Masahiro Sakurai Discusses Balance Patches in Super Smash Bros., Says He’s Not Opposed to Downloadable Content

By on June 26, 2013 at 10:10 am


French website Puissance Nintendo recently sat down with Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai to discuss the upcoming title. The interview touches on a variety of topics, including Sakurai’s thoughts on downloadable content, the possibility of Super Smash Bros. receiving balance patches after its initial release, and more.

While talking about the large amount of content he tends to include in games he oversees, most notably Kid Icarus: Uprising, Sakurai mentioned that he isn’t necessarily against releasing downloadable content to further the lifespan of a title but rarely has time to think about it during development. He cites liking the expansions released for Fallout 3, so it’s possible we may see the next Super Smash Bros. employ a similar structure after it’s released.

Sakurai was also asked about the possibility of Super Smash Bros. receiving patches, balance and otherwise, to adjust the game for dedicated players. Though he sees balance patches as important to sustaining the game, he also hopes players take the time to decide for themselves whether a character needs adjusting rather than jumping on popular opinion. Sakurai finishes by admitting that the development team will have to take all of this into account should they begin work on such updates.

The rest of the interview includes interesting discussion regarding Super Smash Bros.’ development on two separate platforms, Sakurai’s dedication to overseeing all aspects of the title’s creation, the lack of a Subspace Emissary type of story mode, and more, so be sure to follow the links below to check out the entire piece for yourself.

Sources: Puissance Nintendo (French), NeoGAF (English translation via Kurtofan)

  • Tekknight

    I LIKE where this is headed. Making me want a WiiU pretty bad just for this game.

  • Kaihedgie

    Well there eliminates a lot of worry for people wanting their favorites to still get in despite deadlines

  • bartonzok

    Aww no subspace? No matter, as long as they still have a good single player mode, I’m ok.

  • TJCrimson

    Basically, no more crying about broken characters until you actually learn that he/she is broken. (Metaknight anyone?)

  • VicViper

    I’m so glad that he understands that there should be time for things to be figured out before throwing out a balance patch.

    If only NRS understood as such.

    • ThatRaggedyMan

      I think the reason NRS is doing patches so frequently is so they can sneak them in with their DLC releases. This allows them to circumvent the need to pay huge amounts to MS for pushing through patches.

  • Hyroll

    Did anyone read the whole article? I lol’d at this:

    PN:What level of customization will be present in the game?In the past
    players had access to a great many options, notably regarding items.Are
    you going to implement new ones, such as being able to switch off
    damages caused by stage hazards?

    S:You will still be able to control the apparition of items, but you
    won’t be able to turn off stage hazards.If we did that, you’d find
    yourself with PSASB!

    • kingsharkboi

      I lol’d. But at the same time I kinda would like that feature myself

  • kingsharkboi

    PN: Will the new SSB game players looking for a casual experience
    or the players looking for a competitive experience? Is this something
    you pay a lot of attention to when making the game?

    S: If you consider that Melee is perfect for fighting game
    experts who are only interested in competitiveness and that Brawl is
    more suited for newcomers trying to discover the series… then maybe we
    have to find the middle ground for the new Smash Bros game?

    This is my continuing problem with Sakurai, if i’m in his head correctly. There was nothing about Melee, or any of the Smash games, that wasn’t perfect for “newcomers trying to discover the series”. Melee was the highest selling gamecube game ever I think. The only reason Brawl sold more than Melee is cuz it was on the freakin Wii. He needs to realize that with Smash’s options and fundamental accessibility, he will always attract casuals no matter how fast/technical the game can potentially become for the hardcore.

  • MasterScrub

    If they wanna make DLC for Smash 4, i think the SMARTEST thing to do would be making the 3DS stages DLC for the Wii U version, but including a download code with the 3DS version of the game that nets you them for free.

    • k.b.a.

      Dragon King: The Fighting Game
      Pokemon Rumble DLC
      Fire Emblem Gaiden DLC

    • fallen

      Great idea, but Nintendo just found out about DLC like two days ago (on accident, while Googling for “ways to not be a generation behind your competitors in the console marketplace 2013”), so I’m not sure they’re on that level yet.

  • fallen

    Sakurai is a game design god. His statements in interviews always feel exactly right. Nintendo is so lucky to have his allegiance.