Announcing the Evo 2013 Tournament Schedule!

By on June 24, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Shockingly, Evo 2013 is less than three weeks away! Last minute registrations continue to trickle in, but we have enough of an idea for attendance that we can finally publish the tournament schedule. Here are the broad strokes.

  • We will devote Sunday to the Finals in five games: SF4AE, UMvC3, Injustice, Smash, and KOF13. The final order and scheduling of the finals on Sunday is still being determined.
  • The Finals for ALL games will be streamed live and shown on-site on one of our two tournament stages.
  • We’re confident that this schedule is solid, but it may change ever so slightly based on our final attendance numbers.

Here are the gory details. There are only a few days left to signup for Evo, so if you’re attending be sure to sign up here! There will be no on-site tournament registation.

Tournament Schedule

Click the image for a larger version.


Schedule by Tournament Game

Super Street Fighter: IV
Pools, Friday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Friday: 6 PM
Tournament Finals: Sunday (TBD)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Pools, Saturday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Saturday: 6 PM
Tournament Finals: Sunday (TBD)
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Pools, Saturday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Saturday: 4 PM
Tournament Finals: Sunday (TBD)
Super Smash Bros Melee
Pools, Friday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Saturday: 10 AM
Tournament Finals: Sunday (TBD)
King of Fighters XIII
Pools, Saturday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Saturday: 2 PM
Tournament Finals: Sunday (TBD)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Pools, Friday 8 AM
Semi Finals, Friday: 12 noon
Tournament Finals: Friday, 2 PM
Persona 4 Arena
Pools, Friday 8 AM
Semi Finals, Friday: 2 PM
Tournament Finals: Friday, 4 PM
Mortal Kombat 9
Pools, Friday 8 AM
Semi Finals, Friday: 4 PM
Tournament Finals: Friday, 6 PM
Street Fighter X Tekken
Pools, Saturday 8 AM
Quarter and Semi Finals, Saturday: 2 PM
Tournament Finals!, Saturday: 6 PM
  • MasterScrub

    Did TTT2 get less entrants than Persona? That’s kind of shocking.

    • ReddChief78

      No it’s not

  • commanderpepper

    Smash on Sunday, let’s go!

  • Xaqwais

    When’s Skullgirls?

  • I had a joke here about Injustice being at 9AM, but it’s at 8. It’s ruined now.

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Dammit, an inside joke? I’m out of the loop. What’s the joke?

  • Caleb Scottie Spicer

    how many entrants did each game get?

  • SuaveVillain™

    Looking forward to smash.

    • Rahavic

      Yeah I’m actually hyped to see it, never played it and don’t even watch it now besides a couple big tourneys they had but I’m excited to see it on a big scale like EVO. 🙂

      • Guest

        Evo is actually bringing back all the old retired champions including
        the retired player who won the most recent apex, has been on an
        undefeated streak for awhile. Quite hype for us, not to mention it’s broken our attendance record. Dunno why people think
        smash will be a dinner break, we are the community that brought wombo
        combo to the internet.

    • UseProtection

      It’s great that it’s on Sunday. I thought for sure it would be a Saturday final.

  • RomanceHD

    Com’on Tekken community rise up! Lets show Harada is hard work paid off

    • Rahavic

      6 hour tournament scheduled for TTT2 isn’t rising up much from the Tekken community.

  • MajorMoses

    Recently retired Smash champion and winner of APEX 2013, Armada is probably going to EVO. Can’t wait!

    • UseProtection

      Not to play though.

  • SohoX

    Cross Tekken ends on Saturday and doesn’t get its own showing on Sunday? I thought the game got played more often after the 2013 patch hit?

    • Shineboxab

      Nope. It was dropped from NLBC because of the amount of entries, There are not as many people online playing it, and entering it at WNF guarantees you a top 8 spot.

      • FallenStarscream

        It gets good numbers at Majors. It’s usually the 3rd or fourth entered game behind AE, UMvC3 and Injustice. More online players are actually showing up to tournaments. An online player named CoolKid recently took 2nd place behind Chris G at the last Major.

        Using regional weeklies to gauge the game is a little silly.

  • XaviIniesta

    I’m mostly surprised to see Tekken seemingly got the lowest turnout of all the games.
    Lower than MK, Smash and Persona.

