Evo Reminder: Wireless Dualshock 3 Controllers Are Banned!

By on May 30, 2013 at 9:20 am

Evolution 2013 is a Bring-Your-Own-Controller event. We provide the consoles, games, monitors and speakers for every game station, but it’s up to the players to bring the controller they plan to play. This year we are restricting the controllers players are allowed to bring to ensure fair play and guarantee the integrity of the results. Players will not be allowed to use wireless controllers at the event this year.

How Wireless Controllers Work

All EVO games will be run on the Playstation 3. The Playstation 3 Dual Shock and Sixaxis controllers are both wireless devices. Plugging your controller into a PS3 for the first time pairs your controller to that Playstation. This pairing will be remembered by the Playstation until you sync your controller to another Playstation. We have found no reliable workaround to remove this pairing.

Since there’s no easy way to unpair a controller from a Playstation 3, any player who had previously played on a game console may accidently interfere with another game in progress. In order to ensure the integrity of the event, players will not be allowed to use controllers which pair themselves with Playstations.

Regarding Removing the Battery

The remove battery idea was tried and still doesn’t work. Since the DS pad is synced via Bluetooth, the charge cable has no sync capabilities.
Since the controller has no battery, it has to get enough juice to run it, and before it syncs to the new console, it will remember the old one for around 2 seconds. This is enough to ruin a match in progress.

Specifically Banned Controllers

The Sixaxis and Dualshock 3  controllers designed for use on the Playstation 3 are specifically banned.

Allowed Controllers

Fight Sticks. To our  knowledge, all fightsticks made by Hori, PDP, and MadCatz use a wired  connection and do not pair themselves to the PlayStation. They are all  allowed.

MadCatz Fightpads. MadCatz Fightpad use a bluetooth USB dongle to pair the pad to the dongle. Since they  do not create a paring between the pad and the Playstation 3, they are  allowed.

All PS2 Controllers used with  a PS2/PS3 convertor. Dualshock 2 or other PS2 controllers used with a  converter box to convert them to PS3 controllers are allowed. For players  accustomed to using a PS3 controller, this is your best option. We have  included links for a recommened convertor box and Dual Shock 2 controller  for your convenience

Recommended Converters

Most recommened: inPin PS2 to PS3 convertor: http://www.etokki.com/iNPiN%20PS2%20to%20PS3%20Converter

Another alternative from  Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/PS2-Controller-Converter-Adapter-Playstation-2/dp/B000NPSAJU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1309985352&sr=8-4

Playstation 2 Dual Shock  controller from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-2-Dualshock-Controller-Black/dp/B00004YRQ9/ref=pd_sim_vg_3

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail us.

  • xS A M U R A Ix

    God damnit. So much for my controller of choice.

    • Deddjay

      Did you read the whole entry before you made this post? Just pick up a Dualshock 2 and PS3 converter. Viola! Problem solved.

      • Airtola

        Ps3 and Ps2 controllers feel tons different when your actually doing combos. The dpad is much more loose on the ps3 pad, which makes it easier to motions, ps2 is a little less responsive and stiff. I know because I’ve been using a ps2 controller with a converter for a few months now and I can feel the difference every time i switch back to ps3 controller.

        • denshuu

          I have the exact opposite experience. The PS3 controller feels like the dpad is sitting on a sponge, which makes it a lot less responsive. It also doesn’t have any useful L2 and R2 buttons.

          • tempbast

            For my experience, I agree with denshuu. All my PS3 controller d-pads are stiff and require excessive effort it to respond. And using the ps3’s L2 and R2 is uncomfortable. I already use ps2 to usb converter.

        • xS A M U R A Ix

          I agree with air here. The dpad on the PS3 controller just gives better tactile feedback for some reason, stuff just comes out easier.

  • Diemme

    What the hell are MK players supposed to do? Almost no one uses a stick…

    • Nybb

      Get one of the converters linked right in the article, learn to use a stick, or learn to play a real fighting game.

      • strizzmatik

        Go fuck yourself? MK9 is a great game.

        • GuyWithNoHat

          Yeah, and for casuals…

          • Deddjay

            Hm..I smell a troll..

        • RagnaXBL

          MK9 is a great game…for scrubs

      • s3anmik3

        That was really uncalled for. I play MvC3 SSF4: AE, and MK. They are all great games that are 100% equal in my opinion. If you want to troll go do it somewhere else.

      • wkwong

        please… MK9 is a great fighting game and probably the best MK ever made. If you can’t see that, then you’re not a true fighting game fan.

        • Dj Antman

          Stupid, “then you’re not a true fighting game fan.” Anyone can just dislike the game for whatever reasons they want, doesn’t mean they aren’t ‘true fighting game fans’. Just means they don’t like that particular game.

          • Incorruptibility

            Can’t we all just get along and hate on AH3?

          • truendymion

            He’s right. A true fan of fighting games wouldn’t say “learn to play a real fighting game.” Those are the words of a close-minded dipshit.

      • MilesRiey

        You know, he was talking about tournament players. Also, do you need to be such a mean person? Just because you don’t like this fighting game, doesn’t mean it’s not a fighting game.
        Another thing, I don’t see the point of you guys just thinking about tournaments. Not everyone plays at tournaments in case all of you know, because we’ve some better things to do rather than playing a game 8 hours straight… I’m not offending, I’m just saying that you guys can’t think “just” for the tournaments, that’s all.

    • Running Wild

      I found the Hori Fighting Commander 3 works perfectly for MK.

    • ahdonye

      Mk plays just fine with a stick, just spend a few hours with it and you will be just fine.

    • King Rizz

      Use a PS2 controller with a converter. They’re dirt cheap and its essentially the same controller.

    • Madskizophrenik

      TROLL FOUND!!!

    • Diernes

      I use a stick. a madcatz combat fight panel modded to a TE to be precise it’s the ultimate weapon for a MK player IMO. fuck the pad…. that stick is god tier for MK.

  • HBRD

    Should have been put in effect as soon as Sixaxis controllers came out, but a welcome change nonetheless.

  • Jaxel

    What if you modified your PS3 controller… giving it a power switch, so that you can turn the wireless on and off at will?

    • Nerrage

      People have removed the batteries from their PS3 controllers, but that still doesn’t work. There is about two seconds of when it plugs into a new console where it is still synced to the old one, and it has power. Press the home button then, and it will go to the console it was last synced to, and interrupt the game.

  • NinjahG

    So you know, a PS2 pad is a horrible choice for PS3 pad players. The back triggers and D-Pad work differently meaning you’re pretty much screwing over anybody who intends to play on a PS3 pad. Wolfkrone is a good example here.

    I understand and you have fair reason, but I don’t see any point in PS3 pad players entering games unless they can convert a PS2>PS3 wired.

