Playable Chaos, Balance Changes Headed to Under Night In-Birth in Exe:Late Update This Summer

By on May 27, 2013 at 10:47 am

Japanese developer French-Bread announced this weekend that they are currently working on an update for Under Night In-Birth, the original fighter they released last year in cooperation with Ecole Software. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late will bring with it a slew of balance adjustments as well as a brand new playable character, Chaos, who previously only appeared in the game’s story.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late is scheduled to land in arcades sometime this summer. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information regarding a more specific release date and balance change details become available. For now, feel free to check out the images featuring Chaos and the game’s improved visuals below, and let us know what you hope this update brings to the title.

Sources: Siliconera, SGCafe

  • Evil_Toaster

    XBL/PSN release plz ;_;

  • Milton Martinez

    nice looking game.. looks like blazblue and guilty gear. please ps3 release i the states..

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    but let me play dat shit tho. This game looks tight as fuck. French Bread has done a good job on this title so far

    • Setsu Oh

      and their ‘heavy’ is not as fugly as BB’s.

  • Steam release, please.

    • Henry Zurawski

      I’ve heard that French-Bread has been in talks for a while with Steam, but Steam is a lot less responsive to Asian developers. I too would like to see a steam release.

  • Milton Martinez

    i want to play this game so bad.. it’s like a mix of blazblue with guilty gear… usa release. now.

  • JusticeBFBHCBHS

    This game needs to be localized. Forget translations, just bring it on over.

    • Milton O’Bannon

      Sony/microsoft won’t allow a game without translations. :/

      • JusticeBFBHCBHS

        I didn’t know that, although it does seem like something I should have figured. Hopefully they have something planned, or just a PS3 release in general. It would be a shame. I’ve been hype about this game since I saw loketest videos and anyone I’ve showed it to has gotten excited about it as well.

      • Setsu Oh

        yeah they do for classics at least.
        FB could add the translation later as free dlc or something update.

  • SohoX

    According to Natat, when they were streaming earlier and announced the update, it was running on a PS3.

    • ReddChief78

      Oh yea this got me excited hurry and release this pleeze

    • MasterScrub

      Yooo that’s what I’m talking about! I need this game something fierce!

    • PrideAndFury

      For the love of all that is true please let this be true.

    • Setsu Oh

      soooooooo. ps3 will get the updated full rostered new version right off the bat? sweet.

  • windsagio

    I didn’t know they could top their basic name, kudos!

    • Langdon Herrick

      I hope their next game’s title is a full haiku or something.

    • Narcowski

      And yet it’s still only 60% or so of the length of AE’s full title.

      Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
      Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012

      • windsagio

        Length doesn’t top insanity sadly.

  • Milton Martinez

    When is this game coming to the states.

  • Langdon Herrick

    There’s a big lizard character I can (sort of) play as now? Guess I have to play this game now.

    • You mean you (sort of) have to play this game now…?

      My man is sportin the rolled up jeans with the shell-toes, tho.

      • Setsu Oh

        i have to try the girls myself but the thing with fighting games is no demo, or a failure of one(injustice).
        add to that you can t sell ur copy of the game if you buy it digital and don t like it…..

  • Justin Archer

    This character reminds me of, ZachBell!!!!!!!