TS|Nerdjosh’s First Impressions of Tekken Revolution

By on June 11, 2013 at 7:34 pm

Team Spooky’s Nerdjosh recently uploaded a couple of videos detailing his impressions of Namco Bandai’s free-to-play Tekken Revolution, which was released earlier today on PlayStation Network. He first takes a bit of time to describe the game’s features, including the stat and currency systems, before jumping online to face some day one challengers.

Throughout both videos, Josh offers his thoughts on the gameplay and other aspects of this interesting fighter.

Source: Nerdjosh

  • Alex Steve Giménez

    I honestly see no point in this game for those who already own Tekken 6 or TT2. Also that move NerdJosh was spamming like crazy is too powerful and really diminishes the gameplay to random button mashing. Those new to Tekken should find some enjoyment with this game but those who already 6 or TT2 should honestly pass. At least is free… v(-_-)v

    • Damon Barlow

      I feel like the point about this game has to do with the mechanics. It seems like they’re testing them out to possibly carry them over to Tekken x Street Fighter. And right now, the game feels like a mix of Tekken 5 and 6….with DPs.

  • Maxim Cryseria

    Worth a try if you don’t already own Tekken6 or TTT2 ’cause this one’s free! But I don’t really see this as a long term investment. Bunch of connection errors and failed download/upload of data can be frustrating. Serious Tekken players who already own Tekken6 or TTT2 just stick to those games. I fancied the new faces of Asuka and Lili though but the new fight mechanic and gameplay, not so much.

  • Trevor Clarke

    I’ll try it anyway looks like fun


    • Legion

      This is obviously a Tekken for the “new” or casual Crowd, all the things new players complain about in TTT2 are absent in this game. The movement has also been buffed to counter the (absurd) claims from inexperienced players that it’s clunky. Also, The counter art is obviously in their to help players who cant read or want to learn defence against the strings