Injustice: Gods Among Us – New “Whiff Cancel Option Select” Tech Explained

By on May 27, 2013 at 10:04 am

While most of us were enjoying last weekend’s Injustice: Gods Among Us stream at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, others were busy discovering new stuff for the game. Such is the case of Test Your Might forum member doubleperfect, who recently shared details on a “groundbreaking” new piece of tech that he’s calling “whiff cancel option selects.”

This tech uses a peculiarity of how NetherRealm’s modified Unreal Engine 3 build handles invincibility on wakeup attacks. Attacks done on wakeup are given special armored frames to give them their invincibility. This means that attacks that hit a wakeup attack are still considered as having “hit” by the engine, allowing certain attacks to be cancelled into specials, even though it looks as if they’re whiffing. This allows players to create option select situations using meaty attacks with the outcome depending on whether the opponent does a wake up attack or backdashes/backrolls out of knockdown.

Best way to explain it is that any normal move can be canceled with a special/super if it whiffs the opponent but ONLY when they do a invincible attack on wake up. Pretty much do a meaty attack (that is cancellable) on your opponent. If the opponent backdashes, the special won’t come out!

Doubleperfect then gives an example of how to use a Whiff Cancel Option Select against Superman using Solomon Grundy.

For example, let’s say you are playing against Superman and you are Solomon Grundy. One way to find out easily that what I’m saying is true is to get close to Superman and hit d+3 (sweep) immediately dash in and do d+1 (crouch jab) as a meaty attack (doesn’t have to be perfect timing). If Supes does his rising grab, d+1 misses due to his invincibility going right through your attack. Now, here’s the CATCH. If you know Supes is going to do rising grab as a wake up attack, you can do d+1 and buffer d+f+1 (anti-air) which grabs him out of the air! Even though the d+1 missed, it still registers the special attack!

For a visual explanation of the WCOS at work, check out the stream archive below.

Watch live video from doubleperfect on TwitchTV

Relevant bits are at 2:50 , 6:00~6:10, 11:10, 12:43, 13:35 and 14:10.

Aris from Avoiding the Puddle also put up this video explaining the tech.

Source: Test Your Might, Avoiding the Puddle

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  • Eric Debourge

    Thanks for this info, I guess tonight’s lab is 100% about this new tech 🙂


    Nice find. However…
    The normal is NOT whiffing. A whiff is a move that misses the opponent, that hits nothing. The normals in this tech ARE hitting the invincible frames of the wake-up/reversal. Obviously, the normal loses to the invincible frames, so even though it hits the hurtbox, the person waking up takes no damage.
    What this tech is doing, is allowing you to connect with specials on invincible wake-ups because the normal’s frames are eating up the time of the active invincible frames. When you cancel into the special, there may be no more invincible frames and your attack hits or your evade doesn’t get punished.

    • d3v

      As explained, it only looks like it’s whiffing. Also, if it does whiff, i.e. your opponent evades, then the special cancel is “cancelled” so to speak.

      And in any case, I didn’t name it.

  • Wait, how is this an option select?

    Whether the opponent blocks or does the wake up, you still get the cancel. You’d only avoid the cancel in this case if the opponent has some way of actually making you whiff on their wake up option.

    I don’t play this game… are there evasive wake ups that cause true whiffs? Evasive wake ups that give punishment opportunities? The only reason you’d need this tech would be to avoid doing the meaty special when the opponent could punish it, a special that is normally plus on block and allows you to keep pressure.
    Am I making sense, or am I missing something?

    • d3v

      If they evade (backdash of roll out), the special does not come out, hence the “option select.”

  • lamg

    so, my old shang tsung wakeup meaty setup lives again… not gonna bother tho. ?(
    i bet they gonna give super armor and trhow invencibility for the entire cast just like they did in MK9