Nyu Media Opens Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Indiegogo Fundraiser

By on June 27, 2013 at 12:34 pm


Some of you may remember Japanese doujin fighter Yatagarasu from its worldwide release on Rice Digital courtesy of Zen United earlier this year. Developed by former SNK employees Kotani Tomoyuki and Shiza with balancing by longtime competitor Umezono and originally released on PC in 2011, Yatagarasu blends inspiration from a number of classic fighting titles to provide a fresh and entertaining experience.

Today, London-based publisher Nyu Media announced they will be supporting the development team in the release of an update to their original game. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will feature new characters (images of which are scattered throughout this article), new features, and full English localization. It will also be made available through the NESiCAxLive arcade network in Japan.


But in order to reach these goals in a timely manner, they’re going to need a little help. Earlier this morning, an Indiegogo fundraising campaign was launched in an effort to gain additional backing, with all the supporter goodies that come along with it. Their $68,000 goal will fund the development of at least two new characters (Kotaro and Azure, pictured above), the aforementioned localization effort, and more.


A breakdown of their costs and other self-funded endeavors has been included below.

  • New Character: Kotaro ($20,000) – Includes pixel art, character portrait, voice over, story writing, game play balancing, etc. The actual cost of character creation is $25,000, but to improve the chances of adding her, we will self-fund the remaining $5,000 for Kotaro.
  • New Character: Azure ($25,000)
  • MC Voiceover by Koori Masao ($2,000) – TOUGEKI announcer Koori Masoi will join as the Yatagarsu Attack on Cataclysm’s official MC. He will announce the player’s names and affiliations at the start of a match, and MC and comment on match highlights after the match has finished. This will add a new level of excitement that is totally unique to Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm.
  • English Localization ($4,000) – Nyu Media will fully localize the game menus, text, dialogue and graphics into English.
  • English Language Dynamic Commentary! ($4,000) – One of Yatagarasu’s standout features is the edgy commentary system and provides dynamic commentary in real time based on developments in the match. English commentary by famous overseas tournament commentators and players (to be announced!) will be added!
  • New Japanese Commentary ($2,000) – The commentary will be completely revised and powered up, including newly recorded commentary by renowned Japanese fighting game player Kokujin.
  • Creation of a New Trailer ($2,000) – New trailers will be newly created in both English and Japanese.
  • IndieGogo Perks Creation ($5,500)
  • IndieGogo fees and other costs ($3,500)

In addition, the below improvements and additions will be made that will be self-funded by the development team.

  • New, High Quality Graphics – New graphics by Yatagarasu dev team member Kotani:Tomoyuki.
  • Game Play Improvements and Game Balancing Overhaul – Together with adding the new characters, we will review and completely rebalance game play, add powerful new moves, and make the game even more accessible and fun to play.
  • Story Rewrites – Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will have new story developments along with the new characters.
  • Improved Online Support – We will add error resolution and high speed networking, and make online match support even more smooth. A new team play function will be added, so you can fight team versus team matches. A new “My Icon” function will be added that allows icons made by players to be used in the game.
  • NESiCAxLive Version
  • Collaboration with Taito Station – In collaboration with Taito Station, MC Koori will appear and MC at actual Taito Station arcades. What’s more, other arcade centers are being added to the participation list! (Japan only)


As with any fundraiser, this Indiegogo campaign will also feature a number of stretch goals should the team meet their initial figure, including additional characters decided by backer voting, further rebalancing, European localization, and more.

  • $70,000: New Song – A new song track with vocals.
  • $80,000: Refinement of the Existing 8 Characters – New moves, new voice acting, and rebalancing of the existing characters.
  • $112,000: 3rd New Character – A 3rd new character. Which character we add will be decided by backer voting.
  • $144,000: 4th New Character – A 4th new character. Which character we add will be decided by backer voting.
  • $157,000: New Dynamic Commentator (Japanese) – New Japanese lanaguage commentating by a *to be announced* commentator.
  • $173,000: Alternate Characters x 2 – ‘Ura’ (alternate) versions of Kou and Hanzo with different move sets will be added.
  • $189,000: Alternate Characters x 2 – Ura versions of Jyuzumaru and Hina with different move sets will be added.
  • $205,000: Alternate Characters x 2 – Ura versions of Shimo and Jet with different move sets will be added.
  • $221,000: Alternate Characters x 2 – Ura versions of Chadha and Crow with different move sets will be added.
  • $241,000: FIGS Localization – French, Italian, German, and Spanish language localizations.
  • $261,000: Limited Edition Physical Comic – A limited edition, physical Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm comic, created by the publisher of the Street Fighter comic series, Udon Entertainment.
  • $311,000: NESiCAxLive Special Version – If we reach this stretch goal, we’ll add a host of new features that take advantage of the NESiCAxLive system and release it as a special version.
  • >$311,000: Development & Promotional Expenses – Presently the development team members work for zero pay, but any funding received in access of the stretch goals will be allocated to their development expenses and toward promoting the worldwide release of Yatagarasu Attack on Catacylsm. With the additional funding, you can expect even more quality and volume in Yatagarasu and it will reach even more gamers around the world.

