Ninja Gaiden’s Rachel and Leon Revealed in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s E3 2013 Trailer

By on June 11, 2013 at 4:25 pm

Earlier this afternoon, Tecmo Koei released a brand new trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to coincide with E3 2013. The video features a ton of gameplay as well as our first look at two new characters. Rachel will be joining Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji to round out Ninja Gaiden’s presence in this new game, and previously-teased series veteran Leon is also set to make an appearance after being cut from the original Dead or Alive 5’s roster.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is set to release in North America on September 3, with subsequent arrivals in Japan and Europe on September 5 and 6, respectively.

Source: Tecmo Koei

  • spades111

    who was the character at 1:28 and I hope these costumes are with the game and not a DLC tease

    • ScytheX3

      thats what im wondering too =p maybe a leifang alternate? or pai?

  • Patrick Toworfe

    Wow; new launch animation, new combos and moves, new costumes and double Izuna drop? Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, DOA5U’s lookin good

  • Kufuu

    Yooooo! New launch animation, new moves, more characters, more costumes, I’m pretty sold! Only thing is I hope that the Vita version gets some treatment!

  • $17468069

    if it comes with all the dlc ill get it.

  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Now THIS is DOA with the costumes!!

    Kokoro’s side ponytail! Eliot’s kitty hoodie!, That new Mila costume! (One that I actually like!!), Hitomi’s schoolgirl costume!

    Other awesome costumes: Ayane @ 0:33! Helena’s awesome costume @ 1:58! (Dat bomb ass sit-down stun too!), Tina @ 2:03 and her classic DOA2 costume!

    Leifang and Pai actually have a tag throw, as do Kasumi and Hayate! (was LONG overdue)

    Also Rachel and her cool Power Blow!

    I’m so hype!! This is what we should’ve gotten in the first place though <___<". but it's okay Team Ninja, you are forgiven… for now.

  • o ChocolateMilk o

    double izuna drop…..

  • Mike Jones

    wow ill be picking this up someones told me its only 39.99 ?

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    its still just doa, why aren you guys acting like something great just got announced, lol.

    • Jackakhan

      Lemme guess. You’re either a 2-D purist who knows that fighting games peaked at Darkstalkers, MVC2, SSFTE, and has a weekly Melty Blood blog, or you’re a 3-D elitist, and only Tekken and VF are worthy of your time. Some people really like DOA dude, and 5 is the best version of it yet (yes, the system is better than DOA3). It’s a fast, beautiful fighter, that you will find plenty of depth and complexity in if u bother to peel back the layers…

      • KubikiriTurkojin

        why bother with it when ttt2 and vf5 are soo much better? its basically a shitty vf clone, why not go for the og? it doesnt make sense.