    • Kelter Skelter

      Wolfkrone uses a PS2 pad :/

      • Huey Freeman

        I believe that Wolfkrone been using a ps3 pad for a while now….

        • TooItchy

          Last time I asked him, which was about a month ago, he said he was using PS2 pad with a converter (on 360 too)

    • Deddjay

      Until recently, I’d played all my fighting games on PS3 and can tell you from experience, the PS2 pads aren’t but so different from PS3 pads ( though because they’re corded, they seem to drop imputs a lot less)

    • MegaMettaurX

      PS2 pads have superior DPads. The only pad better than the PS2’s in the playstation family is PS1’s pad. Also, I think people would prefer to have an actual button for their R2 and L2, instead of 2 analogues.

    • Terrastorm

      And by differently, you mean a lot better, right?

  • Zenme

    The Dualshock 2 is a better controller anyway 😛

  • hobb1t

    then your trollor is double banned since its been modded lol

  • LunarEdge

    figured this would happen. Hosted my own MvC3 tournament and that was a problem. Good thing I have a ps2 to usb converter XD

  • Nils1

    Are PDP fightpads allowed? They are wired controllers.

  • Zephyr

    I had bought a couple PS2 controllers to use with my old PC converter when I saw this a couple months back. Breaking them in now. If you’re a PS3 pad player, hurry up and get your PS2 controller and converter ASAP, you do not want a stiff new controller when you hit Vegas

  • SNK_Forever2001

    the Hori stick that came with T6 on PS3 also uses a dongle. Not sure how many people actually use this, but i had one who came to a local that used it. so just throwing it out there.

    • Doc Strange

      That would be a good suggestion if the stick wasn’t such shit.

      • SNK_Forever2001

        it’s not the best, but it’s also not the worst out there. it’s somewhat service-able with it’s stock parts..

      • MegaMettaurX

        It’s not a bad stick really. The only thing bad about it out of the box was the weight, and the lack of an efficient way to modify change the buttons when they go bad. If you like Seimitsu buttons, there isn’t ~too~ much of a difference. The could be tightened, which is possible.

  • Diemme

    The dualshock 2 is better, I agree, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is VASTLY different. The triggers are completely different, and the dpad is much less restrictive.

    The whole tourney should have been run on xbox anyway, since the ps3 has lag issues.

    • Zenme

      Imagine pad warriors trying to win with the 360 d-pad lol

      • kache

        Pad warriors would have won with the Razer Onza Controller, which uses microswitches (the same as the sticks).

        • MegaMettaurX

          Are they on Omrons MS’s? I’m sure pad players wouldn’t want a misfire from brands like QMSRON.

        • tempbast

          that controller is pure shit for fighting games. It has a chance for MK9. But really. have you even tried it to make that opinion?

    • drunkninja42

      And the 360 has controller sync issues of it’s own that can significantly delay a tourney, especially one as large as Evo.

      Both consoles have their own issues, but the PS3 lag issues can be overcome, and considering PS3 is the tourney standard anyway, anyone who is truly interested in competing at Evo just needs to use it at this point.

      • AmigoOne

        yea, but not the wired ones.

      • Diemme

        The sync issue? Just demand wired controllers and there isn’t an issue. And the ps3 is the standard out of laziness. the 360’s lag for marvel is significantly less intrusive to the match.

        • Windsagio

          ps3 is the Evo standard, not necc the tourney one. More and more are actually going xbox for some reason.

        • fokkusuhaundo

          The PS3 is standard because Sony sponsored EVO. EVO already bought a lot of PS3s for Tekken 5DR and for players at that time that were still using PS2 pads/sticks since there weren’t any PS2->360 adapters at the time. It’s not out of laziness, it’s out of their own budget that can’t afford to buy dozens of new consoles.

          If that 1 frame difference in input delay means that much to you, then by all means lobby to get Microsoft to sponsor EVO and provide several 360s or get people to donate their own 360s.

          EVO needs to go back to using arcade cabinets. =P

          • Nooneyouknow

            For Marvel, it’s not just the 1 frame of input delay, it’s inconsistent frame rates. The 360 tears, but maintains 60 fps. The PS3 does not tear, but does not maintain 60 fps. Just means to expect dropped combos though.

  • Cuban Democracy

    Why not set up a couple dedicated desync stations, like they had at that one tournament? I think it was SCR. Kind of a shame to have the default controller for the console be banned. IIRC the PS3 Madcatz pads also have a lot of problems, so if you don’t have a stick I suppose the only viable options would be converted DS2s, sticks, or the Hori Fighting Commander 3.

    • Ponder

      We have tried this an other solutions. None of them are 100% effective. To be specific, before you’ve synced your controller to the cleaning station, there is a window of time where your controller will be on but still synced to the previous station. During this window, you could potentially interfere with a match in progress at your previous station. This is not a theory: this has actually happened in the past, and is one of the reasons were implementing this hard and fast ruling.

      • Cauldrath

        Just require them to have a device on them that they can use to desync and don’t let them leave the station until they do. I have an XBox Controller Converter Pro and you can just plug that into any powered USB port, plug the DS3 into it, and the controller will desync from the PS3. You can even use the same port you just plugged the DS3 into in the first place.

        Personally, I bought an inPin and a brand new DS2 so that I could make the switch, but it drops inputs all over the place. I haven’t been able to rule out the controller itself, even though it is new, because it drops inputs with the Xbox converter, too, but it has gotten me to stick with the DS3 for now.

        I guess it doesn’t really matter to me, anyway, since I can’t afford to go to EVO this year, but I’m not really encouraged to save up for next year.

  • Narcowski

    It should be pointed out that sticks which can block in both directions have been explicitly given the go-ahead.

    • Okame

      The Hitbox is also new technology that virtually no one knows how to use, much less use well. Every tournament that has featured a player using a hitbox has seen dropped combos and missed links galore. Being able to block in both directions is a miniscule advantage compared to the handicap someone would be taking by using that controller.

      • Doc Strange

        This isn’t a good argument. Dropping combos is due to the player’s lack of skill with the controller, which can absolutely be overcome. Being invincible to cross-ups on the other hand cannot and is extremely unfair imo.

        • Windsagio

          they have the 2 way block wired out, anyways.

    • silverhydra

      It should also be noted that you don’t follow anything about the Hitbox. They’ve been modified so that holding two conflicting directions cancels them both out.

      • Roland Deschain

        In all fairness he didn’t say Hitboxes. Someone could make their own version that did not do this and use it in Evo. (at least that is what he is saying, not sure if this would break the rules or not)

        • Narcowski

          There’s a reason I didn’t say hitboxes – Strogg has posted that both he and Gummowned will be selling their modding services at Evo. Amongst more “normal” mods, they will be selling mods to allow any button on any stick to block both ways.

          I’m well aware that newer official model hitboxes sanitize SOCD inputs.

