Injustice: Gods Among Us – Tips for Defending Against Scorpion’s Teleport Punch by Perfect Legend

By on June 10, 2013 at 8:02 am

Perfect Legend (the reigning two-time Mortal Kombat EVO champion) recently uploaded a video to help everyone learn how to defend against Scorpion’s teleport in Injustice: God’s Among Us. His advice basically amounts to just holding neutral down when you anticipate a teleport from Scorpion which, if blocked, is very punishable. This is a pretty simple strategy for a move that was giving a lot of people trouble early on, so hopefully this video sheds some light on it.

Scorpion has been available to season pass holders for about a week, but other players will be able to get their hands on him tomorrow.

Source: Perfect Legend, tip via Jimmy E.

  • Kenny Sulaimon

    Gonna get patched in a week with General Zod update, no need to really even post this. . . .

  • KingBlackToof

    I know I already knew this but it really doesn’t make it THAT much easier to deal with.
    Blocking down is not always viable: Jumping attacks, Jumping attacks cancel into a telelport = overhead>crossup (Or even Overhead Crossup > Double Crossup),
    Hell fires and overheads.
    If he’s a distance away he can easily keep you in check by threatening the move.
    You can’t hold down forever, or you’ll lose.

    I guess with time, we’ll learn something reasonable to help.

    • Shortbread

      Uh, just switch to down block after the jump-in? Just like you would after a jump-in attack from any other character?

      Stop holding downback, this isn’t a Capcom game. Holding down blocks all mids and lows– not just teleport. Hold back for overheads, and hold down for mids and lows.

  • luismg

    It doesn’t make any sense to block down, just pushing down

  • Jason Slade

    The same thing works for Aries teleports, although those are usually slow enough to block normally anyway.