The Rumble Pack – Petra Combo Demonstration

By on May 30, 2013 at 7:09 am

Daimyo Mezza, one of the developers for indie fighter The Rumble Pack, recently uploaded a quick combo video showing off what their new character Petra can do. Her multi-directional air-dashes allow her to produce simple and effective loops that do quite a bit of damage. Mezza is asking the community whether they like how Petra looks or if they think she needs to be hit with the nerf bat. What do you think?

Source: Daimyo Mezza

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  • AriesWarlock

    petra, that name!

  • Quan Chi

    Makes a game that deals with imbalanced comboes. Expects it to sell. Seems legit.

    • Last time I checked rumble pack was free and you don’t have to play it you can just continue to be miserable.

      • Quan Chi

    • Anjon

      Works for Capcom. Huehuehuehuehuehueh.

      • Quan Chi

        lol. apparently not for sfxt and mvc3 😀

        • Anjon

          Which MvC3? The one that sold millions of copies or the one that’s currently the most popular fighting game on the market?

          • Quan Chi

            the one that’s not getting any updates because only a handful of tourney players (compared to the rest of the world that plays fighting games) like it 😛

          • Anjon

            Oh, the one that has the largest number of spectators, highest flow of online traffic, and the most topics running on the SRK front page at any given time.


          • Quan Chi

            Oh you mean this one:


            and this one:


            where’s dem millions?


            inb4 you realize this site covers anything sf related more than anything else reguardless of it being good or not 😛

          • Anjon

            Yes. That’s the one. That most popular fighting game in the FGC.


            I’m waiting for the realization to hit you, but I don’t think you’re going to get it anytime soon, so I’ll just drop this hint:

            Injustice is one of the best-selling fighting games of all time. It’s not going to be the final game at EVO. It’s not as popular as Marvel. The majority of a game’s sales occur in the first week, usually before anyone discovers how broken it is.

            The most popular games in the FGC are also the most imbalanced.

            God bless Ono the Prophet.

          • Quan Chi

            Too bad SSF4AE is the more popular one.

            BALLZ ZACK!

            Yeah, you got that right. SPECTATORS. Not, players. SPECTATORS. Most popular for how disappointing it was because of poor character inclusion choices, button reduction, and many other things. Heee yukyukyukyuk.

  • MUGEN is that you? o_O’

    • Kloakenstein

      Why yes, yes it is.

  • Crazy that I just tried this game out for the first time yesterday and their adding a new character. I still have to give it some more play but I think its a fun game.

  • mtbrandao

    Broken by design.

  • Jason Slade

    Man the animations in this game look really stiff.

  • Dave Passmore JR

    Somewhere, Magneto is proud! Pretty fun looking

  • samael789

    Keep seeing indie games on the front page. Where’s mah Battle High coverage?

  • Alex Steve Giménez

    Americans trying to get in the doujin bandwagon, interesting. At least it looks that it’s got more gameplay than say, Divekick.

  • Hato

    …. and you lost me.