        • Okame

          Nah, I meant the hitboxes in particular. I didn’t know this had been wired out of them. Other people set me straight.

    • Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0

      It should be pointed out that you can block both ways only in MvC3 AND that the controller most likely to exploit this is the Dualshock ones.

    • TooItchy

      You mean hitboxes? While I’m not a big fan of them, and don’t necessarily approve of them for reasons unrelated, they do not allow blocking in both directions, when you push both left and right, the directions offset eachother, meaning you go back to neutral and are unable to block in any direction. So just make sure you got your facts straight, before making claims like this.

      • TooItchy

        Guess I’m late in responding, seeing as how other people pointed this out, and you explained what you were referencing.

  • Y2Ryoko

    Since PS3’s come with wireless controllers in the box, wouldn’t it be better if the tournament staff simply have their own wireless controllers on hand, pre-paired with all of the PS3s and set to controller assignment 3-7? That way, fightstick players can use P1 and P2 slots without hassle, then if a pad player steps up, they can just take the house Dual Shock 3 that’s already programmed to a slot, and there’s no fear of anyone accidentally messing up another person’s game.

    • Strider2k2

      @Y2Ryoko — I’m sure EVO staff will have this as a backup plan. The problem with using an in-house pad is that the controller wouldn’t “feel the same” to each user. Like for instance, i also play on pad and whenever i head over to someone’s house their controllers either feel too “broken into” or “not broken enough for comfort”. That’s why it’s better to bring your own controller, because you already have a “feel” for how it is already.

    • El_Maiz

      The problem is that a PS3 controller used on a PS3 can disrupt the game.

    • Wil

      EVO staff and organizers don’t want to e held liable should the controller fail.

      This discussion has been going on for a long time now. Everyone should check the EVO forums here on SRK.

  • Strider2k2

    I own that Inpin converter and i would say it’s the best (lagless) in the market. Korean Tekken players use it with their PSX or PS2 pads/ sticks on PS3.

    It’s fine. If you’re a pad player this news shouldn’t bother you all that much since IMO the PSX/PS2 controllers are better anyway.

  • Unek

    Alot of mk and tekken players play on pad most of ssf4 and mvc3 players will be on sticks.

  • mayor mcjustin

    Its about time they did this.

  • KittyConCarnage

    Is this to block wolfkrone from playing? Cause that’s what it seems like to me. Calling BS on this.

    • AL3ZAY

      Hop off his sack. This has nothing to do with Wolfkrone.

    • Nybb

      Right. They are trying to block the player with far and away the most official EVO seeding points, who is one of the favourites going into the tournament, is one of the USA’s best hopes at beating Japan, and is also a generally well-liked player, from entering EVO. That is EXACTLY what they are trying to do. Nevermind the fact that top players like Krone and Vangief already play on wired pads with converters. It is clearly a CONSPIRACY.

      I am so glad that you, KittyConCarnage, have opened my eyes to this outrageous act.

    • Wil

      Wolfkrone uses a PS2 pad. =)

    • ahdonye

      Well, yes it is to stop Wolfkrone. Not because he is Black, or from Michigan, Wolfkrone must be stopped because he dresses nicely, lookks like he showers everyday, and is clean shaven, unlike a lot of the slobs that do commentary that look like they rolled around in a kiddy pool of baby oil and piss, nasty shirts, unshaven, complaining that they can’t get anywhere in life because Ronald Reagan was president 20+ years ago

      • Huey Freeman

        Yes kids if you shower, shave, and dress like you give half a fuck you too can play like Wolfkrone. Now go out there and practice general hygiene all the way to the top!!

      • TooItchy

        Wow, what crawled up your ass? I watch as many streams as possible, and have never heard or seen any commentators like the ones you describe. Ever. So please enlighten me as to the ones who bitch about life, and Ronald Reagan, and are covered in piss, and baby oil.

  • xS A M U R A Ix

    I agree that the messes up people who are accustomed to PS3 pads. The actual pad itself on a PS3 pad is a lot different than the one on 2, it’s tighter and a bit smoother. As long as you’re careful to turn the controller off after every match, and not press the PS3 home button, this isn’t an issue, but eh, what can you do about it. I wish this was announced a lot sooner than today so I had longer to break in a pad / get some of the harder shit in MVC3 down before the tournament.

    • Cuban Democracy

      It was announced way, way earlier. Several months ago, in fact.

    • Strider2k2

      This ruling was announced a long while ago. It’s not like this made up this rule just now. This article is only a reminder as we get closer to EVO.

      • xS A M U R A Ix

        I must have missed it then. I’m glad I caught it now, would have been fucked at evo otherwise.

        • Wil

          Pay attention to the EVO forums here on SRK.

    • furix

      The wireless controller ban was actually already known for a long time.

  • zenblaster

    I m sure this has nothing at all to do with madcatz sponsorship and onsite store at evo.Your controller banned ?Well your in luck we have a booth over there with tons of controllers to buy $$$$. Problem,Reaction,Solution SRK illuminatti at its best

    • boogityboy

      You’re right, it doesnt. Try reading the article again for the REASON they are banned and take your little conspiracy idiocy elsewhere.

      • zenblaster


  • The 4th Letter

    Why does Evo still use PS3s any how? I thought the PS3 has 2 frame lag.

    • Windsagio

      because Sony sponsored the Tournament and gave them PS3’s to use for it.

    • Black Hayate

      ps3 is actually the closest to the arcade

    • Wil

      PS3 version of AE is closer to the arcade version.

      • fokkusuhaundo

        In terms of game speed yes, but in terms of input delay I believe the Taito X2 arcade and the 360 have the same inherent input delay. The PC version is the closest you’ll get to the arcade if you have a capable rig.

  • Animefreak6969

    Not to mention you CAN desynch a controller, by hitting the tiny ass button on the back

    • Zephyr

      …what in the hell?
      *goes to find a pin*

      • xMarauderx

        Yeah this is a widely unknown trick. Why not implement this at EVO?

  • Shishioh

    Just another reason not to go to Evo for me.

    • fokkusuhaundo

      would the other reason be that you never took these games seriously to begin with?

      Having to adapt to using a PS2 pad with an Inpin PS3 adapter is hardly a reason not to go to EVO if you can afford it and enjoy competing in these games.

  • Poshib

    A very simple and reliable way to solve the problem is to just a designated sync station that all ps3 pad users are require to sync their controllers to after every match. Ive been to a Tekken tournament that used this idea and there were no problems.

    • Zenme

      The problem is that you can never be totally sure that people will bother to desynch their controller. Even a 0.01% chance that a match might be interrupted is unacceptable.

    • Wil

      It’s been tried before at some majors and even a desync station didn’t help Some players just disregarded the desyncing process which lead to more headaches.

      It’s all about streamlining the entire process and eliminating the DS3 and six axis controllers was the best route for the tourney organizers.

