Paris Full Contact Results

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This weekend France is getting back into the tournament action with Paris Full Contact. Hosted at White Dream Paris, players competing in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 and The King of Fighters XIII for a free trip to Evolution 2013 in Las Vegas.

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 – Solo (Evo trip), 2v2 Team
  • The King of Fighters XIII – Solo (Evo trip), 2v2 Team

Watch the trailer below!

Many of the best Street Fighter and King of Fighters players in France will be battling for a trip to Evo, including WDM.MCZ|Will2pac, GSU|Kusanagi, WDM.MCZ|Luffy, WDM.MCZ|Cuongster, WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (of the UK), Fox, MF|Tom Sawyer, MF|Frionel and MM|Salim. Who will claim the the prize? Watch and find out!

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Schedule, in CEST (UTC+2).

Saturday June 8

12PM: Opening
12PM-2PM: KOFXIII solo
2PM-4PM: SSFIV 2v2
6PM-8PM: Finals – KOFXIII

 Sunday June 9

SSFIV 2v2 finals
SSFIV solo


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012


1. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose)
2. WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus)
3. Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li)
4. GSU|Kusanagi (Seth)
5. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)
5. LDLC|StarNab (Fei Long)
7. VAD|Phenix (T.Hawk)
7. GSU|Saunic
9. Lior (Sakura, Makoto)
9. Mazinkaiser (Akuma)
9. UFC|Juni (Cammy)
9. GSU|ADoNe
13. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (C.Viper)
13. VSFTV|Kx (Ibuki)
13. GSU|Jims
13. EvoRyu

Luffy wins a trip to Evolution 2013 in Las Vegas, July 12-14.

Grand Finals

WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) – 2-3

Losers Finals

Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li) vs. WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) – 0-2

Winners Finals

WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) – 0-2

Losers Semi-finals

Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li) vs. GSU|Kusanagi) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) – 0-2
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) – 1-2

Top 8 Losers

LDLC|StarNab vs. VAD|Phenix – 2-0 – off-stream
GSU|Saunic vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster – 0-2 off-stream

Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun) – 2-0
GSU|Kusanagi vs. StarNab – 2-1 off-stream

Top 16 Winners

LDLC|StarNab (Fei Long) vs. Raid|Valmaster (Chun-Li) – 0-2
VAD|Phenix (T.Hawk) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) – 1-2
GSU|Saunic (Ibuki) vs. WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) – 1-2
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun) – 2-0

Top 16 Losers

GSU|AdoNe vs. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac – 2-1 off-stream
Lior vs. VSFTV|Kx -2-1 off-stream
Mazinkaiser vs. GSU|Jims – 2-1 off-stream
UFC|Juni vs. EvoRyu – 2-0 off-stream

LDLC|StarNab vs. GSU|Adone – 2-1 off-stream
VAD|Phenix vs. Lior – 2-1 off-stream
GSU|Saunic vs. Mazinkaiser – 2-0 off-stream
WDM.MCZ|Cuongster vs. UFC|Juni – 2-0 off-stream

2v2 Teams

1. GSU|Saunic (Ibuki), GSU|Kusanagi (Seth)
2. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun), WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose)
3. WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat), VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison)

Grand Finals

Saunic/Kusanagi vs. Cuongster/Luffy – 1-2 RESET

GSU|Saunic (Ibuki) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)

Kusanagi/Saunic vs. Luffy/Cuongster – 2-1

GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose)
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)
GSU|Saunic (Ibuki) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)

Losers Finals

Ryan Hart/Haldoll vs. Cuongster/Luffy – 0-2

WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)
VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)

Winners Finals

Haldoll/Ryan Hart vs. Saunic/Kusanagi – 1-2

VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison) vs. GSU|Saunic (Ibuki)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. GSU|Saunic (Ibuki)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. GSU|Kusanagi

Winners Bracket Match Log

Cuongster/Luffy vs. Tahaar/Abou – 0-2

WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun) vs. Abou (Sakura)
WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) vs. Abou (Sakura)

Kayane/Kx vs. ?? – 2-1

Kayane (Chun-Li) vs. ?? (Rose)
Kayane (Chun-Li) vs. ?? (Blanka)
VSFTV|Kx (Ibuki) vs. ?? (Blanka)

Perplex/?? vs. Juni/Angebleu – 2-0

WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. UFC|Juni (Cammy)
WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. GOLD|Angebleu (Cammy)

Perplex/?? vs. Pulpy/Essex -2-0

WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. Pulpy (Ken)
WDM.MCZ|Perplex (Rufus) vs. VSFTV|Essex (Evil Ryu)

Kitano/Vivio vs. Haldoll/Ryan Hart – 1-2|Kitano (E.Honda) vs. VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison)|Kitano (E.Honda) vs. WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat)|Vivio (Akuma) vs. WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat)

Dims/Druss vs. Haldoll/Ryan Hart – 1-2

VSFTV|Dims (Fei Long) vs. VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison)
 WDM.MCZ|Druss (Zangief) vs. VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison)
WDM.MCZ|Druss (Zangief) vs. WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat)

Will2pac/Renegad vs. Kayane/Kx – 2-1

WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (C.Viper) vs. Kayane (Chun-Li)
WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (C.Viper) vs. VSFTV|Kx (Ibuki)
Renegad (Balrog) vs. VSFTV|Kx (Ibuki)