    • TheRealistDMac

      The community didn’t come together well despite the attempted “We Are Tekken” movement (I’m going to blame whoever thought advertising a mobile app on the facebook page every day was a better idea than posting matches and tips). It also really didn’t help that we 3D players mostly get shunned by the Capcom AE/Marvel community and struggle to fit in at local FGC hangouts. Plus Tekken is majorly beginner-unfriendly with its giant move lists, 59 characters worth of combo defense to learn, and the impossibility of resetting your online record… (beginners are perpetually reminded that they lost their first 100 matches even if they won 9 of their last 10 and netwarriors have fragile egos) so hardly anybody besides the Tekken 6 community stayed competitive.

  • Deusxmachina

    So excited about this!!

  • ReddChief78

    Smash finals on Sunday WTF oh well that’s gonna give us a break to do whatever

    • vastreammonster

      Smash is going to bring lots of viewers and exposure. Not so fast there.

    • Rahavic

      If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching a couple Finals Days for Smash tournaments this year is that it is ALWAYS hype. I barely know whats even going on but its just one of those games that have great commentators that just bring everything going on to another level. Not a smasher whatsoever but I’m definitely not missing sunday finals. #mindgames

  • J.D SRK

    I’m worried about Sunday.
    It’s like regardless of what happens, someone is going to complain about the 9 am timeslot. Injustice players are going to explode if they are given the spot.
    KOFXIII on that spot would also make some people mad because of the hype last year.
    SSBM has a big presence, I think they deserve a better timeslot.

    Oh well…… get ready for the unblockeable conspiracy theories regardless of what happens.

    • Nick Nobriga

      yeah it’s such a tough call really. I think the biggest problem is KOFXIII because it has without a doubt proven to be SO hype (with some of the top highlights from last year), but I seriously worry about the number of entrants it has compared to Smash and Injustice. Smash is still so popular to this day and has so much history though that I don’t know how you can put it in the earliest slot, especially before such a new game like Injustice. I honestly think that for these reasons, Injustice will be first.

    • Tony Cannon

      Maybe there is no 9 AM slot. Maybe…

      • Nick Nobriga

        yo wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

        inb4 9:30 AM slot

    • windsagio

      I never get people saying KOF was so hype last year. It was soooooooooo long and dragged sooooooooo hard. Might work if it were top3.

      • J.D SRK

        were you there in person?

        • windsagio

          ya, it always struck me as ‘stream hype’ because people at home were able to get up and go to the bathroom.

          edit: or cheat and alt-tab

          • J.D SRK

            if you were there in person and you couldn’t feel KOF’s hype then you really need to check your pulse…

          • windsagio

            Maybe Hype is in our own minds.

      • If you didn’t think the grand finals wasn’t THE hypest thing at EVO last year, I don’t really know what else I can say to convince you of your denial…buuut honestly it probably meant more to those who followed the players here in the U.S.

        Here it was Socal pretty much unchallenged through out the year struggling to compete with Cafe Id, you couldn’t really write a better story. Then you had that close match between Reynald and Madkof.

        I did view it from the stream and it definitely seemed hype. Up to that point there was nothing remotely hyper then KOF in my opinion.

        • Johnson Nguyen

          People tried telling me that UMVC3 last year was more hype… I then wondered if they saw KOF XIII.

    • Zonder88

      Just be glad Injustice and Smash actually GOT Sunday slots. That alone should be an honor, compared to those games that got Friday/Saturday finals.

      Honestly people shouldnt feel offended regardless of what timeslot they get on Sunday.

  • Oniros

    Persona and Smash here we go!

  • vastreammonster

    I’m hype. I hope this is the best EVO yet.

  • Jacope Jesfen

    Persona gets no real main event. 🙁

  • Mr. X

    Please put everyone who whined about having to play early at UFGT in the 8am pools and Injustice first game on Sunday. Thanks.

  • windsagio

    Wondering how many people are gonna drop MK though, I’m guessing a lot. Injustice is gonna gut it’s turnout hardcore.

    • Michael_Glade

      People have been saying tons of people are going to drop mk since evo 2011, they keep being proven wrong

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    My question is this: is Smash taking all of that because of the number of entrants, or it it because of a lack of CRTs?