Further information regarding the brand new characters and donation incentives can be found on Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm’s official Indiegogo page. The campaign is operating under the flexible funding designation, which means they will collect the money donated even if they don’t reach the $68,000 goal.

They’ve set the campaign to end on August 11 with a tentative release date of February 2014, so be sure to visit and see what you can do to help!

Sources: Nyu Media, Indiegogo via Denkiphile, tip via Evans G.

  • gigantor21

    Damn, this looks awesome.

    I’d love to contribute if I wasn’t broke. 🙁

  • rc_on

    Whoa I’m gonna support it. This game has a lot of potential.
    Btw I want subtitles for the commentators 😛


    Why is Dural in this game..? lol With a white hoodie?

    Well other than that, this game looks awesome, and I love the art style

  • Beb0p

    Don’t like 2D but at least it’s artistic.

  • N.m. Ash

    Not supporting this until the first game comes to the 3ds. It’s one of the few reasons I own one.

    • chipsndips

      There’s so many more reasons to own a 3DS than to play a single fighting game. >_>

      • N.m. Ash

        But they don’t outweigh the reasons I bought a Vita for, which I play every damn day.

        I have 3 3ds games, soon to be 4 with Project X. I can’t even count the amount of Vita games I have off the top of my head when I factor in DLed games.

        This game was something that caught my eye that I wanted to play while on the road. They’re fucking up so they can’t depend on me and other who were looking forward to this game to fund them.

        • Darrell Seven

          While I disagree on the whole “only 4 3ds games”, I do agree that we need to see it on the damned eshop. Doesn’t matter who messed up, just get it together. I was really looking forward to another fighter (besides DOA Dimensions) on my 3ds.

    • Oniros

      The fact that the game has taken to long to arrive on the 3DS is not the developers fault, but Nicalis’ fault. Ergo, Nicalis sucks.

    • arahman21

      Blame Nicalis, the same ones responsible for dropping the ball on La-Mulana Wiiware, for that.

  • MasterScrub

    An indie fighter with an 8 character roster going on indiegogo to expand their game? Gee that sounds kinda familiar for some reason!

    But in all seriousness I’m gonna toss a couple bucks their way.

  • Deusxmachina

    The art is gorgeous.

    • Guest

      The concept art and character portraits, sure. But the sprite art is straight out of 1997. I’m not sure why they decided to go for such low fidelity art assets. If only the animations made up for that, but they really don’t. Not just that, the backgrounds are also completely static, which is pretty ghetto. Overall it’s fairly low quality art-wise.

      • Carlos Alvarez Bailleres

        I think its either because they are trying to make it look 3rd Strike -esque or because it was made by a small development team.

      • ThePoopTickler

        Who gives a damn? Is the fighting engine solid?

  • ragnarok954

    I’ll support this when the first one comes on the 3DS. It’s been some time now and we’re still waiting.

    • iantothemax

      Nyu Media has nothing to do with the 3DS version. That’s all on Nicalis.

  • Gailim

    that was an easy $10 to spend.

    here’s to more fighting games on PC

  • samirerre

    until kof 14 arrives ill play this baby,lost hope for street fighter,lost interest in tekken,
    dont like dcu,played the hell out of mk9,theres nothing fresher then a cool breeze called yatagarasu(lol)
    wait is that altair up there?..

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    Let me get this straight; When the $68,000 goal has been reached, 2 new characters will be funded, along with balance and aesthetic changes. The 3rd and 4th new characters will be funded through stretch goals.(?)


    Only two new characters will be added if they are funded through the stretch goals?

    • Mike Pureka

      Two new characters are included in the 68k bill.

      If you read the Indiegogo page carefully it has two sections:

      “What Happens if we reach our Goal” – which explains where that 68k is going.


      “Stretch goes” – which explains what they will do if they get more money.

      • YourAshyAss_Elbows

        Yes, I did skim through the iIndiegogo project summary(shouldn’t have if I was going to help fund the project-_-). my bad for that. Thanks cleaning up the misunderstanding

        • Mike Pureka

          If it makes you feel better, I had the same initial response, since I’m used to Kickstarter, which doesn’t have the “where does the money go” section.

          Had to go back and read it twice to figure out what was up.


    This is such a croc. I can’t believe game companies, who are releasing their game NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, ask for handouts and try to coax us with additional content that they could add in if they wanted to (DLC or not). This is worse than game companies throwing voting polls for characters, like they really give a shit what we think (note: Cammy did not win the SFIV poll). It’s good to know that the makers of Skullgirls didn’t leave us with a good fighting game, but a stupid marketing technique.

    Remember when Namco was pandering for facebook attention if we wanted Calibur V to get made? Yeah, they were making that game regardless of what we did on their facebook, guys. It’s all a publicity stunt, but now…it’s transformed into a money stunt, and now a content stunt.

