Dead or Alive 5 Tutorial Series Vol. 07 – Stuns feat. MASTER

By on May 26, 2013 at 6:45 pm

The seventh installment of EMPER0R_C0W‘s Dead or Alive 5 tutorial series was recently released, featuring none other than the DOA “MASTER” himself, Manny Rodriguez. Here, he explains the game’s stun, Critical Threshold and Critical Burst systems, and also spends some time covering important pointers relevant to stuns.

Time stamps can be found below the video.

  • What Are Stuns? 0:35
  • Critical Threshold 1:48
  • Critical Burst 3:36
  • Important Notes 5:51

For the other installments of the series, you can access them via this “main interface” video.

Source: EMPER0R_C0W

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  • Los Illuminados

    Oye muy bien Rodriguez.. keep on winning at DOA wey.