  • Windsagio

    You guys saying ‘just have a desync station or use the button’ don’t understand the sheer number of people involved, or even the state they’ll likely be in. Come Saturday morning, when htere are a thousand hung over, sleep deprived people wandering around the floor, thats when you get mystery inputs happening.

  • kedawa

    They’re doing people a favor. DS3 is just an awful pad. Get a Hori fighting commander or PS3 Saturn pad and rise from the ghetto.

  • Pretty_Nate

    wait, hasn’t this been since they started using next gen consoles? if your worried about this, and you have a spare controller you can take it apart and disconnect the battery, forcing it to operate only with a usb cable. If you dual modded your pad it’ll be fine, just like dual modded sticks. you have to keep in mind most modded controllers like sticks are just multi pcb. so yeah, nothing really to stress about guys theres ways to use controllers, just not wirelessly.

    • xS A M U R A Ix

      There would be no way for them to verify if the controller had been modded and had it’s battery removed, so I imagine they would still be banned even if they couldn’t do wireless.

      • Pretty_Nate

        true, i just remember from the past two years they had the same rule, anybody that used a ps3 pad had the usb cable, and most were battery free.

      • Cillranchelllo

        The PS3 pads are actually translucent, verifying that the battery is removed is no more difficult than using a flashlight.

        • Cillranchelllo

          I just realized I should specify, the Sixaxis and Dualshock 3s(the ones that come packaged with a PS3) are translucent, other brands of PS3 controllers are a different story.

  • kreativeking

    That kinda sucks, but those are the breaks ….

    P.S. Ton of Grammatical Errors in this article

    • Tokairu

      Grammatical Errors?

      I lol’d.

  • Windsagio

    I seriously get the impression that a lot of people posting about this haven’t actually been there in person and seen the huge PITA these stupid controllers are for everyone.

    And I hate using that line because its usually used in a negative fasion… but still.

  • Aaron G

    Wait so even if the ps3 controller is plugged in while you are playing you still can’t use it?

  • Okame

    People decrying this don’t seem to realize quite how large Evo is. A dedicated desync station? I’m sure you can enforce that in a smaller tournament with 20, 50, or even 200 players. Try enforcing that in a ballroom the size of a football field with 2,000 people in it. You couldn’t, and suddenly it will be your match getting interrupted because some salty scrub who just got eliminated threw his pad in his bag and walked off.

    It’s been a problem in tournaments for a long time, and there is no good solution for fixing it at a tournament the size of Evolution. The only practical way is to prevent it from happening in the first place by banning the one type of controller that causes the problem.

  • Sibuna Alucard

    thats retarded, why not just bring a usb along with the controller and when its done just take out the usb connected to the controller and turn it off and thats that

    • drunkninja42

      Because even when you unplug the controller from the PS3, it still leaves the controller synced to the system, and if the home button on the PS3 pad gets pressed, accidentally or on purpose, it turns the controller back on and immediately disrupts the game in progress on whichever system it was last synced to. The only way to prevent this issue and still use PS3 pads is to have a dedicated “desync” station, and for a tournament the size of Evo, that just isn’t practical.

      • brainpipe

        This. I’ve had my games get interrupted at much smaller tournaments than Evo thanks to pad players using wireless controllers carelessly. Banning the controller is the only solution. Bringing a wire for the pad still leaves room for error.

  • Mellow1234567

    Can you use a wired xbox 360 controller with an adapter?

    • Ponder


  • ty-uu

    is this just a ploy to sell madcatz products?

    • Warpticon

      Considering that sticks by Hori, Namco, custom sticks, hori pads, madcatz pads, sony ps2 pads, saturn USB pads, and all other kinds of controllers that don’t require a direct wireless sync to the system aren’t banned, I’m going to say no, this is not some pro-MadCatz conspiracy.

  • Rose

    How about wireless HORI sticks?

    • TheGreatReptar

      Those use dongles don’t they? As long as the controller itself doesn’t sync, it should be fine.

  • TRU

    HOw about Evo provides these converters….BET MONEY they will have converters for sale on site!!!!


    • Wil

      There weren’t any last year. Only booths I saw that sold joysticks were the Hori and Madcatz booths.

  • rtdzign

    “Can you use a wired xbox 360 controller with an adapter?”
    I know of no such converter that exists.

    Jesus, this was announced months ago. Should have transitioned to a PS2 dual shock with convertor months ago, just like Wolfkrone.

    No matter what, desync stations, removed batteries, the only way to possibly stop this is to remove the bluetooth chip from the controller. Even if you remove the battery or install a switch, the Sixaxis/DS3 stays synced to the last console for a few seconds, enough to disrupt a match.

    • stev0knev022

      I’m registered for SSF4 and will be using a wired 360 controller with a converter because that’s how i get down.

  • New Era Outlaw

    Retarded. VERY retarded. Especially since you can desync a control very easily.

    • Bacn

      That didn’t stop people from interrupting matches last year.

  • insanelee

    ive ran 100~ player tournaments with a desync station. we still had problems with it. it simply would not work when you have a tournament the size of evo. this is clearly the best option for the scenario. there is 0% chance of having a home button come up.


  • Gorehound

    Players are going to bring their PS3 conTROLLer anyways.

  • charlie88

    fuck evo for this why not just have the controllers in a storage area and they are labeled and guarded so they wont be interfering with matches..as a pad player im pissed

    • TooItchy

      Uh, because every single pad is different? The one you use every single day has it’s own feel, some random pad provided by evo will have a much different feel to it. Not to mention that puts Evo itself in the line of fire, should something happen with the controller. I don’t even see why you are pissed off, this is very old news, every single year, ps3 pad’s and 360 wireless pads, fuck with tournaments because of the syncing.

      You should be using a PS2 pad with a converter anyways, much better controller for fighting games.

      • charlie88

        nope the ps3 controller is just fine and has the better feel i just think that ppl with the wireless pads should have a private room to look at the matches in so they will be far away to not cause any accidental interferences that way ppl can use wateva controller they like or are accustom too

  • Gandido

    Glad this is finally being enforced fully.

  • StrtFghtrMstr

    Hope they have a concrete way to filter out the custom sticks w/SixAxis PCBs. Are they going to use the honor system? Are they only going to use non-modified sticks next? Goodluck with the solution.

    • Windsagio

      I think its more that with that many fewer of the things out there its that much less likely to cause a problem.

  • fokkusuhaundo

    Shoutouts to Laugh and the godlike Inpin and Xtokki adapters, Paewang PS3/360 stick and PCB, and Korean and Japanese arcade parts that he sells on his website etokki.com.

    • Windsagio

      how gauche :p

  • stev0knev022

    For all your converter need

    Ps2 – PS3
    360 wired – PS3


    • fokkusuhaundo

      I recommend the PS2->PS3 Inpin and 360 Xtokki adapters on etokki.com over anything else because they have been tested to be lag free and the Xtokki adapter doesn’t require a wired 360 pad to work.

