Skullgirls Salty Cupcakes Streaming Live – Tournament, New Experimental Balance Changes, and More

By on June 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm

Salty Cupcakes, the weekly Skullgirls tournament in Southern California, is now live courtesy of EightySixed. Mike Z has once again uploaded his to-do list to show off all of the new balance changes he has in store.

It looks like Valentine is getting the biggest change tonight. She can now stack her poisons in order to increase their effect. If a level 3 poison successfully hits, the only way to remove its effect is to let it run out naturally or kill Valentine with a super. While level 1 poisons are now slightly worse than their previous incarnations, level 3s are all far better. Purple poison now drains the opponent of 15% of their health down to 1%, green poison now adds 40 frames of hit-stun, and orange poison adds 9 frames of input lag.

Be sure to tune in to Salty Cupcakes below to see all of these experimental balance changes in action.

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Source: Mike Z, EightySixed

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  • Quintus Havis

    Little confused…What does Squigly’s Sing do? The one where she’s in stance, I mean, that adds hit frames for Daisy Pusher. I get the one that puts out the fireball is basically Yagyou Dama.

    • Michael Zaimont

      Currently, nothing. When it’s finished, it focuses the screen on her and pulls in things that are at the edges.

      • Quintus Havis

        Oooh, alright. I got it confused with the Yagyou Dama one. Animation is the same, so I wasn’t sure if something had changed or what. Thanks!

      • Michael Scofield

        Amazing Val changes keep it up Zaimont you are my hero

  • Snow Loss

    Looks like everyone’s getting some major changes come Squiggly save maybe Double.
    I can dig it even if I do think Double is one of the characters that needs the most attention.

  • GHNeko