Injustice: Gods Among Us – Calling Batman’s Trait Mid-Combo

By on June 22, 2013 at 10:41 am

chyegye has sent us a short tutorial video showing off how to call Batman’s trait mid-combo in Injustice: Gods Among Us. By calling his trait mid-combo, Batman is able to use his electronic bats to extend his combo for more damage without making himself vulnerable during trait startup. Essentially, the trait itself just becomes a combo extension.

Source: chyegye

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  • ✨Santana✨

    Thanks shoryuken for posting my video guys!

  • Wideawakenaimal

    Maximillian showed this off like week one of this game, maybe even the demo. I can’t remember which one exactly.

    • ✨Santana✨

      I don’t even see this in competitive tournaments what are you taking about?

      • Wideawakenaimal

        I was just saying Max showed this off in one of his combo videos dude, why are you so hostile? I’m not taking anything away from you. It is good to get this information out to help the community grow. BTW REO has used this in tournament.

        • ✨Santana✨

          Haha didnt mean to come off like that. But alright ill have to check it out then, thanks.

          • Jake Klippert

            I think Greg is right, I’m pretty sure I saw Max showing this a while ago. Either way it can be useful and is good to get it to a wider audience because I haven’t seen many players use it.

        • Cat Astrophy

          No you specifically tried to date when Max’s video was which made it sound like you were bitching that this video here was old news. Telling people Max already showed this doesn’t add to the information in the video (to make it more useful). Don’t get offensive if you don’t like people getting defensive.

          • Wideawakenaimal

            Huh? O.o, assumptions isn’t helping anyone buddy.

  • Eric Wiley

    Worst. Gamertag. Ever.

  • Travis Lynn

    This video made me feel like I was playing an old VCR tape game like Captain Power…. ooohhhh memories.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Joker fell through like entire skyscraper and hops back up? Ok these guys aren’t Marvel characters wtf

    • salindy13

      “Thank you, Happy Pill!”

  • ✨Santana✨

    So I’ve been looking around for that video of Max showing this off… And turns out this isn’t new stuff 🙁 I honestly thought it was new guys. i wasnt tring to pull a fast one haha I know that I do have new combos in here though. So just enough the video.

    • Ryu Apprentice

      Dude if you keep apologizing for everytime someone calls your video old stuff you will grow grey hair, if max posted HOW MANY HAVE SEEN IT? if you feel you have tech that you learned, run a quick youtube search if you cant find it make it. DONT LISTEN TO anyone who says “this is week one tech” or “this is old news” Just do your thing man