  • abkallday

    Odd just odd

  • Proximus

    I always wondered… it is allowed to use turbo/auto-fire in EVO? I ask cause some fighsticks e pads have the button turbo on it.

    • TooItchy

      Turbo has never been allowed. And I don’t even understand why sticks/pads have that function in the first place. Turbo gives you a major disadvantage IMO. What good is a single button getting mashed as fast as possible anyways? I guess for honda hands, chun legs, blanka lightening etc. it might be considered an aid for that, but that is so damn inaccurate, in general, and especially competitive play, you would want the most precise inputs possible. And anyone who uses those chars, in a tournament, should know how to piano/slide already.

  • Saint Connor

    Well if people weren’t stupid and realized that leaving your controller PLUGGED IN while playing and turning off the controller BEFORE removing the sync cable, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Plugging in a PS3 sixaxis/dual shock 3, turning ON the controller, THEN REMOVING the sync cable causes that controller to be permenently synced to that specific PS3 until it is otherwise synced with another PS3. But simply leaving it connected creates a temporary sync in which once the controller is turned off PRIOR to removing the sync cable, no matter how much you mash on the PS button, it will no longer have an effect on that PS3.

    PS3 has been out for how long? And people still haven’t figured this shit out?

    Looks like I won’t be participating in Tekken 6 now. After the fact that I’ve already paid for this before this being announced. But its on me to buy a new PS2 controller and working converter (that doesn’t have desync issues in itself)? Fuck that.

    • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

      It was announced way before this. No one reads rules.

    • Saint Connor

      Yeah, yeah, “announced for months”. Well this is the first time of me hearing it. Sorry I don’t troll the interwebs as much as the rest of the world. And this is the first big announcement I’ve seen of this.

      • PurpleLemonadeGGPO

        You don’t need to troll the interwebs 24/7 to read a freaking 2 year old FAQ on the main evo page, mister pad warrior.

        • Saint Connor

          Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3 controllers were not banned at last years Evo. So where you are getting 2 years at I have no idea.

      • Wil

        I believe this was also announced in one of them SRK podcasts too.

    • SaBrE

      saint connor: you do realize that thousands of people attend this event? this isnt some local 20 man tourney. this is a huge mess of people crowded together. people are gonna slip up and fuck up the sync process. which has always been the fucking problem. wyou also cant expect there to be 50+ more volunteers to be at each and every station to make sure people are doing shit right at all times. that just isnt reasonable.

      the people bitching about this rule are the ones that just dont truly understand the magnitude of the problem that ds3/sixaxis controllers bring. you dont go to massive tourneys and see these problems first hand. this really is a massive issue. just wait til you get dq’d cuz some fuckhead forgot to desync the controller and then turn it on later by accident cuz its moving around in their pocket or whatever, and absolutely ruining your match. if it happened to you, you would completely understand this rule at a massive tourney.

      also, this rule has been stated numerous times. its not their fault you and others dont read

      • echizen20

        Great explaination!

      • Saint Connor

        Yes I realize the size of the event. Yes I know the “magnatude” of the problem as far as the concequences it brings. I was there in 08 when it happened to Gandido in Tekken finals. I’ve been to other tournies as well, but have rarely seen it happen if at all. My point is this could have all be avoid if people were smart on the system and how syncing works in the first place. I understand Mr. Wiz’s stand and know this is supposed to fix the problem, but it can handicap some people as its all they know to play on and/or feel comfortable with a certain pad, stick, etc. Like someone said in here, there may not be people that know about this until right when they arrive and they are just hosed. Yes, read rules before hand, blah blah, I know. I knew “wireless” sticks and pads were banned last year, but I didn’t realize specificly sixaxis and ds3 were this year.

        Most of my post was just initially being upset. I don’t like the idea of a group of people being punished because of what SOME people are too dumb to realize.

        And if this was stated numerous times in the headlines, then I completely missed it. Maybe it should have been stickied at the top for a while. But it is what it is.

        • SaBrE

          believe me, i know it sucks. im very sure wiz and the cannons dont like the idea of banning a very common controller. but there just really isnt any true solution other than the players really having to adapt. i know the ds2 is different, i used to play tekken on both ps2 and ps3 in tourneys. but honestly, its like complaining about playing on a mad catz when you are used to a hori stick. just practice up a little, its not vastly different.

          unfortunately, the players just need to learn how to read rules. theres usually really important info in there. its pretty silly for a tournament goer, who spends a lot of money to attend, and doesnt bother to read the ruleset.

  • Laggy

    If you cant afford a converter, Why go to Evo? Don’t like the ps2 controller? Get use to it. You cant have everything. Complaining about it makes you sound like a high school girl with mental issues. Or learn to use a joystick and if thats too hard then tough lucks buddy, Evo isnt for you.

    • xS A M U R A Ix

      Imagine if they had banned TE sticks for some other reason. Don’t talk down to people just because of their controller of choice, you might be in the same position one day. In fact, I hope your stick dies on you mid match and you get DQed for a pause. Don’t like it? Tough luck. Shoulda replaced the parts in your stick before evo. If you can’t afford that, why even go?

  • kache

    I still don’t understand why they don’t do this on PC, which permits to connect basically any type of peripheral, without these kinds of problems.

    • Windsagio

      2 reasons: No PC version of a lot of the games, and getting the XXX number of machines it would take to run the pools.

    • fokkusuhaundo

      MvC3, Tekken 6, Blazblue CS2, and MK9 aren’t available for PC, and mapping the controls in PC AE is not as easy as you think (you have to exit the game before plugging in a new controller). And how is the EVO staff going to afford to buy all of those new PCs just for AE anyways?

    • Wil

      Buy a bunch of PC’s only for one game? EVO has MK9, Tekken, BlazBlue, AE, MVC3.

  • Stuart Hayden

    Not even sure why this needs a reminder.

    • Windsagio

      clearly it does, given the number of ‘omg why didn’t you say this earlier?!’ posts 😉

  • Brucewest85

    NO they cant just announce this now evo is only a few days away and i already bought my passes, hotel, and entry! WTF?!?! this is completely unfair! If i would have known this when i would have not entered! how the fuck im i suppose to get a fucking PS2 controller with a converter? Great NOW I gotta spend more money on crap i will only use once?!? Oh so its ok to do this now but we cant use the new MK characters! this is stupid at all levels!

    • Stuart Hayden

      You’re an idiot. This has been a rule since they announced evo back in January (or february). Don’t blame your laziness on their ruling.

      • Brucewest85

        laziness has nothing to do with it you jerk! If it WAS a ruling then it wasn’t a very clear one!!

        • echizen20

          if you haven’t found out about it now…imagine those other ps3 pad players that don’t even know about it now and then having to find that out when they get there…harharhar

        • Zenme

          What, you want them to send you a mail to your home or something? The rules have been posted for months, plus they mentioned it several times on the site and on the podcast.

