page, but we will repeat them here just in case:

If you are a player or team manager attending Evo this year, please double check this list to make sure your player’s information is correct. To request corrections, please:

  • Visit the Evo Checkin Page to check on the player’s registration status. Verify that the player has been registered for the game in questions.
  • Copy the player name, handle, and e-mail address from the Evo Checkin Page and click this link to request a change to their seed information.

All requests for changes must be received before midnight on July 1st, 2013 to be considered. Final seeds will be shown in the EVO 2013 brackets.