Fulgore, Spinal, and Cinder Set to Return in Killer Instinct, Developers Looking to Include More Female Characters

By on June 12, 2013 at 10:14 am


The folks over at Rare FanDaBase recently had an opportunity to sit down with a few of the developers at Double Helix Games to discuss their upcoming Xbox One title Killer Instinct. While some of the information is reiterated from earlier reports (its status as an Xbox One launch title, different editions), their time with the developers also produced new information regarding returning characters, the direction the team wants to follow in creating new cast members, and their development process.

Killer Instinct’s reveal trailer announced that series veterans Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius will be making appearances in the game, but Double Helix doesn’t plan to stop there. The cast will also include returning fighters Fulgore, Spinal, and Cinder, along with a host of new characters created specifically for this title. They are also looking to include more female characters this time around, something the franchise’s earlier entries lacked outside of Black Orchid in the original and sequel additions Kim and Maya.

It was also reported that Double Helix is working very closely with Rare and original game designer Ken Lobb as well as members of the fighting game community.

Be sure to visit Rare FanDaBase for further details on Killer Instinct’s gameplay, history leading up to the E3 2013 announcement, and more.

Source: Rare FanDaBase via NeoGAF

  • Hotaka Saika

    Of course fulgore would be in the game.

  • Quan Chi

    Just please don’t mess the story up. Sabrewulf and Cinder have already completed their story arch. Don’t make it a mess story like SF or MK. Game just looks so epic so far. I wonder if Orchid, Maya, and Kim Wu will still look like the Jackson sisters xD
    I want to see a guy in a business suit with sunglasses as the last boss with tech like fulgore (Ultratech Representative or Ultratech Boss).

    • Mightfo

      as if it had a story worth saving

  • Rodolfo Camarena

    I’m happy to hear that Ken Lobb will be working with them. Gives me the reassurance that I needed that this title won’t be ass.

  • RedEther


  • Highgon

    Yea that’s all nice and all but this makes you want to rethink getting it.


    • $18011339

      Already been debunked.

    • $35897352

      Thi isn’t true anymore, it was a mistake, the full game will be available for digital download AND the demo will be the one that could be upgraded by buying chars.

  • badjab326

    All I wanna know is will this game permanently be an XBone exclusive? Because if so there’s no way in hell I’m buying it. If not, then I wanna know where Chief Thunder and Tusk are…

    • pressstart

      Microsoft owns Rare, KI is a Rare property. It’s Xbone only.

      • badjab326

        This I know, but with Microsoft’s main field being PC operating systems, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a PC release a year or two after the Xbone fails.

  • Highgon

    That’s nice and all but read this and see if you still want to even think about getting it.


  • Gojira Twit

    Yeah, Killer Instinct has always lacked female characters, except for the… female characters… it had?

  • H_Magnus

    They better make a whole bunch of new characters. The KI universe as a whole merely has 15 playable characters (13 if you exclude Bosses).

    • Langdon Herrick

      Yeah, I’d be surprised if all of the old characters don’t make a comeback. (except maybe Chief Thunder will be replaced with a less, um, stereotypical alternative)

  • Beb0p

    DOA would take a shit on a 3D Street Fighter. At least Killer Instinct is doing it’s job and taking a shit on 2D Street Fighter. Doesn’t look fucking sloppy at least and you can bet half of the content wont be on the disc as dlc a year later.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      Jago has Ryu’s c.mk.

      They’ve basically stolen the SF4 font for in game text, along with the brush strokes.

      How much more sloppy can you get?

      • thiseffinguyupthere

        sf4 invented the brush stroke.

  • RandomJohn

    Cinder? Wasn’t he killed by Glacius in KI 1? Hence, that’s why he wasn’t in KI2.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    On Xbox one so ggs

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    Jungle tits. Jungle tits.

  • RomanceHD

    There weren’t that many characters to begin with in each title, 15 characters total in both KI1 and KI2 you’re telling me you cant put in the first 15 and go from there?

    With all of this new tech you have to work with you can’t put in all of the 11 original characters and the other 4 from KI2? That’s just being lazy. Why not just bring everyone back and work from there?

    Yeah I can understand a franchise like Capcom picking and choosing their characters wisely since they have branched out to SF, SF:2,SF:A.SF:3,SF:EX and SF4: as well as FF series they have tons of characters to choose from, but why is DH being picky about whose coming in this game ITS 15 FUCKING CHARACTERS!

    • XxNuffSeddxX .

      They never elaborated on EVERY character in the game. They only hinted at SOME of the returning characters. Im sure the game dev are well aware of what they can and cant do with their game. So just calm down and be patient. Lol.

  • Dave Passmore JR


  • Arjay

    Cinder’s back, so what are the odds of seeing Riptor and Chief Thunder?

  • Yan Zhao

    My man Fulgore here. All i need to know.

  • Bring Tj Combo back, that should be a no brainer for real…

  • Monquarius A. Mungo

    Oh man, that’s good news. Especially after Cinder not being in the second game, or Gold.

  • allikohcysp

    Thunder better make a return.
    And of course Combo will be in it. He’s the main man!