Seth Killian Revealed as Final Boss of Divekick

By on May 23, 2013 at 6:23 pm

UPDATE – The stream is now over, but we’ve included an archive of all the action below.

In a game as rife with fighting game parodies as Divekick, what would the cast be without a nod to Seth Killian? During a special pre-tournament stream at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, it was revealed that he will act as the game’s final boss. As such, he has access to some great tools, including a teleport and a parry.

Killian himself is currently taking on all challengers with the character and demonstrating what he’s capable of, so be sure to tune in below and check it out.

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Source: Level|Up Live via SpeedBrkr

  • Now he’s a boss in TWO games.


  • Eric Nguyen

    At least it’s not Chris G in a shell

  • Couldn’t it just be a Seth parody instead of yet another FGC celeb insert?

    • MortalKomment

      Dude… this IS a Seth parody! They could not have found a better way to parody Seth than by using Seth. I freakin’ love it!

  • This is kind of getting corny. I think it would be alot cooler if they continued to do things that aren’t actual people but FGC related

  • windsagio

    And thus Keits completes illustrating everything thats wrong with the FGC.

    F* hero worship and ‘hey remember the Snorks?’ level reference-jokes in the ear.

    • magnetoBeast6

      nothing is more gay and/or sad if a insert “video gamer” is his/her hero.

      • MortalKomment

        So you can’t admire people for hardwork and passion? In a field where you’re aspiring for THE EXACT same goals? You people need to chill and stop taking these fgc references so intensely seriously. This cynicism makes no sense.

        • magnetoBeast6

          Respecting someone skill is one thing, but out of that realm you can keep that. Worshiping, nutriding another gamer, thinking of them as very important people and/or a hero?(which is the norm in the fgc, as triforce would say *guaa guaa guaa*)lol. Maybe it’s the grown man in me saying this but “no. hell no”. I can see a kid seeing differently, but not a grown adult.

          • MortalKomment

            If you’re arguing that divekick is fueling the hero-worship, then so be it. It’s not Keits’ job to fix prevailing attitudes in the FGC. However, if you’re arguing that Divekick is a FORM of player-worship, then I strongly disagree. These are parodies that could MAYBE be considered salutes at best, but not worship.

            By the way, Seth Killian is my hero. I don’t think I need to explain why.

          • magnetoBeast6

            You have the right to your opinion, but still I’m happy to say you can keep that.

          • seth killian is your hero? fucking nerd!!! lmao

  • R.D. Covenant

    I like where the game is going. I mean the entire game is a parody so I dont see why people are getting so butthurt over the characters parodying other characters, archtypes, and actual people


  • Simply Chun-believeable ^_~ ♥♥

    Ugh…Good sh*t I guess??

  • KubikiriTurkojin

    people like this shit?

  • Quintus Havis

    This went from amusing send up to alienating corniness in a pretty slow and painful manner. I get that it’s meant to be parody and all but this shit feels like it’s trying really really hard to be liked at this point.

  • neroiscariot

    I fail to see all the hate at this game. It has a very Bushido Blade-ish vibe (at least in the one-hit kill sense…not the stages), and it celebrates the community from which it comes. I really hate to see a community that has become so toxic as ours turn against something that actually references the things we (supposedly) love.

    • windsagio

      This stuff has absolutely nothing to do with what’s to love about the genre.

      It’s not about name dropping or ‘Celebrities’, its about the games.

      • neroiscariot

        But, this is a game. I admit, at first I thought this was a flash game ‘joke’, but it has shown me that it has taken the very thesis of fighting games (spacing & mind games) and created a system that allows one to do just that and forego execution (which, don’t get me wrong, is a great thing). I think that there is a great deal of thought that went into making each of these ‘dive kicks’ unique and that leads to a good game in my mind. The only thing I fear, however, is that there will be little metagame as there is not a ton to figure out here, besides basic match-ups.

        EDIT: This is coming from and old school MVC2/3S/VS3 player…if that gives me any reference.

        • windsagio

          That’s what makes it tragic.

          There’s potential for a fast, simple, fun game in Divekick but Keits insists on burying it under the bootlicking.

          • MortalKomment

            Burying it? How can references ruin a game?