      • King Sky

        Chill dude, everybody didn’t know, which is obviously why SRK posted it, duh. The folks at EVO have obviously decided to do this because syncing controllers with the PS3 takes time, and a lot of people forgot to unsync (I guess that is the term) pads last year which causes problems in an event the size of EVO. PS2 pad and converter eliminates this problem (and allows you to still play on pad), besides the PS2 pad is better than the sixaxis/DS3 anyways.

    • truendymion

      Are you serious? Your trolling right?

  • Arma

    Tourney in a Japanese arcade, EVERYONE uses the same controller… you’re lucky you can use your own controllers at all 😛

  • JacopeX

    I can probably beat half of you with a 360 controller. *yawn*

    Too bad i’m going to drop it for a fight pad now. lol.

  • batmanuel

    this is so fucking ghey and inconvenient. welps there one less person for the tourney

    • Beastfeast

      I can bet the majority of people freaking out and making comments like this were NEVER going to EVO in the first place.

      It’s been announced for months. Also, Learn to use a stick.

      • Wil

        They probably weren’t registered in the first place either.

    • MrSoada

      You weren’t going to do well anyway.

  • The Orphan

    When they originally announced this, was it on the front page? I don’t always go too deep into srk.

    • Pyrthas

      It’s in the FAQ on evo2k.com. Clearly, lots of people attending didn’t read the FAQ, but there’s no excuse for that.

  • Ramma

    “Players will not allow to use wireless controllers are the event this year.”
    What type of sentence is that? lol

  • Furtive

    We all know the real reason is that pad beats the living crap out of sticks.

  • omg1337core

    Someone might have mentioned this already, but i didn’t feel like reading through the shitstorm this comment thread apparently has become, but something i’ve always done for my friends who use pad at tournaments to stop the sync issues with DS3/Sixaxis controllers:

    pop it open, take out the battery. Tada, now it only works when there’s a USB cable plugged into it. Autosyncs to whatever PS3 it’s plugged into, doesn’t cause problems for the old one.

    Really, no one thought about this?

    • SaBrE

      already been touched on many times. you seriously want the tourney organizers physically inspect absolutely every single controller at the tourney? are you fucking nuts?

  • 1cepick

    A mini-USB cable will make the Dualshock 3 function like a wired controller. This is what Black Ops players do at MLG events so this rule is extremely stupid.

    • SaBrE

      uh no. its still paired to the console. and also, you got thousands of people at evo, some people slip up.and do something wrong and screw the shit up. i dont know how cod behaves. but in fighters, this shit will pause a game… i dont think its possible to pause a multiplayer fps game lol. thats a huge difference.

      even if you use a usb cable, then go to another console, plug it in, then turn it on, there is a slight moment, after its turned on, where its still paired to the LAST CONSOLE USED before syncing to the current console in use. STILL causing problems at random.

      yeah what a stupid fucking rule. /sarcasm

      you guys that think this is a stupid idea have seriously not thought it through, have never had this bs happen to you, never gone to a big tourney, or understand the insane logistics required to allow wireless controllers and have no slipups.

      yeah banning the controllers sucks. no one likes it. not even the cannons or wizard. unfortunately, its a necessary evil. you seriously dont understand how good of a rule this truly is. you might get lucky and this problem doesnt affect you, but think about lots of other people who has this happen to them and they lose matches or get DQ’ed. it really sucks.

      you guys seriously have no clue how bad wireless controllers are at large fg tourneys

  • P. Gorath

    Evo using PS3’s for a marvel 3 tournament is akin to them using PS2’s to run marvel 2 tournaments. What a buggy, terrible port of a game, regardless of controller issues.

    • SaBrE

      yeah its a pretty crappy version unfortunately. too much frame skipping

      • King Sky

        The difference is so minute, miniscule, and miniature they really don’t constitute as differences; seeing how most (and that’s really being generous, because I am pretty sure it’s every) tourny uses PS3 anyway, I don’t think either of you or anyone else would notice much of anything, without slow motion, if that.

        Besides, the 360 and it’s overheating problems would be a liability in any tournament, but ESPECIALLY EVO considering the sheer amount of players that will attend, and considering they don’t want PS3 controllers the 360 pad probably destroyed any chances of this being on Xbox

        • SaBrE

          the difference is not minute. you can even see it in the select screen when selecting characters. its really that bad. just the cold star assist alone chuggs the game. im not saying it isnt payable, by all means it is. but the frame skipping is fucking annoying. lvl3 dark phx with regen activated? yeah good luck making out that mess. plus, i would be concerned about frame skipping cuz for all we know, those dropped frames can also mean dropped inputs. vanilla sf4 had that problem on the diner stage with fire effects on screen.

          last i checked too, ps3 is not tourney standard. there is no standard. just cuz evo uses it does not mean its the standard..

          new xboxes, afaik, dont have overheating issues. evo staff would have to buy new xboxes, obviously it would be the slim model. the dreamcast was a faulty fucking system and yet evo still went on for years. its a concern, but its not stopping a tournament. especially when most of these consoles are used only a couple times per year.

          either way. this is really off topic =)

          • drunkninja42

            Exactly. A friend of mine got DQed in pools at Evo 09 because of this shit. Both opponents using TE sticks, both had their lock switch on, but because someone somewhere turned their PS3 pad on, it caused the game to pause and go to XMB and my friend wound up DQed from that match because the screen said “1P Pause” Partially an idiotic judge’s fault, but the situation is not at all uncommon.

          • fokkusuhaundo

            “evo staff would have to buy new xboxes,”
            Which unfortunately won’t happen unless Microsoft decides to sponsor EVO. PS3 Marvel 3 dropping frames is a major issue no doubt, but all we can hope for besides a MS sponsored EVO is for those framerate issues to be brought to the attention of Capcom to be fixed in a future patch or the rumored Super MvC3.

    • fokkusuhaundo

      Unfortunately, there’s no original arcade version for marvel 3 like there was for marvel 2 to dictate which console should be used based on which one is closest to the arcade.

      But I guess that’s what happens with a dead arcade scene in most of the US and the scene split between each console. It doesn’t matter if the 360 has the same inherent input delay as the Taito X2 arcade hardware if 99.9% of American players have never sat down at an AE cabinet in their life.

  • J-Goz


    lol the things people cry about will never cease to amaze me
    do you guys know that there is a real world where actual bad things happen?

  • AkibanaZero

    I could only imagine how difficult any other solution would be other than banning DS3/Sixaxxis controllers altogether. I’m not really a major tournament veteran or anything but I believe it should be obvious to anyone that before signing up for these kinds of things one should always review rules and regulations. I say this because I would find it quite embarrassing for myself to walk into a tourney like EVO and not know what’s what. TO’s make these kinds of rules not just to make their own lives easier and events better but to also make the player experience that much more enjoyable. At the end of the day, it’s not the tools but the player that matters. Breaking in a PS2 controller should not take more than a couple of weeks of casuals and training mode. Just my 2 cents.