    • CDiggity

      My guess is a combination of both. Smash is the only game on the EVO schedule with pool play on 2 days. It also is the only game to not only be run on a different console, but there is a need for CRTs instead of the ASUS monitors, so there will be significantly less smash stations vs the rest of the games where all that is needed is a disk swap.

      Entry-wise, I think there will be about the same number of people that there were at APEX, maybe more, so about 300-350 is my guess. That’s a good amount of people, so you need the time for it.

      You also have to take into account that Smash probably takes the longest to run a 2/3 set of any of the games there, save for maybe KoF. Its like a CvS2 length game which is ridiculous. I think that they are giving smash so much time because they want to make sure they are done before Sunday because Smash is a game you do not want to be behind schedule with.

      aaaaand that’s it.

      • Kr1spness

        Evo has broken our record for the largest melee tournament and were hoping the end result will be double our record, so yes a mix of both but much more than 300.

        • windsagio

          I find myself weirdly excited to see you guys ><

      • Louis Lam

        Heard Melee entry numbers are in the high 500’s, no sure where you can see that though.

      • TheRealistDMac

        I think it’s around 700… Also like you said CRTs and best out of 3 with rounds frequently lasting upwards of 5 minutes.

  • Michael_Glade

    I cannot believe smash made this shit…….they shouldve added mario party considering you jump on peoples heads, FAITING GAME AMIRITE????

    • RomanceHD

      You’re thinking of Brawl, you cant jump on peoples heads in Melee, that shows how fraudulent this comment is. not even knowing the differences between the two games and thinking they’re the same

      • Michael_Glade

        didnt even imply that, im saying mario party is as much as a fighting game as mairo party considering you do some “fighting” in it

        • chipsndips

          But Smash is ENTIRELY based on fighting. Mario Party is composed of mini games. Only difference between Smash and traditional fighters is that freedom of movement is different and how one wins is different (knockout rather than depleting health). This was still a stupid comment.

          • Michael_Glade

            what people do to smash to make it “tournament friendly” would be like taking away x-factor and air combos in umvc3

  • RobertEspaillat

    For Sunday in my opinion it sholud be Smash, InJustice, KOF13,UMVC3 and AE2013

  • grezex29

    Waitwaitwait. MELEE is on Sunday, and P4A and TTT2 are on FRIDAY? I’m sorry, but that’s absolute bullshit. If there’s ONE game that should be on Friday, it’s Melee. Have Melee finish on Friday, and do SFxT, MK9, and one of P4A/TTT2 on Saturday. Then do AE/UMVC3/Injustice/KOFXIII/whatever’s not used on Saturday from the P4A-TTT2 pair starting it off, with Injustice as a cooldown period between KOFXIII and UMVC3. Bam, better schedule there.

  • Fishey

    Is this going to be streamed on twich again?
    Or is there going to be a youtube stream also?
    It was pretty bad last year lagged like hell….

  • lemres

    Can’t wait for Melee. Shit’s gonna be hype along with AE and Mahvel.

  • bavobbr

    Please make sure that the finals of SF4:AE start a a decent time, so that we can see everyone playing at their highest levels, not top-tier yawning 🙂

  • Zonder88

    3 weeks left! HYPE~!

  • Jacob Simmons

    Good info. I really would like to see the Evo crew post final registration numbers for each game and total unique registration numbers once the registration period closes.

  • Los Illuminados

    i just hope that KOF is not 1st or 2nd on Sunday tournament schedule game line up, and it’s all good. would have like something like last year EVO2012 tournament schedule for KOF, but since this year will have 9 games it’s understandable.

  • Tulio Correa

    Don’t like that schedule. Why is Injustice on finals day, but not Persona? They’re both unproven games that are coming to EVO for the first time. I don’t like Injustice, but I still think every game should be on finals day the first time it comes to EVO and be given a chance to prove itself.

    I would have never watched KOF last year if it happened during Marvel or AE pools, and look how hype that ended up being. If anyone is going to watch a less popular game, it’s going to be during finals day. Give new games a chance to stand out.

  • abcdefgqwerty

    Is there going to be a super turbo tournament like the tournament of legends last year?

  • Andrew Norris

    Persona finals are on the schedule twice now.