More Details on Kagura Mutsuki’s Drive, Gameplay Modes in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma from Famitsu

By on May 29, 2013 at 11:40 am

Arc System Works recently shared a bit of new information with Famitsu regarding the console version of their latest fighter, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. While Kagura Mutsuki’s basic playstyle was discussed when he was first announced, the Japanese website offers a few more details on his stance-changing Drive (Black Gale), the follow-ups that come along with it, and his Distortion Drive. Images from Famitsu have been included below along with translations courtesy of SoWL on Dustloop.

Charge while blocking, attack with the Drive!

Kagura is the very first dedicated charge character of the series. His playstyle consists of using his long-ranged normal moves with his large sword and making a good use out of his excellent special moves. His special “Drive” ability is a stance called Black Gale. Since there are multiple different stances that each have multiple different follow-ups, it’s very easy to catch the opponent off-guard over and over again.

Drive – Stance (Black Gale)

Follow-up – Ryuugekisou (Dragon Halberd Claw)

Follow-up – Toryuurenzan (Slaughter Dragon Ream Cut)

Follow-up – Ryuuhashou (Dragon Break Punch)

Distortion Drive – Ryuuha: Gokuenjin (Dragon Tyrant: Prison Flame Dust)

A super-move that sends a wave of jet-black flame. Its enhanced Overdrive version deals more hits and more damage.

Along with gameplay details, the article also included an image depicting a new character introduced in Kagura’s story mode. Hibiki Kohaku acts as Kagura’s personal assistant, but little else is known of his involvement in Chrono Phantasma’s story.

Lastly, short descriptions for the title’s Challenge, Score Attack, and Unlimited Mars modes were provided for those interested in what else this installment will have to offer. While we were notified of their appearance in the game through earlier announcements, these summaries delve a bit deeper into what they will include.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a mode that allows you to learn every character’s special moves and combos in depth. That also includes both new characters, Kagura and Terumi. Of course, all the old characters also got brand-new missions to practice. Moreover, some useful new features have been added, such as the input display or slow playback of the sample video.

Score Attack Mode

This is a mode where you beat different computer-operated characters and try to get the highest score. You clear the mode after defeating 10 of them. Keep in mind, however, that you are not able to continue playing after losing even once. Overcome the pressure and beat the high score!

Unlimited Mars Mode

Unlimited characters are the characters whose abilities are much stronger than those of the regular characters. Unlimited Mars is the mode where you beat these incredibly powerful enemies and try to get the best clear time. Can these invincible enemies even be defeated!?

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is set to land on PlayStation 3 in Japan on October 24.

Source: Famitsu, translations via SoTW on Dustloop, tip via Kurushii