  • King Sky

    I don’t know if they had this posted elsewhere, but if not, they probably should have said this a little earlier, I mean better late than never, it’s just seems a little too close to showtime imho. Shouldn’t be a problem though, since most people going will have a wired stick anyways; wish I could go, but brokness is a bitch and a half -_-

    • Wil

      Rule has even known since January. People should also pay attention to the EVO forums here on SRK.

  • Diernes

    Seriously what the fuck is EVO doing running it’s games on PS3 anyway? almost every game out there is technically better on xbox or a more accurate port. Sf has input lag, Mk has mass slow down on xrays. about the only fighting game that’s better on ps3 is tekken and even that’s debatable.

    Fuck you pad warriors anyway, use a stick even mk players don’t have an excuse when their is an awesome solution like the MK combat fight panel. (fuck I sound like a salemen PR guy for that thing, but it really is too good)

  • rtdzign

    You would think that if somebody was going to pay $500 + to attend EVO, they would bother to read about this the FAQ on the official website along scan every page on the official website for ALL the relevant info.

    Whine all you want, but it is your own fault for not doing your homework and collecting all the facts when attending an event like this. Learn to blame yourself, and stop being a scrub at life instead of blaming others for your mistakes.

  • Tactics

    How about address a bigger issue such as FUNK, NASTY ASS FUCKERS WHO DONT SHOWER SHOWING UP AT TOURNAMENTS!!!

    Have someone do a funk check or something before these damn mutants walk into the tournament area. Or have someone with a Frebreeze bottle in hand to spray them down!

    • Razing Phoenix

      LOL This. Sadly this is not just video game tournaments. I’ve experienced this at chess tournaments as well. Fools need to bathe.

  • BurstZX

    what about my 360 fightstick? im not gunna dish out another $100+ just to use the controller for 1 day…

  • caruga

    This is my controller of choice. Just wondering, do Sony make official controllers without wireless capability? The unofficial ones with identical form factor are trash, or just differ too much in subtle ways.

  • showtimedoc

    This ruling was posted several months ago. If the ruling was literally made just now, then yes, people have the right to complain. But it was not. It’s not Evo’s fault that some people missed it the first time it was announced. Be glad a reminder was even put up. If PS3 pads have been really causing this much of a ruckus, then the ban is just fine. I’m sure the creators of the event have thought long and hard about the decision, and looked at all the possible options. I’m sure they didn’t throw a dart at a poster and it hit the “BAN PS3 pads” part of it lmao.

  • eightballah

    lmao what an awful community

  • Son of a Gun

    And bring your PS3 with Blazblue: CS and DLC content..

  • Top-Katt

    Was this a rule for evo quals?

  • Deathfist

    Official Hitboxes sanitize socds 2 ways…
    1]Up outprioritizes down
    2]left + rigth = neutral [sanitizes both directions until one is released

    Imagine how deadly a Hitbox would be for something like Street Fighter 3, or CVS2’s P and K grooves?

    • Windsagio

      thats why I think they’ll eventually be banned out of comp, they’re just too good for competition in some games.

  • SegaAM2Imagineer

    So does this rule out the PDP Six button Marvel style pads too? I know they just released the PS3 version not too long ago.I really love playin with those pads.Best pads i’ve personally loved playing fighting games with since the saturn/genesis six button pads.

  • Darksakul

    What do people not understand about No Sony Dual-Shock 3 and Six Axis controllers Period. I already saw the official ruling now for months, and read the technical break down. No you can’t have a desynch station. No you can’t just remove the battery pack.
    Get your self a Arcade Stick, a 3rd party wireless controller that does not synch, a wired controller, or a PS2 controller with adapter. And PS2 controllers work just as well as PS3. If that still not good enough get a Sega Saturn controller of a Nintendo SNES controller with an adapter, as they are both better choices for fighters than any Sony pad.

    • caruga

      Actually it’s really painful for me to drop the ps3 pad. I’ve put two years of practice into it, and am only just getting good, because I’ve got a disability that effects my coordination and reflexes (one reason I took the trouble to learn a not-easy pad was to work on this problem). It will take me forever to learn something else.

      Are all dualshock 3’s wireless? That was the question I asked earlier. Wondered if they make them wired. PS2 controller is no good, it doesn’t have the same friction on the dpad, it’s completely smooth instead.

      If I’m ever to break due to not being allowed into tournaments I think a hitbox will be my first choice. Motions are harder to pick up than button-sequences.

  • SSJ_Sonikku

    Would this mean that I can use my Sega Saturn pad connected to to Saturn to PS2 converter, connected to a PS2 to USB/PS3 converter in tournaments?

  • Havik

    Man why does the tourney life have to get harder? You know to tell us to get a sick( which are high as hell) or use other pads. It seems the competitive community for fighting games really wants everyone to have a stick these days.

    To ps3 pad user: I know you guys feel. But we gotta fight through it. You have to overcome many walls like this in life. I don’t like the ban either, but I have to take a step back and rethink my plan.

    • SSJ_Sonikku

      To that I say, screw conformity, use whatever controller works best for you. The community seems to forgot about individuals that are physically challenge. You all should be happy that evo uses PS3 and not 360 (the syncing is worse on 360).

  • rukawa_kaede

    wtf is the difference between the ps2/ps3 pads anyway

  • Dragonfall

    Are Qanba 4 controllers wireless when in PS3 mode? It seems you have to sync it up by pressing the home button.

  • orochimarusama21

    what do you mean there is no reliable way to unpair a controller, IT’S CALLED TURN THE CONTROLLER OFF WHEN YOUR DONE PLAYING ON THAT SYSTEM, it’s as simple as that, there should be no reason to ban a specific type of controller, people should be able to use whatever controller they want to, this makes EVO look bad, and disadvantages a lot of people. FOR SHAME EVO.

    • SaBrE

      sigh, the newage SRk clearly doesnt like reading. its been stated an insane number of times in here, the reason why its ntot as simple as you may think it is. do some research.

    • rtdzign

      ignorant people should refrain from commenting.

  • Razing Phoenix

    I’m not playing at EVO; I probably never will. That being said, I would hate to go, magically body Daigo (I can dream), and get DQ’d because some fool pressed the home button on his controller. It’s really not fair to either player playing the match.

  • mizeRy

    I thought resetting the controller (by pressing the button on the back) de-synced it?

  • caruga

    Just thought of an easy way to check if the battery is in the controller: a pair of digital scales.

    Surely not that hard?

  • OmegaZyklon

    Are dual-system AiaB sticks allowed?

