Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – “Corpse Jump Crossup” Breakdown

By on June 20, 2013 at 1:47 pm

While hitting the lab, Infrit and Miniboss dug up some old MvC2 tech that may seem very plausible in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

It looks like when you kill a character near the corner, you can “tri-dash” over the corpse which causes you to face the opposite way as if the corpse were still alive. After this, you can then jump up/forward and dash backwards with an attack on the incoming character, giving you a chance to pull off a very ambiguous crossup.

This tech may not be new but if you didn’t know about it, it’s worth incorporating it into your regular gameplay. It’s not hard and can deem to be very useful. Take a look at the video and subscribe for more.

Source: Infrit

  • Guest

    Ultimate Marvel vs F**king Capcom 2.

  • salindy13

    Ultimate Marvel vs F**king Capcom 2.

    • Rahavic

      please dont ever say these words again for the love god, what an insult #FailFish

      • salindy13


  • Jamie Andrew

    Don’t worry after Evo 2013, this game probably will slow down a lot Between the over powered characters like Vergil, Morrigan’s insanity, not to mention the THC glitch and other things….I don’t see too many people wanting to play marvel as much after Evo. Injustice is rather refreshing. There are no over powered characters. Things seemed rather balanced and when something glitchy is found…Nether realm studios is on the case. I think Injustice may become the new it game after Evo; especially if Chris G takes Marvel.

    • Unemployment Master

      Not really.
      If Chris takes EVO, that would only drive people even further to defeat him.
      It’s been proved that Morridoom isn’t all that powerful, it’s Chris working his magic.

    • Marvel Will never die … if everyone says they dont like it and still play it why will marvel die … I see on twitter and facebook how people hate the game and then hear them say its stupid and then see them sign up when a tournament comes around …