CafeId’s MadKOF, Kensouzzang, Poongko, Knee, BigDanmul, Nin, Verna, and Millionz, DreamHack Summer 2013 AE 2012 Champion Popi Among International Competition Heading to EVO 2013

By on June 28, 2013 at 10:04 am

As the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, Evolution regularly draws huge numbers of competitors from all across the globe, and this year’s event will be no different. News has been circulating recently regarding some of the international competition heading to the United States from Japan, Korea, and Sweden, the first of which you can find here in convenient spreadsheets courtesy of OCV with translations by USD.

CafeId’s Kensouzzang recently tweeted out that he and a large group from their local Korean scene will also be in attendance, including players such as MadKOF, Poongko, Knee, BigDanmul, Nin, Verna, and Millionz. These competitors hail from a wide variety of games (King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Tekken) and are poised to make waves in every bracket they step into. Will MadKOF repeat as King of Fighters XIII champion?


Also, after a bit of back and forth, it appears that DreamHack themselves will be sponsoring the champion of the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 tournament at their Summer 2013 event. Popi, who defeated Infiltration with his dominant Cammy, is set to travel to EVO and prove his win wasn’t a fluke. This news comes from Gamespot’s Rod “Slasher” Breslau.



These and many more are ready to do battle on the world’s largest stage. Who will come out on top? You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to find out!

Sources: Kensouzzang, Slasher

  • Ryan Osindele

    kensouzzang also said their entering as Id.RZR :p

  • Tim

    Poongko is who I care about most. His Seth is just brutal. This time around he just needs to continually play offensively. Last year he got eliminated by Cammy by playing too safe.

  • Poppy_Bros

    Wow, MadKOF confirmed? Now all these noobs will know what true KOF is! MadKOF vs the Japanese forces!

    … and by noobs I mean all those people who think Combofiend, ChrisG, or Justin Wang are good at the game. Lol !

    • eilegz

      nah serious kof its all about romance, bala, reynald….

      • Poppy_Bros

        I was expecting someone to mention them. Let me tell you, they are going to lose 🙂 … Bala won’t even be attending the event. Romance is good, and Reynald is even better. Maybe only Reynald will make it to top 8.

        Yes, Mexicans will lose really bad in this one 😀 … that makes me happy.

        • Poppy_Bros

          See? I already got votes down. That’s why I want Mexicans to lose… they can’t take it when someone has a different opinion. Oh, and I’m Mexican!

        • Shane Guidaboni

          No Bala at EVO this year? That’s disappointing. I was expecting him to try and reclaim the KoF spot after that embarrassing loss to Mad_KoF.

      • Emilkof

        The best players of the world are from Japan and Korea, not Mexico….there’s really hundreds of crazy Japanese players in kof13 that will likely never get to come to a tournament like Evo because no one sponsors for kof and these players are generally pretty poor.

        Koukou, Haregoro, Oogosho and Uu are coming to Evo, these are kof grandmasters.

        • Piff

          Theres mexican players better than Bala coming in his place. Watch out for Kula

        • Emilkof

          A lot of people are really unaware of how much cafe ID lost when they came to Japan in their two visits. The level of comp was too high. The only one that could really go roughly even with them was Madkof.

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            japan is good, but even they get raped from time to time. in kof 98 by korea and china, in 13 by korea and mexico. you mean to say the best japanese players are on the same level as the best mexican and best korean players. well not all mexicans, but bala certainly is.

          • Emilkof

            eh, are you seriously saying that japan got raped by korea in kof13? You are not educated on the scene.

            Korea went to Japan twice. The first time, Japan won a 20on20 even though it was way stacked against Japan (Korea had their 4 best players playing with 5 lives each, Japan had 20 players with one life each, ranging from high level players to average players they gathered in the arcade).

            The second time, they held two tournaments, KCE Cup and V-1 Final. both cafe ID teams got 8th in KCE Cup and 4th in V-1 Final. A good showing but they were outmatched in obvious ways by many of the players in Japan. Korea (or should I say, madkof) won the 5on5 though.

            Cafe ID also lost MANY casual matches in Japan in addition. Tenkawa defeated Madkof 7-0 and cafe ID total by a large amount.

            So yeah, you might want to educate yourself on what’s going on around the world. Evo is not the center of the world. And if you want to factor in Evo…Madkof lost 3-1 to Kaoru and said Kaoru was the best player at Evo.

          • Mad Kof

            Mad kof did NOT say Karou was the best player at EVO2012. Mad kof lost a money match to Karou AFTER the tournament. He won all money matches BEFORE tournament. Mad kof and CafeId members indeed lost casual matches / 2v2 single-elimination tournaments in Japan, but consider that they had to play some matches under very smoky environment. They also played alot more casual matches off-stream and said that they were even in the end.

          • Emilkof

            Regarding kof98, I think they are slightly above Korea…there just aren’t as many korean players playing it nowadays. China only has like 2-3 players that are arguably on a higher level than Japan (Xiaohai, Dakou, maybe Ching Lung) but for the remainder of China, Japan is on a higher level. Japan has very very strong kof98 players like Oogosho, Hiroto, Jojo, Naruto, Kacchaso that are better than the remainder of China’s top players (players like say, Xiaotou, Dong Xuan, etc)

          • KubikiriTurkojin

            but those 2/3 players you are talking about make japan seem like little girls playing kof for the first time. did you see the rape they got? japan stood no chance of winning against china in 98, dakou and xiaohai were that much better than any of the players from japan. or any of the other kof 98 players period.

  • Martini Whoelse

    MadKOF and Poongko are the ones to watch IMO.

  • Lawrence Ohh

    THANK U! I just feel that Tekken international finals is just not world finals without the Korean top players. Korean Tekken players have always been known to be the top, so to win Tekken Tag 2 properly at the world biggest fighting game touraments, they need to compete to truely prove who is number 1.

    • Emilkof

      Japan’s Tekken scene doesn’t get enough exposure to stream monsters because no one from Japan really travels except FRB Ao. They are roughly the same level as Korea.

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        i thought tourneys like sbo and other international tourneys begged to differ? or am i wrong?

        • Emilkof

          What about them? Korea won some of them, lost some of them. I mean yeah, Korea is outnumbered at SBO since they are alone as one team while Japan gets like 30 teams but there are still Japanese players that are about equal level. JDCR says there is a big rivalry between the two countries and it isn’t really as clear cut as it seems.

          I think FRB Ao has a chance to win it, about as much of a chance as each of the top koreans does.

  • Hardc0re

    International competition this year will be awesome! CNB.ChuChu, CNB.Lord x Saka and paiN.Ludo are going to represent Brazil at EVO 2013 as well.

  • Lawrence Ohh

    thank god Nin and Knee are coming. They need to come to make Tekken Tat 2 a true international tourament for evo. Is JDCR coming too?