  • SaBrE

    if its wired, its allowed. only wireless controllers, that doesnt require a usb dongle, are banned

  • V3

    Rehashed article.

  • Zonder88

    Stupid rule. Just have the TO/judge make sure the match they are watching have the players turn off the controllers after the matches. Not that hard.

    • RenegadeVA

      And if someone doesn’t, or “forgets” and ruins a pivotal match in someone’s EVO weekend and screws there entire trip?

      Yeah, not so stupid anymore.

      • Urza857

        It’s happened at majors during top 8 matchs, even at EVO why even take the chance? It’s EVO and your being notified this far in advance? Not hard to deal with it.

    • Hardc0re

      I mean, how hard would be watching 5k people in a tournament right?
      Zonder88, this rule is golden, trust me

    • MizukiTHPS

      Allow me to share with you Evo Moment -1

    • ReddChief78

      I guess you never seen a tournament where they allow wireless controllers and someone presses the PS button by accident or from being in their bag its best to just not bring them. Not that hard

      • Zonder88

        Just because it happened in the past doesnt mean its a common thing today.

        Theres no reason to handicap some players especially if they are more comfortable using a PS3 pad. Fighting game are a competition of who plays the game better, not who can use X Controller better.

        • Skudd Stevens

          It is actually a common thing. It happens ALL THE TIME. When a player takes their controller to play another game they’re competing in, they have to pair it to the new console. When they do, for about a second before it pairs with the new console, it interacts with the last one it was paired to.

          And PS3 pad players aren’t being totally alienated. They aren’t even being kind of alienated. They still have the option of using a PS2 controller with a converter. The Dualshock 2 is identical to the Dualshock 3 with the exception of the triggers (which are close anyway), and any good converter is lagless. This gives players an option they will still be comfortable with.

        • windsagio

          I play on Xbox, and am going to have to borrow a controller to be able to play (unless I buy a dualmod onsite, which is likely).

          I am not complaining that Xbox players get screwed.


          This happens a lot, and there’s no reason to believe it would magically stop now.

        • TS

          You can still use a controller with the same layout, dummy. Just not the specific one which is banned for this tournament.

    • Daniel Song

      “I have not given this even a moment of thought, therefore this rule is ‘stupid.'”

    • KKFulcrum

      Turning the controller off doesn’t help anyway. Pressing the home button will just bring it back up, still synced to the most recent ps3. Also, how many extra judges would they need to verify this for every match at every station? No way is that possible.

    • J.D SRK

      it becomes hard once there are 3500+ registered attendees, it becomes really hard to police. The most practical solution is definitely to ban them. I understand the point of view of players, but think about the TOs a little bit too, it’s a nightmare to allow this controllers in such a big tournament.

    • Jake Loredo

      Simply turning off the controllers won’t fix anything. All you have to do is push the PS button and the controller turns back on. The only real way to “fix” the issue is to leave your controller on, plug it in to a system, let it sync, unplug it, plug it in to another system, let it sync, unplug it, plug it in to a third system, let it sync, unplug it. At this point, the four lights that indicate controller number should start flashing like it is trying to sync to a system, but it never will. The lights will flash indefinitely until the controller is connected to another console via USB. The lights will never stop flashing and the PS button will have no functionality. The only way to stop that, is to reset the controller through the pin hole, but then it will sync to the last station it was connected to. Its a lengthy process, but the solution would be to have a line of 5 stations at the entrance, and anyone with a wireless controller would be required to plug their controller into each one in order to force the sync error.

  • MizukiTHPS

    But what about Xbox360 controllers for Marvel? Oh wait…

  • Rol

    I wonder if they will allow the wireless PS3 Hori stick that came with Tekken 6?

    • windsagio

      is it wired or not?

      Wired sticks are okay.

      • Darryl Hamlin

        “the ***wireless*** PS3 Hori stick”

        • windsagio

          I swear he edited wireless in later.

          Or that’s my story anwyays

    • Kageromaru

      The Hori Tekken sticks were banned at WNF. I’m sure they’ll be banned at EVO.

  • Zidiane

    The fuuuuuuck…

  • Diego Serrano

    what about a wiimote+classic controller using cronus device? (serious question)

  • windsagio

    That vid shows it, but anybody that’s been to an event that allowed those monstrosities knows why it’s important.

  • Rainai

    Who the fuck uses madcatz fightpad anymore lmfao. That shit is fucking ass, even Markman knows it. Hori Fighting Commander 3 PRO is what pad heroes should go with.

  • Christopher Derpaderp Wright

    Apparently, EVO doesn’t know about the little grey button on the underside of the DS3 controller that desyncs the controller from everything and factory resets it.

  • Delecroix Thibaut
  • … what is the big deal about the controllers any ways?

  • Gregg Ferris

    I have an inPin on eBay right now that I literally only used at last EVO. Cheaper and dot have to wait for shipping from Korea.

  • interpunct

    lol the DS3 has a reset button on the back. That unsyncs the controllers and resets all previous connections. Make the TO click that button every time the match ends. There is no way for the DS3 to interfere again.

    • Spabobin

      okay, so you personally volunteer to do that for every single match that is played at Evo right? better hope someone doesn’t walk off before desyncing the controller, since you are now responsible for the integrity of the tournament. And you better be quick on your feet, there are likely hundreds of matches taking place at any given time.

  • tmyjr528

    Why not just have an extra ps3 to change the pairings to a system not being used for the game?

  • windsagio

    Funny/sad thing is you get the same silly resistance every year.

    This is the surefire way to be safe, invest in a real controller.

  • Tan Tan

    Though it sucks its a reasonable ruling. If any of you guys saw UFGT9, would have seen when the xbox button was pressed by 1st player controller even though the two player were on the 2nd and 3rd player slots. They had to restart the match. Now think about that happening in Evo when the stake are much higher. Yeah, I get it.

  • Nyphus

    Apparently one can simply hit the reset button on the back of the controller to reset it. It’s one of those ones you’d need a pencil or something else long and thin to get to, but it may be worth examining.

    • JasinWalraven

      oh wow, never noticed that before 🙂


    Who gives a fuck what any one of you think? It’s not open for discussion; it’s the rule and you must abide by it.

  • goldenegg

    I’m actually shocked to hear people use dualshock controllers for tournaments. Is this something that’s fairly common? I’ve never participated in an offline tournament, so I don’t have any experience there. I do consider myself a fairly advanced player, but my game suffers tremendously with the Dualshock (as well as the stock Xbox pad).

  • JasinWalraven

    you would think by now sony would see a market for providing a version of the PS3 controller that was wired :/

  • Ken Masters

    Can I Use a snes controller with a convertor? That’s how I play Super Street Fighter IV

  • Sam Pearman

    So apparently no-one knows about the reset button on the controller that makes it drop all configuration and pairing information? Seriously, just force them to reset controllers after the match.