    As for this game:
    Uninspired artwork, some of it practically drawn-over KoF XII/XIII artwork. Just lazy.
    Uninspired cast, like really…schoolgirl sword shotos? Way to stay mediocre, Japan.
    Uninspired everything. Obviously nobody over there is motivated enough to beat the bigger titles in fighting games.

    Let’s be real here: the only thing appealing to this game is for anti-Capcom players to have something else to play for a few months until they get bored with it in time for the NEXT anime-style game to come out, and 80% of the people excited for this game are only in it to play as the purple-hair scarf chick whose missing half of her pants (a.k.a. Jessica from RE Revelations) and that’s pretty much it. Think if we donate up to $10,000 she’ll be able to cover both legs?

    Gentlemen, this game is coming out no matter what you donate, and adding more to it won’t do squat, so why bother? Just sit back, otherwise this is almost as bad as supporting Street Fighter X Tekken’s gimmicks. Besides, no game with a full-vocal anime-tier song ever lasted, and if they can afford that, they can afford to get content uploaded to…whatever. Save your internet money.

    • Daniel Villaescusa

      another good example of a child molestation victim

    • MasterScrub

      …Okay I’m sorry, I REALLY fail to see how a huge game company promoting a game that’s obviously going to happen compares at all to a MUCH smaller company saying ‘hey we wanna make this game help us plz’

      I mean I may be wrong but I haven’t exactly seen any ‘Help fund Darkstalkers 4!’, ‘Hey remember Fighter’s Megamix? We don’t, but $300,000 might jolt our memories!’, or even ‘Get SCV a real story mode!’ kickstarters floating around.

      • WlNBACK

        Buddy, they already -did- make this game, so it’s not the same thing. I think you missed what this is actually about, but it didn’t stop you from chiming in and people liking your post. That’s okay.

        And what does it matter if it’s a big or small company? You wanna debate which one is more retarded because it’s bigger? Okay, you win: Namco is more retarded than……who made this game again???

        Also, who the hell wants to fund Darkstalkers 4 or Fighter’s Megamix 2? Do Capcom and Sega need handouts? They didn’t cash-in enough on SFxT DLC and six Yakuza games? And you want ANOTHER crappy Soul Calibur story mode? I don’t even know why we’re talking about these. What’s next on the “fighting games with crappy scenes” agenda: Ehrgeiz 2 and Tobal 3?

        • MasterScrub

          When in the hell did I ever hint that I wanted those? I was saying you don’t see big companies doing shit like that because they HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT, but SMALL companies don’t. Game development costs a lot.

          And I’m fully aware that Yatagarasu exists, because I can read. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm doesn’t. (Unless AoC was always the subtitle and they’re just making a MASSIVE content patch)

    • Mike Pureka

      I’m supporting this game because the PC needs more fighters that aren’t made by Capcom. You don’t have to give them money, but if you’re too dense to see why other people might, you need to think harder.

      • WlNBACK

        Right, because PC is where the fighting game scene is at, and I’m too dense to see why people would donate money to a new game that nobody knows how to play and hasn’t even proven it’s worth the lifespan of even 2 months. Ya got me.

        “A sucker born every minute”; that’s what game companies are counting on these days, and they’ll definitely find some here.

        • Mike Pureka

          Actually, this has been around for a bit now, if you’ve been following the news. After all, you can’t have “two new characters” unless there are already old ones, hm?

          • WlNBACK

            Nope, I admit that I haven’t been following; I sadly only follow fighting game scenes that matter. I guess I missed all of those U.S. Yatagarasu feeds and tournaments since April that’ve justified the hardcore following this game has gotten that would warrant people (or this case, scrubs) donating money and hyping up a dead-on-arrival doujin fighter. Link please?

          • Petran79

            the game is created by 3 former KOF developers. KOF ironically was never popular in the USA. So I dont agree, since if I’ll follow this logic,KOF should never have been developed

      • Oh come on – be fair – this isn’t a ‘Games Company’ – it’s three devs working on a fighter in their spare time. If they don’t get support, it won’t get made.

        I, for one, will totally support them. I’ve got a huge amount of respect for what they’ve created given the resources available to them.

        We need to see more projects like this – not less.

        It’s not for the ‘anti-Capcom crowd’ – actually, it’s a great homage to Third Strike. Which you’d know if you’d played it.

        It’s a fighting game made for people who like fighting games – by people who like fighting games. What’s not to like about that?

    • VicViper


      A bit extreme of a viewpoint I’d say. It’s just as uninspired of a game as anything else.

    • also van

      “company” you talking about have like 4 people in it. Comparing them to CAPCOM is so ignorant I cant believe you’re not trolling.

  • pootnannies

    contributed! i hope this makes it

  • Martini Whoelse

    Next Gen is approaching so if we’re lucky sprites and concept art might be same art style!

  • Quan Chi

    I think they should start over. Paying money for sprite edits is not cool. Game should be original. Doesn’t matter if the creator did the original designs for kof or sf3 or not.

  • AugustAPC

    I’d donate if I could get it on my playstation or Xbox.