          • Azrael VG

            This game being a shit flash game aside. If there is truly a need to reference people in the gaming community then why not its most iconic person , Daigo Umehara. I wish someone/company would actually come along and turn Fighting Games into an actual E-Sport and leave the the so called FGC to die. Fighting Game E-sport needs a fresh approach , this “FGC” shit is going nowhere fast.

          • windsagio

            ‘burying’ because each reference and each delay most ikely means fewer sales and a smaller community.

          • MortalKomment

            How would it affect sales? The only reason people know about this game AT ALL is because they’re already part of the FGC. Not knowing who characters are has never historically hurt fighting games. It’s like saying people wouldn’t buy Soul Reaver because they didn’t know who Raziel was.

          • windsagio

            I was going to buy it, now I’m not (I was done at JebFailey).

            There that’s one. Also if you read the general trend of discussion, the vibe has gone from happy/hype/excited to hate.

            Beyond that, if they were just planning on marketing to people that visit SRK, well, that’s not enough to support a game with actual paid developers.

  • Louis Lam

    So the final boss is Seth, based off of Seth, named after Seth?

  • Martini Whoelse

    Surprisingly Dive Kick is probably the most balanced fighting game out there.
    Apart from like 2 joke chars everyone is viable.

    With the remaining cast, do you honestly expect the boss to be a serious menace with a rich background? Grow up.

    If you don’t like the game that’s your opinion, but hating on it won’t help anyone.

  • Pooh Hardy

    for a flash game it looks alright
    for a real game this looks shit

  • xanderglz

    so… release date, now? I mean, the “final boss” (whatever that means in the divekick-verse) has finally been revealed. there’s no reason to keep delaying it and make this game a joke parade of fgc celebrities. Now that the game has a final boss, I think it’s a good time to stop.

    • Snow Loss

      No we still need a Chris G character. After every round lost it forces the game to restart and makes you swap controllers.

  • BlackMasamune

    Bunch of FGC snobs with no sense of humor or appreciation for how much these people have actually helped the FGC. You show up to bash a game in every article that you will never play and clearly don’t understand.

    • Art Salmons

      Releasing a shitty parody fighter really helps the scene, thanks.

    • windsagio

      Problem is it’s not even funny.

      “Hey Marn used to sleep at tournaments back when people knew who Marn was!”

      “Hey this guy has a big head! Get it?! Big head!”

      It’s like 80s pop culture BS ‘comedy’ “Hey remember Pac Man? He totally ate those dots and stuff! And what’s up with the ghosts?”

      • Snow Loss

        Family Guy in a nutshell.

  • chipsndips

    FGC’s full of hate I guess. Leave these guys to make their game. It’s not like it’s a crime to include one of the bigger names in the FGC in this game. Lighten up, cause acting like a hater isn’t as cool as you think.

  • GrimeDoc

    I was expecting Spooky or TriForce to be the boss and final character of the game. I certainly didn’t expect Seth Killian, but I’m perfectly content with him taking that spot.

    S-Kill’s mechanics are cool and everything, but he looks… too normal for me (ignoring when he’s actually in game, teleporting and shit). I mean, I get he’s gotta look like Seth, but he appears pretty bland for a boss. Just give him an Aura or something. Anything.

  • Needs more hipster, western shirts.

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    Personally, I think the game has gone a little TOO far in the whole parody thing. I mean, I guess it still looks cool and stuff, but did it really need “S-kill” and the guy who has to build the Divekick arcade “stick”? I thought this was supposed to be a light friendly jab at “lol, fighting games these days are dive kicks”. Now it’s…kinda bloated itself to a ridiculous amount. I agree with those that are saying that they’re trying too hard at this point.

    IMO, the absolute farthest they should have gone was Jefailey as the “Akuma” of the game. I think after that, they just sorta got too carried away.

  • Justin Archer

    What a bunch of losers you are to hate on something so insignificant as a humorous fighting game. Seriously get a life.

  • mtbrandao

    LOL at Seth crossed hands!
    Everything in this game is a joke 🙂

  • Jordan Hoffman

    wow, lol the bitchiness is amazing. It’s divekick so chillax.

  • samirerre

    your all jealous

  • DH

    its just a joke…the whole game started off as a joke..its not like they took Killian and made him last boss in SF or something…Dive Kick isn’t a game to be taken super seriously its just a fun thing…why be negative about something so harmless, surely the FG scene is stronger than that…