The Break #209 Highlight – MH|Flux Pulls Off a Quadruple Perfect in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Grand Finals

By on May 29, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Today, we have a highlight from The Break’s weekly tournament that everyone should check out. Maximum Hype’s Flux managed to make it to grand finals in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and…well, we’ll just let the video speak for itself. One-touch death combos all around!

Be sure to visit Jaxel’s full playlist for the event, which shows off tons of other high level UMvC3 play, as well as some great Injustice: Gods Among Us footage as well.

Source: Jaxel

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  • Gene Q.

    These guys show amazing things!
    This Week, there was a combo done with Virgil’s Gucci Belt 2nd Trait that I have NEVER seen before in ANY combo video or tournament. It’s So simple but NO-ONE has done it! EXTREME damage!!!

  • neroiscariot

    Now that was pretty.

  • gigantor21

    Jesus Christ, Zero.

  • Alex Steve Giménez

    “And this is the game the Capcom community supports, this game sucks.”

    This line made my day… 😉

    • FMJaguar

      Doesn’t seem worse than a MLB perfect game, or a 6-0,6-0 in tennis. It should be rare, but not impossible. How many quadruple perfects are there? Any other than this one?

      If the claim is that “this shouldn’t happen”, what does it imply? that there should be no mixups? that the games should help players that are behind? NBA Jam style assistance?

      • Alex Steve Giménez

        Is not that it shouldn’t happen, I guess that the commentator said that in regard of how seriously unbalanced this game is and how the community vehemently defends it.

        • FMJaguar

          The issue is not “defending the game”, it’s that there is no code to make a game “not suck” or “balanced”. Those claims have to be translated to potential solutions that can be implemented and tested.

          • Alex Steve Giménez

            Balance is a relative term and a really touchy one among the community. I for one think that MVC is a good game, but it’s poor balancing makes it a really flawed one. When you got a cast of 50 characters and only 10 of those are viable for competition because there are no other ways around it is a design flaw. Look at Virtua Fighter for example, every character is designed around the advantages and disadvantages of the whole cast and every character is tweaked accordingly (reason why Taka was removed from VF4 and then brought back for VF5FS). The sad thing about it that this is a game that is unbalanced by design, something that is quite notorious among Capcom fighters.

          • FMJaguar

            To me the question isn’t “is the game balanced?” but rather “Who is the game being balanced for?”

            In the case of VF, the balance is for a large existing arcade community that has followed the series.since the mid 90s.

            If you balance MvC3 to imitate VF, does that create a scene that mirrors the VF arcade scene? probably not, there is a history and infrastructure you can’t copy.

            The balance is a symptom rather than the problem. The problem is that the infrastructure is rarely there (among western players) to support a western version of the VF style scene.

            If i had a magic wand, I’d much rather create a mvc4 in a more familiar engine and focus on creating well connected scene, especially online… at that point the scene would be much more like a western mirror of the VF scene, and as a result, require VF level balance to remain fun.

      • SpiderDan

        No, it implies that a game with this many one-hit kills is somewhat silly.

        (U)MVC3 has FAR too many moves that ignore HSD. The system is broken; undizzy is still the best anti-infinite measure Capcom has implemented. They should have tweaked that instead of putting in this nonsense.

        • FMJaguar

          What is “this nonsense”? Do you mean the combo system in general?

          Some phrase this as a problem with zero, but if the problem is systematic does changing zero change the result? or just move the complaints to a different character?

          • SpiderDan

            It’s a problem with Zero, it’s a problem with Vergil, it’s a problem with lots of characters. The game sorely misses tech rolls and OTG limits, and there are just too many moves that ignore HSD.

            Characters that have many easy ways to land a hit should not be able to kill off of that hit. If large, immobile characters like Hulk or Haggar can kill in one hit… fine. But for a character like Zero or Vergil or Spencer, that’s just silly.

    • KuchikiSentou

      That’s just a stupid thing to say. Marvel is highly supported because it has everything: variable characters, comebacks, air combos.
      The fact that someone was unable to land a hit in a set does not denigrate the game itself. There are ways to block and get out of Zero mixups. Top players escape that shit all day.

  • Art Salmons

    That’s nothing. Once I played my parakeet in a FT10. He didn’t even get a single hit in! What a scrub.

  • Trekiros

    Marvel vs Guitar Hero ?

  • Hooray!

  • Hector Garcia

    Got Damn

  • James Joseph

    As yipes said on ECT “That was coupon free”

  • Awsumpossum12345

    “Is this a one player game? *pause* This is a one player game.”

  • Jake Klippert

    Then Flux went to NLBC and got bodied by RayRay’s Ryu.

  • I didn’t understand the surprise. It’s Zero, after all… ToDs and insane mixups are pretty commom with him.