[UPDATE] Killer Instinct Launching with Xbox One in November as Digital Title, Free-to-Play Format a Misconception

By on June 11, 2013 at 1:56 pm

UPDATE – During today’s Killer Instinct exhibition on Mad Catz’ live E3 2013 stream, representatives from Double Helix Games said that the original report saying their game would be strictly free-to-play was a misconception. Killer Instinct will be offered as a complete digital title, but the demo is where things will get interesting.

The trial version will feature Jago as the only playable character, allowing players to try out a limited version of the game. If they want to see more but are still unsure about buying the full game, additional characters, modes, and other features will be available to purchase. This will allow new players to flesh out the demo to fit their needs.

They also announced that Killer Instinct will be made available in various editions, including the standard package, collector’s bundles, and more.

By now, I’m sure many of you know all about Microsoft announcing a new installment in the Killer Instinct franchise yesterday morning during their E3 2013 press conference. The quick teaser shown during the event revealed that the title would be heading to Xbox One sometime this year, and that Jago, Glacius, and Sabrewulf would comprise at least part of the playable cast.

Thanks to a recent report by IGN, we now have a bit more information on this new game. Killer Instinct will be available as a launch title when the Xbox One hits store shelves in November, but instead of following a more traditional path as a retail title, it’s set to be released digitally in the suddenly popular free-to-play format. Jago will be the cast’s only free character, and the rest will be offered at prices that have yet to be determined.

It was also noted that the game’s roster will be comprised of both new and returning characters.

Be sure to visit IGN for a full write-up from their time with the game. We’ve included a couple of off-screen gameplay videos featuring Jago and Sabrewulf below.

Source: IGN via SpeedBrkr