Saunic/Kusanagi vs. Renegad/Will2pac – 2-1

GSU|Saunic (Ibuki) vs. WDM.MCZ|Renegad (Balrog)
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Renegad (Balrog)
GSU|Kusanagi (Seth) vs. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (C.Viper)

Kayane/Kx vs. Cuongster/Luffy – 0-2

Kayane (Chun-Li) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)
VSFTV|Kx (Ibuki) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yun)

Haldoll/Ryan Hart vs. Tahaar/Abou – 2-1

VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison) vs. Tahaar (Ryu)
VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison) vs. Abou (Sakura)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. Abou (Sakura)

Haldoll/Ryan Hart vs. Dark Cody/Street Harder – 2-1

VSFTV|Haldoll (M.Bison) vs. NW|Dark Cody (Cody)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. NW|Dark Cody (Cody)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. NW|Street Harder (Adon)


The King of Fighters XIII


1. Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori)
2. Force D Gyp (Mr. Karate/Chin/Benimaru)
3. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim)
4. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim)
5. MF|Frionel (Kyo/Shen/Hwa, Kim/Chin/Hwa)
5.|Tahaar (Mature/Mr. Karate/Iori)
7. Salim (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim)
7. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Mai/King/Vice)

Fox wins a trip to Evolution 2013 in Las Vegas, July 12-14.

Grand Finals

Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. Force D Gyp (Chin/Mr. Karate/Benimaru) – 3-0 RESET
Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. Force D Gyp (Mr. Karate/Chin/Benimaru) – 3-0

Losers Finals

Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim) – 2-1

Winners Finals

Force D Gyp (Mr. Karate/Chin/Benimaru) vs. WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Mr. Karate/Chin/Hwa) – 2-0

Losers Semi-finals

Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

Force D Gyp (Mr. Karate/Chin/Benimaru) vs. MF|Frionel (Kim/Chin/Hwa, Kyo/Shen/Hwa) – 2-0
WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Mr. Karate/Chin/Hwa) vs. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) – 2-0

Top 8 Losers

Salim (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) – 0-2
WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Mai/King/Vice) vs.|Tahaar (Mature/Mr. Karate/Iori) – 1-2

Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. MF|Frionel (Kyo/Hwa/Shen) – 2-1
WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs.|Tahaar (Mature/Mr. Karate/Iori) – 2-1

Early Round Match Log

Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. Shinkawa (Kensou/Kyo/Shen) – 2-0
WDM|Renegad (Kyo/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. Yox (EX Iori/Kim/Yuri) – 0-2
Wahsinku (EX Kyo/Kim/Takuma) vs. Salim (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim) – 0-2
Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Mr. Karate/Iori) vs. VSFTV|Dims (EX Iori/Kyo/Mr. Karate) – 2-0
MF|Tom Sawyer (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim) vs. Hokuto Youssef (Kyo/Mr. Karate/Kim) – 2-0
WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Vice/Mai/King) vs. Reds (Mr. Karate/Athena/Vice) – 2-0
MF|Tom Sawyer (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim) vs. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Kim/Mr. Karate) – 0-2
MM|Pharaon (King/Hwa/Iori) vs. Force D Gyp (Chin/Mr. Karate/Benimaru) – 1-2
VSFTV|Dims (EX Iori/Kyo/Mr. Karate) vs. Shinkawa (Kensou/Kyo/Shen) – 0-2

2v2 Teams

1. WDM.MCZ|Will2pac, WDM.MCZ|Cuongster
2.|Yox, Bwabande|Fox

Grand Finals

Will2pac/Cuongster vs. Yox/Fox – 2-0

WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs.|Yox (EX Iori/Kim/Yuri)
WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. Bwabande|Fox (Chin/Ryo/Iori)


 Early Round Match Log

Gunsmith/Ryan Hart vs. Tom Sawyer/Frionel – 0-2

ON|Gunsmith (Mr. Karate/Clark/Iori) vs. MF|Tom Sawyer (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim)
WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Clark/Saiki/EX Iori) vs. MF|Tom Sawyer (Chin/Mr. Karate/Kim)

Hokuto Youssef/Jerome vs. Tom Sawyer/Frionel – 1-2

Hokuto Youssef (Mr. Karate/Leona/Kim) vs. MF|Tom Sawyer (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim)
Hokuto Youssef (Saiki/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. MF|Frionel (Kyo/Shen/Hwa)
MM|Jerome (Saiki/Ash/Hwa) vs. MF|Frionel (Kim/Chin/Hwa)

Will2pac/Cuongster vs. Tom Sawyer/Frionel – 2-1

WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. MF|Tom Sawyer (Mr. Karate/Chin/Kim)
WDM.MCZ|Will2pac (Yuri/Mr. Karate/Kim) vs. MF|Frionel (Kyo/Chin/Shen)
WDM.MCZ|Cuongster (Yuri/Chin/Mr. Karate) vs. MF|Frionel (Kyo/Chin/Shen)

Sean vs. Ryan Hart First-to-3 Exhibition

Sean (Athena/K’/Terry) vs. WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Clark/Saiki/EX Iori) – 3-1 ●○○●○

Source: Paris Full Contact, MadCatz